Ftp On Godaddy Not Working

Oct 5, 2006

alright so first i used smartftp... and i thought i uploaded everything and when i go to ftp.mydomain.com all the files are there but anytime i actually try to go to mydomain.com, nothing shows up, and i already uploaded my index.htm

i saved everything in an htdocs folder, was i not suppose to do that, or am i still suppose to do something at ftp.mydomain.com? or was i suppose to upload straight to mydomain.com

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Non-working Forwarding Email Account On Working Domain

Apr 24, 2008

I have a domain with a few forwarding email accounts that forward to mac.com email accounts... for some reason every once in a while these accounts stop working...

This is the error I get when I email to that account:

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: ...

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Godaddy Vs 1and1

May 8, 2008

Which one is better in shared hosting between godaddy and 1&1?

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What Do You Think Of Godaddy? And What Os Do You Recommend?

Oct 29, 2008

what do you think of godaddy? and what os do you recomand?

what do you think of godaddy? and what os do you recomand?

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Web Hosting And Godaddy

Dec 8, 2008

I registered a domain name with godaddy. I host on a local windows 2003 box. I would still like to use GD's email. I went into my windows DNS server and added the 2 MX records godaddy said. MX0 smtp.secureserver.net and MX10 mailstore1.secureserver.net. There must be more than this. When I try to use godaddy's webmail mail.mydomain.com, it does not work. What else do I have to add to my Windows DNS server to make this wok.. My web site resolves just fine ...

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Is GoDaddy Any Good?

Sep 5, 2008

is GoDaddy any good?

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GoDaddy Review

Apr 16, 2009

I'm starting with GoDaddy since I've been with them the longest. I left AOL and created my first site in 2000. I went with another host first. They were reliable, but they didn't provide me enough space, so I went with GoDaddy. I thought their first superbowl commercial was hilarious and decided to give them a try in 2005. Their monthly rate was very close to the $2.95 I had been paying for my previous host. I think paying by the year, it averaged about $3.29 a month. Godaddy offered a huge amount of space and bandwidth for that, and I got more email accounts than I would ever use as well.

The best thing I can say about this host is that I have NEVER noticed any downtime with them. I visit my site at least once a day, and it was always up. That is the most important aspect of a host for me, and everyone brags about 99.9% uptime. I can now tell you from experience that not all hosts are being truthful about that percentage, but Godaddy is.

The next thing that is almost as important as uptime is how economical they are. I have quite a few domains with free hosts, which are good for sites that you don't maintain that much and have little traffic. I'm not made of money, and I make very little from my websites, so I can't afford more than a few dollars a month in hosting. Godaddy was the cheapest out there in 2005. Not only cheap but reliable. I can't stress how important those two aspects are, or how hard it is to find both those.

Now the few negatives, and the reasons I left godaddy in the spring of 2008 (which was also one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made online). You get 100 email accounts with hosting with a max of 100 MB total for those accounts. So you can either have 100 accounts with 1 MB email storage or 10 accounts with 10 MB storage, but there was no way to change that max of 10 MB per account. I didn't like that at all, especially with all the free email accounts out there with 1 GB storage. I was paying for hosting and only getting 10 MB for my main email account? I ended up creating a yahoo account that I used more often for the storage. Well, goaddy has now fixed that issue, so we can put all 100 MB to one account if we want to. It's still too low of an amount, but I can live with it.

I know enough about how the web works to get myself into trouble, but when I set up my first ftp account with godaddy, I had no idea that it would become part of my root path. So anytime there was an error on my forum, my ftp account name would be shown to all my users. I chose my own name when I created it and didn't like that aspect at all. I emailed godaddy, since I couldn't change the username in my control panel. They responded that it was impossible to change it. I told them that I might have to leave them if I couldn't, which I did end up doing. This was probably the main reason I left and it would still bother me that I couldn't change it. I'm now back with them and was able to create a new username that was more suitable. I don't know if they still don't allow you to change your ftp account, but that's a moot point for me now.

Lastly, I had been doing a cron job for backing up my forum database. Godaddy did some upgrade of their software, and it conflicted with my jobs. It would no longer run, so I complained to support. They blamed me for it somehow and didn't seem willing to fix the problem. I researched and everything pointed toward Godaddy not upgrading properly, but I couldn't convince them of this. Well, it turns out that all my subsequent hosts have one problem or another with doing cron job backups, so it was pointless to leave one host for another for this reason. I don't even do the cron jobs anymore, since it wasn't worth the frustration. And what good are they if you don't download them frequently, and your current host suspends you for no good reason? Of course, that is why I have returned to godaddy, but that's a different review.

Unfortunately, since I left godaddy last year, I lost the special price I was getting. They are a bit more now, but paying for 2 years brings the average price down to $4.50 a month (they get cheaper the more years you pay for at once). $4.50 a month is still lower than most of the hosts out there, and I know I can rely on godaddy for uptime. Again, uptime and price are the most important to me. Yes, they have their faults, but believe me when I tell you, NO host is perfect. You just have to weed through the unprofessional and/or bad ones to find the best choice. Oh, and the third most important thing about a host is that you can trust them. Reliability is very important. You want to know that your account is safe with these people. That they won't suspend without good reason or treat you like you don't matter. We are the customers after all. They wouldn't be needed if not for us, but a few hosts seem to forget that fact. So far godaddy has proven they can be trusted.

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GoDaddy Domain = 404, IP = 403

Apr 2, 2008

I used to run a blog on blogger.com and it was going well, but I decided that it wasn't enough having it run by someone else, so I decided to purchase my own hosting to install wordpress and continue the blogging there.

I already had purchased the domain name from them, so it made sense to me to purchase some basic hosting from them too, as I'd never really heard anything bad about them.

But, now I am having problems. I tried to install wordpress, followed everything exactly, but this lead me to nothing, so I went back to basics, and just put a basic html file on the server, to see if I could look at it from a browser.

The domain is: theapblog.com (file= theapblog.com/home.html).

Whenever I use the domain name, I get a 404 error, it cannot find the server. If I use the IP address of the server directly, I get a 403 error, so I don't think I can actually access any of the files from a browser.

Basically, I'm pretty new to this, and would really like some help. As far as I can guess, it appears as though the domain isn't linked to the server, as surely then it too would return a 403, and as for the 403, I really don't understand.

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Godaddy And Hotlinking

Apr 25, 2005

I am using godaddy hosting, but there is a problem - godaddy allows picture hotlinking by default. So i am loosing a lot of bandwidth.

How can i block this? I have never used .htaccess and don't know how to do it.

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Netfirms To GoDaddy

Oct 9, 2006

I got a website hosted with Netfirms now, But i want to start another website with GoDaddy (i found out they were cheaper). But, to avoid multible billings, i want to transfer my netfirms website to Godaddy. Before i want to start an account with GoDaddy i want to know how to do this.

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Godaddy: Upgrade From IIS 6 To IIS 7

Jun 1, 2009

I am looking to upgrade my hosting account from IIS 6 to IIS 7, as I haven't been able to install some of the apps that I want on godaddy. I am just looking for a quick direction should I upgrade or not? I am not very knowledgeable about IIS thing, Godaddy says that If I upgrade I will not be able to downGrade, that makes me more snif*

please has anyone upgraded? so please tell me what would the consequences? or if any godaddy staff reads it please also tell me that on Upgrade page it shows me my directories, should I check them all?

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Godaddy VPS With Low Performance

May 2, 2007

We shifted one website based on Article Dashboard (its an article directory script coded in Zend) to a Godaddy VPS ($35 per month) from a shared hosting account with hostgator.

This VPS is really slow compared to hostgator account.

Can anyone tell what we should do?

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Moving From Godaddy.com

May 10, 2005

i am moving from godaddy.com.

i am facing a lot of technical errors hosting asp.net pages.

it does not support emailing it gives out errors.

it does not support file handling and directory creation

can anyone tell me a good hosting company.

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GoDaddy VDS Linux

Jul 8, 2008

I have recently purchased a GoDaddy Virtual Server running Fedora 7, with the Plesk Control Panel 8.3 installed - if I had remembered this site then I probably wouldn't have chosed GoDaddy, however my colleague runs a GoDaddy server and it works like a dream. I have only one domain on the site, running Boonex Dolphin 6.1. The site however runs EXCEPTIONALLY slow.

I have spoken with many friends that use Dolphin and they have no major issues. I also did a search on Google and found that there appear to be no major speed issues with Dolphin.

The site I am running is http://www.tkd-web.com

I wondered if some of you guys could take a look and let me know if it looks like a hosting issue or a scripting issue. Or what information do you need to know to find out the answer to this problem.

I would be really grateful to anyone that can even point me in the right direction, as I don't want to go off and start shouting the odds about GoDaddy etc, I just want to find the most effective solution to my issue.

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GoDaddy? Cheapest Ever?

Apr 16, 2006

Person with the best info and most helpful for me (in my opinion) gets $10US via paypal

So I'm making one of those myspace resources websites in the hopes to get the odd weekly amount from advertising (yahoo/google ads) etc. Now before you jump on the "Oh boy, not another myspace website!", this site is totally different, but the same kinda thing applies.

Now, of course If I want to earn a decent amount on say 10000+ uniques a day I'm going to need a bit of bandwidth. The site itself isn't bandwidth heavy but I'd like to plan for the future.

Anyway, so I was looking at Godaddy and well

Economy Plan:
5 GB Space 250 GB Transfer
500 Email Accounts FREE! Software
10 MySQL Databases 50 Email Forwards
Forums, Blogging, Photo Galleries No ads

Now, I only need 1gb space tops, but 250GB BANDWIDTH? Holy crap, I haven't seen that for that price ever?

3.95 a month? That's insane.

Is it really too good to be true? What should I be looking at? I just need it on one domain and that's fine because I'd want its own hosting package for each domain as I slowly develop more websites.

Can anyone please shed light for me and give me some general info on the path I should take.

Note: I don't want hosting packages where, if you do go over the monthly bandwidth (God Forbid at 250gb!!) I don't want to be charged an exorbinent amount. Just the "Bandwidh Exceeded" message would suffice.

Anyway, I look foward to some great responses.

Person with the best info and most helpful for me (in my opinion) gets $10US via paypal

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Using GoDaddy SSL With New Server

Sep 9, 2008

I have a client who has a ssl cert with godaddy but wants to change his hosting to me because he doesnt like godaddy at all. Can we switch his ssl from godaddy to my server?

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Godaddy Stats

Apr 4, 2006

does anybody know if there is a possibility to circumvent godaddy´s pathetic stats they offer on shared accounts?

-I am not quite sure what tells you the unique visitors (always a good one to know )

-It doesn´t tell you what robots crawl your site. It just says: robots 28 (great!)

-The graphs are all reversed. Meaning that the now date is always on the very left hand corner of the x-axis towards the 0 intersection. This is pretty pathetic as it goes against anything human brains are accustomed to.

I´ve got to stop venting now. I would appreciate if somebody knows where I can find the unique visitors (hosts served maybe?) and how I can install a better stats program on Linux shared hosting at go daddy.

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Alphared VPS Vs Godaddy VPS Which Better?

Jun 11, 2007

Does anyone used the alphared VPS?

I want to buy a vps which is better alphared or Godaddy.

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GoDaddy - A Brief Review

Nov 1, 2009

My domain name and my web hosting package that I had with GoDaddy came up for renewal on Friday (two days ago), and my intention was to transition to a new domain registrar and web host. The new web host that I chose to go with is HawkHost, but they are not the subject of this particular review. Rather, GoDaddy, the web host that I am leaving, is.

I will save my comments for HawkHost for a separate review dedicated to my experiences with them.

I had not really intended on writing a review for GoDaddy, but my experience with their tech support, tonight, prompted me to write a brief review.

As I sit here at my computer late into the wee morning hours of Sunday morning, right now, I find that there's a lot of irony, when it comes to obtaining or departing web hosts.

Off the top of my head, I don't know exactly how long that I have had this particular web host account with GoDaddy. It's been at least two full years or more, I know. I have statements handy in front of me for the last years, so it's been at least two full years. One statement is dated August of 2007.

Anyway, during my time with GoDaddy as a webhost, I have not really experienced a lot of downtime. There may have been some, but I never really tracked it closely, and the site was pretty much up and running and accessible over that entire period of time, whenever I would try to load it in my web browser.

During that time, I've never had to deal with any rude tech support from GoDaddy. At times, tech support at GoDaddy was more helpful than at other times, but I didn't really need to call them a whole lot during that time frame of 2+ years.

Even though I am leaving GoDaddy as a webhost, my experience with some tech support guy named Austin that was the last person that I spoke to earlier this morning ended with me choosing to extend my web hosting for another month for $4.99. I post this simply to illustrate how good tech support can benefit a web hosting company, even when a paying customer of some time is already in the process of switching paid web hosting to another web hosting company - switching to the competition, so to speak.

So, why am I switching web hosts, if I have numerous positive things that I can honestly and sincerely convey about GoDaddy as a webhost unto those who read the forums here on WebHostingTalk?

Being on a slow dial-up Internet connection (24K to 26.4K, on average), GoDaddy's webhost control panel is the equivalent of Internet Hell. I hate it. I despise it. I absolutely and positively abhor it with a passion that knows no end. I, with my slow dial-up Internet connection, have endured this burden of incalculable magnitude for 2+ years, and I have simply had enough. This is an example of how otherwise good and reliable web hosting service and tech support is undermined by interface issues. It's not an issue, if I am at my sister's place, where she has a DSL Internet connection.

But, it is a very real issue to me at home on my slow dial-up Internet connection. I have dealt with numerous web hosts' respective web host control panels over the last several years, and no other web host that I have interacted with, where their control panels are concerned, come anywhere even remotely close to the abyss of despair that trying to do even simple tasks are in GoDaddy's control panel. 'O, woe is me, when I have to use their control panel, at all.

That said and highlighted, I would like to take a moment out to give GoDaddy two big thumbs up for not rushing to delete all of my site's files, the moment that my web hosting with them expired. If GoDaddy had deleted them, already, then I would not have extended my web hosting with them for another month, here two days later. This, I think, illustrates well how GoDaddy did not slice its own throat by extending the courtesy to myself, a paying customer that was departing for a new web host, by being in a rush to delete the customer's files. Granted, it's not something that GoDaddy had to do, but likewise, neither did I have to extend my web hosting for another month. This type of business approach on GoDaddy's part is conducive to reducing problems, and ultimately yields a more positive image of the company, compared to numerous web hosting horror stories that I have read about in web hosting forums over the years.

I did, however, choose to renew my domain name registration with GoDaddy two days ago, just to ensure that my domain name would not lapse. I've been through that headache, before, and it didn't really matter to me who my domain name was registered with. This aspect was a non-issue.

So, in conclusion, my overall experience with GoDaddy as a web host was positive, but their control panel was - and has always been - a very glaring negative for me. If you have broadband Internet access, their control panel likely won't even be an issue for you. If you have a slow dial-up connection like me, however, then I would not recommend going with GoDaddy as a web host, although I think that if you do, anyway, then you will be likely to enjoy a reliable degree of site uptime, overall - if my own first-hand experience over the past 2+ years is any indication.

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How To :: Nameservers On Godaddy

Jul 31, 2009

I have a domain registered via GoDayy.

Now what I want to do is that have my own nameserver such as

ns1.mydomain.tld and ns1.mydomain.tld

I already have my new dedicated server ready, it runs: whm and cpanel.

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Migrating From Godaddy

May 21, 2009

I was wondering, since I know their are tools to automate transfering services from one cpanel server to another, is there any automated one to transfer from godaddy to another host? Im refering to all my files, mysql database, ssl, etc. All but the name servers? Its from a linux godaddy

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Godaddy = Failure

Nov 4, 2009

Probably nothing new. Seriously, they're horrible and everyone here probably knows it. But... I'm ticked, so I'll add something extra to show how genius they are.

The problem is I can't seem to reach my website on godaddy. It appears as if the server is down. Both via the browser and ftp it fails.

Anyway, I could write a review but no need... I'll let the e-mail I sent them and their responses do the talking.

Okay, thanks for the information... I'm still humored that needing my pin is
actual security considering it's listed on your website after I login. My
password is way better security because it's never visible anywhere...
anyway... based on the information you gave me here's what I have found out..

The first instance of me not being able to reach the website was around noon
EST yesterday. Earlier that morning I was on the website and had logged in
via FTP. After noon the website was no longer reachable. This is a test from
one computer.

Around 6PM on a different network, the website was reachable from 3
different computers, including the one it wasn't reachable from earlier that
day. About 30 minutes later the website became unreachable again. Attempts
to reach it from all 3 machines failed.

This morning, I considered your response email and assuming the webserver is
up like you stated, I decided to try another network. The website was up on
that network. However, it is still down on the other two networks. It seems
that the website works for a limited time on each network before something
happens to keep the network from reaching the webserver.

Attempts at pinging the webserver all fail.

Doing a tracert to 2leet.com times out at the following: ....

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Godaddy VPS :: What Is The Story?

Mar 19, 2009

I have been sifting through this forum for couple of days, and nobody mentions much goddady vps, is that because it is bad, or because nobody uses it or what is the story?

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GoDaddy DNS For MX (different Server)

Mar 26, 2009

The DNS is hosted on GoDaddy, we have access via Total DNS.

The A records is as follow:
Host: mail
Points to: 209.x.x.x

The MX records:
Priority: 0
Host: example.com
Goes to: mail.example.com

The following configuration is busted, it looses the MX entry on dig.

how to edit this properly on GoDaddy's total dns?

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Switching From GoDaddy

Jan 20, 2009

So one of my current hosts is a GoDaddy reseller. The site they're hosting is an eCommerce store run on .asp. It uses the Early Impact ProductCart shopping cart. It uses MS SQL databases if I understand correctly.

I have two sites currently hosted with LiquidWeb. I would switch my eCommerce site over to them, except they only offer Linux shared hosting plans. I would have to go with a VPS to get Windows with them. I'm looking for a shared hosting plan with 5 things in mind:

1) Excellent support and hosting uptime - on the level of Liquid Web. I'm willing to pay a premium for a good host. Over the past few days, pages time out and do not load on my GoDaddy server...and GoDaddy's support is no good. The site is in the building stages right now so it receives no more than like 5 hits per day. Uptime is the biggest issue besides support. If my site doesn't load currently receiving 5 hits a day....it's gonna be AWFUL when it's getting more visitors.

2) Email accounts - I have to pay extra for email accounts with GoDaddy. I'm hoping for a free email solution if at all possible.

3) I will likely need help with moving my website over and making sure everything runs correctly on the new host's server. If there's a host who can provide support for this, it would be a huge help.

4) 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee required.

5) I'm currently on the GoDaddy Windows Economy plan. I would hope to keep most of these features with new host, including all critical ones such as server software, etc. I tried to link the page showing the features, however I don't have enough posts to do

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Configuring My DNS And Godaddy

Apr 9, 2008

i got DNS and IIS installed and configued DNS completely by the book. I made 2 forward lookup zones ns1 and ns2.mydomain.net

what is this step im missing between that process and being able to tell godaddy to hit my nameserver. it just keeps telling me they are not registered nameservers so i must be missing something here.

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Godaddy Not Returning Money

May 28, 2009

I dont have an account with godaddy Godaddy has taken money from my paypal account.I have contacted godaddy asking for it back They are not going to give it back

I need that money... I need advise on what to do next?

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What Would You Do? (godaddy + Broadband Issues)

Jul 13, 2007

My sites are online fine I just checked with my mobile phone. Also I am able to ping and tracert my sites perfectly BUT when I try to load any of the websites with either Firefox or Internet Explorer I get timed out. I only see it happen to my websites it's as if I've been locked out of my own websites.

I have tried flushing the Dns cache on my computer, also I have cleared the cache in both IE and FF and if that wasn't enough I've reset my router. The sites still refuse to load for me.

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.FR Domain Can't Be Hosted On GoDaddy?

Apr 1, 2008

I have a .fr domain purchased from Gandi.net.
I have webhosting with GoDaddy.com.

After setting the DNS to point to GoDaddy.com (ns51 and ns52...) I get an error message and the DNS revert back to the default settings (gandi's DNS). AFNIC's(.fr regulator) zonecheck fails with the following error:

Progression ....

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GoDaddy Cancellation Question

Dec 5, 2005

I just signed up for GoDaddy's Economy Plan for one year...but I guess I should've read the reviews it's getting here first

If I end up not liking this, can I cancel my service with GoDaddy and not have to pay for the remaining 11 months?(I'd only have to eat about 4 bucks for the one month)...

Or is there a way I can change from one year down to one month without a charge?

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Who Should I Switch To? (Godaddy Slow)

Jun 2, 2009

I am pretty much planning on switching web hosts largely because i cant get more than like 50-60kb upload on my godaddy account with FTP (Yet i get 600+ on everything else, And on my amazon s3 disk i get 2mb up..) And am trying to move a large number of files and it just takes too long. My Question is who has fast ftp for People in Ohio? (NE). Also Dreamhost says with their unlimited you can have 50GB for backup. Really i could use 50Gb to back up my info? With that i could in theory cancel my amazon S3 jungledisk (But i doubt anything would be as fast as jungledisk.)

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