What Is The Difference Between 10mbit And 100mbit Port Speed

Mar 18, 2008

i have site used over 2000gb bandwidth per month at 100 mbit port speed ,i am thinking about going unmetered with $100 extra but port speed would be reduced to 10mbit...

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Port Speed: Big Difference Inbound Vs Outbound

May 18, 2008

I am moving into the world of dedicated servers (from VPS). I just got a server from Serveraday.com /OLM.net.

When I was doing bandwidth tests, I found the server's inbound speed was much slower than outbound. I tried downloading a bunch of different provider's 10MB test files from the command line of my server using wget. They were all around 20-30 Kbps.

When I take those same 10MB files and serve them from my dedicated box, the results are much different. My server can push the files out at over 1Mbps.

Why would my server be set up this way, and is this normal behaviour? I sent a ticket to OLM, but their support seems to take a long time. So I figured I would bounce the question off of all you here on WHT

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How Many Vps In Xeon Cpu And 8gb Ram And 100mbit Speed?

Apr 13, 2009

How many vps about i can add in a server xeon cpu and 8gb ram and 100mbit speed?

Openvz technology.

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Difference Between 10mbps & 100mbps Port

Jan 8, 2007

What is Difference between 10mbps & 100mbps port. Do you get high speed if your server is connected with 100mbps port?

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How To Check VPS Port Speed In SSH

Jul 17, 2009

How can I check the post speed using SSH

so I can know if the server is on 10mbps or 20 or 100mbps?

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Port Speed Conversion

Feb 14, 2007

how to translate this into what would be needed in port speed to cover this server if converted to colo, in Mbps ? Is it 4.5?

The statistics were last updated Wednesday, 14 February 2007 at 10:50,
at which time 'XXXXXXXXX' had been up for 362 days, 17:47:15.
Last 30 days usage (Metered 95%): 4670.57 kb/sec
Last 30 days usage (Metered 95%): 1477797.53 MBytes
Total Utilization ( Last 30 days ): [In 637187 MBytes] [Out 65140 MBytes]

Max Speed: 12.5 MBytes/s

Also, is there a real need to be on a burstable connection, or are flat rates OK most of the time? Just looking for the advantages and disadvantages of it.

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VPS Service W/lots Of RAM & Port Speed?

May 18, 2008

know a good VPS hosting service which offers a lot of RAM & Port speed for a cheap price?

Best one I found so far at the "VPS Hosting Offers" forum:

Windows 2003 Enterprise
2048 MB RAM
20GB Space
1000 GB Bandwidth
$70 dollars USD

This would be used for hosting a gameserver~

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Changing Ethernet Port Speed

Oct 3, 2007

how can I change ethernet port speed. For example I want to change 100 mbit to 20 mbit. I m using centos 4.5 final.

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How To Determine Port Speed On CentOS Server

Jun 3, 2008

How can I detect port speed on my CentOS server ? I need to know it's 10Mbit/s or 100Mbit/s

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How Can I Test Port Speed On A Dedicated Server

Mar 5, 2008

i just buyed a dedicated server with 100mbps dedicated port..

how can i test the traffic on port to see is is realy working on 100mbps?

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Capping Port Speed On A Dedicated Server

Nov 26, 2008

I've got a CentOS 5 box that I want to cap/throttle the speed of the port to ensure that no more than 50 meg is passing in either direction at any given time.

- I know you can do this with FreeBSD using ipfw but that's not an option for me at the moment...

- I also know you can do this with some reasonably decent switching gear but again that's not an option. It's not my switch and they don't provide capped ports.

So, the question then becomes is there any way to lock the port down to 50 meg using only linux itself?

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More Important For Shoutcast Server? Bandwidth Or Port Speed?

Jun 28, 2008

I wonder whatLs more important on a shoutcast server, to get more bandwidth per month as possible, or a faster port connection?

I have test a 2 hours music stream at 128k bit rate and was only 5MB per listener !
This is not to host 24/7 radios. Its a project to host DJs /Live Bands at
a maximum of 128k, with no more than 2 hours events.

Also each event between 50-80 listeners, and not at same days or hours.

About the port connection, what this means? :

Is it shared and from 10 to 100mbps?

I am trying to find the best deal with dedi servers.
Have at this moment a unlimited bandwidth /100Mbps shared, but it seems the CPU is too low (AMD Sempron 3100), as I canLt seem to create more than 40 shoutcast accounts (and no client is streaming, just ON), and the server load goes up to 4.5 !!

So, I am looking on the market , as I saw better deals with better processors (Pentium4, Core 2 Duo), and much cheaper (below $100), but they only offer 2000/3000GB bandwidth.

Whats do you think?

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10mbit For 10 Servers

Jul 17, 2007

i am planning to colo my servers to calpop...

they'll be 10 low end celerons...

I'll be selling them as dedis for about $70-80

with 10mbps dedicated bandwidth between 10 servers..will it be enough?

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How Much Do You Pay For A 10Mbit Unmetered Server

Jul 3, 2008

how much you guys pay for a 10Mbit Unmetered connection on a dedicated server, INCLUDING HARDWARE.

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How Fast 10mbit Unmetered Really Is

Jul 5, 2008

How fast 10mbit unmetered really is?

I am thinking of starting a file hosting site.

lets say there are 100 people downloading a 100mb file, what estimate speed would each user get?

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Talk About Dedicated Unmetered 10mbit - Made My Server Scream

May 27, 2008

I always thought that 10 mbit unmetered was just a prank or not really dedicated to the server. But damn the server i got from www.kevworks.net totally screamed when doing some real bw tests.

Might try more tests to see if server performs and can provide the bw juice for me.

These are the stats from mrtg i got going :

Max Average Current
In 9853.9 kb/s (98.5%) 311.2 kb/s (3.1%) 4805.5 kb/s (48.1%)
Out 9553.6 kb/s (95.5%) 849.0 kb/s (8.5%) 9553.6 kb/s (95.5%)

Well cannot really post link to the mrtg as wht mods will go "aah bunny no url posting to ur site " crazy !!

So look at the screenie itself

Amazing i was actually able to pull 10mbit/s out of the server. So good work to you Kevin (kev not sure what his name is or am too tired to remember ).

PS: will be doing more bw tests over the next weeks or over the entire month, i am trying to somehow use full 3.3 TB bw over the month. (doing mirrors for distros and other linux stuff can really push the limits at times) Wondering if anyone know of places to get some beta testers to test the server's bw limits (act as mirror for your game maps, linux distros, rpm packages and w/e comes free to download)

Hopefully server wont be shut down cause bunny used the full bw potential ( i have heard horror stories of providers capping servers further and stuff when customers starts pulling too much bw (maybe cause they put server on shared bw or something).

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FDC 100mbit

Jul 15, 2008

I'm getting a pretty competitive quote from FDC-Servers with a 100mbit (shared) unmetered port - They believe I can expect 15-20TB UP and 30TB Down.

Do you guys have any objections, thoughts, ideas? Or any reviews about FDC-Servers network?

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100MBIT Unmetered At FDC

May 13, 2008

what kind of incoming and outgoing bandwidth should i be able to consume from FDC?

Im getting about 60KB down and 500KB up.

further since i havent been able to hold the number of radio slots I used to I feel like something is not right, i seem to get normal ping and traceroute but noticed that an mtr router displays some sort of odd results, am I reading this correctly?

seems like there is always a couple of hosts with a ton of packet loss. how can i tell if there is some kind of problem here? the server worked great for 6 mos and now it just seems like it never has come back .......

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FDC 100Mbit Unmetered Servers

Jan 10, 2009

Do the FDC 100Mbit Unmetered servers use shared bandwidth or dedicated bandwidth?

Because i was looking at softlayer and they charge $2,000/month for a 100Mbit uplink port, yet FDC have this for $159/month.

Is it because fdc's are using shared bandwidth?

Also, does FDC's 100Mbit servers mean you can use as much data as the port allows per month so you'll never be charged excess data?

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100Mbit+ Unmetered - Anywhere In The World

Jun 22, 2008

Can someone give me a good list of providers like fdc, ovh, etc.

Bandwidth quality not much of an issue, quantity means more than quality to us, cogent only networks are even acceptable

We need more than one, as we need servers all over the world.

Edit: 100Mbit with unlimited or VERY high bandwith limits minimum.

Edit 2: Looking for something similar to fdc and ovh in price if possible. Going over 500/mo is pushing the budget on these, although specs do need to be taken into consideration.

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100mbit Colocation In New York

Apr 12, 2007

I have been offered a 100mbit colocation in New York for £130-£150 GBP per month (approx $260 - $300 USD).

Is this offer...


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[EU] 100mbit Shared Or ~10Tb/mo For <150EUR

May 28, 2009

I've got such a server with Ecatel:

PE R200 Dual Core Xeon 3065, 2.33GHz/4M 1333FSB
2GB 667MHz Dual Rank ECC Memory (2X1GB)
2 * 500GB SATA2 RAID1
100 mbit shared (among 2 servers)
for 125 eur/mo

No need in higher CPU/RAM.

I'm not using 100mbit line but I also can't tell you how much bandwidth are we using (graphs don't work now). Seems like we are using a little bit less than 300 gb/day.

We are a Free Image Hosting - FunkyIMG.com

To make it clear, we do respect laws but we usually have problems with some people uploading some s**t to our server (for example, CP).

As I'm almost the only one man to maintain that server (I do sleep sometimes or even can go on vacation) - I would like to kindly ask my new ISP not to take my server/ip down asap, but to contact me. With LeaseWeb and Ecatel I've managed to wipe all CP in several hours after report (and they gave me much more than 1-15 mins) even if I was in abroad.

We were hosted by PoundHost/UK once - and the server was taken down without any notification.. With other hosters everything is ok - even if I receive ~2 CP abuses a week.

So, suggest me a EU (I think NL, not UK) company with not very expensive shared 100mbit line and friendly people

Can I find something better than:


HP DL120G5
Intel E2160
2x250GB HDD
100mbit guaranteed unmetered dedicated port
Monthly 139 Euro

HP DL120G5
Intel E2160
2x500GB HDD
100mbit guaranteed unmetered dedicated port
Monthly 159 Euro

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Good Price For 100mbit Unmetered?

Sep 20, 2008

I'm wondering what a good price is for a basic single CPU dual core server, 1GB RAM, 100mbit unmetered. I mean proper bandwidth on quality providers, not 100mbit shared with 50 other servers.

Interested to hear views on what a good price is for the UK.

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FDCservers - Yes Or No? 100Mbit Unmetered Alternatives

Aug 6, 2008

dedicated server for my PHP/MySQL browser game. I've been working with CentOS 5/cPanel on my current server and I have no reason to change as it works very nicely. However I can only push 1500tb traffic per month with my current server and ideally I want to be able to push up to 5000-6000tb. Does anyone know of any reliable hosts with good uptime that provide high bandwidth packages such as FDCservers 100mbit Unmetered servers. I recently requested a custom quote from FDC but they never got back to me, would you recommend them?

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Any Other Companies Like FDC With 100mbit Shared Unmetered Bandwidth

May 24, 2009

Any other companies like FDC with 100mbit shared unmetered bandwidth?

I need a shared 100mbit unmetered bandwidth server like FDC.

But i am looking for a better company that offers management aswell.

My price range is $200/month where FDC fits in.

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Servers In Europe W/ Unmetered 100Mbit (SHARED)

Mar 26, 2008

My friend asked me earlier if I knew any places in EU that allow IRC, have Unmetered 100Mbit (SHARED, not Dedicated), and allow torrents. I didn't know so I come to WHT for help.

The host must have:

Unmetered 100Mbit Shared
IRC Allow
Allow Torrents
DDoS Protection (not required, but is a bonus)
Must be in Europe

I'm unsure if asking this is allowed (since the host must allow torrents), if it isn't allowed please lock the thread.

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Cheap Server With 100Mbit For Remote Backups

Mar 23, 2008

cheap dedicated server for remote backups with at least 200GB hard drive and 100Mbps up/down connection and 1000GB transfer. It would be the best to be in US, but it can also be in Europe if speed from US can be at least 60Mbps.

The best I found is Hetzner (49 eur), but they are in Europe and they have a 99 eur setup fee which is too much for me.

It would be great that it's even cheaper than this, because this Hetzner server have a dual core AMD 5600+ CPU, 2x400GB HDD and 2GB of RAM, so because I don't need all that I was hoping to find even cheaper Celeron or Sempron with 200GB HDD and 512MB or 1GB of RAM in US.

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Cheap Dedicated, Unlimited Bandwith, 50-100mbit

Jul 2, 2008

i search for a very cheap dedicated server, with unlimited bandwith, and from 50 to 100 mbit connection.

i dont care with OS, but i love Windows, so that would be nice.

i have seen OVH.com they have nice prices, but they dont want to sell to me, becuse they only want to sell to people from, poland, U.K., germany and france.

i come from denmark, so the hosting center shell sell to denmark.

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100mbit Unmetered Dedicated Server With WHM/Cpanel

Mar 10, 2008

I can stay for a long long time, and thus building a strong server by upgrading whenever I have the spare cash to do so. What I'm thinking is a service where it's possible to buy more HD space, RAM or CPU by paying a ONE TIME fee.

Other requirerments is:
- It must come with cpanel/whm
- CentOS or linux OS
- I would prefer if the server is managed, and unmetered.

The server should of course be used for everything from having image host, to downloading via bitorrent. Obviously I'm looking for a host who doesn't put their nose into my business.

Budget: 100-150$

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Alternative To RAPIDSWITCH - Or Any Provider With Burst Bandwith Beyond 100mbit

Mar 27, 2008

I have specific request.

I have client that use around 6-8 TB per month of traffic (nothing unusual really).

The issue is that, at some short hours per week (twice or less per week) - burst goes to 90 Mbit. So basicly, I need a solution, where in near future, if need it - burst can go all the way up to 130-150 Mbit when need it.
Any Gbit providers I seen, they usual say like speed will be around 80mbit or so - and that makes no difference.

I did check RAPIDSWITCH, and in all aspect they ar great (nothing
to complain) - but the offer they have with 10TB data, is good only unless you pass 10TB at some point.

After that, 1 TB of data is $200 or so (depens on exchange rate of $).

At the moment, 10TB of data transfer should be enough but if by some chance, it goes beyond that, it will incresse the cost alot.

Hosted content is pure FLV files, normal videos, nothing special.

My budget is in normal range, but still the less is better.

I will take any suggestion on this, or if someone can push me in some direction (company or point of contat).

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Apache :: Listen On Port 8080 For IPv4 And On Port 80 For IPv6?

Aug 8, 2013

I'm runnung a server with Apache2 (Apache/2.2.16 (Debian 6.0))

I would like Apache2 listen on port 8080 for IPv4 and on port 80 for IPv6.

This is what I have now:


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