Import File From A Remote Backup Space

Feb 13, 2008

How I can import my backups from remote backup space to my VPS.

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Looking For Remote Backup Space

Sep 10, 2009

first of all i don't know where to post this, so if this is in the wrong section, any mod can move it to the right section .

what i need is, trusted remote backup space for websites.

i googled and found many, but i would love to know who is trusted and who isn't .

i don't need massive space, around 10-15 GB and about 100 GB monthly traffic .

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Import 16 Meg File In Phpmyadmin

Aug 14, 2008

I have a very good free web hosting company. My one user needs to be able to upload a 16 meg sql file in php. I tried bigphp, but it game me an error that the sql file doesent have a semicolon followed by a linebreak at the end of each query in the file.

I know there is some sort of SSH command i can run to import this sql file to his account. I am using layered panel. So what is the easiest way here?

Also i have 20MB php.ini settings for uploads, post size, etc.

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How To Increase Import Max File In PhpMyAdmin

Dec 15, 2008

I have CentOs 5 With LxAdmin

My Current Import Max File in PhpMyAdmin is 8192 KiB

I have Changed Values in php.ini and my.cnf But Still No Luck At ALL, Its Not Working

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How To Import Mysql Dump File To Database By SSH

May 19, 2009

How to import mysql dump file to database by SSH?

How to import mysql database host to other host database by SSH?

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Import Just One Table From A Sql Backup

Nov 13, 2007

I have a sql backup and I just want to restore the attachment table from it! , can anyone explain me how to do so?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Can't Increase Phpmyadmin Max Upload / Import File Size

Jan 2, 2015

I'm running Plesk 12. I install it today, using the ISO which parallels provides, which includes centos 6.5 and preinstalled Plesk 12 in my vps. Then I logged in plesk, and I did everything it wants. Then I upgraded my php, to php 5.4.36 according to the manual that Paralells provides, and then I tried to increase the max upload file size for phpmyadmin. I have edited my /usr/local/psa/admin/conf/php.ini file and tried to restart using with 3 different ways using terminal:

1st: service sw-cp-server restart
2st: /etc/init.d/psa stop
/etc/init.d/psa start
3st: reboot (which rebooted all the vps)

My php.ini file is:

short_open_tag = On
y2k_compliance = Off
output_buffering = Off
max_execution_time = 600
max_input_time = 600
memory_limit = 256M
max_file_uploads = 99999
max_input_vars = 2000

[Code] ....

However, when I'm trying to import a 31mb sql file, I always get that error, and only some of my tables are being imported:

#1153 - Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes

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File Storage Space

Oct 8, 2008

is there any web hosting that can be used as file storage (>10G) and cheap? I have some huge files, but many web hostings can not accept non-web-content files.

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Shared File Space For All Web Servers

Mar 3, 2008

Is it normal practice to have shared filespace that multiple web servers can access? Then I just provide my developers access to that filespace (one server, instead of multiple users on multiple servers) to manage files for different sites easily... right? (also meaning multiple servers can serve the same content)

So.. what would be the best way to do this? We're talking Linux systems here by the way. What sort of specs would such a server need?

I *think* it's NAS that I'm trying to get at.. unsure though if that's correct or not!

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Backup FTP Space

Jul 24, 2007

off server Backup FTP space. Anyone can recommend some hosts which provide these services and have any experience with them.

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File Sharing Need High Bandwith And HD Space

Sep 22, 2008

i am starting a file storage/ sharing website and i need to get a server that offers the most bandwith and HD space as possible

Right now i am looking at midphase or same thing, that offers 250HD space and 10TB of bandwith and other then them i havent found anyone that comes close to that offer.

Other then them does any one have any recommendations on a host that has lots of bandwith and storage. My limit is about 200 a month with simple management prefered.

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Remote Backup Or Local Backup

Oct 31, 2007

I would like to weight the benefits and costs of using remote backup and local backup to another hardisk? Let's assume the price is the same.

What's the benefits of using remote backup?
Is it secured to use local backup in another hardisk?

I'm running on linux centos.

What happend if hacker get hold of my server?

Currently, i have 80GB of diskspace. Does it mean i will need at least 80GB of ANOTHER hardisk to backup that?

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Web Space As Personal Backup

May 31, 2008

Does any reliable hosting company that offers hundreds of gigs space allow "personal backups", ie. non-web content? I've been looking at ToS of some big names but most if not all don't allow this.

It would be only 1-2 gigs, so I might get away with it anyway on most hosts, but would like to avoid problems in the future. Dreamhost offers both SVN and rsync, which I'd like a lot, but they clearly forbid such use.

And, I do have an external hard drive and very important files are also on DVD and memory stick, but since I need to purchase webhosting I'm looking at this extra option too.

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Companies That Provide Backup Space

May 2, 2009

i want to ask about best companies that provide backups spaces

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Searching Pure (ftp) Backup Space

Apr 12, 2008

When I look around almost all offers are webhosting as
Dedicated or Managed servers with PHP, MxySQL and so on.

What I need is (big) pure backup space which must be at least
accessible by (reliable and pretty fast but not absolute ultar-high-speed) ftp server (which supports resuming of ftp-sessions).

Needed space: 200 GB

Traffic per month: 200-500 GB (can be at night)

(only) Nice to have (but not absolutely required):

- TLS/SSL Encryption for ftp
- 2-5 more ftp accounts (sharing the same space)
- crontab and perl scripts
- WebDav

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Mod_Security Log File On Remote Box

Apr 6, 2007

I have mod security installed on my box!

i want to make the mod_security logfile "audit_log" created on a remote box instead of the local "/etc/httpd/logs/audit_log"!

how to do that?

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Remote File Access

May 11, 2007

if there's an OS where that is possible?...i'm probably in the wrong section at this point, but i was thinking about using Remote Desktop to accomplish this...something like a Virtual Private Network... but i don't have XP pro or any other system that could act like a server...

my goal is to allow staff working off site to easily access files through windows programs like ms word or ms excel to save, edit, etc -- files would be located on the web server or on a network computer on site (not necessarily a network server)

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Company That Offers FTP Backup Space For A Real Low Price?

May 10, 2008

I am moving one of my sites to a dedicated server and I need a good place to back up too.

I don't need much space a GB would be more then enough as what I'm backing up is only about 250mb currently.

Does anyone know of a good company that offers FTP backup space for a real low price.

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Remote Desktop And File Transfer

Nov 8, 2008

I want to set up my desktop to be kind of a database. So I can access all my files on my home desktop, from school. (and be able to back up all my files on my reliable desktop as opposed to my not so reliable lappy)

Then the next thing I wanted to do is to be able to access my desktop using remote access. So I can control everything on my desktop, while I'm not there.

My laptop is running Vista Home Premium, I dont think that matters too much. But my desktop is running XP Home Edition.

I have a no-ip account. but I dont really know what my next step would be, I'm guessing to make a sort of FTP on my desktop? and I have NO clue how I'd do the remote desktop.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: FTP Error Due To Insufficient Disk Space For Backup

Mar 31, 2015

I changed the DUMP_TEMP_D directory in psa.conf.

I have set it on /var/backups and given the permission 1777.

I have rebooted the psa service and initialized the backup again but it always returns that error.

Moreover, if I run the command df -h, the tmp directory doesn't appear.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Error - Insufficient Disk Space For Backup

Jul 9, 2015

Whenever I am trying to take backup through Parallels Plesk (Plesk version:12.0.18 Update #53) getting an error "Error: Insufficient disk space for backup. "

Default backup location is '/var/lib/psa/dumps' with enough space (Near 1TB). Then why showing above error message?

Version Details:
Version Parallels Plesk v12.0.18_build1200140811.16 os_CentOS 7
OS CentOS Linux 7.1.1503 (Core)


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Remote Backup

May 16, 2008

I have a linux dedicated server and use BMU (BackMeUp) for create cpanel full backup.
But this cant create remote backup for me. BMU use "ncftp" for this. and i see following error about this problem:

Time: Fri May 16 03:38:17 2008

The following list of files have FAILED the md5sum comparision test. This means that the file has been changed in some way. This could be a result of an OS update or application upgrade. If the change is unexpected it should be investigated:

/usr/local/bin/ncftp: FAILED
So, im install "ncftp" manually, but issue not resolved and i havent remote ftp backup too!

How can resolve this issue?

BMU Refrence: [url]

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