Apr 6, 2009

Just my two cents

Signed up for their budget server last week, added a few upgrades (one-time fee!!!), and server was deployed within 24 hours. Have put in a few tickets for questions and small issues and responses have ranged from between 5 minutes (sales and setup questions) to 6 hours (rDNS request).

So far, so good!

Because of the one-time fees for upgrades, the initial cost was quite high but it will pay for itself in 6 months with the very low monthly fee. So far, network seems fine, no issues whatsoever.

I think the fact that they offer the one-time fee for server upgrades is frankly amazing. Not sure how they do this. I can scale up as needed without increasing my monthly cost.

With this pricing structure, they are going to develop into a major player.

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Oct 23, 2009

As it can be a shot in the dark and leap of faith when it comes to hosting, though WHT does make it easier, I thought I'd post a comment on initial perceptions with CoreNetworks having taken a new server there.

First off, the prices on their servers are clearly very competitive, and even on their lowest priced discount range, the machines offer decent specs.

A disappointment is that they don't accept PayPal other than with a debit card that's not available in the UK, so exchange rates come into play that otherwise wouldn't need to if one could pay from a USD PayPal balance. But servers are cheap, so not really an issue overall.

The server was up within about 24 hours, but hard drive performance was really bad at < 30 MB/sec read, and < 3 MB/sec write! Clearly a fault of some kind, so a ticket was opened.

Within an hour there was an apologetic response with options to resolve. They checked the drive, swapped SATA cables, checked the BIOS, and at my request, switched Unix version too. There were a few ticket updates back and forth and the issue was finally resolved quickly.

There's a simple but adequate support panel with account details, and where a power cycle can be quickly and easily executed. A stated option not explored yet to trigger this remotely is very nice.

So overall a good deal so far, and a good support attitude that really helps when you've an issue that needs resolving.

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Considering CoreNetworks

Jun 5, 2008

I'm considering getting a box or two from corenetworks for backup purposes. However the test files from there website download considerably slow(32KB/s).

Does anyone have a server with them that would host a test file(10mb or so).

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Joesdatacenter Vs CoreNetworks

Oct 20, 2009

These two companies seem to be the most popular in the budget dedicated markets and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on their networks.

Joes AFAIK is mostly cogent, anyone know what providers corenetworks uses?

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Oct 19, 2009 and

Which one has a better network and support ?

I am want to rent a dedicated server so the network and the tech. support are very important.

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CoreNetworks 6+ Month Review

Apr 13, 2009

We're coming up on around 7 or 8 months with a low-spec machine at CoreNetworks, and overall I'm pretty happy with the service. I picked it up as something cheap for my personal sites, but I've snuck some work stuff on there too. At the time of ordering, the specs of the machine I was given exceeded the specs they were offering (3.0ghz instead of 2.4ghz, if I'm not mistaken), it was provisioned quickly and the option to use KVMoIP and do your own install was great.

Sales were exceptionally helpful prior to ordering the machine, and support were fast and friendly every time I needed their help. The on-demand KVMoIP was setup fast on the one occasion I've needed it - ticket created 9:23AM, Chemito responded at 9:26 and had it hooked up and emailed me the details at 9:34. When I first configured the machine, my third IP address was unusable because something got goofed. I filed the ticket at 12:27PM, it was fixed and I had a response by 12:34PM. In fact if I average out all the tickets I've filed (which admittedly are mostly silly issues), the average resolution time is under ten minutes.

The network isn't bad, the pings are slightly elevated and there are periodic bouts of DoS which are dealt with quickly. The network status page is updated frequently with regards to these incidents, which makes me happy as I'm all about honesty when something stops working. I decided to go with the 3mbps unmetered, because I don't really use the server for much and at the time I ordered it overages were crazy expensive - they appear to have come down in price quite a bit.

The one-time upgrades for RAM and suchlike are great, it helps to keep the bottom-barrel monthly pricing with only a modest up-front cost. They also have an automated remote-reboot system in addition to the on-demand KVMoIP. The setup fees can be a little hard to swallow for the budget market, but on the whole it's completely worth it if you plan on staying any length of time.

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May 1, 2009

I write this review somewhat sadly as it marks the end of a hosting experiment. It started off as a hosting experiment in which I wrote my own control panel and used mpm-itk, but unfortunatly it just wasn't that popular, cPanel is the "Windows" of the hosting world now, its very hard to get people to try something else, this combined with the exchange rate have forced me to move closer to home.

I posted a previous review about CoreNetworks some time ago (i think it may be lost now due to the DB issues at WHT), but to recap i signed up for there $24.99 server. I was intially pretty dubious due to the price, but i have been happily proved wrong! Really since my last review not much has changed, server uptime has been excellent, i've not suffered from hardware or network issues. A few months ago a 0-day roundcube exploit infected my server and started to perform a DOS and using alot of bandwidth, they dealt with the issue very professionally, shutting down the network connection to the server and giving me the oppertunity to fix the problem.

If you are after a cheap and trouble free, and i cannot stress this enough completely unmanaged server, i would strongly recommend CoreNetworks enough.

I only have one DNS record left linking to the server (

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Corenetworks Speed Test

Apr 17, 2009

Anyone got a 100mbit server at corenetworks that I could speed test from? The test file that I got from corenetworks was only able to give me about 500KB/sec so I think their server might only be 10mbit.

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14 Month Review - CoreNetworks

May 25, 2009

As some of you may know, I was looking a long time ago for an affordable dedicated server for as little as possible in terms of $$$. have been GREAT. 200% satisfied and very positive.

They have a decent range of servers available, a few of them require a one off setup fee which is fine. The bandwidth packages are reasonable also and they have NEVER had a down time since I have been with them.

They charge on a monthly basis. Support and sales have been great. Support usually get back to me anywhere from 5mins-1 hour if peak team.

They also do free KVM IP Access, but you must put in a support request for them to enable it for your server, so they can then give someone else the access which is fine.

I have been able to install my OWN OS and applications, and they give you 2 IP's for free, and any other IP's for 1$/month/per IP extra if you want more than 2.

Support is very friendly. I currently pay around 15 GBP for my server since its just really a "test" server, but I did ask for another server for a month for testing a client application I was developing, and the server was up and running within 24 hours.

Anything else you folks wanna know about this? I seriously like it and have never had any problems with them what so ever.

Cheap, affordable, reliable, friendly staff - what more do you want?

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CoreNetworks Startup Delay

May 19, 2009

how long an average a dedicated server from takes?

I need a solution by tonight and I thought if I ordered it early this morning (1 AM) that it would be up by midnight, but not yet.

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Corenetworks Six Month Review

Oct 12, 2009

Just a quick post to let folks know about my experience with Corenetworks. I run a very small business doing consulting and some hosting (only if I compiled the code myself).

I manage my own machines and feel that if it can't be done in vi then it isn't worth doing

I've been through alot of cheap hosts including,, and two different resellers of - both of whom ripped me off (thanks for vetting your resellers you wingnuts). Cost is a huge issue for me as I'm not quite to break even on hosting vs. cost.

The experience with Corenetworks has shown me that you can have an affordable and quality experience. I have been with them for about 6 months now and they have done a great job. Except for a few short times where they told me that they were experiencing a DDOS event they have been rock solid. They were able to tell me almost instantly that they were experiencing these events so I can handle this. None of the events were for more than a few minutes.

Overall I'd recommend them in a heartbeat.

Some domains I run to check -,

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12 Month Review, W/CoreNetworks

Mar 1, 2008

With the type of service has been providing me so far, I am compelled to write this review.

Sign Up: As you can see, I've been with CoreNetworks for 12 months now. While signing up for their service I've had my suspicions since they were selling servers for dirt cheap prices. But I needed a server for testing so I wanted to give it a go. And my suspicions were confirmed. Their sign up form was very simple and to the point. I wanted to see a complicated sign up form with hundreds of configurations where I could make a mistake and later the host could screw me over for choosing the wrong config. Ok, thats fine, whatever. But then, they had the nerve to send me the login information with in 8 hours. I wanted the login information 24-48 hours later like most dedicated providers do, not 8 hours, pfffft....

The Good: Since this is a test server I do a lot of misconfiguration (such as delete /etc and /) and sometimes (as in 3 times so far) it calls for a OS re-install. Russell and Andrew were not helpful at all. They said they were going to charge me a re-install fee and get it done tomorrow morning. Then I get an email later that night, I believe it was 3am, stating my server was re-installed and ready to go. And you know whats worse? They didn't even charge me for the re-install on my next statement WTF?

After a few months down the road, I wanted to get a RAID-1 for my server. And it was the same issue again, they kept me informed through the process and not just ignore. Andrew also helped me configure the directadmin options as it was not working properly with the software RAID-1.

And other than that, I've had various other tickets submitted, some on Saturday night and I get replies within a few minutes from Russell or Andrew. So overall, their support sucks. What happened to the good ol' providers who promise 24/7 support but dont reply until few days after? I never asked for fast replies damn it!

Their network I believe consists of Verizon, ATT, Savvis and Level(3). I see a few blips here and there but never experienced a major downtime...I was kind of disappointed to see top notch transit providers on their network and close to 99.99% uptime almost every month.

The Bad: The only bad, if you really consider this "bad", would be their billing. The issue is that they don't charge on the same day as I bought the service or any same say for that matter. What I mean is, say in march they charge the card on 7th, in April it can be 12th and some months its 18th. So on my statements, some of the months I see no charges from CoreNetworks and sometimes I see 2 charges (for the previous and current months). Its not a big deal but a minor inconvenience that I've noticed.

Bottom Line: CoreNetworks provides fast support, a friendly team, solid network, and nice features such as remote reboot and firewall by default. So please, I would highly recommend you to choose a different provider who will not offer any of these, and trust me, you wont regret it.

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Apr 26, 2008

I'm coming up on five months with corenetworks soon, so I thought I'd leave them a quick review.

Usually, one of the biggest failures with the cheap providers is that they have no support at all, but I've never had that problem with corenetworks. I'm not one to need a support person every day to help me fix my problems, but whenever I've sent a ticket in, I've always gotten a responce back in a very reasonable amount of time. When I was setting the server up, I needed a driver cd in the drive; I sent a support ticket in and 5 minutes later it was in the drive, and I was installing the drivers for my network card over IP KVM. I've never had any major problems, but I'm sure if I do, the support staff will be there and ready to help . I even got a responce to a ticket on Christmas eve once .

It's no secret that corenetworks is basically the cheapest dedicated provider around. At the moment, I'm paying a lowly $25/m for a 10mbit line with 1TB of bandwidth, 512MB of ram and a celeron 2.6GHz. Not the best server, but for the price, I'm not complaining.

When I first bought the server, I was ready for it to go down quite often, thinking their network just couldn't be stable for the price I was paying. But I was wrong.

There's been one outage that lasted for more then 2 minutes, and It was promptly on the network status page, and it only ended up lasting about 20 minutes. My server has NEVER had the power turned off apart from when I've done it myself, and it's always come back on.

Their web panel might be a bit lacking in some areas compared to other hosts, but it has everything that you need. MRTG graphs, the option to reboot, billing statements etc. IP KVM is avilable on reqest, but I don't know about that because I've never needed to use it before. The only thing that annoys me slightly is how their billing works on the web panel, sometimes it gets out of sync with the billing, and tells me that my ills are 15+ days overdue (it once went to 28 days overdue, then it told me my bill was due in two days ). Other then that, I have absolutely no complaints about their features, it's all in the server where it should be, not in the web panel.

Overall, I'd have to say I rate them at a 9.5 out of 10, only because nothing is perfect, but corenetworks comes damn close, I'd reccomend them to anyone who's looking for a low priced dedicated server that they can count on.

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Corenetworks - Bandwidth Selection

Feb 29, 2008

So I emailed sales yesterday and haven't got any response.

Some of you are are their customers and might be able to answer my question.

When selecting bandwith options 3Mbit unmetered means I get full 3 Mbit speed all the time whereas other option 1000GB I'm sharing 10MBit port with other servers and if lucky sometimes I can 10Mbit or 1MBit on a bad day, am I wrong?

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LiquidWeb VPS Vs. Corenetworks Dedicated Server

Dec 22, 2008

LiquidWeb VPS vs. corenetworks Dedicated Server -- Opinions?

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Review: -- Super Cheap Dedicated Servers

Apr 26, 2008

I thought I would write a quick review of!

I've had a server at Core networks for about a year now, and have worked with support as well as billing.

Lets start off with the most important thing, support. I am not one to need hand-holding from support, but every once and a while I need things like IP-KVM access, hardware upgrades, hardware replacements, etc. I've put in four requests for IP-KVM access via their ticketing system since I started hosting there, and each request was fulfilled within 30 minutes. I have to admit that 30 minutes is impressive for a dedicated hosting company. It must be remembered that they are unmanaged hosting, and managed hosting services cost extra. I find this scenario fits most technical people well because more resources are put into *real* requests such as hardware, kvm, etc instead of resources being used for hand-holding (i lost my root password, my apache process is not starting, etc)

The price compared to the hardware you get is exceptional. A lot of hosting company's out there will push overused hardware on you. (some larger companies reuse hard drives over and over, check the smart drive lifetime with smartctl) The hard drive I was provided had a usage time of 3 months. That is VERY good compared to the average active drive life time at other hosting providers of 2-4 years. The hardware has been reliable and fault free (i have 2 machines now with no problems)

This is the greatest part, every other budge dedicated hosting provider i've been with has had horrible power (sometimes reboots every few days, and the occasional downtime of a few hours) I have not had a single power outage or reboot since I first started at core networks! One of my severs has an uptime of 355 Days.

The network is not blazing fast... with the package I got. I decided on the metered 3Mb connection (no extra cost) There is also an unmetered connection with a bandwidth limit, if anyone can chime in on this it would be great . I do know that I have always had a 3Mb full pipe on this plan (up and down) which is more then enough for my hosting purposes.

Core networks has all of the features of the big-boys: Remote power management, bandwidth mrtg graphs, network status page, Free IP-KVM, etc.

The company does utilize it's cheaper servers as a bargaining tool for sales. It seems they unleash their $24/mo servers for a week or two to drive sales and then mark them as sold out. Currently I have the $49/mo servers (with a bit extra oomph) and I am ecstatic with the price. If you can catch the $24/mo servers, get them when you see'em!

Overall I would recommend to anyone who is seeking a quality server for personal use or small business use. I am not sure how the service would meet enterprise level businesses, but they do have more expensive plans and I see no reason those would suck.

"Offical, im a reviewr score": 9 out of 10'

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