Good Hosting Site For A Joomla Based Environment?

Jun 3, 2008

my friend and i are working on some web-based-commerce ideas and at current we're at i can only imagine the vitriol they've rightfully earned here, as we decided to be done with them when the $30 SSL license they told us we could get one night quickly became $78 because there was a new "turboSSL server" package we needed, nevermind the guy the first time said with our hosting options we only needed to go through them for the SSL license, so basically, either the first guy lied to us or the second guy tried to hustle us, either way, i dont like companies whose sales model is revealed like the plot in a horror movie, so we're looking to go elsewhere.

basically we're looking for a virtual private server setup, although actually another question i'd love to ask someone is if joomla is better served on unix/linux or windows, with a few dozen accounts needed, and by accounts i mean domains and whatnot, as right now it's basically the blanket idea that you grab the names you need, or might go to if you change your mind on company names...

so basically, with all the people here talking about bad experiences with places, are there any good experience type places where someone can get competent tech support, no hustling in sales pitches, and quality service at a nice solid price?

again, sorry to show up and start asking for things, but i'm not necessarily well versed in these arts yet... rest assured once i have some information i shall contribute to the community and help others who are in my position now

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Can Anyone Recommend A Good Uk Based Hosting Company

Oct 31, 2007

Can anyone recommend a good hosting company based in the UK. As most of the one's suggested in this thread are American.

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Good Linux Based Shared Hosting With IonCubeLoader Suppot

Jul 5, 2008

Can anyone please suggest a good linux based shared hosting with ionCubeLoader suppot.

Technology required are:


Budget: $10 to $15 / month

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Is There Anyone Knows For A Good Hosting,which Is Allowed : Adult Site & Casino Site?

May 21, 2008

is there anyone knows for a good hosting located in uk,which is allowed : adult site and casino betting online site ?

im looking for vps and dedicated server.

please help me i really need as soon as possible.thx

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Whats A Good Adult Hosting Site?

May 13, 2008

i want to start an adult site, can someone please recommend me a good host?

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Good UK Host For Joomla Self Install

Sep 1, 2008

I have a client who is UK based and whose readership will be mostly UK based.

They want to use Joomla and have asked me to install and configure.

I don't anticipate high traffic or needing lots of space, just need a reliable responsive host, probably UK based.

I don't want to use Fantastico automatic install. I prefer to install myself.

SSH desirable but not essential.

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Joomla Site

Jul 15, 2007

I have a big joomla no profit site on a shared host.

Actually the site has 1500/2000 unique at month with 10.000/12.000 pages at day.
Not to much the consume of bandwith.. we have not viedo or heavy images or audio files.. so we consume 12/13 gb at month.

Probabily in the next month we cold grow for ten times... with 15.000 or more unique at day.

So in this vps must be only one site.

How much much ram could be necessary? 512?

Two things that we use.. Cpanel or Plesk ot manage this site and a daily backup on the server but we need to download a backup even 3 or 4 days in our local pc.

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Good Host For Text Based MMORPG

Apr 24, 2008

Anyone know a good cheap host that allows text based rpgs? I run a text based mmorpg that is somewhat busy, about 400,000 pageviews a month.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Panel 11.09 Preview Formatting Missing With Joomla Site

Sep 4, 2013

I've transferred at Joomla! site to my server with Plesk 11.09. I want to see if its all working allright before i change DNS to point to the new server.

I put in [URL] .... as preview link, but that only shows the Plesk default UI. When i add 'index.php' to the end I do get the site, but without formatting

[URL] ....

How I can get my formatting to work?

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VPS For Europe Based Site

Aug 20, 2007

I'm finishing a simple community site and now it's time to find a good host.

I'm not an expert in VPS so don't kill me if I write something stupid.

So, I need:

10 GB space
256 RAM (guaranteed)
150-200 GB bandwidth (or more!)

All for $20

Also, the site is for European folks only (language is not English, for now)
so I guess a EU based host would be a better solution then US.

I also need Apache, MySQL and PHP Will that be installed?

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Site Won't Load Based On IP Address

Apr 19, 2008

I recently put up a website and after about a week, I suddenly can not access it. The site went down after the host had a problem with the http on the server and it never came back for me but it works for everyone else. It times out while trying to connect in both the web browser and FTP client. The problem appears to be related to my internet connection, because the site won't load on any computer that is using my internet. When I disconnect from my cable and use my cellphone as a modem, the site works fine. The site works for everyone else that has tried though.

Besides changing my IP address, how do I go about getting the site to work?

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Host For CMS Based Small Business Site

Apr 22, 2008

I am currently facing a move from my existing web host, as they are altogether incompetent. Four of the last five days, my site has either been down, showing a suspended page, or redirecting to the main page of the host. (I am a legitimate business - not selling penis enlargement supplements)

So now, I need a good host, who will provide maximum value for dollar spent. My requirements are fairly simple. I need 5 SQL databases, the ability to install and configure a CMS of my choosing, and a site that is based in the US. (I need my site to be US based and listed, for very specific reasons)

I have used Rochen in the past, and am very happy with them. However, I want my sites on a different host, as several of my other sites are cross linked.

Finding services in such a competitive field is overwhelming. It's getting too hard to cut through the BS.

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HTTPS Not Working - Cpanel Based Site

Mar 28, 2007

Today, I've purchased a RapidSSL Certificate for my site with Cpanel and https:// access did not work.

What I did was :-

1) Generate a Private Key
2) Create a CSR Request Certificate
3) Submit that and installed the Certificate in WHM for the site.

The site is running on a dedicated IP and it works as http:// but not with the https:// .

I checked and Cpanel did include the SSL directive for the site in httpd.conf and have rebooted the server and restarted httpd but to no avail.

I also had OpenSSL installed and update WHM. The Apache 1.x was installed with OpenSSL Support too.

Is there a SSL Server or something which may not be active ?

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Hosting Under The SLES Environment

Mar 8, 2008

Pros/cons? Success stories? Security/stability? Tried w/ cPanel? Yes/no?

A good friend handed me a SLES disc awhile back and I'm loading it up now to give it a shot on a whitebox with one of my test domains and IP's. Anybody have anything to share?

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SQL05 In Hosting Environment

Sep 2, 2008

I'm running SQL 2005 in my hosting environment, and plan on offering as part of my plans.

The one issue I'm having is any user can view all the databases. My main issue is I need to store client information (sorry, I only can afford one server) into the database. Basically I'm creating *all* the backend panels, management, etc in ASPNET/C#.

The database will have FTP, email, payment, etc stored it in. Should I hold off and only offer mySQL? I DO NOT want the users seeing my databases like that. They can't access them, but still. I don't know what Microsoft was thinking!

I was thinking about developing my own SQL Manager where you could execute scripts, edit/create tables, and do everything you needed right inside of your webbrowser. This is, of course, a lot of work when you can do it easily in SQL Manager express. I imagine my way would be easier since I could make a list of blocked commands, run a check on the commands the user is executing, and block them.

By the way, I'm running Windows 2008 x64 w/IIS7 and the entire panel will be custom made by me and two other programmers, with me being the lead developer.

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Hosting For Joomla

Jun 15, 2008

I am going to start a new personal / business website which will feature articles along with pictures and few videos, all managed through Joomla. I recently visited the official Joomla forum and found a thread which posted guidelines on choosing a proper Joomla hosting.

3. The most security conscious hosts turn PHP's Register Globals directive OFF by default. The next best allow you to turn it off in local .htaccess or php.ini files. A host that requires you to run a site with Register Globals ON should be avoided. This is true for any PHP enabled site, whether or not you are running Joomla!. There is a legitimate argument to be made by hosts for keeping Register Globals ON for PHP4 sites. This is that it would break too much legacy code. This argument should not be accepted for a PHP5 installation. Beginning with PHP5, the official PHP recommendation was to keep Register Globals is OFF. Note that beginning with PHP6, there will not even be a Register Globals setting, so don't get caught in a Register Globals backwater. Modify your code to work without Register Globals, and choose a host that encourages such practices.

6. Be sure users on your shared server can't view each other's files and databases, for example through shell accounts and cpanels.

7. Choose a host that provides real information about security compromises, rather than simply shutting your site down. Check their user forums for evidence of how they've responded to cracks in the past. A good host may for example, inform you immediately that a security breach has occurred and will quarantine the problem file for you, while leaving it there for further investigation. A poor host will shut your site down and provide very limited information on why. Watch out! All too many do this.

8. Be sure you have access to raw server logs. Reading these logs is a vital part of site security and recovery.

9. Choose a host that limits the number of users per machine and the average CPU load per machine to some reasonable number (depending on hardware). Be sure they proactively move user sites as needed to balance load. Check the number of domains on a server using reverse IP lookup.

10. Choose a host that manages it's own data center. Check the data center infrastructure, such as redundant Internet access, hot swappable backups, full daily backups, environment and access controls, emergency generators, etc.

11. Check that your host is not at risk of having its IP addresses blocked because it hosts porn or SMAM sites.

What alarmed me was #3, #6-#11

My Question is, how the hell am I supposed to check for these flaws? I thought I was going to settle down with Hostgator or Hostmonster, but now I am not sure.

If Hostmonster or Hostgator do not meet these requirement, can someone be kind enough to suggest some?

I don't expect that much of traffic, so I want to keep the budget minimal: below $8. I know that by limiting this budget, I am limiting the quality of hosting, but I am not ready to commit my resource to my first site: just an experimentation of my limits.

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Why Would You Need CPanel In A Shared Hosting Environment I.e. Not VPS

Apr 17, 2009

I have seen some shared hosting providers include cPanel. As far as I understand cPanel is to manage and install apps on VPS. Why would you need that on shared hosting?

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Security In Shared Hosting Environment

May 26, 2009

I am in a shared hosting environment. Their php's setting does not have open_basedir set and safe_mode is off.

I was poking around their server and noticed that using some simple system() calls within a php script, I was able to access /etc/passwd and therefore access all their client's public_html.

I am currently calling them to let them know of the vulnerability. But out of curiosity, is it normal that I can read all the other site hosted? They do have config files with mysql pasword in it.

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Shared Hosting Environment: Nginx

Aug 3, 2008

Has anybody successfully used nginx in a shared web hosting environment?

It seems quite powerful and looks like it would be well suited for such an environment, combined with FastCGI, looks like it could serve a lot of hits on relatively inexpensive servers.

The main problem I'm foreseeing is a demand for mod_rewrite, which may cause some support headaches.

Anything else I'm not thinking of?

(I did search but the last post I found was from 2007 with no replies, and necroposting is bad)

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Free Hosting For Joomla

Nov 2, 2008

I'm hungarian and my english is not very well. So I'm looking for a free hosting with the most space (for videos etc.) and in which Joomla can run correctly. I've been looking for a hosting like this for weeks now but I couldn't find any. I would be really grateful if anyone can show me a hosting like that.

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Web Hosting Company - Joomla

Apr 17, 2009

I am in the process of creating a site for my family, which is spread out around the world. I am using Joomla and have built my site on Siteground as my host.

My site will have low traffic, for family only, but I want my family to be able to post pictures, chat and blog.

I am very happy with Siteground but it has come to my attention that even though they offer 750gb of space I can only have up to 5gb of picture files (gif, jpg, etc.) I feel that I will eventually exceed this and being new at the whole site creation, I do not want to risk data being lost (database, files, etc.) when the time comes to transfer to a new host.

The site is not active yet as I am still working out the kinks and adding more pages. I figure if I am going to make a move to another host now would be the best time.

So I guess the question I have is what hosts, in your opinions, would be the best for the site I explained and still be able to work in Joomla.

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Joomla Hosting On Windows

Apr 21, 2008

How do I, and is it even possible to host a joomla based website on a windows server.

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Secure Mod_php On A Shared Hosting Environment

Jan 21, 2007

I'm running a shared hosting environment and I'd like to know if it's even possible to secure the Apache while it's running mod_php. I know I could go suPHP with PHP-CGI, but that'd increase drastically the server load.

So what should I do to best secure the server?

So far now I did:

- Apache:
Installed mod_security and mod_evasive.

- PHP:
Set register_globals=OFF
Set disable_functions = ini_restore, popen, exec, shell_exec, system, passthru, proc_open, proc_close
Set safemode=ON
Set open_basedir to user's directory on virtualhost

Is that would be a secure environment for my users?

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Recommendations For A Joomla Website Hosting?

Apr 21, 2008

Any recommendations for a joomla website hosting?

Multiple domains one one account and such...

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MySQL Usage Limitations In A Shared Hosting Environment

Mar 18, 2009

One of my friends uses a popular shared hosting provider, and I was assisting him with a web site issue earlier.

I noticed the following warning in the host's control panel:

"[MySQL databases] may not be used for log evaluation operations, ad clicks, chat systems, banner rotations, or similar applications putting extreme loads on the database under any circumstances."

Is this common at other shared hosts?

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Is 40 Max_user_connections For MySql Typical In A Shared Hosting Environment

Mar 17, 2008

Is 40 max_user_connections for MySql typical in a Shared Hosting environment? Or are there Shared Hosts out there that allow more than 40 max_user_connections per account?

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VPS Support Not Good - Web Site Is Slow

Nov 11, 2008

our VPS hosting company did an upgrade the other day and now something is wrong with our home page, it takes about 30sec to load. They keep saying its a php problem, but the scripting is fine, the engine is fine and the only thing that changed is that they did an upgrade.

They don't seem to be able to grasp the problem, and it is making my boss go nuts. A web guy a know said it definately had to be something at their end, and everyone else is at a loss.

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Dedicated Server For Xxx Site At Good Price

Mar 8, 2008

Recomand some hosting companys that alow xxx sites on dedicated servers they provide olso at good prices

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RAM Based Hosting

Apr 22, 2009

We've tried before several times RAM based hosting (where you have all files on RAM disk). Our systems were crashing, but my guess is that we were putting about 100,000 or so files on it and since it was formatted with ext3 (everywhere else we are using XFS) - this was a reason for crashing.

Since we have a lot of bandwdith in our data center, we are thinking about becoming a mirror for CentOS, gOS and some other distributions. I am thinking again about using RAM disk based hosting (you use 1 Gb/s port 100% no problem with it even on CoreDuo level of CPU).

Anybody has any experince, good or bad of running RAM based hosting? I am talking about dedicated, not VPS environment.

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Is Cloud Sites Is A Good Choice For Average Web Site?

Jun 19, 2009

I am very interest about RackSpace Cloud site technology

Does any one over here using RackSpace Cloud Site

I have couple of sites hosted on a one virtual dedicated server, I get total about 100K+ hits per month. About 70GB bandwidth usage per month. Is cloud site technology is a good choice for me?

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