Domain And Exchange Hosting

Jan 1, 2009

I'm currently with 1and1 - obviously they suck - no need to belabor that here. I've been resisting a hosting switch, but the outages are more and more frequent, and my website is my livlihood. Need recommendations for web/MySql hosting and also hosting for a single Exchange account. Does not have to be the same company. Price is not a huge issue - I'm willing to pay for quality. Requirements are basic; about 3-5 GB of file storage, SQL 4 and 5, linux server. Shared server is fine. Any recommendations? Don't really trust the "review" sites.

Some kind of moving assistance/support would be GREAT. I've managed to muddle through and set all this stuff up over the years, but am not at all confident of my ability to move it all without screwing up. Includes 3 active databases, several sites, SSL cert (currently purchased through 1&1 but it looks like they farmed it out to geotrust), and exchange mailbox.

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WS Domain & Exchange

Mar 6, 2008

Windows Questions

I WILL be install WS2003 EE R2 on a dedicated server.

However, I will make this into a DC/AD so I can install Exchange and serve the system as a Webserver. All that's fine

But the question during the creation of an DC props up.

I have 2 domains. I will also have 2 dedicated IP's.

Now, lets say I have domains and

1) Would I Install and configure DNS on this server? Remember, this is a dedicated server located in a datacenter somewhere with their infrastructure in place.

2) Would I need to configure anything in the LAN settings? Should I just leave everything to automatically detect IP and DNS Servers? (No other computer will be joining this domain)

anything else I should be aware of?

ok, now I have those domain names, I would need to update the DNS Records from the web hoster right? So I would need to update the NS records (The place I purchased the domain from)


Now, since I will be creating several user accounts here, these user accounts will be for email addresses.

1) Is it possible to have 2 domains on this 1 exchange server? I'm guessing not? (I dont have knowledge about exchange)

2) What about configuring an exchange server? How would I say create an email address like ""? So this email account would then be able to send/recieve email?

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Exchange Access Via Domain

May 22, 2009

I have an exchange 2003 server. You can access OWA via the browser by using the IP address of the line the server sits on.

How do I go about converting this IP address into a domain so exchange server 2003 is accessible via [url]or [url]

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Exchange Hosting Or Something Else

Aug 18, 2007

I've seen various companies offering Microsoft Exchange hosting but I'm not sure if this is what I need to go with or not. Let me explain what I'm wanting to do and maybe someone can give me a yay or nay on it. I have a desktop and a laptop running Outlook that I would like to be able to sync together with a web-based server. I also have a Treo 750 cell phone that I want to have my calendar and tasks synced as well with the web-based server.

For example: I add an appointment on my desktop computer and it syncs with the web server. When the web server gets it, it syncs to my cell phone via ActiveSync. Right now I'm using the free version of Mail2Web which doesn't support Outlook syncing. (I have to manually enter the data on the website interface and then it will sync via Activesync to my phone.) They do have a paid version starting at $11.95/mo that will supposedly do what I'm wanting to do with Outlook, but I'm not sure if this is overkill for what I need or not. Again I don't really need to sync email, just my calendar and tasks.

So do I need a full blown exchange hosting provider or is there some software (other than Exchange) that I can install on my Windows VPS that will do what I'm looking to do?

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Exchange/E-mail Hosting

Feb 11, 2008

Can anyone recommend a host that specializes in reliable Microsoft Exchange e-mail hosting that includes the web client?

Or optionally, a business that specalizes in reliable e-mail hosting along with collaborative web features.

Or finally, can anyone recommend a collaboration web software that could be installed on a UNIX/Linux server that already offers IMAP?

Didn't really see a forum that this question would fit in, so figured I'd put it in the forum with the experts.

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Exchange 2007 Hosting

Feb 26, 2008

i am currently seeking exchange 2007 hosting. i need a host that accepts paypal? could any off you point me to some hosts.

i no web2mail offers it but is a bit expensive $15 a month.

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Recommend An Exchange Hosting

Feb 11, 2008

Basically my requirements is as followed.

2 Accounts needed.

- Outlook Web Access
- Outlook Access (On the PC itself)
- 1 GB minimum per account

- only 1 account require blackberry sync.

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I Want To Resell MS-Exchange Hosting. Where Do I Go?

Sep 7, 2007

to provide MS-Exchange hosted accounts. (The ones with the free copy of MS-Exchange.)

We feel we should focus on our core business and are looking for a good company to resell from. We will have value-added services. We need a rock-solid company who provides an excellent SLA.

Who's in the game and who can provide a good wholesale price?

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Server Redundancy And Hosting Exchange..

Nov 11, 2008

I have two questions that hopefully someone will be able to help me out with. The first, is my partner and I want to provide server redundancy for our clients. Our set-up is as follows: two identical servers with multiple virtual machines (about 4) on each. One for SQL, one for IIS, etc. We also have a ServerIron XL to connect the two together and provide replication and load balancing. So the question is, has anyone here used a ServerIron XL and how easy is it to use/how effective is it? The second question is, we would like to provide our clients with hosted Exchange. I have set up and maintained a few Exchange 2007 servers, but only for a single company with a single domain. What would be the best way to go about providing a hosted Exchange solution?

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Hosted Exchange And Shared Web Hosting

Dec 15, 2008

Anyone know of a hosted exchange provider that also provides shared web hosting?

The shared hosting plan can be small - its for a low traffic site.

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Windows Hosting With IMAP Idle / Exchange

Apr 29, 2008

We've been frantically looking to move from this company called Media Temple for our staging server / email needs. Our application / corporate servers are hosted with The Planet.

Any one have any suggestions for a shared hosting provider between the regular $10-$20 / month range, having the following things:

Windows with .NET 2.0/3.5 and AJAX installed
At least 5GB storage
IMAP email with IDLE support or Exchange email (will pay more)
Ability to host at least 10 domains
Minimalist Control panel and Webmail preferred

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VPS Server And Exchange Shared Hosting From One Company

Sep 10, 2008

I'm currently with Steadfast Networks for my VPS (Linux). We are now in need of shared MS Exchange Hosting plan. Although I found some companies offering Exchange Hosting, they do not offer VPS's. Does anyone knows of any reliable company offering both?

I want someone (well maybe except Rackspace) who is reliable, has good feedback and provides good uptime and customer service.

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Sherweb Exchange Hosting - Suprisingly Great

Sep 6, 2007

I have been recently in the marketplace for an exchange e-mail hosting provider.

I'll tell you straight out that I wanted something quite cheap(less than $10/m), a big amount of storage(my outlook inbox is over 500MB ), exchange server 2007 and spam/virus protection.

I know, I know, you must be thinking to yourself - your expecting way too much for such a budget - yeah I guess I'm cheap that way .

On that note, you might not be surprised that I had quite a hard time finding an a exchange hosting provider that met my needs. Yes, their was 1and1 exchange hosting but I have already went through hell with them and the thought of handing over to them my CC info again just didint sit great.

I went through all the google adsense ads and searched extensively only to find providers (intermedia, appriver etc.) who were way above my budget. So I thought fine I'll shell out $30 a month but I NEED alot of storage. Thats where the huge shortfall was as all of these providers gave out of the box a maximum of 1GB of storage, to upgrade(many from 500MB) would have been another $20 or so a month so it didint seem to promising.

My lucky day

On like the 5th or so page on google I found

Sure enough they had exactly what I wanted. Their website seemed professional (yes I look to see how nice it looks ) and their live chat help was great. Down to the specifics: They offered a whopping 3GB of exchange 2007 space for only $8.95 a month which is unprecedented in the industry. To top it all off they had an excellent barracuda spam/virus protection in place with its own control panel to tweak sensitivity settings and see e-mails that it trapped. It's just such a pleasure to use. In addition, they have all the additional frills, web access, a nice admin panel, sharepoint, SAN backups etc.

(As a side point they did not have any reviews on WHT but just took a leap of faith *gasp*)

I have been with them for about a month and I know its not that long and I will be back to update in a few months but just wanted to let ya'll know what kind of wonderful experience it has been.

From the instantaneous setup to their within minutes response times support I really have been quite satisfied.

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Most Suitable Licence For Setting Up A Shared Hosting Server? (exchange, Sql, Dns)

Oct 8, 2008

I have built a server so I can co-locate it to be used for shared hosting. The specification is high, compared to most dedicated server offerings, so I was considering splitting it up into different virtual machines for different purposes. The specification is: Intel Xeon 3230 (4x 2.66ghz), 8GB DDR ECC RAM, Seagate Cheetah SAS 15,000rpm (4x 147GB), Adaptec RAID 5405 (RAID 6 Array with Battery Backup), Dual on-board NIC, etc.

The original plan was to use this machine as just one linux server, but I am concerned most of its potential will not be exploited. So I am exploring the possibility of setting it up as 2 Virtual Machines, installing Linux on one and Windows on the other. This way I can offer hosting for ASP and ASP.NET, and possibly MS SQL and/or Exchange depending on costs for their licences.

What Microsoft licences are suitable for servers used for shared hosting? From what I can gather there are several ways of being licenced, but I can't figure out which is the most cost effective. It seems you buy the server OS edition that supports your requirements, then pay another licence per user (CAL?) - I haven't got a clue how many users I will need to have though. Then if you want to use MS SQL, DNS or Exchange you need the correct edition - and buy licences for these too.

Does anyone know roughly what I should be looking to pay for what? I would ideally like to have MS SQL, DNS and Exchange - but am aware that the licence could be so expensive that it wouldn't be worth doing.

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United Kingdom :: Small Hosting Account Hosting One Domain

Feb 27, 2008

Can WHT'ers please suggest some reliable UK hosts so I can do some research on them? I am just looking for a small hosting account hosting one domain.

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Web Hosting That Gives Different IP For Each Domain

Apr 23, 2009

I am looking for web hosting services that give different IP for each of my domain.

Which mean, when I have several domains there, all of them have different IP instead of same IP.

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Can 1 Domain Have 2 Different Hosting

Oct 3, 2008

I have a certain domain which has linux hosting, but I want to provide a windows hosting for mail purpose for the same. Can I do it by just linking the DNS of the hosting to my domain?

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Domain Name & Hosting Name

Jul 21, 2008

Suppose I purchased a domain name say '' from '' and i've hosting account with ''.Now to make '' live I have to creat domain name '' on my hosting account and upload the sites content via FTP manager.

My question is - Can I creat domain name '' or ''' in my hosting account and point contents to ''? Or in other words-

Do domain name and hosting account created domain need to be same?( & , in this case)

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Web Hosting Domain

Aug 18, 2007

I just got hosting with a company called Netfirms (, and I gave it my domain name( that I purchased from godaddy. However, will not redirect to the actual pages that I have uploaded to netfirms. The only page that will work is crappy subdomain). I just signed up about 30 minutes ago, so maybe I need to wait for the domain to register into the system, but I feel like I got ripped off. Anybody have any idea of if I just need to wait, and then the regular domain will work?

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Domain Name Server (DNS) Hosting On A VPS

Sep 17, 2007

I need to make a dns hosting for a client of mine. He will change his domain name nameservers to point to my server.

His website is hosted on another hosting company. On my server I will create all the necessary CNAME and A records to point www on the server of the other company.

My problem is with the MX records though. Because my client owns a local mailserver, (I think it's MS Exchange server) I need to create a primary MX record to deliver all the mails to that mailserver. No problem till here.. But he also needs a secondary MX record in case his mailserver is inaccessible ,so all the mails have to be queued on my VPS and when his mailserver is accessible again to deliver all the mails.

Any idea of how I can configure my dns zones for that?

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Domain Name Server (DNS) Hosting ...

May 29, 2008

I need a good but cheap DNS hosting service for hosting 4 domains of mine. Any ideas?

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Hosting One Domain With Two Servers

Jul 18, 2009

I would like to host 1 domain with 2 servers. How would i get both servers to have the same info on them. I have 2 servers and I only have the intended need to host 1 website. How would I do that?

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Domain Name With Remote Hosting

Nov 3, 2009

please be patient with me, im new to dns technical issues.

What im trying to do is, I have a a web design company that offers hosting for the content we design. Now i have a customer who has a domain name registered through godaddy on their own account. How do i get the website content to appear when a visitor types in the domain name.

My hosting account has a dedicated ip if that makes a difference.

I understand that there may be more ways than one to accomplish this task.

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Anonymous Hosting/domain

Oct 2, 2009

about anonymous hosting/domain registration. I've been a web developer for a while and just started building a site for a friend of mine overseas. He wants everything to be completely anonymous due to the nature of the site (steroids).

Now I'm pretty sure I got it figured out but it seems too easy. Offshore domain registration with a prepaid card/ offshore web hosting the same way. My guy says he wants everything as anonymous as possible and is already hooked up to the Tor network with Privoxy.

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Hosting/Domain Name Reseller

May 27, 2009

I am stuck between GoDaddy and HostGator for reseller account. What I want is to offer my client to host their site I design on my hosting service but I also want to offer reseller program on other site.

Here are the problems:

GoDaddy have good automatic system, but it won't let me have the freedom to have access into my client's cpanel to upload or update their website unless they have to give me their username and password. GoDaddy requires me to purchase reseller and SUPER reseller package if I want to run two websites.

GatorHost offers me to manage WHM and Cpanel for my clients which is good. They also have ENOM for me to be domain dealer. The negative thing about Gatorhost is that I have to use one of their free template, if I need one, but their templates sucks! And I do not know how to tailor my own website with their WHM automated billing system.

What do you suggest and where can I find a good hosting template to edit. I just wish that GatorHost have automatic system with better template!

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Domain Names And Hosting

Oct 1, 2009

I have a domain bought with

I have the site hosted on

Whenever I put the address in (.com) it stays as the label in the address bar on every page.

Is having the hosting and and domain with the same company the only way to make the pages say etc ?

Without using masking of course.

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Domain Registered But Looking For Hosting

May 5, 2009

Just purchased a domain name and looking for hosting. Spent the last 2 nights reading reviews/complaints, but do not know which are genuine. Too many companies too pick from. Do not know which ones are good or to aviod.

I had a website with webhostingpad, but they couldn't get my webmail to work, so I cancelled. Apart from that, the service wasn't bad. Now hunting for a new web host.

Newbie, so don't need such big resources. Website is to promote a home school. A few pics and webmail that works is all I need. Site builder would be good too. Budget: about $5 a month. Location: Japan.

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Is It Bad If My Domain And Hosting Are From The Same Company

Oct 6, 2009

I've read articles that said it's generally bad to use the domain registrar as the hosting company(forgot the reason though)Right now I have some domains in Goddady and 1and1, and have a Hostgator account. I am thinking about just using Goddady's hosting service so I only need to manage my Goddady and 1and1 accounts instead of managing 3 accounts.

I am going to use to build the sites

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Changing Hosting Not Domain

Jul 25, 2009

I want to change the hosting to from .. what is required. I have changed the dns but now i get server not found on what else is defined?

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Unlimited Domain Hosting

Feb 27, 2009

A while back I had a hosting service prepaid for 2 years...awful.

They say I can have unlimited domain hosting. But it turned out I can have subdomains that's what they meant. I think its false advertising.

Right now I have a cheap host for $1/month reseller, promise of unlimited domains/bandwidth etc.,

How is it possible to host unlimited domains? Or is this a concept used by everyone to mean unlimited "subdomains"?

how this work? Because I am trying to save cost on hosting and have a reliable service provider. Is it possible in CPanel?

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Hosting And Domain Name China

Sep 1, 2008

For my future Chinese Bonsai website I am considering several options for hosting and domain names. Until now I have a US and an Amsterdam hosting (English version in the US and the Dutch, French and German in Amsterdam).

As the Chinese version will be non-political I think I prefer to host it in mainland China. Does anyone here knows a good webhosting that is not too cheap? I need 100Mb and some GB's (I guess under 5GB should be ok) of bandwidth.

Furthermore, I am not sure what domain name to choose. I have 4 options:

1. the name in pinyin (normal text) .com
2. the name in pinyin .cn
3. the name in Chinese characters .com
3. the name in Chinese characters .cn

If I choose to take a .com, would it matter to have this domain name registered in the US? This is cheaper than in China I think; however, it is important to me that the website is seen by Baidu as 100% Chinese (does it matter where a domain name is registered?)

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