Deciphering Router Names

Feb 12, 2008

Is there a list somewhere of what the various hostnames one sees when running a traceroute?

Some are obvious, but quite a few aren't.

I come across car1 and car2 a lot, but can't quite figure those out.

(Example: -- the "gigabitethernet" is obvious, as is bos1 (Boston). But car2? And it shows up towards the other end: (Bonus: what's the "ae" at the start denoting?)

csw, ebr, mpr, and ash are all common followed by a single number, too. (pos and tge show up on RCN a lot.) cr, dcr, ecr, hr on Savvis?

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Webhosting Names

Sep 23, 2008

Are ALL the names taken ?? I was just messing around to see if there were any available names + "host" or "hosting" word but they're ALL TAKEN

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VPS- Names/companies

Aug 30, 2007

Could you point me in any direction for VPSs as far as reputable companies? I really don't know where to start looking for a VPS. Managed by the way.

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Domain Names And Hosting

Oct 1, 2009

I have a domain bought with

I have the site hosted on

Whenever I put the address in (.com) it stays as the label in the address bar on every page.

Is having the hosting and and domain with the same company the only way to make the pages say etc ?

Without using masking of course.

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Why Do Web Hosts Have Names Of Predators

Jul 30, 2008

In my search for a good web host, I noticed that many of them have names of predators. For example: HostMonster, HostGator, HawkHost, HostHyena, etc. etc.

what's so special about web hosting that it makes their owners give names like this?

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Using WHM To Switch Domain Names

Jun 30, 2008

I got and websites hosted on my dedicated server with whm control panel.

abc is my dev site and xyz is my current running live site. Now my dev site is done and I like to launch without uploading files to Both sites are on same server.

So, I am thinking to rename to in whm (site will down at that time). After that, rename to In order to rename site names, I have to use Main >> Account Functions >> Modify an Account , and edit domain name>>save.

if this is going to work for everything including email settings, ftp etc...

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.CN - Domain Names For China, Is Now Just $12.99

May 28, 2007

.CN - Domain names for China (, is now just $12.99

With China's recent accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) the economy there is taking great strides towards global accessibility. .cn offers registrants the protection of a well-established brand name in what is certain to become one of the most lucrative marketplaces in the world, and begin making inroads into the Chinese marketplace.

irist . com/china-domain.php

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Can You Add Too Many Aliased Domain Names

Jul 10, 2007

Is it possible to add too many aliased domain names on a Dedicated server? I have Hostgator's most powerful dedicated server and I added probably 150 domain names as aliases to one of my websites. Now today all of the sudden none of my other sites will load on the web. When I try to go to one of my sites it just thinks and thinks but never loads.

I'm using WHM with cPanel. Can aliased names cause too much server load? Some of those 150 domains get a little traffic but not much.

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Domain Names Not Resolving

Dec 16, 2007

Ocassionally some users have problems to connect the their websites, they can connect to the server via browser and can ping it and tracert the server IPs fine, they can also browse domains having a dedicated IP address. But they can't connect or ping their websites from their end, basically I think the domain name is not resolving.

From our end and the rest of users everything works fine.

Once I get a complain of this type I try whatever I can do

Check to see if their IP is not blacklisted
Restart named service
Restart apache service
But most of the time this doesn't work at all.

Exactly as the problem comes it goes, nothing I did seems to have any effect on the solution. It goes and ocassionally reappears.

Would you suggest me what would I do to find where the problem is and try to solve it.

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Security Of Your Domain Names

Feb 24, 2007

we run a small company with some domain names which are critical to us probably just like yours.

I am wondering how do you guys manage your domain names? Who is your DNS provider, do you trust them etc...?

We currently have an account at 1and1 and there is a little bit of insecurity feelings.

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Odd Domain Names Using My Server IPs

Sep 22, 2007

I have 10 dedicated Ip addresses and recently spotted in my stats for one of my sites, that some odd domain names were mirroring my site. On checking they were using my IP address and displaying my website.

I have no idea how they could have done this.

I changed my sites IP address to anopther in my range, however these domain names still point to my IP and whatever site I have put there.

Someone has said to me it is a form of phishing, but I dont know how they could have done this and whether I can somehow stop this happening. The domains that have kind of hijacked my IP are
ipinikoparan dot com
durmakyokyoladevam dot com

odd enough domain names, could someone have set this up and is it some kind of security risk?

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Router DS3 And OC3?

Feb 18, 2008

What routers would you recommend that is capable of doing BGP routing between multiple DS3, OC3's and Gig-E interfaces?

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May 26, 2007

I am having a big question which has been often asked, but which all the time depends on the network topology; so first let's be honnest :

- I have no experience with BGP / OSPF
- I have no experience with routers (except SOHO models
- I will not have to make this to work in a productive environment

So in the next month we will get an AS number and few IP addresses; the goal is to test drive a gigabit network before using it as productive network;

I would like to ask some advices here for early all aspecsts, let's show some important points :

- Which brand?
- Which model?
- Maybe refurbished?

The key points for me:

I am looking for a cheap chasis but extensible with time when it will be needed

- Extensible system
- Very cheap for small use (at beginning maximum $ 2-3k)
- Trafic rate : ~ 100 MBit/s to 4-5 GBit/s
- Type of trafic : HTML / JPG / GIF / PNG / CSS / EXE / ZIP (shared hosting network)

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Feb 21, 2007

getting my own AS number, but this seems to require also a router. I dont really have a strong knowledge of routing, just basic knowledge.

As I think I understood, I have two possibilities for routing, to buy a ready-made router (Cisco, Juniper, Nortel,) or to simply setup a simple box with Linux or BSD OS, some NIC and use a software such as Zebra, Quagga, etc

So my question is :

- Is it possible to use for professional purposes a BSD box with Zebra ?
- What is entry price for a good Cisco router (approximately) ?
- Does BASIC routing setup requires a very strong knowledge ?

In case this would became concrete soon, people answering could maybe get some paid work doing this for us.

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IP And Router

Jan 10, 2007

I regiested a IP address from one company and I can post my website on internet. that company give me an IP address someting like: Right now My internet speed is very slow, I want to reset my router. If I reset my router, router will produce a new IP address, Does this IP address is same as IF i reset router, do i need to change my website address. I am worry that resetting router will affect my website address(domin name).

Maybe router IP is different as doman name. so I don't need to worry about

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How Do People Reserve So Many Domain Names

Oct 5, 2009

So I've just been browsing around and I've checked out a couple of peoples portfolios. Some of you guys have 100's of domain names registered under you waiting for someone to buy it.

So that's my question, how can you have so many domains registered? Isn't that very expensive?

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Shared Hosting And Domain Names

Apr 5, 2009

I am setting up a service where I want the 'sites' all to point to an address with (as an example).

The xyz would then be the customers name ...

How do I do this, what do I use. If someone could give me some pointers os that I can get started ...

Do I need to register each of these names?

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Extract Domain Names From .txt File

Jan 9, 2008

a command to extract the domain names from the following .txt file. 59 01/09/2008 13:45 59 01/09/2008 13:45

i want to extact the domains and in another txt file.

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Hosts That Allow Spaces In File Names?

Apr 17, 2008

Are there any web hosts that allow spaces in file names?

I am building a web site using Adobe GoLive. It contains many photo galleries using Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Adobe Media Gallery). When I upload a test site to my domain hosted by Yahoo using SmartFTP, it is rejected because the file names of my photos contain spaces. See <> When I look at other photographers' sites, many use real world file names with spaces. I have inquired at two other large web hosts and they tell me that spaces will appear on their sites as "%20". My test site looks fine when previewed on my web browser with spaces. Their answer is to use underscores. Am I asking too much for a web host that allows file names in english?

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Register Good Domain Names

Oct 13, 2008

I found good domain available names and when I tried to register using some webhosting companies they were first shown as available and in the next step of registration they were claimed to be taken. It does not happen with "not so good" names.
I think it happened with and

So it looks like there is no way to register a good name?

Even when checking whois may have your good domain name stolen.

Can someone comment this and share his/her experience.

Which regetar and whois companies can I use safely?

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Do You Keep Domain Names And Hosting Separately

Nov 13, 2008

Could you please share your experiences on having domains and hosting with the same company? What are your opinions on free domains provided by hosting companies? Do you have domain names with the same company or separately?

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Domain Names Diferent Servers

Jun 26, 2008

i have two nix vps's One of the vps is setup and running 2 ips, a nameserver and with whm/cpanel on a centos5 system. The other vps is just hypervm with lxadmin panel and one ip. I have nameservers setup on vps1 and all domains work. I would now like to add a domain name to the other vps and use the first servers nameserver. The second vps only has one ip so i wasnt able to setup the domain name there. Is there a guide on how to setup domain names accross two servers with one namesserver. I tried a few options but nothing seems to work.

what do i need to do in whm I already added the domain name to the second vps, i just dont know how to get it to point to first vps and first vps point to domain name.

I know how to work whm but am very new to lxadmin(only two weeks)

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Dealing With Strange File Names

Apr 30, 2007

I have a spider that is saving a few images files everyday on my servers. Due to the fact that the images are dynamically created the spider is not only saving them without an extention, but also using charachters from the link to create those file names.

I end up with:

.... and so on.

(there is no problems browsing those image files

What I need is to copy those files or move them to file names with an extention (png) for protection reasons.

I failed using cp, mv in doing so. it seams that the OS doesn't see those files as files.

That is how those files appear in ssh:

2&Y=0 ...

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Two Domain Names For One Hosting Account

Jan 30, 2007

I have several domain names and I pay for hosting for each domain name. Each domain name gets little traffic, uses little bandwidth, and little storage space. I would like to pay for hosting once and share the bandwidth and storage space amongst the multiple sites. Do you know of a hosting company that offers this? I suppose it would involve having one hosting account and multiple IP addresses that resolve to different folders in your account?

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Apache 2.4 Not Resolving Host Names Only IPs

Sep 19, 2013

Our apache server is not resolving host names only ips. When i check the access.log it is denying entry for any host

For example I have set "Require host" in the httpd.conf and the follow occurs denied

If i set the physical ip of ( in httpd.conf then there is no issue and test1 can access the machine.

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A Multiple WAN Router

May 17, 2009

I am looking for a good router which will handle two separate WAN connections and bridge them together. Basically, we have DSL at our office (1.5mbps down / 769kbps up), its the only service we can get, cable is not offered, and a T1 inst fast enough and costs too much. We require a faster connection, doing Skype, VPN connections to servers, desktop sharing etc.

Basically we want to order another DSL line 1.5mbps down / 768 kbps up and join it together with our current DSL connection for a total of 3mbps down/1.5mbps up.

Just want to make sure this is possible and if you guys can recommend a router brand and model. To clerify, we don't just want redunacy/fail over, we need to utilize both DSL connections at the same, as if they were one.

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Colo In USA For VPN Router

Oct 18, 2009

I need 1U of space, .5 amp (50 watts) power, one IP, 2.5mbps bidirectional bandwidth (total of 5mbps up + down) and about 10GB of traffic per day each direction (total of 20GB up + down). Would be nice if they have remote KVM along with console (serial) access. Location should be anywhere in USA.

Purpose is to host a VPN router for various remote locations to connect in to. Reliability and good connection (low latency) is important.

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Mutliple WAN Router

May 19, 2009

We are looking for a good multiple WAN router for our office. We just ordered two DSL 3.0mbps down / 768kbps up lines.

Here are the requirements:

--> Under $500

--> 2 WAN Load Balanced And Fail Over Support

--> Smart enough to handle special session state traffic. Example, if you start a HTTPS session on one DSL line it has to stay on that line. If you start an FTP session connection on one line it has to stay on that line.

--> VPN Tunnel Site-To-Site Support, Only need a max of 1 site-to-site tunnel, but nice to have more just in case.

--> Standard SPI Firewall With Port Forwarding

--> Reserve LAN Static IP's

--> Firewall throughput of at least 10mbps

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Router VS Switch

Feb 13, 2008

We have a small hosting company (currently 24 racks) that we are expanding to hold 100 racks. We have several 3640 series routers behind a 7200 series router (our edge router) that feed into numerous 2950 switches and 515 & 525 pix firewalls then into the racks with customer supplied switches within the rack. I want to replace all the 3640 and 2950 switches with a 6500 series switch. The only routing we do within the 3640's is subnet routing to the switches which make up individual networks for each customer. My goal is to use the 6500 switch to limit bandwidth for each port feeding a customer and to eliminate all but the 7200 router and the 2950 switches. Does anyone know of a reason or reasons this would not work or if it's just a bad idea. Looking for pro's and con's,

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More Than 1 Webserver Behind Router

Apr 15, 2008

Is it possible for forwarding ports for simultaneous use of web servers on the same LAN behind router?

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Mar 29, 2007

I have been thinking of getting a switch/router when I rent 10Us of space in a DC, but what to get?

I need to be able to read the trafficusage on each port/IP for billing purpose.

havent got a clue what to buy, have been told that you can do it with a 1U server to get more statistic out of it, but what OS to use?

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