Conduct Or Legal Operating Practice

Jun 29, 2008

I have a ethics and legality scenario I would like to pose here. This is to be considered a fictional scenario and any similarity to any real company or person is unintentional.

COMPANY X has colo racks in DATACENTER and hosts a client named COMPANY Y. COMPANY Y also hosts 50 small web sites on cpanel and 40 VPS servers on their linux VPS node in exchange for a discount or other compensation. During the month of may and COMPANY Y's bill raises from being 3000 past due to over 12000 past due to various reasons including purchasing of hds from the DATACENTER using COMPANY X's account, tech work dont by DATACENTER for COMPANY Y needed also billed to COMPANY X's account, as well as BW and rack costs. Seeing this alrming bill by the end of May COMPANY X begins putting pressure on COMPANY Y to pay some invoices as no payments were received during the entire month of may and COMPANY X is also having a hard time paying DATACENTER due to not being paid by COMPANY Y but makes efforts to pay 25% of the outstanding bill in June.

Near the end of june COMPANY X has had enough and arrives at the datacetner to attempt to move theritr clients off COMPANY Ys hardware so they can suspend service of COMPANY Y completely. On the visit COMPANY X brings 2 new servers in and begins moving clients of their over and COMPANY X notices this action and begins to suspend and remove access to all of COMPANY X's clients. COMPANY X then decided to power off the boxes of COMPANY Y and removes drives containing COMPANY X customer data for offline recovery. and because they beleived the DATACENTER might be untrustworthy enough to release hardware fromt heir rakcs without their permission. The drives were for as much colatteral purposes as for recoverying customer data. They then pack the drives in boxes and a bag and leave the datacenter having spent nearly 20 hours working and head on a long trip home and signs out of the data center in front of various techs holding the server parts and tools.

Upon arriving back to their office/home

They were informed that the removal of the HDs was not allowed byt he datacenter because the account was past due and it was discovered that several drives with cOMPANY X's clients were left in the datacenter which COMPANY X now wishes they had remembered to get. DATACENTER is furious and demands the account be paid in full by a fixed time or the entire colo will be cut power. COMPANY X scrambles to find others to help them and another major client who has alot at risk decides to help and a payment of $7160 is made to DATACETNER but it came in a few minutes past the deadline. DATACETNER had suspended servuce, and cut power but stated they wil return service shortly. Shortly after this it is discovered that several servers belonging to COMANY X and two other companies who were supsended in the same day were not int he rack anymore. DATACENTER accout rep responds with the following message in ICQ/AIM .....

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VPS Best Practice

Nov 4, 2008

Anyone have any input on best practice for running vps servers it seems that there is a grey area when it comes to different configurations.

Ive seen so many
Hypervm with openVz

way to go about running a vps server and or servers and recomended configurations for each type.

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Routing Practice

Sep 6, 2007

Our colo has two carriers, call them A and B. I have discovered the colo provider is round-robining traffic out it's two carriers on a per-packet basis, not per flow.

Assume we want to reach destination IP a.b.c.d.

%> traceroute -q5 a.b.c.d

Results show that at the hop leaving the colo's border router, some packets transit Carrier A and some Carrier B, to the same destination IP, during the same traceroute.

Is this a routing Best Practice, or am I correct in thinking this is the Lazy Man's way of load balancing across multiple circuits, multiple carriers? BGP route selection does not seem to apply here (i.e., either Carrier A or Carrier B but not both at the same time).

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Shady Lil Practice At Softlayer

Sep 21, 2009

Well I was quite surprised to see this but basically if you cancel a server at softlayer unless you go through after the fact and cancel all the associated orphans like ip ranges, vpn users, etc that was allocated to the servers you cancelled they will still bill you for this.

I have seen the notice on the cancellation process and I have always stated in cancellation ticket to cancel this server and all addons for it.

I find out today that I have been paying for at least 20 ip ranges, 15 vpn users and even a cpanel license for servers that I have cancelled months ago. How insane is that?

When a person cancels a server, they expect that server and all addons such as ip ranges, licenses and vpn users that was allocated to those servers to be cancelled as well. This seems not to be the case at softlayer and this is nothing more then an obvious way to bill clients for things that they are not even using or really cannot even use.

I guess that is what someone can expect from some wal-mart style network but I think this is simply an unethical practice. Most people would assume all items associated with a cancelled server would be cancelled with the server, that is what softlayer depends on .

IN the end I guess it is my fault for not reading "the fine print" but Im about sick of this fine print crap where hosts can outright decieve you and rip you off and then later point out some fine print validating their reasons.

Has anyone else had this issue at softlayer?

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Best Practice To Administer A Website

Apr 15, 2009

Do you access your server remotely (RDC) and administer your website or do you use SSL from any machine?

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Best Practice For Web Hosting On Your Own Server

Jun 27, 2007

I am currently web hosting my own site (at home) through port 8000 using firewire. My activation is by invitation only. This means that I have to manually activate you before you can post on my board. I do this for security reasons and plus there is no need to invite the outside world. However, anyone on the outside world can view the site. The url is in the form of where is the IP address and 8000 of course is the port.

In order to make my site more secure, I have also changed the admin dir so that you can't just url to .../forums/admin/ and then start typing in passwords.
In addition, the version of my board is hidden and html is disabled.

I believe that I am secure but I would like to know other best web hosting practice methodologies that will allow me to be even more secure, particularly in the case where I am hosting on my own computer in my own home.

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Best Practice How To Mirror (or Sync) Site To Another Plesk Host

Sep 28, 2008

I'm looking for a method to basically clone my plesk site to another hosting provider also running plesk, the idea is so if my site A is down, I can just re-point the dns entry to Site B, and minimize downtime.

It makes sense to me to pay 2x hosting costs so I can have a site mirrored in case the main site goes offline, then I can just switch the dns to the new host. The trick is how can I automatically keep Site B mirrored as part of site A. Using Plesk Backup doesn't seem practical as it's not automatic. Does Cpanel have a site mirroring feature?

Would something like rsync work? Doesn't this require shell access? I'm looking for best practices to be able to mirror Site A to Site B in an automatic method..

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No HW Raid - FreeBSD Gmirror (soft-raid1) As Best Practice For Data Integrity?

Jul 30, 2006

Dedicated server has 2 HDD but I am not going to pay another $25/month for the hardware RAID solution (already stretched too far).

My plan is to install FreeBSD 6 and use Gmirror to establish a raid-1 "soft" mirror.

Advantages: Entire drive is mirrored including the OS. Drives can be remotely inserted or removed from the mirror set using a console command so its possible to uncouple the mirror and perform software updates on a single drive then re-establish the mirror only after the updates have proved successful.

Disadvantages: Lower I/O than hardware solution (not a problem for me) others???

I rarely see people consider software raid for a tight-budget server and I am wondering why? Could it be that other OS's dont have a solution as good as gmirror? Or is it just that crappy soft-raid in the past has left a bitter taste in admins mouths? Or perhaps admins need the extra I/O of hardware?

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Is 'RapidLeech' Legal In The US?

Jan 2, 2009

Is RapidLeech legal in the US?

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Legal Warez

May 21, 2009

I'm kinda confused about warez linking allowed VPS hosters.. Most of them they say "Warez Linking is allowed" "AS LONG AS IT'S LEGAL" Is there a legal warez? I though that warez is illegal in the first place!

I'm planing to buy a VPS Plan from, but I'm afraid they might terminate my account, so want to make sure if I will work fine with them, I've contacted them as pre-sale question, they said that warez linking is allowed as long as nothing is hosted on their server.

Okay, Now what's legal warez? My site content actually is New worldwide music albums, info, Movies, Cracked/nulled softwares..

Download links are included, but hosted on sharing site such as etc..

Will this be fine? Or I might experience account termination?

I'm just inches away from purchasing their 512MB RAM Plan, this is my final question.

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Which Operating System

Feb 18, 2007

There's bloody heaps of them. Which one do I go for on my two new file servers? Which operating system out of these is the most common, has the most support, is most compatible? The server will be used to host videos and will run c-panel. A light weight OS is probably preferred but I really have no idea. And incase it helps, the servers have 512mb of ram, about 30 - 40GB of hDD (not actually sure) and an old AMD Duron.

Direct Admin
Gentoo LiveCD

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Legal Adult Content

May 24, 2008

I have been looking for adult hosting services. Of the businesses I have found that do allow adult hosting, I have seen one stipulation. "Legal adult content". I'm not quite sure on what this means. Does it pertain to the obvious, like no child porn, bestiality, etc. Or is there legalities to the access of the adult content? Though I live in the US, I was not raised nor educated here, and thus not aware of the details here.

All I wish to host is a general content forum where my members can have a section to post 18+ pornography such as you would see in any regular adult video store. I plan to have this in an invite only section of the forum as to keep the content inaccessible to under 18 year olds. I believe this should be within the requirements of legal adult content.

Anyone who knows the details of the term "Legal adult content", could you please clear this up for me?

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Legal Action Against

May 8, 2009

a company named [url] was with us for almost 4, months and they are using the server which are custom ordered high end server, we didn't took setup fee just because they promise us to stay at list for an year

and from past 2 months they just ranned away somewhere, didn't paid any invoice
i guess we did a big mistake by believing in them

i know these 2 servers wont make a big difference but still just for my info

can anyone suggest if we can take any legal action on them ?
i know there site is still up and running

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Legal Action Against Host

May 24, 2008

i would like to present to you a scenario im sure everybody has thought of and has come up against.

1. If you are hosting with a web host and your files and website has been compromised due to the lack of security on the server what actions can you take against the host for this loss?

2. The host has a backup dating back to a week, but of course the data you have accumulated for the week that was lost is very valuable but you cant get it back now because of a flaw with the hosts server, is there anything you can do in a situation like this?

3. What if you are a reseller and have setup several sites for customers. One customer uses a CMS which means he/she will be updaitng their website every now and then and not always you are able to make backups of all the websites hosted by you as the reseller.

Now a weeks or a few days of data have been lost. The client complains and wants to take legal action against the reseller (you) and of course the reseller knows its the problem with the main host you are hosting with. What does the reseller do now with the client and the host whos made the mistake?

4. Clients livelihood depends on his/her Ecommerce website, they make an average turnover. Whether you are hosting on a dedicated or VPS nevertheless data loss has occured because the box was compromised. The blame is put on the host. In a scenario like this what can the customer do? He/She has lost some client details/orders information and products as a whole...? Remember this is a business... and money has been lost. A recovery backup a week old will never be sufficient enough for the loss.

Think about it... what will you do if any of the above four scenarios were to happen to you?

Yes i am aware of the terms. Some hosts will say they are not responsible forData loss in their small prints,
Some will say it is soley up to the customer to make backups,
When it comes to court they will point this out, and you'll be kicking yourself for being so foolish to go with a host in the first place which dosent gurantee the safety of your data.

Customers dont always read the small fine prints. Now realistically speaking what can the customer/client do in a situation like this? Im guessing nothing if the host outlines the terms ive pointed out above?

Is there really a host out there which takes whole responsibility for the loss and damage they create to your websites and businesses online?

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Hosting Legal Torrents

Apr 19, 2008

I'm looking for a cheap host which offers to host torrent files. It is legal .pdf files i will be offering. Any ideas?

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When Did Email Spoofing Become Legal

Apr 16, 2008

I got a bounced back message that I never sent. I was profoundly shocked to discover (through the header info) that the message originated from; a site that ostensibly is a spoof email service provider.

Should such sites be allowed to exist?

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DDoS And Legal Issues

Jun 7, 2008

I see lot of threads about DoSes and from what I understand its pretty much up to client to pay expensive prices for a DoS firewall, or just get a few days of downtime and hope the DoS ends when server is put back online.

However, one thing I've been wondering is do providers (unmanaged) normally assist with the legal issues behind this? Like is it up to them to sue the ones DoSing given it's their network, or is it still up to the customer to do that?

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Xen And 64bit Operating Systems

Jun 1, 2009

I tried installing CentOS 64bit using windows image and vnc that comes with HyperVM and it says (your cpu does not support long mode. use a 32 bit distribution), and if I try to install Windows Server 2008 I get blue screen with a stop and error.

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Which Operating System For Web Server?

Apr 22, 2008

I have always used debian on my virtual machine but was just curious as to what OS people use for their hosting?

The company I am looking at moving to for hosting offer the following options:
* Debian
* Ubuntu Server
* Open Suse
* Free BSD
* Fedora Core
* CentOS
* Gentoo
* Slackware
* Windows 2003 Basic
* Windows 2003 Pro

I have heard from a lot of people that Freebsd is good for hosting but just wondering what your views are

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LEGAL ISSUE: Which Host To Turn To

Mar 30, 2008

im running a site where users can submit their comic books excerpts or works.

but sometimes there are users that upload copyrighted works.

how to deal with this problem? I have the DMCA legal notice that I copied from other websites and fixed it to suit mine.

I remove any copyrighted material upon request.

I cannot monitor all posting 24/7.

so which hosting, location(us, amsterdam, netherlands?), and other precuations should i take ? is it okay to copy legal stuff from other similar site and change around the wording to fit my site?

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Which Windows Operating System To Get For DB Server

Mar 10, 2008

to get a dedicated sql server 2005 box and am not sure the best operating system. These are my choices:

Windows Server 2003 Enterprise - 32 bit
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise - 64 bit
Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise - 32 bit
Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise - 64 bit

This is the server I'm thinking of getting -
Dual Woodcrest Series - SATA Dual Intel Woodcrest 5130 Dual Core Processors 2 x 500GB Hard Drive 4096 MB RAM

Currently, I have my IIS web server and sql server 2005 on the same machine and it's just too bogged down. That one runs windows 2003 standard 32 bit on a Dual Xeon 2.8GHz Processor 2 x 80GB Hard Drive 4096 MB RAM

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Which Virtualization Guest Operating System

Aug 7, 2008

For all of you who are ordering / have ordered VPS systems, what do you think about having Windows vs Linux available from your provider?

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Server With SuSe Operating System

Jul 3, 2008

direction of any companies who offer dedicated servers with SuSe -

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Determining Operating System (Linux)

Nov 15, 2007

Without having all of the operating systems at my disposal for testing, I would like to figure out a way to determine the operating system of a remotely accessed Linux machine.

It seems pretty strange though, since cPanel reports both machines I am using as being

CENTOS Enterprise 4.5 i686, yet one's uname -a reports:

Linux 2.6.9-023stab044.4-enterprise #1 SMP Thu May 24 17:41:23 MSD 2007 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

Linux 2.6.9-55.0.6.ELsmp #1 SMP Tue Sep 4 21:36:00 EDT 2007 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
I'm assuming there is a way to determine the OS from this information. Anyone know how?

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Preferred Operating System For Web Serving

May 13, 2007

I have been online since 95 and I've got a lot of information I could help others with regarding web development and interface design.

One thing I'm terrible at is System Administration, but I'm getting better and my first step is to pick a reliable operating system for both the webservers and the database servers. Would anyone be willing to answer the following questions or point me to a thread that already discusses these?

A little background, our site has 200k members, 30k active and is growing by about 5k a week. We still run MySQL 4.0.27 on the DB servers and they are running FC2. The webservers are Apache 1.3.37 and PHP 4.4.2 running FC2 and FC4 as well.

My questions

1. What OS would you prefer to upgrade to for the web servers? and a
"few" reasons why?

2. What OS would you prefer to upgrade to for the database servers?
and a "few" reasons why?

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Need A UK Based VPS That Accept's Legal Adult Content

Aug 5, 2008

I am looking for a UK based VPS from a UK company that allows legal adult hosting. I am ideally looking for at least 40GB space and 500GB b/w to start with.

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Looking Dedicatet 100 Mbit Unmtered With Legal Bitorrent

Jun 3, 2008

I'm looking for a host in europe, nl, de ..., with a unmetered 100mbit server that allows me to run legal torrent on it.

My buget are ca 200 euro or so.

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Which Linux Family Operating System Is More Stable

Aug 6, 2008

I would like to know which Linux family Operating System is more stable and have a better support for a Dedicated Server .....?

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HostNine Won't Let Me Cancel My Account And Is Threatening Legal Action!

Jan 7, 2009

Does anyone know the proper avenue for cancelling an account with HostNine? They are giving me the run around and ignoring my requests for a cancellation. I originally tried to cancel my account a couple of months ago by e-mail. They informed me that I had to submit a cancellation request through their website. I have submitted a cancellation request through their website SEVERAL TIMES since then. They never sent me any kind of response or confirmation, so I assumed (wrongly, I guess) that the account was cancelled, but they keep charging my credit card over and over.

I have requested again that the account be cancelled and told them that I would simply perform a chargeback since they are basically billing me for a service that I have continually requested be cancelled via their own online cancellation form using their own process for cancelling accounts. Nick Hudson @ HostNine's response to this was to threaten that they would send attorneys and collection agencies after me. All while claiming that it is "NOT hard" to cancel an account. I agree with them; cancelling your account when the company will actually deal with you should not be hard.

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Legal Question About Copyrighted Videos And Server Country

Jun 3, 2008

I will be launching a video website like youtube and I have put all the DMCA requirements on it, I'm still not sure if I can get in trouble if someone uploads copyrighted videos, would it make a difference if I get a dedicated server located in Netherlands?

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Recompile Apache :: Your Operating System's Rpm Update Method (yum) Was Not ..

Aug 29, 2007

i tried recompile Apache to install

--curl ssl

by running /scripts/easyapache

then i get the error below. Can anyone help me out? i really dont know what todo here.

Checking Update System........Your operating system's rpm update method (yum) was not able to locate the glibc package. This is an indication of an improper set up. You must correct this error before you can proceed.

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