Clients E-mail Are Hanging Or Downloading Multiple Mails

Jul 28, 2007

I've got a client who seems to be having a problem with his e-mail on my VPS.

When he tries to download mails his browser(thunderbird) says 'Receiving one of 80' and hangs. The only solution is to go into webmail and delete some of the mails then try and receive them again. One thing that puzzles me is he doesn't have 80 mails in his account, he only have 33.

This isn't happening with anyone else who's using thunderbird and my VPS.

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Mails Are Hanging In Mailqueue

Jul 7, 2008

I have a VPS in which mails are hanging in Mailqueue. When I use these commands at SSH(iptables -D OUTPUT 2 iptables -D OUTPUT 1 ), every thing goes fine and mails are started delivering but after 8 or 9 hours same problem occurs.

So my question is:

Can there be a permanent solution for this problem?

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Spammers Hanging My Mail Server

Feb 1, 2009

A spammer (probably is sending spams using one of my email addresses as his / her "from" address. This hanged my mail server last week and it took more than 60 hours to solve the problem.

My host replied me the problem was "You have over 100,000 emails in your mail queue due to a large amount of Frozen emails that were either deferred by the remote servers or sent to invalid addresses repeatedly".

From this morning, my emails are blocked again. I can't send / receive mails using any of my email accounts (from this server). I don't know how long this will take again to solve the situation, and I'm afraid that this may not be the last time.

Now I don't know what to do. Ideally, a logical solution could be to delete any bounced mail automatically (I'm using nutsmail + squirrel mail).

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Provide Hosting For Multiple Clients

Apr 15, 2009

I am a front end designer/developer with no server-side expertise. I am probably going to have to provide hosting to my freelance clients very soon. These would be small WP sites with low traffic, but there could be as many as 50 domains being hosted at a time just to begin with.

I need the host provider to do all the tech work and provide support to me, if not to the clients (who will inevitable contact me to deal with problems, which is OK). I am not able to manage/troubleshoot my own server.

I am considering Mosso/Rackspace, but recently I've heard some very negative comments on forums (such as this one) that are concerning me.

Does anyone have a recommendation given my needs and experience level with servers/hosting? I am not looking for a "cheap deal" - I need reliable service and peace of mind.

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Email Clients Say Not An IMAP4 Server Can Only Get Mail Through Webmail?

Jan 3, 2007

Alright, so I apparently messed up my email. I downloaded my email folders from my previous host's mail folder through FTP and then uploaded them to my new server's mail folder thinking it'd be an easy transfer. Yeh... didn't work, now I can't get my email through Outlook 2003 or ThunderBird. Any ideas on how to reset my mail server? I don't know if it's just the mail folder that's messed up or what.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Do Clients SSL Certificates Work For Mail As Well?

Mar 23, 2015

I am wondering whether client SSL certificates work for mail as well as their website?

Can it work over SNI or by dedicated IP or both? Does Postfix even have SNI support...

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Disable Php Mail For Spammer Clients?

Dec 9, 2014

Sometimes my clients install untrusted scripts to their account what causes spamming, because these scripts sending high number of spam emails. Is there an automatically way to disable php mail function, or disable the account temporary?


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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Outgoing Mail Control - Clients Can't Change Password

Jan 12, 2015

I have set the values for outgoing mail control low enough to catch the problems without affecting all but one of my clients. I have given him increased limits on certain of his mailboxes.

However when he wants to modify the mailbox, for example change the password he gets the following error.

The maximum number of outgoing email messages (in a pink box)

"The value must be in the range 0..50. Only the Plesk administrator can adjust this setting."

He cannot change the password for this mailbox.

Is there anyway of setting a custom limit on an account and also allow the client to retain the ability to reset his own password.

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After Use Remote Mail Server , Old Box Got Queued Up By Mails

Oct 24, 2007

We change mail server, so the old box is now dedicated for web hosting, but since web site and cp system still sending emails out, it seems that unix php cannot support remote smtp by setting php.ini, after we changed mail server, our email queue from 100 goes up to 1500 in a day with our outgoing emails. I have to deliver them manually one by one it seems, but still some of them cannot being deleveried.

New mail server has setup with ptr to Can anyone got idea about it?

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Pop3 To Receive The Mail,but Mails Still On Server, Like Gmail

Jul 9, 2009

i find gmail has a advantage,

when i use outlook to receive mails from it,

my mails are still on the server,

for general,when we use pop3 to receive the mails,

all the mails will be killed from server,

how can i save the mails on the server like gmail does?

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