Shared Hosting With Mysql Internet Access

Jan 14, 2009

I'm working with a non-profit and we're looking for an inexpensive hosting but we also need to be able to access MYSQL (port 3306) through the internet.

We use Crystal Reports and need to get to the database directly for reports.

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Shell Access For Shared Hosting

Mar 24, 2009

Does anyone know if the popular shared hosting like Host Gator or Dream Host allow shell access?

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Socket Access In Shared Hosting

Oct 16, 2009

we will need to do outbound socket programming in PHP. Will the code work under shared hosting? Will hosting providers allow it? or maybe some allow?

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Shared Hosting With Shell Access

Oct 23, 2009

I know there are so many similar threads related to this issue in this forum, I know but my situation is a bit different from other guys, please read the following lines,

I've got a forum with approximately 100 users concurrently, now I'm looking for a shared hosting with relatively high simultaneous MySQL connections number at least 50 and also allows Shell access to dump or restore the MySQL database. but the main problem is lots of US hostings do not host Iranian I dunno US government has problem with Iran's government but I can't understand what's my guilt in this debate?

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Shared Hosting With Access To Server Logs

Mar 23, 2007

=We are trying to integrate feeds into our site and for some reason we are not able to get expected results on current shared hosting server. We tested the same on another server and we are able to get the right results. And the current host doesn't allow us to access the server logs unless we upgrade the account to VPS and Dedicated server. But we are pretty new to launch the site, hence we don't want to buy any VPS or Dedicated server for now. Now we are looking for another shared hosting who can offer to access server logs.

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Shared Hosting Without MySQL Limitations?

May 29, 2007

Does anyone know of any shared hosting plans that don't have any MySQL limitations? and Powweb are trying to shut down my accounts because of this problem, and I can't afford dedicated hosting quite yet.

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Opinion XO Shared Hosting With MySQL

Mar 27, 2008

Does anyone have an opinion on the performance of XO's shared web hosting solution when you're using their built-in MySQL capability with PHP coding?

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MySQL 5 & Shared Hosting Security

Sep 10, 2007

MySQL 5.0 supports stored procedures -- but is it safe to allow shared hosting customers to have privileges to create them? If the procedures are global, does that mean that:

a) one customer could write a procedure which accessed another customer's data?

b) any customer could call a procedure created by a different customer?

c) any customer could override an existing mysql function in a way that would affect other customers?

d) any customer could write a function that bound to a system library and crash the entire server instance?

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Shared Hosting With Good Mysql Performance

Jun 7, 2008

I'm going to be rolling out a php/mysql driven site soon and I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that the mysql performance dreamhost has given me isn't going to cut it, its probably too oversold. Simple one table one column selects can take 30 seconds or time out depending on how badly the server is being hammered. HTTP requests are usually snappy, but the mysql performance is bogus.

What is a good host for me to launch this site with? Storage wouldn't need to be too terribly high, at least initially. I'm tempted by MediaTemple's slick marketing, but I've seen on here that some people have had poor sql performance (contrary to what some personal friends have experienced, so I'm torn). I was reading about downtownhost on here, but their load times seemed slow when I hit a couple domains listed on here that are hosted by them.

This host needs to be located in the US. Honestly, I like dreamhost and their panel, save for the sql sluggishness I'm getting.

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Hosting With Remote MySQL Access

Feb 8, 2009

I have subscribed an account in Powweb but since the Powweb does not allow MySQL remote access I need to find another hosting that allow MySQL remote access.

Wich hosting with MySQL remote access do you know?

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MySQL Usage Limitations In A Shared Hosting Environment

Mar 18, 2009

One of my friends uses a popular shared hosting provider, and I was assisting him with a web site issue earlier.

I noticed the following warning in the host's control panel:

"[MySQL databases] may not be used for log evaluation operations, ad clicks, chat systems, banner rotations, or similar applications putting extreme loads on the database under any circumstances."

Is this common at other shared hosts?

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Is 40 Max_user_connections For MySql Typical In A Shared Hosting Environment

Mar 17, 2008

Is 40 max_user_connections for MySql typical in a Shared Hosting environment? Or are there Shared Hosts out there that allow more than 40 max_user_connections per account?

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How Can Someone Access Files In My Pc Over Internet Using DW

Oct 12, 2009

i m a part of development team and i can't find way to test site url while defining website on DW when it says whats your site url. what the other guys r entering are my ip and folder name like [url]is this the right way?

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Access Webcam Over The Internet

Jan 16, 2007

I have a local webcam that I want to access it over the internet. I have a static IP from SBC (my internet service).

I connected the internet line directly to my router/modem/switch (all in one), my computer ( to a port on the router/modem/switch, and my webcam ( to another port on the router/modem/switch. I am able to access and view my webcam locally [url] from my home pc.

Now I want my friends to access and view my webcam over the internet. How do I configure it so I can access the webcam from [url]?

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Remote Desktop To Access My Vps Via Internet Using Mac Osx

Oct 16, 2009

does any one have any advice on choosing a free remote desktop which runs on mac osx to access my vps via the internet , which i recently acquired.

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Mobile Satellite Internet Access

Jun 19, 2007

I am interested if anybody knows who provides mobile satellite internet access?I would like to access the internet from anywhere in the world?. What are the costs? Do they have different speed plans?

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Apache :: XAMPP - Allow Access From Internet

Feb 29, 2012

I have XAMPP server which works fine. When I wanted to load webpages through my lan network it said I need to edit httpd-xampp.conf. When I try to load from internet there is no connection at all. I changed httpd-xampp.conf from this

Code :

<LocationMatch "^/(?i:(?:xampp|security|licenses|phpmyadmin|webalizer|server-status|server-info))">
Order deny,allow
Deny from all
Allow from
ErrorDocument 403 /error/HTTP_XAMPP_FORBIDDEN.html.var

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Apache :: 2.0.64 - No Internet Access To Server

Oct 28, 2012

I recently installed Apache/2.0.64(win32)on my Windows 7 machine and am having a problem with external access. The installation appears to be good as it shows all services running and I can access a basic index.html file through

I have ruled out any router or firewall issues and am fairly sure the problem is with the httpd config. But the only changes I've made are to the NameServer and Listen directives, so I'm lost for an answer to the problem.

The NameServer is set to my actual IP address while the Listen one is set to my servers internal IP address, but I have tried switching them around with no success.

The other thing I don't know is if I need to have SQL and myPHP installed just to check basic functionality.

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Using A VPS To Provide Internet Access Via ADSL Line

Jan 10, 2008

This might win me the "stupidest idea 2008" award but I was wondering..

I have an active ADSL line at home but I don't have an active account at an ISP.. Could I somehow get Internet access through my VPS (for a week or so, till my new ISP activates my account)?

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IPTables - Block Internet Access To SSH (22) Except Verified IP's

Jul 1, 2007

I recently looked at my secure and mesaages log and have been getting a lot of failed SSH root login attempts. So I thought I better do something about it.

Ideally I want to allow SSH login from just 3 remote public IP's, and block all others from even trying

How would you go about implementing this?

I have tried using IPTables, but I think im getting the rule wrong somewhere.

Here is what I have:

## Access to SSH from Pre-approved IP Addresses ONLY ##

iptables -I INPUT 1 -p tcp --dport 22 -s -j ACCEPT
iptables -I INPUT 2 -p tcp --dport 22 -s -j ACCEPT
iptables -I INPUT 3 -p tcp --dport 22 -s -j ACCEPT
iptables -I INPUT 4 -p tcp --dport 22 -s -j DROP

However this still lets me login from IPs not in the list above?

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Access An Account On Shared Ip Without Domain Name

Apr 9, 2008

I have an account on an older server. Its plesk.

But now that I pointed the domain I can no longer access the old server from the web.

So this is my shared ip:

Now there are about 10 domains on the IP.

what would my URL look like to access one of those accounts in plesk in the browser?

I've tried the above and it doesn't work.

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Hosting For An Internet Radio

Feb 1, 2008

I've just picked up an interesting project, an internet radio.

Internet Radio is not something I've done before so I'm looking around for info on it :

1. The Kind of hosting for streaming that is required.

2. Any good hosts (not your own of course )

3. Any helpfull resources, tutorials, explanations etc on the subject.

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Hosting Home PC To Internet

May 5, 2008

I am having Tomcat 5.5.26 version running in my PC I want to Publish all to the internet. Moreover I am having static IP address and Domain Name.

The actual problem is : I am having the Internet Connection through the following way.

We are having the router which is connected with HUB. my PC is connected with HUB, There are another 4 PC's also connected with the HUB. now If I tried to open my domain name for example. http mydomain net it opens my routers home page but I need to open my PC's tomcat home page. How can I get this done.

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Software Or Service To Allows Shared Storage Access

Sep 17, 2008

I'm trying to setup a shared virtual storage enviroment (much like a external harddisk) for about 5 users working offsite/remote in a drag n drop environment like windows folder.. It's mostly just doc/xls file.

Is there any service out that that allows this or software I could use if I have my own webspace/server?

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IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Hosting

Aug 12, 2007

Im looking to host an irc network, ill need a few VPS's in EU / USA. can anyone reccomend me some providers? im looking for fairly cheap, unmanaged.

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VPS Hosting Of An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Bot

Sep 28, 2008

I currently have two servers with vaserve, one under the a2b2 brand and the other under the EpicVPS brand, which I am very happy with, but they don't allow the hosting of IRC or bots in any way.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest a (very) low cost (very) low spec plan that would allow me to host a single IRC bot. I'm looking for something around 64mb ram, and whatever disk/bandwidth you think would be enough for the bot.

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Wixed Internet - Excellent Hosting

Nov 3, 2008

Wixed is an amazing hosting company, never had or encountered downtime and if I have a question the staff is always there to help me out. And this for good prices.

- uptime: 10/10

- service: 10/10

- professionalism: 10/10

Overall the perfect host i've had!

Short but it has all you need to know.

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) :: Channel Hosting

May 26, 2008

I am not the brightest when it comes to IRC. Ideally we want to create a "Chat Room" for our website members. We only need one room, so I am thinking a whole server is over kill However I am interested in knowing if not requiring a whole server, is there a service perhaps that allows us to have our own branded irc channel, IE: ?

I am only thinking IRC as we want our users to use the web based interface, and there is a plethora of these that can run through a java applet to the IRC channel. Or are there better solutions?

I am open to suggestions, we are only looking to have about 30 people in the chat room.

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Who Do You Think Is The Worst REAL Hosting Company On The Internet

Mar 25, 2009

So far seems to be the worst I've ever dealt with. I think they should fire the call centers they're hiring and actually find people to represent their company who actually care about their customers. All the people they are currently using sound so ignorant that I feel like I'm speaking to a robot. Through your personal experience, who do you think is the worst?

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