Shared - Reseller - Ftp - Ircd - Shells - Eggdrop - Bnc - Shoutcast

Jan 26, 2009

i need a company that offers all of these services.

uk or us not fussed really.

shared -
reseller -
ftp -
ircd -
shells -
eggdrop -
bnc -
shoutcast -

i have bittraffic so far. but dont really wanna use them ...

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Where To Find Shoutcast Reseller

May 28, 2008

I'm think about starting an shoutcast web hosting company but i'm finding it hard to find any shoutcat resellers as i keep finds web ones not shoutcast

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Shoutcast :: Gave Extended Error ...

Jan 30, 2008

i am getting these error in my shoutcast server...after while the server is in these port is crashing...wha exactly is these

[yp_add] gave extended error (Please identify this station's genre (in the dsp plugin YP tab).

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Shared, Reseller Or VPS

Aug 4, 2008

bext type of server to get for my current requirements please.

I need a server to host a simple company web site and our product which is also a web site.

The company web site will be set up soon but the product is still 5-6 months away from being put onto the market. So at present I need a server to host the web site and also need a place where I can host the web site product as I continue to develop it and upload files to the server.

Now ultimately the web site product will have a number of users (I hope!) will contain content including video presentations and will will have a forum so it's important that users have fast access to such material without having to wait.

I thought I would go for a VPS from a company called VT6 Internet who have had some good reviews on this forum.

My budget is around 70 ($140) per month.

However I'm now considering whether I might be able to save some money and go a for a decent (buy cheaper option) in the mean time while the product continues to be developed.

Such as a shared host or a reseller?

I would be really grateful for any advice from you guys please.

If you were in an early stage situation like mine would you go straight for a VPS or make do with a shared or reseller and upgrade as your company grows?

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More Shared Or More Reseller

Apr 27, 2008

I was just curious. When reseller accounts only cost another $10-15 per month, I was wondering if a lot of people just go straight to a reseller account, and don't bother with normal shared account. For me, I always get at least a reseller account, and haven't purchased a shared account in a few years now.

And I suppose there are two ways of looking at this:
1. Ratio of shared accounts to reseller accounts
2. Ratio of total domains on shared account to reseller accounts

Is there any sort of data on this?

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Do I Want Shared Or Reseller

Jul 8, 2007

I think I probably have read enough to know that I need reseller, but just in case ...

I want to give free websites and hosting away to members of my team. I want them to all have separate domains and IP addresses.

I looked at some shared hosting where I can have up to 10 domains on an account, but I'm hoping there will be closer to 50 or 60 of us. I kinda like the idea of them being under my 'umbrella' so to speak; ie if someone breaks our rules too terribly, I have the option of closing their site down. Or if they want to leave the group, they could just pay me monthly for their space.

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IRCd Host...

Mar 18, 2003

I'm in need of a good IRCd host. I only need the IRCd process, a process for services, and one additional process for my site's eggdrop. I need a dedicated IP address and at least 5 gig/month bandwidth. I can pay up to $15 a month.

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Ircd Allowed Vps In Uk

Jan 2, 2009

know of a vps provider in uk that allows ircd its not going to be linked up to a large network just mainly for personal use

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Should I Get Shared Or Reseller From Hostgator

Oct 25, 2009

I will get either shared(baby or business) or reseller(Aluminum) from Hostgator but which one is better for me? I will never resell but I will make lots of websites though none of them will probably get too much trafic. If I get shared baby/business, can I host many small websites and control them efficiently? Are all my websites gonna have different directories?

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Shared, Reseller Or Servers

May 19, 2009

I was wondering what is actually the best service to offer? Shared , Reseller or servers. Im currently looking into shared and resellers but what is the market like for actual dedicated servers?

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Switching From Shared Reseller To VPN

Aug 2, 2008

I am currently hosted at Leslie has provided a great service, I've had 99.8% uptime for the year and a half I've been with her (as per However, I would like something with a little more freedom, and there's a big price difference between the $12/mo package I'm on now and the cheapest dedicated server they offer, at $40/mo.

I am pretty sure an unmanaged VPN is what I need, but I guess I need to make sure on that. I know my way around Linux, but I've never managed a server before. I'm sure it can't be too hard.

My current specs are 8gb/100gb bandwidth... my usage is well below that, but I have one client who purchased 6gb of that space, so I need at least 8-10gb to be safe. Bandwidth, I could lower that to 50gb probably. CPanel is not necessary. I don't know how much RAM I'd need.

So, that all being said, does anyone have any recommendations for a reliable VPN host that costs near waht I'm paying now? ($12/mo). I can pay more, especiall for quality, I just don't know what is average for my specs.

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Hostgator - Shared Vs. Reseller

Nov 21, 2008

Is there any advantage to paying extra for Reseller Hosting vs. the Business Shared plan if you are not going to be reselling the space?

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Shared Vs Reseller Hosting ...

Apr 18, 2008

I have a few projects of making websites for some clients. I want to buy some hosting space, should i buy shared or resellers accounts? When they say one can host unlimited domains on a shared hosting space does it mean one can also use it for different clients. As of now i am not interested in just selling domain names and hosting spaces to clients. I need space only to host the website i design for my clients.

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Is Reseller Better Than Shared Hosting

Jul 6, 2007

why reseller accounts are considered better than shared hosting accounts?

Both are the same, except that reseller manages each domain separately. Shared hosting is way much cheaper than a reseller, are there really big negatives which make them much cheaper?

If SEO and Adsense wise, there is a difference between shared and reseller, due to separate domain management in the reseller being favourable for SEO, I would go with reseller.

So far, I've done shared hosting, and using htaccess, had no problems setting up multiple sites in my shared account, which is a lot cheaper than any reseller account. Not sure how the search engines would treat my multiple sites....

Are addon domains (in a shared hosting) - bad, since Cpanel actually treats them as subdomains?

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Reseller Shared Hosting Or VPS

May 22, 2007

Wouls it be better to have a good resseller account like Cirtex RC1 or take a 256Mb cPanel/Lxadmin VPS?

It's for a relatively busy Joomla site.

I don't feel like adding it to my main VPS as I fear it will affect performance.

My current VPS is 512Mb from Solar VPS and I could up this to 768 for less money but I want to separate the 2 sites.

My budget does not allow me to spend more than $20-$25 more.

The catch is I want it managed.

Would a reseller account be the way?

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Hosting Storage (shared Vs Reseller)

Feb 2, 2009

how come the difference between shared and resellers storage is so different? If you buy shared, you can get stupid amounts of storage like 250 gigs or even unlimited for $5 a month. Yet the same company sells a reseller account for $30 and you only get 20 gigs.

Assuming you are going to split that up and sell that 20 gigs in 1 gig blocks to try and make money, why wouldn't your potential customer buy the shared account instead, and get way more space? It seems backwards to me. Shared $5 should be 20 gigs, and resellers $30 should be 250 gigs. I'm talking about big name trusted sites, not fly-by-nights who have unlimited everything.

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Shared Hosting Or Reseller Plan

Oct 3, 2007

The more I read on the forum, the more I'm beginning to consider a reseller plan.

Basically, I'm an ASP.NET/MS-SQL developer and I foresee myself developing (and possibly managing) a relatively small number of websites for people who likely have neither the technical skills nor desire to get too involved with maintaining their websites. So, I need to be able to host multiple domains, have multiple databases, and probably multiple FTP accounts.

The obvious advantage of reseller accounts, as I understand them, is that they give you the ability to provide the website owner (my customer) the tools to manage their site in more or less the same way they could if they directly set up their hosting account with GoDaddy or whomever. But, if my customers end up being people that don't want to mess with any of that, then this capability is not important. However, after looking at, which I saw recommended in another thread, it seems the sheer capacity of resources available, e.g. unlimited databases, 200 domains, make it worth the slightly higher cost.

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VPS Or Remain With Shared Reseller Hosting

Jul 19, 2007

I currently have Reseller Hosting with Clook UK costing me 21.14 per month but I have noticed several providers now have VPS packages available for only 17.99 per month. The VPS packages are able to offer more storage space and higher bandwidth for less money.

I'm considering making the move to a Linux VPS service but need to know if the learning curve is steep in comparison to the CPanel/WHM environment I am used to?

I'll be looking to move 3 sites which all include forums onto this new service.

Can anyone recommend a good but fairly cheap host? All servers must be UK based.

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Main Advantages Of VPS Over Shared Reseller Hosting

Oct 1, 2007

I know to some of you this may sound like a totally silly question. But I would like to know what the main advantages are if you have a VPS instead of a shared reseller hosting.

I notice some of the basic VPS packages give you 512MB of memory. Other than that, the rest of the stats seem to be along the lines of what you might get in an advanced reseller hosting plan such as one available from Reseller Zoom.

I am looking into VPS as a dedicated server is a little over my budget, however, I am not entirely clear what makes VPS better.

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Recommendation On A Shared Hosting Reseller With Unlimited Bandwidth

Apr 17, 2008

an recommendation on a shared hosting reseller with unlimited bandwidth(or atleast about 1500gb) and about 60-70gb harddrive? And preferably have servers in the US and europe, so i can pick one in usa and 1 in europe.

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Difference Between Shared, Ecommerce, Dedicated, Reseller, Colocation And VPS

Apr 29, 2008

I've had a look at the different types of hosting, and had a guess at the description,

A machine with many, many domains on each for individual customer.

Same as above with SSL?

One machine to yourself, one domain?


You have a dedicated potion of a machine to use as many domains on as you want?

You own the server, someone else looks after it.

Hard Disk space and Bandwidth to be apportioned to each domain as you see fit, cpanel with each domain so that you can 'resell'

So what type of hosting would I want to host 5 to 10 of my own websites that use around 100GB a month bandwidth?

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Hosts That Allow Eggdrop

Apr 10, 2009

Eggdrop iRC bots. Does anyone know of a host who allows it or will I need to find myself a host who specializes in shell/eggdrop hosting?

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Eggdrop Somewhere On The Server

Feb 1, 2008

One of our clients (a dedicated unmanaged client) has asked us for tips with a problem.

He has found out one of his client is runnig eggdrop on his server.

Someone have a clue on how to find out who it is?

locate did not find anything, but it is running...

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Looks Like Someone Put An Eggdrop On My Server

Jul 16, 2007

ive got a cpanel server up and running, found an egg drop related text file in /tmp any ideas on how to remove it, like is there something in /scripts i can use, this is quite an urgent reqeust as my isp have provided KVMoIP access to the server but want to get it back up asap

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Found Eggdrop

May 10, 2007

after a day of crappy performance from one of my VPS accounts, I decided to start digging, and found eggdrop, and couple of other not so nice files in my /tmp directory.

I panicked, of course, and removed all traces of anything I could find that was bad, so I've unfortunately got no way to see how it happened, as far as I know (but I'm far from a security expert)

I need your help in shutting the system down to users. This is an HTTP/SSH/SMTP/POP3/IMAP server.

Tell me what you need to know and I will do my best to get it to you. Basically I'm just frustrated that I've been on it for 3 hours now.....wasting time because some SOB was bored....

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Affordable Hosting SHARED-RESELLER Warez Linking - Nulled Script - Legal Porn

May 26, 2009

BEST RELIABLE HOSTING, affordable hosting

ALLOWED: warez linking - nulled script - legal porn

warez linking allowed
nulled script allowed

Host Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Sub Domains
Unlimited Email, MySQL, FTP
PHP5, MySQL5, CGI, Perl5
DDOS Proof, ionCube, Ruby
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
cPanel® 11, WHM, Fantastico
Web Hosting Control Panel
MS Frontpage WebSite Hosting
ImageMagick 5.5.2 Support
Unlimited Email and FTP Accounts
Fast, Free 24/7 Tech Suppor
Reseller Hosting Available
2 Web Based E-Mail Programs
Streaming Audio/Video Hosting

SUPER 12$ year
5 Go Storage
30 Gb Transfer
Control Panel

EXPERT 24$/year
20 Gb Storage
100 Gb Transfer

EXPERT 36$/year
50 Gb Storage
600 Gb Transfer

» 100 Gb Disk Space
» Unlimited Bandwidth
50 $/YEAR


w w w .azhosty .com

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Using A VPS To Give Off Shells

Apr 11, 2008

I am trying to make a free shell service, and i was wondering if it was possible using a FreeBSD VPS, with CPanel, and additional IPs. Or would a dedicated server be required to do that?

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Windows Shells

Dec 21, 2008

Does anyone have a recommendation for a company from which I can rent limited Windows accounts?

I have some clients who need 50-100 different Windows accounts for a project they're working on; Renting a dedicated server for each one is a bit much, but Terminal Services would be fine.

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Executing ./ Commands Through Hackers Shells

Jul 12, 2008

I've been concerned about executing commands through (./) using php and perl shells on the server

a new way of hacking these days is using perl shells , even if the perl was terminated on the server ,, or was forbidden for users
hackers upload a (perl) program to the server to use it instead of the server's own perl

any way ,,

chmoding the (ls-cat-more-less) to 4750 seems to give permission denied when exeuting these programs on the server
but the hackers also found that they could upload their own ls-cat-more-less programs and use them instead of the server's

they also could rename them ls==>ki or anything and use them like this

./ki /etc/valiases -alXrt
and the commands work like charm for them

./ <<--- this command uses the sh program on the server ,, ((sh which refers to bash on most servers))

is the same as

sh ki


bash ki

so i tried chmoding sh with 4750 and that killed the exploit

i was concerned about cpanel's and the website's functionality
so i tried changing an accounts password and creating a database ,, they both worked fine

so ,, if u thing chmoding 4750 sh is a bad idea please let me know

and if you know any other ways of disabling all the perl scripts on the server

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How Can Save My Server From Shells Perl

Nov 4, 2007

for save my server from perl shells , many hakers can haked by cgi-telnet & r57 shell with perl how can save perl without stop it because if i stop it cpanels was disabled any one have any way to save my server from shell perl?

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Programs In Dedicated Servers For Shells

Mar 27, 2007

what programmes should be installed in a dedicated server that will be used for irc hosting (shells etc) and will run FreeBSD OS?

some i have thought:


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