File Storage Space

Oct 8, 2008

is there any web hosting that can be used as file storage (>10G) and cheap? I have some huge files, but many web hostings can not accept non-web-content files.

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Web Space Storage Or Get Additional Space From Another Server

Oct 14, 2008

im running out of space on one of my sites but i have more then plenty of data transfer.

Unfortunately my hosting packaged it weird where they provide not enough hd space. Im trying to figure out is there a way where i can use another server or hosting company that can provide space only and use their servers just for space?

i think offered this but wasnt sure how exactly this works.

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Building A Server With Lots Of Storage Space

Mar 7, 2008

We are going to offer web space to our students and we want to build a new server just for this purpose. We were looking at buying a storage array, a RAID card, and a server. I have no problems building a server; however, I have never built anything with an external enclosure. I am thinking about buying this storage array:

www newegg com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816702010

I plan on installing hard drives in every drive bay for a total of 12 drives.

The problem I'm having is I don't know what type of RAID card to buy. I saw this one; but, I don't know if it will work with this storage array.

www newegg com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816116062

Thanks so much for any light you can shed on this! I apologize for the link but I do not have enough posts insert URLs.

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Network File Storage (NFS)

Aug 16, 2009

Network File Storage (NFS), does anyone use it or find it useful?

From what I see are advantages:

- Raid redundant

- Good backup

- Cheap extra space


- slower speeds read/write speeds?

Looking for someone to add on and change my point of view on NFS. Also if you like NFS what is a good model for us to get. We are currently looking at the the Dell PowerVaults...

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Only Need File Storage And Bandwidth

May 19, 2009

I run several sites and all of them are hosted at invision. The main reason for having my sites hosted there is that my sites are "forum centered" and I'm very happy with the service that I have got over the last few years from them, so I don't want to change that.

However, I now wish to expand and provide my users with a file repository. The problem is, whilst hosting my sites at invision is fine, hosting my files there would be quite expensive...

Thus, I'm now looking for a host to host my files and nothing else. (I run chess sites, so I'll be providing my users with files and possibly a gallery. All legal material, of course).

I don't need any download manager or anything of the kind. Invision forums actually has its own download manager, and I can have my files hosted externally (i.e. other than on my site).

Thus, I'm looking for a host that offers specific packages for what I am looking for - I would not need scripting or any 'fancy' features, just file storage with FTP access.

How much space? around 1 GB, possibly 2 in the future, maybe 3 or 4 if I add the gallery one day.
And bandwidth, as people will be downloading files from my site.

I've been looking around, but it's just so difficult: they all offer webhosting services for people who need to have their sites hosted, etc. and that's not what I need.

Any recommendations?

I don't have any fixed budgets, my focus will be on price, speed and reliability. Preferably a hosting company which has been around for a while and has good reviews.

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File Storage For Multiple Web Servers

Nov 5, 2009

What's the best setup for me to have for a machine which will host web files that other servers have to read and serve to end users on the web?

For example, I have servers Web1 and Web2 serving the same content from Files1.

I assume it's best just to go with RAID 10 and be safe or?

More importantly for me, what's the best way for these systems to communicate? I.e.

what protocol should be used for the web servers to read the files from the file server?

I once used SSHFS for serving the same static files on a couple of machines from one location... but that's presumabely very slow (at the time wasn't a problem).

All systems will be running CentOS Linux.

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Do File Storage Servers Exist

Nov 26, 2008

is there a low end server just designed for receiving and sending large audio and media files?

like CPU should be minimal, as long as it can send and receive large files to and from a main server which has apache + php + mysql running in it...

would this be cost effective?

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Free File Storage Service That Can Be Used For Backups

Mar 19, 2009

file storage service that can be used for backups and allows FTP access.

Do you know of any reliable service that also offers a free account?

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Inexpensive Reliable File Storage Hosting

Jul 18, 2008

Just got a letter from InMotion. They don't like I uploaded my backup files to them, which makes their hosting benefits totally pointless to me and I will be moving to some other cheaper hosting since I basically only use email.

So I need some place to store my backups... I need only about 5 Gb, and I don't care about bandwidth, as I don't plan to download them unless all my HDDs will burn or get stolen or something so I don't need bandwidth. And it should be no more than few bucks/mo.

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Should Shared Hosting Be Allowed File Storage

Oct 26, 2008

For those host which are not overselling, they have obviously the space for file storage. But should they allow file storage on their shared hosting account, if they aren't overselling, and the files are legal?

Well, this can also be counted as a survey I need

It would be best if you provide a reason if your vote is no.

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How To Manage Massive File Storage Needs For Youtube Clone

Nov 18, 2007

how to handle the file storage of a youtube clone?

Is it just a matter of getting more servers with a few hdds or are there specialized companies that one can upload files over a distributed file streaming network?

The reason I ask is because I have thousands of gigabytes of videos and it appears to be impossible to upload it on 1 dedicated server or even a few.

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Hosting Setup - Large Amount Of File Storage

Aug 21, 2007

on good hosting setups for getting large amounts of disk space.

I would like to be able to offer up to 2Gb storage space for 100s, maybe up to a few 1000 users - any solution should scale well. The files would be static files that might be up to 400Mb in size.

It would be nice to be able to give users FTP access to their disk space, although it's not a core requirement.

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Moving Large File Storage, Upload/download To Amazon S3

Jul 24, 2007

I'm currently running on a VPS. My site allows for large file uploads and downloads, with files over 600mb in size.

The server has issues when the site gets three or more requests for large file downloads. I'm trying to grow this site to thousands of users and it is hard to do when the site can't handle even three.

I've been told by my host that I need to upgrade to dedicated. My VPS only has 512mb RAM and one large file download is eating up that RAM. This is causing the issue.

I'm a newbie and while I knew I was risking a bit by going with VPS I do find it a bit annoying that these guys advertise 1TB of bandwidth per month but I can't even support downloading 1GB at the same time....maybe it's just me...

Anyway, I am now looking into moving the large files and the upload/download over to Amazon S3. If I do this I am expecting my RAM usage on the VPS to greatly decrease. Is this correct? If my PHP code is running on the VPS, but the actual file download via HTTP is coming from S3, that should not be a heavy load on my box, correct?

any opinions on S3?

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Shared File Space For All Web Servers

Mar 3, 2008

Is it normal practice to have shared filespace that multiple web servers can access? Then I just provide my developers access to that filespace (one server, instead of multiple users on multiple servers) to manage files for different sites easily... right? (also meaning multiple servers can serve the same content)

So.. what would be the best way to do this? We're talking Linux systems here by the way. What sort of specs would such a server need?

I *think* it's NAS that I'm trying to get at.. unsure though if that's correct or not!

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File Sharing Need High Bandwith And HD Space

Sep 22, 2008

i am starting a file storage/ sharing website and i need to get a server that offers the most bandwith and HD space as possible

Right now i am looking at midphase or same thing, that offers 250HD space and 10TB of bandwith and other then them i havent found anyone that comes close to that offer.

Other then them does any one have any recommendations on a host that has lots of bandwith and storage. My limit is about 200 a month with simple management prefered.

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Import File From A Remote Backup Space

Feb 13, 2008

How I can import my backups from remote backup space to my VPS.

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Scalable Raid Storage Storage On A Budget? Also Hdd Reliability Q's

Sep 20, 2007

I'm completely torn on going the absolute budget route vs spending more for something that'll allow easy upgradeability in the future. I basically need lots of space but file sending-- media like mp3s, video, etc.

it'll be raid 5 and I'll need at least 2-3TB initially but the ability to expand would be nice.

option 1:
nice chassis with plenty of hotswap bays with sas expanders
expensive sas raid card

option 2:
cheap chassis to serve "immediate" needs and go with more later.
not sure what I'd use as a card? maybe even onboard?

regarding reliability: I once saw a database of failure rates of different models. raptor was the most reliable of the "desktop" drives. anyone have the link? I'm wondering of the seagate ES drives are worth the extra money vs the non-ES drives. they're supposedely more reliable and the "server versions" of sata drives.

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Apache :: ProxyPass Has A Space Will Not Start With A Space

Sep 19, 2013

Apache 2.2.25 on windows 32

I have a ProxyPass that looks like

ProxyPass /Share Documents http://partner2/Shared Documents/

But Apache will not start with spaces. I tried

ProxyPass /Shared%20Documents http://partner2/Shared%20Documents/

Apache would start but the passthrough doesn't work. What do I need to do? I have several url's with spaces.

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A Shared Web Hosting Service With Unlimited Space/bandwidth, Or A Dedicated One With Limited Space/bandwidth

Jul 29, 2008

which case is more preferred: a shared web hosting service with unlimited space/bandwidth, or a dedicated one with limited space/bandwidth?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Deny User Upload File Via File Manager Or Hidden File Tab?

Feb 10, 2015

I'm build Plesk Panel for Linux and Presence Builder, I don't want my user can upload their website to hosting via File Manager. How can I do it...

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May 26, 2008

Say I have 2 websites and they all use file.php which is located on

I want to use the file like this:

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SAS Storage

Feb 9, 2008

Not sure if this is beyond anyones experience here or knowledge but I thought I would give it a try here and see if I can get any insight on this.

Recently I had to work with a IBM xSeries 226 server which runs two SCSI Ultra320 drives in it at this time. I've actually purchased two extra drives for it but the distributor sent me the wrong drives for that server. Now they are saying its my fault of not proving them with more information but I think stating that I have two SCSI Ultra320 drives would be enough for them to send the right ones.

Now they sent me the IBM SAS Serial ATA SCSI drives, so I was wondering if anyone in here has enough knowledge to possibly provide me on the insight on the solution I think might be right to still use these two drives and not being stuck with a $2000 bill and two drives that I don't use.

My solution would be to buy one of the support or any Adaptec SAS Serial ATA SCSI controller cards and put it into one of the available PCIe slots and connect the drives. I've tried contacting IBM regarding this but they want $200 bucks just to say "yeah it will work or no it wont".

Logically I think it would work, the only thing I'm afraid is that let say I spend $400 - $1000 bucks on a controller card and it doesn't work they way you would think, then I'm out $3000 bucks. (drives are $2000 + $1000 for a controller card).

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Storage, Why Do They Do This

Jul 8, 2007

I just clicked on the Lunarpages webhosting ad at the top of this forum. Not really hunting for hosting myself but regularly suggest places to clients.

I noticed something strange. Their business account has unlimited storage:

# Unlimited Storage
# 3500 Gigs Data Transfer

For 21.95 per month. That's more space than you get with their virtual private servers.

Now we know that's not possible, machines have limits right? I've seen other hosting providers offer unlimited features as well - and since all servers have limited space and bandwidth abilities how can they offer these types of services with out the FTC cracking down for false advertising?

Beyond that, I don't recommend any service that offers unrealistic plans. Am I just overreacting since it seems more and more common?

** note, this isn't an attack on Lunarpages. They were there and it made this thought pop in my head.

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Aquarius Storage

May 30, 2009

I just like to thank Ryan from Aquarius Storage for helping me the other day set up my test account and test the server's loading time with my website. I now have fully transferred from my previous host, PeachyDandy, as my site loaded very slowly. I have now cancelled my account with PeachyDandy.

With Aquarius Storage my website now loads twice as fast as before. Site loading time according to Pingdom:

PeachyDandy - Average of 6 Seconds
Aquarius Storage - Average of 3 Seconds

Website - Mango Chico

Great job with the support Aquarius Storage! Moreover, the staff are very approachable and welcoming!

If you need speed, Aquarius Storage, is your hosting solution

Thumbs up Aquarius!

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How Much Storage And Bandwith Do I Need

Oct 2, 2008

My site is on forumotion right now. I want to move it and have it hosted somewhere. It is a local Mustang club. I have read all the problems with the oversold sites. I have also looked at others. The big issue is i dont rally know how much space I need. This is the site What it will have is that forum and probably a few webpages. It is still only a month old so it will keep growing hopefully. i just dont want to get way more than I will need.

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Clustered Storage

Apr 9, 2008

Does anyone know of a good reliable and redundant method of organizing clustered storage? I know that IBM has GPFS - has anyone actually used it? Do they charge a crap load for it?

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FTP Storage Solution

Jun 11, 2008

We need a High Speed "FTP Storage Solution" for transferring our files securely between our offices.

requirements are simple:
1. High Speed / Good Port Speed in Megs.
2. Unlimited Sub-Accounts
3. Restrict Access by Sub-Account
4. FTP Based Access is Important
5. Ability to Create Read Only / Write Only Sub-Accounts

Space: 2 GB +
Bandwidth: 20GB +
Speed: Speed is Key For us. He need high speed Solution. Something in tune of Many MeGPS connectivity. Not shared.

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PHP, MySql, 10 GB+ Storage

Sep 15, 2008

I've been with imhosted for a few years now. I have had horrible experiences with them with a lot of outages and lost data (2 days ago lost 6 months of data, they deny anything happened and have no backups).

I have been meaning to change hosts for a long time now but just haven't got the energy to wade through google trying to guess which have good SEO and which are the real deal.

Any recommendations for a host with the following features would be appreciated:

- dedicated IP that isn't blacklisted
- fairly fast PHP processing time for some CPU intensive scripts
- MySQL (just a few needed)

Quality of support and uptime are important and I would easily pay an extra $10 / month for it. My budget is up to $25 / month or so.

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Cheapest Storage For 10-20 TB

Feb 2, 2007

I'd like to find the cheapest way to store about 10 to 20 TBytes of data. After looking at some tape drives it seems like it'd be cheaper to get two or three big towers and fill them with large SATA drives attached to 3-ware controller cards.

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