Non-working Forwarding Email Account On Working Domain

Apr 24, 2008

I have a domain with a few forwarding email accounts that forward to email accounts... for some reason every once in a while these accounts stop working...

This is the error I get when I email to that account:

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: ...

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Email Forwarding Is Not Working

May 13, 2014

OS: CentOS 6.5 (Final)
Panel version: 11.0.9

I can receive email and check them via Horde but i'm unable to get them forwarded to my gmail account.Is there anything i can check/do ?I'm an ex-cpanel user.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Email Forwarding Not Working

Nov 11, 2014

So since some time the email forwarding is not working anymore. I am currently working on the version 11.5.30.

The main problem I have, is that the hosting provider who is responsible for the server hasn't fixed this since may!

My intermediate solution would be to add a webmail account so the person the mail is being forwarded to can use it.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Email Not Working When Domain Is Hosted With External Provider

Aug 29, 2014

I am currently running a trail of plex to see if it meets our requirements.

My domains are currently being hosted by an external provider and I have made the dns entry to point it the the server running plesk.

Now we can access the site created through plesk but the emails are not working not the webmail or even trying to forward the mails.

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[cPanel] Not Working | - Working Ok

Jul 24, 2007

I have problem, - not working - working

When I creating new subdomain: - all working ok, I have problem only with this one domain.

I deleting, deleting dns zones, deleting account, adding domain to other account - all not working for

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Forwarding Email Account Dropping Emails Without Bouncing Them

Jun 20, 2009

I own my domain [url] and have a reseller plan on a shared host [url]I have the DNS on godaddy pointed to the nameservers of reyox and on the Cpanel of my domain at reyox I have a forwarding account [url]set to forward to my gmail account.

To the best of my knowledge this has worked flawlessly for years but recently I have been starting to not receive emails from people. I found out when I wasn't getting replies I had been expecting and when I inquired or called the people instead they told me that hey replied... it's been happening over and over again lately.

When I asked my host last week they replied: "We did clear up some mail issues last night, some issues with the queue processing."

However after that it kept happening and now I am at a loss.

I don't know what's wrong nor how to troubleshoot it... It happened with people that are on all sorts of domains (gmail, aol, personal domains etc) and it happens sporadically...
It's really frustrating because I don't know what else I am not getting considering that every other day I find out about an expected email I didn't get.

The werid thing is that none of the senders whose emails got lost reported that they received a bounce issue...

how I can address this in terms of troubleshooting it and finding a solution?

Is there some sort of email monitoring services like there are site uptime monitoring services?

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Moodle Not Working After Account Migration

Aug 7, 2008

i have migrated an account from one cpanel server to another cpanel server.

all works, instead of the login.. when i login it returns me to the same page and un logged..

the username / pass is ok.. i gues that it can not create the session data / cookies..

how should i chmod it?

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Crons Not Working In ONE Reseller Account

Jun 7, 2007

I have WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.9.0-R10737
Fedora i686 - WHM X v3.1.0

One of my resellers got a bunch of complaints this morning from her own customers that their crons have stopped running. She checked her own sites, and they're not running for her either.

I double checked. They ARE running on the rest of the server. I have no complaints from anybody else on the server, they show from shell as running on the server, and crons are running in the site I'm working on to fix a broken script (in a different reseller account).

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Sep 2, 2008

I am having issues with spy hosting. I signed up for a shared hosting account on Saturday the setup was fast but DNS will not resolve my domains. I get this error when doing a DNS Traversal [][Broken DNS server: Reports a server failure]91ms [][Broken DNS server: Reports a server failure]92ms

What is this?

I made a ticket and NO REPLY AS OF YET!

What is going on spy. Has spy gone bad i though they use to be legit?

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How To Track Email That Is Not Working

Aug 10, 2008

how exactly email works. For example, I set my mx record to google apps in order to use google mail with my own domain. Thing is, I can sent from google mail now with my domain email address but cannot send. Furthermore, login to my website email bij is possible but receiving is impossible and even sending email from that place will not work.

Thinking about it it seems that email is lost
google can send but not receive
from my domain webmail i cannot receive nor send.

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Domain Not Working Via Web

Feb 12, 2007

The domain is not showing up via web, but works via ftp oddly. I deleted / re-added the dns zone and it still shows up "no record found" in

I found the dns line in var cpanel user file commented out, uncommented it and made it dns= (instead of dns=1). I ran updateuserdomains, restarted cpanel and dns zone still does not show up in dnsreport, nor the web working

The httpd.conf virtual portion matches fine with the dns zone as well.

Now after uncommenting the dns line in the user file, it shows up in whm but still does not work via web.

I confirmed these are correct / listed:
userdomains (no, I added it, ran updateuserdomains, it disappeared from that file)
/var/cpanel/users/userfile (correct dns=, etc)
httpd.conf (correct)
sync'd zone to all clustered servers (ok)
ran updateuserdomains numerous times
restarted cpanel
listed in /var/named/
localdomains (ok)

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Can't Get Domain Working In IIS

Dec 15, 2007

I can't seem to get my domain to work using Windows Server 2003 Standard on the dedicated I just got. I have tried everything,

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DNS Zone Edit - EMail Not Working

Oct 27, 2008

I am having trouble settingt up my email, it used to work until another user changed my dns file zone.

If i send an email i get the following...

----- Transcript of session follows ----- 550 5.1.2 <>... Host unknown (Name server: host not found)
My Records are...[url]

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CPanel/WHM Server - Email Not Working

Dec 3, 2007

Just got a new server online this week from VolumeDrive, and everything has been going just fine with my initial setup. I transferred over 7 domains from another cPanel/WHM machine and the transfer feature worked flawlessly.

Since I use Gmail for most of my communication, I haven't even had any email accounts setup on any of my domains in quite sometime. So knowing that I need a few setup for various correspondence, I went ahead and set one up tonight. I've setup and used mailboxes on cPanel machines before, and it's not exactly rocket science... pretty easy stuff.

But what's weird here is that when I attempt to click on the "Webmail" icon from directly within cPanel, the Horde login fails over and over again. Then, if I setup the account in Thunderbird or Outlook using the CORRECT account information ( as the login -- and the appropriate password/server settings), the client login fails also.

To add to this weird behavior, I sent myself an email at the newly setup address with a 2mb attachment. Obviously I can't login to the account to see if the mail arrived, but at least it didn't bounce.

However, when I'm in cPanel under this domain and go to "Email Accounts", I'm showing "0 Bytes" for usage under the account where i know there should be at least 2mb worth of usage.

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Email Stopped Working On Server

Apr 14, 2007

Recently I noticed that I was not getting any email on my server.
Server is running CentOS

When I send email to myself I am not getting anything and then it bounces back several days later saying the server is not responding.

When I check on I get the following:
Trying to connect to all mailservers: - [Could not connect: Could not receive data: Operation timed out.]

[Note that if your mailserver takes over 30 seconds to respond, our test will timeout, even though real mailservers will wait longer]

I tried turning mail services OFF and then ON again in Plesk but that didnt help.

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CPanel- Accounts Transferred, Email Not Working

May 20, 2008

I tranferred all my accounts from my old cpanel server to my new one,

Updated the DNS records with my registrar to the new ips, unfortunately e-mail is not working, i used the trouble shooter and seems to trying to relay or something my mail to the old IP.

I keep getting this error when trying to send to an account

IPdoes not like recipient.

Remote host said: [IP DOMAIN] is currently not
550-permitted to relay through this server. Perhaps you have not logged into
550-the pop/imap server in the last 30 minutes or do not have SMTP
550 Authentication turned on in your email client.

Giving up on [IP].

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FTP, Email, Browser Access To Server Not Working

Jun 12, 2007

My server was hacked so they did a OS reload. Everything seemed ok then they did the Level 2 Security Plan which includes

Update kernel to the latest release
Update security patches
Thorough security audit
Installation and configuration of firewall
Installation of security updates as released by OS vendor
Installation of security updates as released by Control Panel vendor
Configuration changes as desired by customer
Disabling of unused and insecure services
Removal of insecure packages and unnecessary software
Regular scans for easy-to-guess users passwords
Log auditing for unusual activity
Investigating hacking attempts
Restoring files from backup
Anti-spam configuration
Anti-virus configuration
Anti-DoS/DDoS kernel code tweaking
Default system users removal
SSH server hardening
Mod_Security (Intrusion detection and prevention engine for web applications)
Securing /tmp directory
Kernel tuning with sysctl
Snort (Network Intrusion Detection System)
Acid (Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases)
Smartd (HDD Reliability monitor)
SIM (System Integrity Monitor)
PRM (Process Resource Monitor)
SPRI (System Priority)
BFD (Brute Force Detection)
PMON (Socket Monitor)
Tripwire (keeps track of every file being moved/edited in the system)
CHkrootkit (Rootkit/Exploit scanner reports sent daily)

1. Now I get a timed out message via my browsers IE & Mozilla

2.When I try to FTP into an account I get this message, same message on all accounts.
[06:37:47] Connecting to Port: 21
[06:38:08] A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.

3. When I try to retrieve my email via Outlook 2007 I get this
Receiving reported error (0x80042108) 0UTLOOK CANNOT CONNECT TO YOUR INCOMING (pop3) EMAIL SERVER

Here are the traceroute results (image below) Note the timed out message

Servstra keeps telling me everything works on their end...... yet I cannot get to the server any longer.

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Email Function Not Working (MS Window Server 2003)

May 23, 2008

We have a MS Window server 2003 with SP2, currently there is a website running, the webiste is desgined by using 2.0 c#.

We reinstalled the window server 2003 last week, and we found the email functions not working any more(users in the website can't receive email each other).

I have spent days and trying to figure out, but no luck, I have tried to reset the IIS settings, SMTP Virtual settings, and add/remove windows componets settings...

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: STARTTLS Not Working With Email Server

Apr 29, 2015

I've just installed a Plesk 12 vServer and created a customer with a email adress. I took the informations shown in the Power-User-Panel under "emails" with the correct ports. After clicking on "finish" it shows that Thunderbird has a problem with a certificate from Plesk.

I don't want that this error message will be shown for customers.My primary domain of the vServer has a SSL-certificate. Could I use this primary-domain to avoid the error message (the server-adress would be different)? If I use the primary domain inside the server-adress Thunderbird will say "there is no email account on this server".

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