Clustered Solutions Explanation

Jul 7, 2008

this is something that struck me, that is what are the benefits (pros and con) of being hosting on a clustered webhosting / clustered vpses

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DNS Lookup Explanation

Mar 14, 2007

I want to know how serious following nameserver problem can be in reality:
[url] ?

From DNS timing someone could conclude it's a slow hosting.

Can anyone explain above results "accurately" ? I still don't know what's "good" result in DNS timing: A or F?

The problem is that
[url] loads slow (5-10 seconds on T1 connection), here's a speed test. I'm aware images and scripts contribute to slow site loading.

My question is: Beside removing some images from the Home page, is it any reason to change the hosting (regarding DNS tests).

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Domain Name Server (DNS)explanation?

Oct 12, 2005

can some body tell me rougly how DNS works, is there only one DNS server in the world? if so where is it?

what is DNS A record, DNS cname record, DNS mx record?

how shall i point my DNS address to the host?

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Need Explanation On Virtual Ips Are Resolved

Jul 31, 2009

I have 5 ip address from my isp and i want to assign each domain an ip address for ssl cert reasons. The server is behind a 2wire router. I have assigned the server one of the static ips On the server i have created virtual ips on the one network card eth0 - ie eth0:0, eth0:1, eth0:2, eth0:3. In the control panel at my domain registrar i have assigned an ip address each to a domian ie ->, ->, ->, ->

My question is since the server is known as on the router, how will the router know that all request to,, should be handled by

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Clustered VPS ..?

Jul 22, 2008

I have a wordpress based website that is currently doing about 500,000 uniques a month and 5gb a day. It uses the wordpress module for php caching but it is still pretty damn heavy on the CPU. I am looking for a VPS, preferably one in a clustered type of environment so that I don't need to see them reboot the (single) physical server, or be down for physical maintenance of any kind.

Also this website looks like it will continue to grow pretty fast, so a place that can handle this kind of growth would be a must.

Linux is definately preferred.

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Any, Clustered VPS In .de

Aug 17, 2007

Anybody know's about any offerings of clustered VPS in Germany.

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SolarVPS Vs

Jun 26, 2007

I've narrowed down my VPS search to one of these providers.

832MB Total SLM RAM
30gb storage
600gb bandwidth
with cpanel
100Mbit uplink
fully managed
not sure about the datacentre, the site says Euroconnex
around £45 per month

512 RAM
512 swap RAM
Server has 2 x quad-core Intel Xeon "Clovertown" @ 2.33Ghz (18.64Ghz)
Max of 15 servers per node
25gb storage
300gb bandwidth
with cpanel
1Gbps uplink
1 hour replacement
fully managed
Looks like the datacentre is redbus interhouse in UK
£55 per month

Which is going to be the better quality provider? Clustered offer a 100% uptime guarantee, and for every hour a server is down they refund you a days hosting.

Clustered seem to offer tape backups? solarvps offer off-site hosting, which might come in handy as well.

I searched the forum for, but didnt find many reviews.

From my first impressions I think clustered seem to be my best bet, although I will get less in the way of storage and bandwidth, I feel there website makes me think I'll get a better quality service. There website talks about how redundant everything is. Hopefully people can backup what I'm thinking.

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Clustered Storage

Apr 9, 2008

Does anyone know of a good reliable and redundant method of organizing clustered storage? I know that IBM has GPFS - has anyone actually used it? Do they charge a crap load for it?

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Jul 9, 2008

I've switched my VPS to about 6 months ago and I thought I'll just share a few of my experiences. has their servers in London (somewhere in Canary Wharf, I've forgotten the name of the datacentre). I signed up for their smallest VPS available with 512MB/25GB/450GB.

Connections speeds to the UK and Europe are great, as far as I can see US is no problem either. I'm in the UK and most of the traffic is from the UK, so I wanted a UK provider.

I've got a 20M cable line at home and the server is always able to give me the full 20meg. I'd say perfect. I don't have any really heavy traffic sites, though. I've got a few sites on there, but mostly wanted my own spam solution and personal server for data-transfer etc.

Not only the speed is pretty good, the server has been up and running pretty much all the time, almost no downtimes at all. Really solid performance and reliability. Once we had a outage time of a few minutes and I got money off my next bill.

They offer cpanel, which I really wanted to have. We all know that Cpanel offers great versatility, and ASSP as spam solution is fantastic. Cpanel cost a fiver more per month.

Their website is a bit wonky, which shouldn't put you off - the support is awesome! I've done stuff like locking myself out of the VPS (set the firewall a bit too tight) and I've always had a helpful reply to my query within 10 minutes. Really helpful and quick.

Their support is truly outstanding.

I've been with Interhost before and it's a difference like day and night. At Interhost I got virtually no support at all, always helpful, always quick. Interhost was unstable and poor speeds - is the opposite.

Their services are not exactly at the lower end of the cost scale, but if you're looking for a reliable, fast VPS in Europe with excellent service, I can only recommend them.

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Dedicated Or Clustered

Apr 10, 2008

I currently am in the process of building an online shop, so far we have about 200,000 products in the database to when running a search its taking up to 10 seconds to display the results which is not good enough. The setup at the moment is a cpanel vps with zipservers, 512mb ram.

Given this i have started looking for new hosting for the site which is built however it cannot be launched until we have a good server. We already have 150,000 adwrods adverts set up on pause ready to go so the project is needing to move fast.

Currently pondering between
1) a 1gb dedicated server with cpanel
2) Netfirms clustered hosting which they claim is more powerful than dedicated

at the moment i am tempted to go for the Netfirms hosting as i have used them for other projects in the past and seem to get on ok with them. They claim that when i make a database it will be servered by several sql servers which will make things much faster than if i went for the dedicated set up.

Does anyone have experience of clustered hosting and is it better than dedciated?

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Innohosting Or

Dec 18, 2008

we are based in UK, I found Innohosting and to be good.

Can you please recommend which company is best?

if you know any better VPS companies than these and are UK based please recommend.

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Mar 10, 2007

I am evaluating XEN hosts and was wondering if anyone has had experience with (UK). Their name makes it hard to search (too many false matches) and the only posts I found were in the benchmark section.

I have selected a VZ host after days of research but may need XEN for some of my other clients. (I personally prefer XEN technology for my type of applications). I am familier with serveraxis and many others (some of which cannot provide me with more than 1 or 2 IPs per server or are sold out). sounds interesting. They have fall-back to static pages, support backup DNS (via bind so not limited to web pages) and SMPT (the only provider I know of that does). I am NOT a panel kind of guy so not offering Cpanel or Plex is fine.

This has been gruling research but well worth it. Thanks to all who post and answer on this forum, this site is a treasure trove of knowledge!

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Clustered Windows Hosting UK & USA

Jul 24, 2008

I have 5 domains, searching for clustered shared windows hosting. I prefer UK based, but If you know good provider in US, I want to learn it.

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Best Loadbalanced/clustered Host?

Dec 14, 2008

Who are the best at load balancing and clustering to deliver 100% uptime for a website?

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Drupal VPS Hosting Or Clustered

May 8, 2008

I just purchased a site yesterday that uses runs Drupal and uses 75 gigs bandwidth a month and gets around 3800 visitors a day.

Was looking for something that could handle this type of traffic without spending a fortune on a dedicated.

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Cpanel Clustered DNS (DNSOnly)

Jun 27, 2008

Thew initial setup process for my future web hosting company will require a redundant dns setup. I was thinking of having two servers from softlayer (one on the east coast and the other on the west coast) being used as the dns servers ( & With one other server for handling the shared accounts, of course adding more servers (as needed) to the cluster in the future. Just wondering if this is the best possible way to setup for having only two name servers (with redundancy) for all shared account servers with my fleet. As well, I was thinking a dns only server wouldn't need to be that powerful, but I would like to be prepared in advance if you feel a strong server would be needed to handle the loads for all the shared accounts on many servers.

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Clustered Hosting In Europe?

May 5, 2008

Do you know anyone who offers clustered hosting in Europe?

I need to be in Europe due to speed

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Hardware For Clustered Hosting

May 14, 2008

Every time I see more companies choose to offer clustered hosting, but what is really necessary to be able to offer this service?

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IMountain Clustered VPS Review

Oct 31, 2007

I needed more control over my aplications (needed SSH, eaccelerator) and I upgraded from their Solar Cluster 3 to their 512RAM emeraldVPS.

Let me tell you the setup that these guys have rules in every way.

The only thing that runs on the VPS is Apache so you might have an idea that this may perform better in some aplications than most 1GB RAM dedicated servers that also run MySQL, mail and other services a fraction of the price. MySQL, mail and dns runs on their clusters. I installed zend and eaccelerator, and now my busy Romanian blog (with wpcache) runs in 82MB RAM

I'm going to move 90% of my sites there, I have lots of space and resources to grow.

According to cpuinfo I also benefit from 8 of these:

CPU model name:

Dual Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 865

The support guys have always been fair and square to me, they answered fast to all my questions (mostly less than 10 minutes), moved my sites on the VPS and told me what's good and what's not so good about their VPS (yes, they told me without asking them about the minor "inconvenience" I may have with the VPS before I bought it). I feel they are the kind of guys you would love going to parties and drinking beer with.

Random screenshot of htop: [url]

I don't know what more to say

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Clustered Email Server Software

Jun 8, 2009

We have a client looking for a mail server solution for their business. Around ~500 members of staff will be using this so uptime is essential, we are looking to have 2 servers mirroring each other so if one goes down their emails will simply be routed onto the other server and continue to operate without issue.

We are looking for a clustered solution for redundancy similar to 's Standard edition ( the open source edition does not include clustering ) however the pricing ( $9k usd ) is simply out of the clients budget at this time.

So I am asking if people have any suggestions for software for dedicated mail servers, in this situation!

Also a plus would be to have anti virus / SPAM included as they obviously receive a large amount of spam emails.

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Offshore Clustered Shared Host

May 9, 2008

Anyone know some cheap offshore clustered shared host?

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ISCSI Windows Clustered Filesystem

Oct 5, 2008

I'm currently connecting one of my servers to an iSCSI SAN but would like to hook up another server to that target as well. However, this doesn't work with NTFS filesystem and I couldn't really find any windows solutions for that. Does anyone have experience with this?

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Load Balanced Clustered VPS Providers

Jun 15, 2007

Has anyone any experience of using Load Balanced Clustered VPS servers?

If so who would you rate the best provider?

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Has Anyone Experienced Down Time With A Clustered/loadbalanced Host

Oct 16, 2009

Has anyone experienced down time with a clustered/loadbalanced host?

And if so how much.

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Dedicated Or Clustered? Which One Is Better For Extremely High Traffic Sites

Apr 24, 2008

hosting solution for 3 very high traffic blogs, all running on WordPress.

I have been researching dedicated and I came across a couple posts where people recommended Clustered hosting over Dedicated for better handling high traffic DB driven sites in the times of Digg or Slashdot frontpage exposure.

I would like your feedback, and your opinion on what to choose from the following options:

1. Netfirms Enterprise III (Clustered)

2. ResellerZoom Failover (Clustered)

3. LiquidWeb Dedicated Webmaster Series (Dedi w/ 2GB DDR and a 3Ghz Intel Hyperthreaded)

4. HiVelocity Dedicated (Dedi w/ Quad-Core Xeon 2.4GHz and 2GB DDR)

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Backup Solutions

Jun 13, 2009

Presently I run a site on a shared server. I run a database backup every night to the host root and two backup servers and I run a full root backup every week to the backup servers.

I have two questions. One, let's say I lose my entire forum root for some reason and need to run a backup. I use vBulletin and am wondering how that works with the database. Would the database be stored in the root somewhere, or would I have to take one of my database backups, create a new database in cpanel, and import the backup into the new database (and link to it via config.php)?

Second, I'm looking to increase my backup security. I understand that offsite backup servers are great if the site gets hacked, but let's say the server gets hacked. Not that I find it likely, but if it does happen from what I understand the hacker could destroy the rsync'd backups because the key is right there.

I'm looking for a backup solution that would keep this from happening. I'm thinking of going with an external RAID harddrive configuration with DVD backups at regular intervals (probably weekly).

I'm considering using an automatic FTP from one of my backup roots (more bandwidth) to my computer. If I do this, and my main root is compromised, is there any way the hacker could compromise my home computer or backups. Further, is there a way to get the information on my home computer without simply copying everything over every time, because that will really eat bandwidth and take a lot of time. I know rsync is great because it only updates, and thus if I lose all my folders it won't delete the backup, whereas an FTP that happened at the correct time could potentially do so.

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Crissic Solutions

Jan 7, 2009

if you remember recently Crissic Solutions went offline. I was told by Skylar when he came back online i would receive a refund within 5-7 days.

He has yet again, unavailable everywhere i look, and guess what.... i still have no refund that was promised.

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Backup Solutions

Apr 23, 2009

Is the free linux hot-copy enough? Or should I go with something along the lines of the Linux CDP?

I've never really looked into CDP before so any help would be good. Our current backup solutions are manual, so were looking for something that can be more automated.

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Sep 14, 2008

I have been with (GS) for a long time. At first, they were really good, especially Richard Anderson. So, coming to the real story -

I got a new server with them in April -

AMD Dual Core 5600+
250x2 HDD
2000 GB on 100mbit shared
5 IPs
cPanel/WHM + Fantastico
Free Remote Reboot port
for $124.99/month
At that time I had a server with Burst & BurstNET do 50/50 on Bandwidth , 50% in & 50% out, so I asked how bandwidth is measured at GS.
They told me - 2000 GB in & 2000 GB out,

Server was setup with 3 days & all was pretty good.

SCAM/FRAUD #1 & #2 =

I NEVER got the Remote Reboot port & the MRTG stats , & in August (5 months later) I was told that it had been canceled, & they will not provide it as it was insecure.

In the meantime I was told ....

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Crissic Solutions

May 27, 2008

I thought I would take my time to post and talk about a company hosting VPS's and Dedis...

I was attracted to Crissic when a friend that knows about servers mentioned he had a discount code and they were very cheap.

I decided to try it out and bought 1 month of 128mb "small" VPS for $8.

This was going great once we had sorted out the Nameservers

I was in the process of setting up my domain, When i noticed a email claiming my VPS had been using too much power and had been shutdown. When I inquired, I was told I had installed a bruteforcer and was over using ram. The wierd thing being, I needed my domain to access FTP.

I wasnt sure how to link my domain to a IP, So I gave up for the day. Then I noticed another email claiming my VPS had been shutdown and My Package Canceled according to there TOS they can cancel when they want.

I then noticed Under the privacy act they are not allowed to look through my personal files (even though none exist)

They are in there TOS, not allowed to moniter what I do unless they notice harmful files exiting for entering my VPS...

I am very annoyed since im down my money and my VPS... *since it got shutdown within the first day*

I would go with VPSlink rather than these since they are 24.7 down with no support...

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Network Solutions - Would You Pay To Go Elsewhere

Jun 20, 2008

I impulsively signed up for 2 years of web-hosting at Network Solutions @ $89 /year, thinking I was covered by their 30 day money back guarantee. Normally I due a little research but I was actually calling them about another matter and made an (uncharacteristic) impulse decision, thinking I was covered by the money back guarantee. Reading the fine print today, their user agreement says it will cost $24.95 per contract year (x2) to cancel. In addition to this bit of marketing shenanigans, a additional bit of research seems to indicate that they are not exactly a "preferred host" among experienced users.

Q's - Is it worth $50 to walk away from NetSol and start fresh with a new host? Although I'm a newb with simple hosting needs, I still get just a frustrated with poor customer as the next guy. Am I likely to encounter any added grief, compared to other hosting options, by staying with NetSol?

FWIW - I will need hosting for four small sites, two that are nothing more than "multi page" splash pages and two will be new vBulletin powered sites. The vBulletin sites will start simple, but hopefully progress as my skills and traffic grow. While I recognize my needs are modest by any standard, I don't want my learning curve with vBulletin (and as a first time Site Administrator) to be hampered by a mediocre host and/or customer service.

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