APF Blocking Legit Users

Aug 21, 2007

This is just a notice: one of the staff of a large site I run was no longer able to log into the site. As it turns out his IP was being blocked by APF.

The reason for his IP being blocked was that it ended in 255 (x.x.x.255). Any such addresses are blocked by the PKT_SANITY_STUFFED option, which is turned on by default in recent versions of APF. When restarting APF this option shows up as {pkt_sanity} deny all to/from and can be seen under "OUT_SANITY" when doing "apf --list".

As you notice the problem is that some ISPs are are assigning supposedly "bad" IPs ending in 255 to users. And I'm not the only one hitting this problem either: [url]

If you are also using (a recent version of) APF, you might want to turn this option OFF.

In the meanwhile, if anyone is so enlighted... why was this option in APF in the first place? What so bad about IPs ending on 255? The APF docs say they're bad broadcast addresses, so why are ISP assigning them anyway? Who is at fault: APF or ISPs?

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Webhostmagazine.com Reviews - Legit

Jan 14, 2008

webhostmagazine.com have their own hosting reviews, does anyone have any experience or opinions with reards to the reliability or integrity of these reviews?

Im not one to take such things at face value.

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Is Hyperspin Rankings Legit

Jul 26, 2008


is this a trustworthy and accurate resource?

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Legit Backup Script

Jan 10, 2007

I got this from 1and1 and have no confidence in them. I want to be sure my site is backed up (I will be using bq and whoever the new host is to back it up also) I have done these commands and it "backs up" and then I FTP the backup to my computer but I want to be sure there is actually information in that backup. Does this sound legit?

Open Putty
at command, type

mysqldump --opt -Q -h localhost -databaseusername -p databasename >sitename.backup.sql
hit enter
it goes to next line and is done
then FTP to my computer and I have a backup.

So first, does it sound legit? Second, what do I DO with it should my site go down. Do I just FTP it back to the server?

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Lfd Warning: Hack Attempt Or Legit

May 18, 2009


Mon May 18 15:17:08 2009 lfd: *Suspicious File* /tmp/perl_install.work.TLoX0YtaJBrzShwA/.cpan [someuser:someuser
] - Suspicious directory
The 'someuser' is a legitimate user on the server, an auto body website setup last October.

The content of the directory:


root@server [/tmp/perl_install.work.TLoX0YtaJBrzShwA/.cpan/CPAN]# ls -lh
total 3.0K
drwx------ 2 someuser someuser 1.0K May 16 17:54 ./
drwx------ 3 someuser someuser 1.0K May 16 17:54 ../
-rw-r--r-- 1 someuser someuser 361 May 16 17:54 MyConfig.pm

File content:

$CPAN::Config->{'cpan_home'} = "/tmp/perl_install.work.TLoX0YtaJBrzShwA/.cpan";
$CPAN::Config->{'build_dir'} = "/tmp/perl_install.work.TLoX0YtaJBrzShwA/.cpan/build";
$CPAN::Config->{'histfile'} = "/tmp/perl_install.work.TLoX0YtaJBrzShwA/.cpan/histfile";
$CPAN::Config->{'keep_source_where'} = "/tmp/perl_install.work.TLoX0YtaJBrzShwA/.cpan/sources";

root@server [/tmp/perl_install.work.TLoX0YtaJBrzShwA/.cpcpan/STABLE]# ls -lh
total 3.0K
drwx------ 2 someuser someuser 1.0K May 16 17:54 ./
drwx------ 3 someuser someuser 1.0K May 16 17:54 ../
-rw-r--r-- 1 someuser someuser 735 May 16 17:54 modules.versions

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HostJury Deleted Legit Reviews

Dec 15, 2008

I wanted to post about a site I'm very concerned and frustrated with, HostJury.

It's simple. The other day, one of our web hosting customers posted our HostJury URL in our customer forums. Since then, a few of our customers saw followed the link and decided to submit reviews about us, which was very pleasing.

Friday night, I saw we had our first 4 reviews. Suddenly yesterday (Saturday) afternoon I checked on the page, and saw all of them had been deleted.

But I looked up the reviewers. They were all posted by legit customers of ours which I was able to find in our customer database, so the reviews are definitely legit.

I am especially frustrated as those 4 had rated us very high, so these are important reviews that have been removed by HostJury.

I don't understand what's going on here...

o Legit reviews
o We didn't ask them to review us, they did it on their own
o We didn't bribe our reviewers
o We didn't reward our reviewers

So what's the problem, HostJury? These kind of instances are interfering with honesty in the hosting industry.

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Mod_evasive Bans Some Legit Apps

Dec 10, 2007

mod_evasive bans some of the legit users (galleries , typo3 etc.) with following settings:

<IfModule mod_dosevasive20.c>
DOSHashTableSize 3097
DOSPageCount 10
DOSSiteCount 150
DOSPageInterval 1
DOSSiteInterval 3
DOSBlockingPeriod 10

Somebody have an idea for some less restrictive but still usefull rules?

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Allowing Legit Traffic Permanently (CSF Iptables)

Oct 29, 2007

My server runs on CSF.

Very often the firewall automatically ban some of my customers IP who has fix IP to access to their webmail and website, because they have over 100 staffs, maybe that is why the IP was banned automatically for having too many connections to the server.

Everytime I unban the IP, it keeps being banned again. I have to stop / restart iptables to flush it.

How can I allow the IP permanently?

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Apache :: Seemingly Legit Requests Generating 400 Bad Request Errors

Feb 8, 2015

So I've got a problem where a small percentage of incoming requests are resulting in "400 bad request" errors and I could really use some input. At first I thought they were just caused by malicious spiders, scrapers, etc. but they seem to be legitimate requests.

I'm running Apache 2.2.15 and mod_perl2.

The first thing I did was turn on mod_logio and interestingly enough, for every request where this happens the request headers are between 8000-9000 bytes, whereas with most requests it's under 1000. Hmm.

There are a lot of cookies being set, and it's happening across all browsers and operating systems, so I assumed it had to be related to bad or "corrupted" cookies somehow - but it's not.

I added "%{Cookie}i" to my LogFormat directive hoping that would provide some clues, but as it turns out half the time the 400 error is returned the client doesn't even have a cookie. Darn.

Next I fired up mod_log_forensic hoping to be able to see ALL the request headers, but as luck would have it nothing is logged when it happens. I guess Apache is returning the 400 error before the forensic module gets to do its logging?

By the way, when this happens I see this in the error log:

request failed: error reading the headers

To me this says Apache doesn't like something about the raw incoming request, rather than a problem with our rewriting, etc. Or am I misunderstanding the error?

I'm at a loss where to go from here. Is there some other way that I can easily see all the request headers? I feel like that's the only thing that will possibly provide a clue as to what's going on.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Panel Don't Show Users Database In Tab Users

Sep 6, 2013

The upgrade has an error when manage the users database.

OS Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 x64
Panel version 11.5.30 Update #13, last updated at Sept 1, 2013 03:30 PM

In a costumer panel have a one database MSSQL, and assign to this DB 3 users, but the tab option "Users" don't work fot his costumer and show this error:

Error Javascript:
TypeError: template is null
this.template = template.toString(); in protototype.js 8472831 (línea 807)

Error Javascript:
TypeError: template is null
this.template = template.toString(); in protototype.js 8472831 (línea 807)

Show users in the tab users for database.

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Preventing Users From Connecting To Other Users Database

Mar 25, 2009

On my server, users can connect to any database as long as they have the database user and password. This makes it easier to hack any database on the server.
What I want to do is to make the users can only connect to their own databases and not other's.

I tried changing the localhost ip address but it didn't work ( I assume I didn't do it the right way)

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Blocking EV1

Apr 5, 2007

I've had it with EV1. On any given day we get 30-50 BFD attacks from their servers. That doesn't include the dozens of other types of attempts per day our IPS/IDS catch. We've also traced back client servers that were hacked directly via EV1 servers.

It's obvious that EV1 does little or nothing to stop these issues. We spoke to the FBI about these issues and their comments lead me to believe that EV1 is one of the major sources of these issues and that EV1 has shown little or no effort to curb the problem or cooperate in stopping the issue.

We have elected to now block all all EV1 IPS.

Drastic measures, not really. If they won't take care of their own problems I no longer want them dumped at my door step. I think other hosts might want to think about this.

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Csf Blocking

Apr 28, 2007

At the moment it will block people who login with the wrong username/password 5 times. it also blocks people if they do the wrong email settings.

Is there a way to turn the pop3/email blocking off?

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POP3 Blocking

Dec 3, 2006

I am hitting a limit on number of POP signons per hour imposed by my host. I host maybe 10 domains on this account and have 4 or 5 email addresses to monitor for each domain. If I check once every 15 minutes I run up against a limit on the number of POP3 signons permitted by my ip. Add this to having multiple mail clients behind a NAT router and I am beginning to have real problems.

Does anyone else have this issue? Is my only workaround to forward all email to a single account or install a local mail server? Does 100 POP signons an hour from a single IP sound like a lot to anyone? Any advice?

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Blocking Outside Urls

Jul 19, 2008

Let's say you want to protect againts hacking,and using method with simply blocking loading url.So let's say someone hacked your index.html and changed links to lead to his domain.com.Is it possible to block what would be loaded on site ?(to prevent possible future hacking intrusions)

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CSF Blocking Emails

Nov 28, 2008

I have 2 server one is Linux server+Cpanel+CSF firewall where my site is running and one is windows server where my exchange mail server is running .Now thing is that when anyone send mail through my web site (after filling contact form) to me it doesn't come to my email id but when i stop my firewall and then i check contact form and fill it the mail goes to my mail id.

I have php script with SMTP authentication.

which port is blocked in my firewall and after disabling firewall it work.how can i check when firewall is on that time why mails are not coming in my email id that time which port is blocked by firewall.

Allow Port in firewall:-- 25,80,20,21,465,443,110,143

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Blocking A Referrer

Jul 5, 2007

seems one of my sites has been added to some mega "toplist" site thats bringing in fake traffic to my site which is basically like a DOS attack - over 1000 connections.

coming from

linking to a php file in one of my accounts which has since been removed. however still getting a heck of a lot of hits, they probably all see 404 messages which still causes load on my server.

any suggestions how to fix this? the traffic is referred from above urls but hundreds of ip addresses. is there anyway to blacklist the referrer so people are just blocked, period?

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Pf And Mass IP Blocking

Oct 6, 2007

Running freebsd with pf, and was wondering if there's anything like www.fixingtheweb.info for pf instead of IP tables? Otherwise it'll be a long day

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Blocking A Country

Apr 14, 2007

I had a few sites hacked today. I'm using phpbb (all updates) and, apparently, the only thing they did was to drop the database and replace it with one featuring a single post "advertising" their hacker group. I tried bringing everything back on-line, but they would just attack again and take it down quickly... I'm thinking it's probably just some script kiddies.

They announce themselves as "turkish hackers". Browsing around for their message, I found they attacked quite a few sites. What I was thinking, to help preventing this from happening again, is to ban all visitors from Turkey (none of these sites has a need for them, as they're aimed at a local audience).

Can I do this simply by using "deny from .tr" in htaccess? Or are there any more steps to be taken?

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How Can I Tell If My ISP Is Blocking Ports

Nov 7, 2007

I have my server set up with the smtp daemon running on port 125, and assp listening on ports 25 and 26, and forwarding to port 125 if the mail passes. This setup has been working for months and months. Already today I've received several emails.

I just attempted to send an email, however, and thunderbird could not connect to port 26. (I use an alternate port because my ISP blocks port 25 except to their mail servers)

So I thought that assp had stopped running. Attempted to go to myip:55555, but the page would not load. Now I really thought assp was broken. SSH'd into server and was able to telnet to localhost, port 26 without an issue. Was also able to lynx [url] without an issue.

Since I'm able to log in to all of these weird ports via SSH but not from my local computer, I'm apt to think that they are blocking the ports (for some reason).

Is there any way I can test this theory? Nothing has changed on my side firewall-wise, and the poor girl at the ISP company didn't even know what a port was. I would like to be 100% sure before I give them another call demanding to speak to someone higher up...

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How To Ban Our Blocking IP Location

Feb 10, 2007

how to ban our blocking IP Location in my server like country range?

and how can i know the IP's country range?

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Apf Firewall Blocking Traffic

Jul 20, 2007

as per apf firewall issue
Jul 17 02:03:02 duck kernel: Firewall: *TCP_IN Blocked* IN=eth0 OUT= MAC=00:01:02:c9:94:20:00:90:69:8a:f3:f0:08:00 SRC= DST= LEN=60 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=53 ID=40428 DF PROTO=TCP SPT=37079 DPT=3306 WINDOW=5840 RES=0x00 SYN URGP=0

i already added ip in allow list.

tcp:in : d=3306 : s=
d=3306 : s =
tcp: out : d=3306 : s =

# added on 07/19/07 01:15:21

But ip is still blocking traffic while monitor mysql....

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Apf Blocking Allowed IP Addresses

May 24, 2007

APF firewall is blocking IP's from the allowed range

I have this inserted in /etc/apf/allowed_hosts.rules and restarted APF of course

It still blocked this IP for example,

Anyone know why?

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CSF Firewall Blocking FTP Connections

Jul 11, 2009

I have a virtuozzo VPS with CSF. People can't connect to ftp because the firewall is conflicting with iptables. I looked at the csf guide:


To correct it, the ftp issues states:


For example, with pure-ftpd you could add the port range 30000:35000 to TCP_IN
and add the following line to /etc/pure-ftpd.conf and then restart pure-ftpd:
PassivePortRange30000 35000

Where is pure-ftpd.conf? Do I have to install it or something?

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Blocking IP Range On Windows

May 14, 2009

I have a client who needs to block IP range on a windows server. However, he is using Cloud hosting from Rackspace. I guess they are not being corporative in doing so. Anyway to do this without root? Perhaps from the control panel?

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Blocking Access To A Directory

Apr 3, 2009

ive got a flash music player that gets its tracks from a dedicated directory on my server. there's about 10GB of music in there (we own it) and i want to stop people getting at the files (they can see the path in the source of the page that has the flash player).

i tried an htaccess directive that stops listing the directory contents but that obviously wont work. what is the best & most secure strategy to achieve this, blocking all ip addresses apart from my server's?

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Blocking Entire Countries In IIS

Jul 23, 2009

I have come across an issue where traffic from India is hurting my business. What I have is a number of job boards. Realistically, the only issue I am having is with IT and Engineering positions being applied for heavily by people in India. Since my customer base is all in the USA, I would like to just block India.

While I know this is easy with Apache using a .htaccess file, I am using IIS on server 2007. Does anyone have any idea on how to do this easily with the large number of IPs that India uses?

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Server Email Blocking <?>

Mar 9, 2008

I recently signed up a new client to my dedicated server - The minute they switched over to my server, it seems that all hell broke loose. (I'm going to refer to them as "Company A")

Company A called me up and said that one of their employees was getting a huge amount of SPAM and that after a day or two, they were having issues with their E-mail.

I looked at my logs and it showed something unusual-

LOGIN FAILED, user=myclientuser@companya.com, ip=[::ffff:XX.XXX.170.47]: 110 Time(s)

When I explained this to Company A, they ran some virus checks on their computers and 3 out of 5 computers had viruses on them.

They claim to have fixed the viruses but now, they cannot send e-mails to specific clients.

I checked their I.P. against blacklists and they are using Comcast cable internet at their location and I cleared their only blacklisting (spamhaus.org).

I'm still getting calls that Company A cannot e-mail a few of their clients and just to make sure it's not JUST them, I tried to send a test e-mail to the same clients as Company A.

The e-mails from me were rejected due to time-out.


Is this an issue on MY end that must be taken care of *OR* is it due to the fact that they had viruses on their computers and now they are blocked because the virus tried to attack everybody in THEIR e-mail address book?

None of my other clients are complaining of e-mail issues or that e-mails are getting kicked back. Just Company A.

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Weird Example Of Blocking Port 25

May 6, 2008

I have a client who was sending email to another server with Cpanel, all of a sudden all emails are in the queue for a few days and we checked everything was ok on our side even the logs are able to find the domain name, just that it drops from there.

Took me a while I finally telnet their port 25 and found it block, but somehow a few minutes later it was unblocked. Is there any mechanism in Cpanel that auto block port 25? I know the client uses a catchall so all rubbish went there, I cleared the catchall for him.

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MSN / Hotmail Blocking Messages

Feb 13, 2007

It appears that MSN / Hotmail have recently began blocking an awful lot of servers I manage. Several of them (for a company I work for) are in a few blacklists however a number of the IP addresses I manage are 100% clean.

Anyone know of something MSN/Hotmail recently began enforcing?
The blocks began at around 6 PM EST on Thursday of last week.

The error message is as follows:

Your e-mail was rejected for policy reasons on this
gateway. Reasons for rejection may be related to content such as obscene
language, graphics, or spam-like characteristics (or) other reputation
problems. For sender troubleshooting information, please go to
http://postmaster.msn.com. Please note: if you are an end-user please
contact your E-mail/Internet Service Provider for assistance.

I feel like a pawn for asking this on WHT but from what I can see
it's fairly widespread.

The domains in question do have basic SPF implemented as well.
not limited to a contact at hotmail / msn that would enjoy a phonebeating.

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Blocking Mails With Certain Subject

Nov 5, 2007

I would like to block emails that contain certain subject that goes to one domain and also the one being sent internally between the users on the same domain. The tricky part is, the recipient of the blocked email will receive a notification (The message has been blocked. To retrieve the full emails, please contact the administrator). Anybody has done it before?

I am using Qmail+SA+Clam on FreeBSD

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