Flash Uploading

May 24, 2008

I have a flash swf that I use to upload files… however to get this to work on the server you have to do something like turn on shockwave uploading?… do you know what you need to do to upload using flash swf?

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Error 406 When Uploading From Flash

Mar 27, 2008

I've recently moved to a new provider and noticed that one of my sites that was using a flash file uploader without any problems now receives a 406 error whenever a file upload finishes.

After some digging online i found that the problem could be caused by mod_security and found a tutorial which explains that by using .htaccess u can disable mod_security for the particular domain. I've tried that but receiving internal server error who seems to indicate that mod_security is not actually running.

I looked at the domain's error log file and no entry is being written to the log when the error occurs.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix it? Or at least where to look for the causes.

I'm using the following flash uploader:

Server is running CentOS and WHM .. the original server that didnt have a problem with the uploads was running Fedora and WHM.

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Uploading Flash Video Files To Host_A Doesnt Play Well But Plays FIne On Host_B

Jun 27, 2008

to upload some flash videos over to our web host.

All the videos have been uploaded to << link removed >> and in there you will seea flash_video directory, in there should be a html file where you can double click and watch the flash video.

Now go ahead and try it, click on the HTML file and click CONTINUE and try clicking on MODULE 1.. You will see a video play to the left but on the right are bunch of POWERPOINT slides that will appear as the guy continues to speak. THAT DOESNT SHOW..

Our website is hosted by xo.com

Dont know much about the plan since its my 2nd day at the job..

But here is the weird part,

i have uploaded the samething - same exact way to another web host and it plays fine, the PPTs show up fine..

What do you guys think it is?

Before someone asks about uploading methods, i tried filezilla, coreftp and cuteFTP using both ASCII and binary methods. Samething..

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Linux Flash 9.0.115

Jan 6, 2008

I have been experimenting with Fedora 8 as a desktop (64 bit). It is quite good. The only problem I have encountered is using the latest flash. For some reason it actually turns off the computer randomly. I reverted to an older version and it doesn't happen. I am running kde, it behaves the same with gnome or xfce so I know it's not the desktop I am using. It could be nspluginwrapper however, I uninstalled that and tried 32 bit Firefox and it also crashes.

I probably should be in the Fedora forum but I was wondering if anyone else had seen this. I am running AMD X2 5000, 4gb ram, NV 7300.

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Oct 5, 2008

are those all capable of working when i get the server or do i need to install something to make the site capable with PHP and etc with the server?...

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Flash Games

Apr 29, 2008

I have website with flash games, and I'm on shared hosting. Approximately how much visitors oer day the hosting can handle?

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Modsec And X-Flash

Aug 8, 2008

how to use Modsec to block refer from .swf file like: X-flash DDOS.


Domain: xyz.com

X-flash site: [url]

On cpanel xyz.com we can see in List Last Visit many ip and refer with post and get from [url]How can we use modsec block request like this ?

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Choppy Flash Games

Apr 19, 2008

I have a vbulletin 3.6x forum using IBproarcade module with 200+ games. They all work fine, but during play it seems choppy. I've duplicated this in Firefox 2 (also in new profile) and also IE7. I'm trying to figure out why its choppy (on and off) on any game. Any ideas to trace this or enhance the performance? This is a personal server with a few domains on the box and not an enormous amount of traffic in general, nor at once....

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WIndows Vs Flash Streaming

Nov 1, 2008

I have a question regarding these two services.

With Windows Streaming Services on quad hyperthreading server I was pushing almost 1 Gb/s traffic. With Flash streaming so far we didn't get any high traffic customer. I am curious if what is the max traffic from a single server pushed you've seen by using Adobe Flash (commercial, not red5) server?

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Red5 Flash Server

Nov 3, 2008

I am thinking of installing Red5 flash server on my VPS which runs cPanel on CentOS 5.2 with 1gb of guaranteed ram.

It will be used for Tufat Flashchat Webcam setup and some other bits.

Will it use a lot of the VPS CPU and/or Ram

how to install it,

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Interested In A Flash Chat

Jul 31, 2008

I want to have a website that is for flash chat

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Canīt View Flash On Server

Jul 23, 2007

Here you can see the problem and I am unsure how to fix it.

I am using a phproxy script on this domain


When you browse through this site, and look at youtube.com and try and watch a video, it does not allow you to view the flash.

I know this script works as I was using it on my past server.

My server is running on CentOS, with WHM

Does anyone know how to fix this on my server so people can view flash through my proxy site?

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Im Setting Up A Flash Game Arcade

Oct 28, 2009

Im looking at setting up what is essentially a flash game arcade. It will have other purposes, but flash games will be the focus point.

One of the first things I need to decide (along with a website name...) is which hosting company I want to go with. The only company Ive used before were Dreamhost, who had fairly good service but the uptime didnt seem all too great.

Initially there will only be a small amount of traffic, but I want the option to scale my hosting plan easily as I (hopefully) gain more visitors.

A lot of the game files will be lifted from the mochi games feed, but dont want to limit myself to games hosted by mochi, and I still want to be able to cope if I get any big traffic spikes. I also want to host a couple of other smaller sites on the hosting plan, but they shouldnt reach anything near the arcade.

MediaTemples Grid service looks great, but will probably be providing a far greater service than ill need for the first few months. I dont know how long it will take for me to get any decent amount of traffic, the majority of which ill be getting through self sponsorship of games, and I imagine its a fairly slow process getting a decent stream of visitors through that way.

I just dont wanna be paying $100's for serious hosting if I only get a few thousand hits in the first 6 months, which I imagine is likely!

Does anyone have any suggestions for good companies or starter packages? I dont want to pay through the arse, but I would rather pay more for a faster and more reliable service than go for the cheapest option - I want this to be a quality site.

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Dedicated Sever For Flash Game

Dec 7, 2008

I am looking for a dedicated server for my flash games site. I am currently using 1and1.com for a Titan 16gb ram, 6gb monthly transfer(bandwidth) but not enough. I end up paid almost $2k last month. So I am need is at least 15-20gb bandwidth monthly transfer and about 8gb ram....

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Flash Game Sites Hosting

Apr 7, 2009

i just want to know which hosting provider is best for flash game site? fast and cheap fees!

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VPS Recommendation For Flash Game Website?

Jun 14, 2007

I was wondering if anyone could please recommend a good VPS for a flash games website I run. I am currently with Godaddy VPS, but have had too many problems so I am going to cancel my account (once I have found a new host)

What I would like:

Control Panel: Either CPanel or Plesk (not fussy)
Good support - I am relatively new to the VPS world.
RAM: 256 MB (with option to be upgraded if needed)
Bandwidth: 2TB (with option to be upgraded if needed)
Diskspace: 5GB +

Budget: Under $100 US

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Flash Streaming Media Host

May 9, 2006

Uvault.com does flash streaming media, features unlimited connections, and redundant servers.
Has been around for a while and is a Macromedia Alliance Partner but I can’t find any feedback on them anywhere.

Anyone have any information?

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Flash Animation Not Wokring On Server

May 11, 2009

I dont know whats wrong with my server having cpanel but many user complains that there flash animation not working on my server . it hanged during loading and always showing loading on page they provide me prove that its working on some other server.

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VPS To Host Flash Live Chat

May 27, 2008

I tried to post this request before but my post got deleted ( I think because I was new to this forum ) hopefully this time it will get posted.

I bought a flash live chat script which require a dedicated server as they say in the script requirements but I know it would work using a VPS with root access..

The script can run on both Linux and Windows OS and needs red5 and java

according to the script designers such site with about 100 users can use about 500GB of data transfer per month but I am not sure if that is true or not as I haven't had the chance to test it.

I am donating all the expenses as a gift for my church community and looking for help and advise on the best way to host it

Not sure if I can post the name of the script here or not but if I am allowed I will do that, so you guys can see exactly what I need

Anyone know about these scripts and how much bandwidth and data they need to run lets say with 200 users

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What Needs To Be Installed To Host Flash Sites

May 3, 2008

to host flash sites is there anything my server needs installed on it the way you need perl or php installed?

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Can A VPS Handle This Full Flash Site

May 15, 2007

I will be deploying a full-flash site for a customer. He wont experience that much traffic at once - I would say at most, one to three customers on at one time and most of the day the site would not have more than one client on at a time.

Will a VPS with the specs below with barely any other sites on the VPS be able to present this high-quality flash site in a fast manner. I understand that there is a whole world of optimizing flash which is what my designer is trained in but does anyone have any expereince deploying full flash sites on a VPS. I'm curious to get people's expereinces.

VPS Specs(VPS at knownhost at colo4dallas):

Equal Share CPU(10-20 other customers on the node)
320 MB Guranteed RAM
1024 Burst RAM

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Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5

May 19, 2009

I am thinking about making a web site that streams HD movies and videos that I have created myself. I was wonder could you use Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5 to do so I know i would have to buy a dedicated server and a fast one with a good load of bandwidth. The big question am asking is that can you base a website or content management system around the interactive server.

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HTML/JavaScript Content Embedded In Flash

Apr 11, 2009

I'm trying to embed the LiveZilla chat icon within a flash header and haven't been able to do it for the life of me.

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Optimize Server For Playing FLV (Flash) Videos

Jun 18, 2008

how to optimize a server for playing flash videos?

Here is our website: operationsports.com

In the right menu you'll notice an embedded flash video player.

Often, we receive complaints that our videos are buffering slowly at the beginning causing the movie to stop/pause for a few seconds. After this pause the remainder of the video buffers lightening quick.

I'd like to remove the pause if possible.

The server is a dual processor linux based server dedicated entirely to our video files.

It has plenty of power.

how to optimize a server for playing flash videos smoothly?

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Live Streaming Without Flash Media Server?

Aug 31, 2008

I have a VPS server running on Windows 2003, and would like to stream live videos to about 50-80 people. I was wondering is there a way to have a FLASH based stream embed into my website, without paying for a software like Flash Media Server?

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Cpanel + CentOS + Red5 Flash Media Server. Can It Work

Apr 17, 2009

I have VPS with CPanel and CentOS but i need to install Red5

can it work and can someone post a step by step tutorial host to install Red5. On Red5 web page is tutorial but when i try to install i get some errors and i have low experience in linux.

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Uploading A Zip

May 30, 2007

i am uploading a zip to show everyone one of my flash projects and to get feedback, i want to uplaod the original flash file along with the HTML page in a zip, would i just upload the zip file onto my server and then when you access that web page it asks you to download it or is there more to it?

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Uploading Files

Jan 28, 2009

I've just uploaded my website files onto the server, the website is working fine, but I'm not sure my files are 'arranged' right. I uploaded my images in a folder, but all the rest of the files are 'loose' along with the index file. If I go to either of my domain names, the website appears, which is ok for now, but I only really intended it to under one domain name, so there may be problems if I want another site up there. I think my files should be in a folder. Is this right? Should the index file be in the same folder, or should it be outside the folder with the links changed accordingly. I've been emailing my hosting service, and they 've been trying to help, but I feel a bit thick because I don't really understand what they're saying. Could someone tell me in very plain english how the files should be arranged?

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Uploading Big Files

Jun 23, 2009

i just bought php file management script, its running smoothly, the only problem was i cant upload big file ( > 1 Gigs ) using that script, then i ask the developer and he said it shouldnt be a problem since he sold that software before people and he never got a problem like that.

OS : Slamd64
apache 2.2.10
php 5.2.8

i tried to changed
post_max_size = 1900M
upload_max_filesize = 1500M

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Uploading Speed

Dec 20, 2008

uploading some stuff to my servers, and it's going at about 50-60 kbps.

what would be a good service that could see my uploading speed rise to about 100-200 kbps?

I live in Canada, BC to be more specific

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FTP Uploading Corrupt

May 30, 2008

The Details:

XP Home, Verizon DSL, AVG, ZoneAlarm, CoffeeCup FTP, FileZilla FTP

So this all started about 5 days ago and I cannot think of anything that I did to associate this issue with. I'm very computer savvy and no one else uses this computer except for me (to help move things along faster). Essentially what happens when I start CoffeeCup FTP or FileZilla FTP (testing to make sure it wasn't just a problem with CoffeeCup FTP) and try to upload image files it fails, not the upload itself.. but somehow the image files are corrupt (no they're not CMYK, they're RGB). So it shows the file on my server, correct size, no error messages. However, when I go to the image URL it just shows the image URL where the image should be. I then restart CoffeeCup FTP and everything uploads properly. I've checked the lines on DSLReports.com, I've checked ZoneAlarm to make sure that I didn't somehow accidentally click no to something (which is unlikely). I keep my computer very clean and very organized and very up to date so it would be more helpful to me if someone could share some ideas of something that could happen that's not of my control. Could this possibly have anything to do with SP3 (the only thing I can recall being a change on my computer).

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