Email Filtering - Cpanel

Apr 25, 2008

My provider is using mailfoundry for spam filtering.. but I used IMAP (stored on server) for email.. my problem is that I'm also using a catch-all address and I make up random email names for sites I go to, to check for spam on the incoming side..

I setup filters in Cpanel to remove the selected spam or emails I don't wish to recieve.. but they don't seem to remove themselves.. it could just be a setup problem or it could be the mailfoundry.. not sure..

Here's the settings I have in cpanel (I just altered the name) is this the right setting.. or does it go elsewhere?

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Email Filtering

Jun 1, 2008

I am having an issue with SPAM and baunced emails.

Spammers are sending out emails to thousands of addresses and putting my email in reply back field so i am getting all complaints/baunced emails etc.

I have DirectAdmin installed which lacks advanced email filtering features and wanted to know how can i setup Exim or what third party software to add to filter all incoming emails based on their subject?

I have Squirrelmail installed and it has these filters but the problem is that it applys its filters only on login and if i am checking email thru POP3 filters dont get applied.

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Which Email Filtering S/w Is Good

Apr 14, 2008

I am using SA+ClamAV+Qmail now. Is there any better solutions out there? Preferable free s/w.

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Email Piping And Spam Filtering

Mar 7, 2008

I have SpamAssassin on my server, and I use email piping to forward incoming emails to a PHP script. I'd like to know if emails go through SpamAssassin before being piped, or if they don't go through SpamAssasin. Where exactly is SpamAssassin requested to scan emails?

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Exim Filtering Options In Cpanel

Sep 11, 2008

more specific filtering options in cpanel exactly:

if header from contains 'example' and also header from contains 'example2' then discard

in cpanel it just has one word or phrase i need the filter to check for 2 words in any order in the from field

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CPanel + Exim + User Level Filtering

Nov 18, 2008

whether our webhost has their configuration messed up, or if this is not genuinely possible with cpanel + exim + shared hosting.

Our email server is hosted with the web host, and what we want to do is to not allow certain users to be able to receive (And send) outgoing email to non-local domains e.g. they should only be able send and receive within our hosted domain, .

Now, we've tried doing this using cpanel's user level filters and have setup the following:

If Field To does not contain OR
If Field From does not contain


Fail with message.

We've tested these filters using combinations and they seem to be working as far as we can see on cpanel (it has the filter testing feature)

Now this works for people sending emails into our domain e.g. someone from hotmail tries sending emails to a user, and it bounces back.

But people from inside the domain can send emails to other domains even when they give valid results on the cpanel filter tester.

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Hosted Third-party Spam Filtering For CPanel

Oct 3, 2007

Can anyone recommend a hosted third-party spam filtering service for cPanel servers?

Most of the servers are reseller based, and I don't see myself or my team having to enter each individual email address into the service.

With that said, is there any service where you can just point the MX records to it, it would scan the email, and then deliver it?

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Spam Filtering

Jan 5, 2009

I used to have a reseller account and have shifted everything to a dedicated server. I now find that a couple of clients are getting lots of spam when they didn't before.

It seems that the servers used by the reseller account had some level of basic spam filtering installed; my provider suggested I look for a filtering program to install on my server.

There are, of course, dozens of them, so I wondered if anyone has any experience - enough, perhaps, to make a recommendation.

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POP3 Filtering

Apr 6, 2008

Even though I have temporarily installed Exchange Server on my dedicated server, I still am thinking about using POP3 instead, simply because of multiple email accounts and my outlook client can use multiple email accounts, and setup rules/filters to direct incoming emails to specific recepients to folders, which is what I want.

Sure, in Windows I know how to set up POP3 BUT what security can I setup for POP3 email accounts?

In addition, what about spam/filtering? How would I set that up to stop spam coming in?

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FTP With IP Address Filtering

Aug 4, 2008

I took over some sites that have a Windows hosting package. They're not high-traffic sites and the content is just typical corporate stuff; it's not sensitive information or anything.

Any they are insisting that they filter the IP addresses allowed to use the FTP account. So I have to give them my IP and it adds it to a safe list. this is causing me problems for urgent updates as sometimes I am working at home or somewhere away and my ISP gives me my IP dynamically, although it doesn't change that often.

Is this normal or necessary? I've never come across it before. I think it's overkill personally. What would you do? If they're worried about security should I ask them to set up SFTP and remove the IP filter?

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Exim Filtering

May 29, 2007

I would like to filter some special mails of mine through an external PHP script. Is this possible? I would like to call the php file everytime a mail arrives, and the php file will make changes to that mail text and save in inbox.

My PHP file is ready but i need to make this work in Exim.

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