Best Multi User IP KVM

Jul 9, 2009

I am currently looking for a new IP KVM. Right now I use a mix of HP and Raritan KVMs and I'm honestly not super happy with either of them. The main feature I'm looking for is the ability to setup multiple users and only allow them to access certain ports/devices on the KVM.

What would be the best IP KVM to look at for this?

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Wordpress Multi-User

Nov 21, 2007

What is the most friendly hosting company to set up and run Wordpress Multi-User?

What is the easiest way to set up and manage Wordpress Multi-User?

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How To Create Multi Dns For One Domain To Multi Webhosting Servers

Jul 19, 2009

i have 100 web hosting clients that i want to move 50 clients to another server but i only now have one domain for the dns

server 1#

hostname :
nameserver1 :
nameserver2 :

server 2#

hostname :
nameserver1 :
nameserver2 :

and in the domain control panel i set the nameservers for the

nameserver1 :
nameserver2 :

and i didn't create account for it just dns only

is this a right way to create multi dns for multi webhosting servers?

and when i want to make subdomain hosting account site someting like

it didn't work

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Multi Core Or Multi CPU

Apr 10, 2008

I'm starting to do my homework on a dedicated server and am really not that savvy on what's best for my needs.

Firstly, I'm just trying to determine how much grunt I need and am not really sure of the benefits of multi-core vs single core vs single processor vs multi processor.

I've been running on a low density VPS with 1 Gig ram for a while and it's doing fine but won't handle this setup too much longer. My site does a very high amount of disk read/writing and for the size of my site there are a lot of database calls.

I'm thinking a multi-processor will do wonders for a database intensive site, but will a single multi-core process do fairly well also? My budget is at the low end and obviously I can afford more for a multi-core single processor.

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Redirect Domain/user To User.domain ONLY IF Folder 'user' Doesn't Exist

May 7, 2007

I thought I knew enough about my .htaccess stuff to do this, but I can't seem to work it out. What I want to do is if a user visits, we check to see if the folder exists. If so, show as normal (IE

If a user visits (dynamicusername is not a physical folder), redirect to

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Multi WAN

Jan 26, 2008

A little confused about some technical aspects of a setup.

If anyone knows what I am trying to say please advise.

Question :

There are 4 WAN connections.
Conn01 = 10mbps upload Line with IP
Conn02 = 1mbps upload Line with IP
Conn03 = 100mbps download / 1mbpx upload Line with IP 333.333.333.333
Conn04 = Dialup line at 56kbps with IP 444.444.444.444

If I connect all these to a Multi WAN Router lets say Linksys RV016.

1) When a client tries to upload something to the server with IP 444.444.444.444 will it still run at 56kbps or will it be load balanced into the fastest line which is 10mbps.

2) When a Client's server connected at tries to download something from the internet to this multi WAN setup, does he get a max of 10mbps or will he be routed to the 100mbps?

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Multi-homed - Where Should I Get The IPs

Mar 28, 2008

We have a need in one of our locations to multi-home ourselves, as the facilities provider doesn't meet our needs. If we get a /24 from one of our upstreams (L3 for example), will they allow us to broadcast it to our other providers as well? Obviously we'll have our own ASN and be doing the routing.

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Ping From Multi Locations

Jun 17, 2008

I was on this site a while ago and someone shared a link to a site that would ping a given IP from multiple locations around the globe and give the output. Does anyone know of a site that would do this?

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Multi Language Hosting

Apr 10, 2008

Is "selectable Multi-Language" professional for a hosting company website? and does it attract more clients? I mean giving visitors a drop down menu of some major languages and allow them to select the language of your website. Is it professional to have? attract more clients?

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Multi Platform Scripts

Apr 15, 2008

I would like to ask your opinions on the best way to control server services and scripts on different platforms.

Basically i need to execute some command line scripts on a windows server. The way im doing this is vbscript which is called in asp.

What i really want to do is have a central server on linux which i can host a php script and mysql database on which in turn connects to the windows server to execute the vbscript.

Ive always worked with php and mysql so i dont really want to run everything in asp. If i did run everything in asp im not to sure if it would be clever to run asp scripts with mysql and would then have to go to the microsoft sql 2005 route.

So my question is what would be my best way to run php and mysql on a linux server that can in turn connect to a windows server to run a vbscript or execute through command line and log data to mysql, baring in mind authentication and security.

I do have php and mysql set up on the windows server but after alot of trouble getting it running right im not to keen on running the php scripts local, i really need a central linux server for the scripts.

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Multi Core Processors Worth It

Apr 3, 2008

I'm contemplating whether to get a quad core high clock speed OR 2x quad core lower clock speed processor for my rack server.

The question boils down to.. Does Apache, PHP, and MySQL support multi-threading? Will having a bunch of cores just be a waste if high-traffic web hosting is the primary goal?

I run a PHP/MySQL intensive shopping cart.

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Single Proc. Multi Core OR Multi Proc. Single Core

Dec 3, 2008

What is the best configuration for a dedicated server? Trying to get my head round all the terminology as fast as I can.

Multi Processor Single Core
Single Processor Multi Core

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True Multi Site Hosting

Jun 2, 2008

Are there any hosts on the net with reasonably priced true multi site hosting*?

I'd host something like 5-6 small wordpress & blog sites, no special diskspace or bw requirements.

I know Site5 offers something like this, but I'd like something with over 80% uptime

(* By this I mean each site should have its own cpanel & the sites should be completely separate, due to the fact that I'm lazy & don't want to set up domain pointers or whatever they are called.)

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Single Proc Multi Core Vs Multi Proc Single Core

Jan 4, 2008

This is kind of a followup of our thread
"More RAM or better CPU?" [url].

Sorry if we were supposed to post in that thread in stead, but this is a different question that in that post.

Our server is still crashing a lot and unfortunately we can't afford a multi processor with multi cores.

So the question is as follows:
For a site with a lot of database activity, what would be the best thing to go for:

a) Single processor with multiple cores, or
b) Multiple processors with a single core.

a = Intel Xeon 3060 Dual Core Conroe Processor (2.4GHz)
b = 2x Intel Dual Xeon 2.8GHz Processors

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Use Multi-IP Address To Sent Out Request At The Same Time

Aug 20, 2008

Is this possible to use Multi-IP to sent out request at the same time?

-8 IP is assigned to my box
-I have 8 domains

Now, I would like to connect to a serverX, However, serverX only allow two concurrent connection per IP at the same time.

Is this possible for me to use 8 IPs with 8 Domains to sent out request and having (2X8) = 16 concurrent connection to serverX

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Multihomed, Multi WAN, Increased Connection

Jan 5, 2007

I am researching a little on this topic and hopefully someone can shade some light for me.

If I have 2 connections from 2 separate ISPs with each a set of different static IP addresses. Using something like [url]a twin WAN router, does it mean that I could :

1) Still use the Static IPs or must it be the local dynamic ones?

2) Increased speeds? Does it increase or provide a better route for outgoing connections?

3) Shouldn't incoming connections still be the same since they have to travel via a specific path as determined by the ISP?

If I am right, If I use 2 WAN connections, users would have a more stable time trying to download stuff, but when people are requesting files from them ( uploading ) it would depend on which ISP's IP they are connected to?

So If I take 2 100Mps line and use the dual WAN, I can increase downloading speeds butuploading speeds will be unaffected?

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How Does Multi Server Thing Work

Jul 31, 2007

say you run a script like DIGG and then it just became huge and huge and one day u find out that a server cannot run it alone, that is u need to get multi servers to cope with the traffic and database requests. How would people go about doing that? Is it the script implementation side of change or just server side of change?

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Multi-sites On Standalone Server

Apr 24, 2007

I have a local server who has only 1 IP. I would like to ask how to setup multiple site by using different ports. eg: site1:8080 ; site2:8081 ; site3:8083 , etc.

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Apache Multi Process Limit

Jun 9, 2007

I am in a bind with Apache's multi process limit. Let me explain what I am doing. There's this website which has career details of all the football players since the beginning of professional football. They have a simple web form which allows you to look at a player's profile by entering his name or his 7 digit numeric id number (on that website).

One of my client wants a list of all the players with a certain "flag" in their profile. So I created an automatic form submission and HTML parsing script to get details of all the players with that "flag" in their profile. Let me not go into too much details and tell you that after applying a few pattern rules to the id number, the number of possible id numbers comes to about 1 million (instead of 10^7; each field can have {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}=10 digits, so net combinations = 10*10*10*10*10*10*10).

Therefore, to completely automate this process I wrote a script which would generate an id number, submit the form with that id number, and parse the resulting HTML profile for the "flag". If the script finds a hit on the flag, it stores all the fields of that player in a database. This script is working absolutely fine but the speed I was getting was about one check per second which means that I would have to leave the script running for about 11 days (to process all of about 1 million checks).

So i came up with this idea to divide the check into ten parts and i created separate scripts for each part. Now basically the first script checks for the first 100 thousand combinations, the second checks for another 100 thousand combinations, and so on.

The problem is that I am able to get only two of these scripts running at the same time. So it would still take me at least 5 days to get all the results. The rest of the scripts just sit there in the server's backlog. This is definitely due to Apache's limitation to handle multiple processes. The server I am using to run this script as well the target webserver both run on Apache2. I am sure it's not a problem with the receiving server. It has to be my Apache web server which is running the scripts. I have tried using mpm_winnt (on a windows server) as well as the prefork and worker modules (on a linux server) without any luck. Has any of you ever faced the same situation?

For those concerned about the legitimacy of this work, rest assured, this is absolutely legit. There's nothing in the website's use policy which restricts somebody from doing this. Moreover, my client hired me to do this only because the website owners were not able to hand over the data he required. They gave the stupid reason that they are helpless in providing the data because they don't have a system in place which would allow them to do a search restriction!

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Best Control Panel For Multi-server Setup

May 6, 2009

My host and I discussed over a month ago the possibility of adding on another server so that I can use one for MySQL and the other for web, and eventually as my sites expand add a third one so that two balance the loads and the one will be dedicated just for MySQL.

Well, it's been a month now and I have had a server dedicated for MySQL and the other one dedicated for web set up. A month has gone by and my host and I are having problems setting it up - I have not been able to use the new server and have already had to pay the bill when I have not been able to use it for its purpose!

The old server was supposed to act as the MySQL while the new server was supposed to be for web. We are having so many problems trying to set this up, well at least my host is, and I am becoming more and more frustrated as the days go on because I am paying for the new server that I can't even use because it's not set up properly.

I am using DirectAdmin control panel and linking them is a pain in the butt. I linked my host to this article, but I don't think he's implementing what is being instructed to do:

The new server is still not working properly with the MySQL server and I have no idea what to do here. I have already paid for a month's service for no reason and now I am starting to feel robbed because this process is taking so long.

I am willing to switch control panels if it will speed up the process. Does anybody know of any control panels that will be better suited for my need? I'd ideally like to simply manage both servers in one control panel - under one license - and manage each server's services and most importantly the MySQL and it's databases on the dedicated server for MySQL.

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Multi Server Setup For DB Backup Performance

Jan 8, 2009

I am working on a busy and popular website which has a large amount of database activity - and requires hourly backups of all database data.

At the moment the site is hosted on two servers - one for the front end web server, one for the database.

Both servers are running a RAID HDD system which allows quick swaps of faulty HDDs without data loss.
An hourly full backup of database tables is running which is killing the server when it runs.

ISP has suggested installing a third server to run as a slave to the existing DB server, and hence always hold a duplicated of the live database.

I have a feeling however that this is basically just like having RAID mirroring, but on a different machine - so to solve the problem of a potential dodgy SQL statement wiping out ALL copies of the live database, we'd STILL need hourly backups to run, and hence would still see the major system speed drop each hour at the time of backup.

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Bandwidth Monitoring/Limiting And QoS One Interface Multi Ips

Mar 4, 2008

I currently use debian and have multiple (5+) ip address all assigned for a different purpose and usage. My issue is that i need the ability to accurately monitor the traffic being generated (and potentially graph via mrtg) additionally, I want the ability to enforce priority and restrictions per ip address.

Whilst on the subject I also have an openvpn setup which i want the ability to rate limit each user....

spend too much time trying to figure this out so now i'm asking for some help! More than happy to consider offers ($) for someone to do it for me...

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GIGEnet Handle Multi Gig DDOS Attacks?

Apr 21, 2008

I am about to get dedicated server with

Is this company good as they say they are?

How stable is it?

Can they really handle multi gig DDOS attacks?

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Starting To Look At Multi-computer / Rack Hosting

Sep 28, 2008

We are currently in a limited Alpha for a very demanding web application. We'll (hopefully) be in closed Beta in 3 months and go live / open beta after all issues are fixed.

Our problem is that we know that we will need, even for the open beta, a costly setup.

We are talking about 2 front-end servers for Apache / PHP / Memcached, 2 for a Mysql Cluster / replication / partitioned (undecided) and at least 1 just for pre-processing stuff that later will go to the database.

Growing from those requirements is very possible, so we would like to be able to add new computers to the cluster, more processing machines, more front-ends, a load balancer, etc.

Of course we have considered the Cloud (Amazon S3 and stuff), but those 5 initial machines are a must for us.

My question is, what is the best solution here, a rack with a private Lan/fast switches?

What are the recommended companies for this kind of installations? Will they manage everything or just rent the rack?

Any clues about how costly (setup and monthly) this kind of setup would be? I can't find specific prices for these "special installations" anywhere, they all want us to call and we are just preparing for 4/6 months on the road.

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True Standlone Multi-home Setup

Apr 19, 2007

I am trying to get my own set of ips from ARIN, and I need to qualify under the multi-home. My understanding of this setup is that I have 512 or more ips that I am using and that I have multiple routes in from the internet from at least 2 providers. Right now where I am coloing at I just have servers and no routers (only the ones that are provided by the co-location). In order to setup a true multi-home for my org will I need to have my own routers/switches and such to accomplish this?

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Win 2003 Ent - Multi Comp Network Setup

May 14, 2007

What i'm trying to setup:

Internet comes in from modem into dual nic 1u server(DNS/DHCP/Firewall). It's getting an internet ip from first nic, then a private internal ip for 2nd nic. That 1u issues ip's through gig ethernet switch to 3 other servers from 2nd nic. Those other servers are dedicated for website, one for database, and one for email.

If each run win 2003 server ent, how can people access the email server if the only comp getting an internet ip is the 1u server, and same idea with website.

Also if people can access the website, how can the website server pull information from the dedicated database server if it's only getting an internal ip?

I'm thinking Microsoft Routing and Remote Access?

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Apache :: Multi VHost / Single File

Mar 20, 2015

I'm actually working on a project in wich one I use Zend Framework 2. In this project I have 4 websites. (this is require, I don't want to change it).

I have 1 Virtual Host for each website:


Each Virtual Host redirect to the same folder and same file because everything is in the same project so same entry point (same index.php)

actually if I type each url in a browser, they all redirect to the same part of my project so I added some routes in ZF2 to access to one website and not another :


This is a quick and dirty fix because I also can access to the ap website with this url :

I'd like every website to be accessed from their root:


And I don't want to display /something after it to access to the website even if after you can access to some other pages of each website.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: ImageMagick Configuration On Multi PHP

Mar 25, 2015

I installed another php version a while ago. Today I am trying to add ImageMagick to this php version but after launching the following command

./configure '--with-libdir=lib64' '--cache-file=../config.cache' '--prefix=/usr/local/php-5.6.5' '--with-config-file-path=/usr/local/php-5.6.5/etc' '--disable-debug' '--with-pic' '--disable-rpath' '--enable-fastcgi' '--with-bz2' '--with-curl' '--with-freetype-dir=/usr/local/php-5.6.5' '--with-png-dir=/usr/local/php-5.6.5' '--enable-gd-native-ttf'

[Code] ....

It sends me back this error configure:


WARNING: unrecognized options: --enable-fastcgi, --enable-imagick

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Multi Location SMTP Server Or Email Platform

Apr 2, 2009

for a SMTP server / hints at how it might be done to accomodate the following :

One single email will be sent. If it doesn't get sent on the first try by one server, another server at another location will attempt the connection and will send out the email then.

Is there a prebuilt solution that anyone knows that will help with these things ? If not, do you know of any ways that this might be possible to be done - even if you don't know the exact details of how it should be done - any help in finding out something like this would help .

Note :
Linux / Windows / FreeBSD / Solaris is fine. So whatever OS it is, it's fine by me.

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