Colocation :: Cheaper Places Than IWeb,com?

Jul 17, 2008

I want to colo.. 1u.

Is there any place cheaper than

aka, more bw than 500 GB per month,

Please let me know,

I need a cheap price!

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Can Windows Vps Get Any Cheaper

Mar 16, 2009

currently vpsland's windows VPS is around $18 / month.

are there anything cheaper than this ? so far its great,

I actually prefer this over all the linux servers for automating stuff.

Linux is definitely more reliable for scalability, and serving web services, but to automate simple stuff, windows server is great!

also i wonder if its possible to run game servers.....but this server do not have graphic card.

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Anyone Cheaper Than Burstnet

Jul 13, 2008

HDo you know any dedicated server provider who provide cPanel dedicated server cheaper than what offer?

For me, it seems like burstnet is cheaper. Anyone else?

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Why Is My URL Going To 2 Different Places

Mar 12, 2008

On my home computer if I ping I get which is the correct site pointing to my site at[url]

However, on other computers at different locations I sometimes get which is my OLD server

Last summer I moved servers and since then I have noticed that sometimes I get the old site, sometimes the new one. My site was moved last summer within the same hosting company

I have updated the DNS servers at my registrar (namecheap) to my latest assigned nameserver and (as assigned) and that did not seem to help! I also tried switching my DNS back to the old server for 12 hours, then switching back to the new ones (above) but I'm still getting the old site sometimes.

Why are there 2 versions of my site on the web, and how can I get them all to ping to the right place?

Is there a DNS setting somewhere that needs to be changed with my host? Or is this some kind of DNS/routing error?

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Webhost Bandwidth In Other Countries Cheaper

Sep 17, 2008

Is web hosting in other countries a good choice if you need more bandwidth?

My german is not very good but for 23 euros a YEAR you get 12 GB space and unlimited traffic. Is that what it really says? Good deal?


Would hosting in japan or korea or some really well connected country make your web hosting dollars go further if you need bandwidth?

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Can't Access My Sites From Some Places

Jul 11, 2007

I have my main business site at:

I have received many complaints from my customers that they can't access to my site from some of their connections.

Yesterday and today, I can't access my site as well. I am connecting using an university server line with IP

While I can't access, but if I type the IP address of my server at [url]I can still see the page load up.

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Website Not Loading From Some Places

Mar 9, 2007

I signed on to a host just a few weeks ago and from my computer at home I got some work-in-progress pages up and running. However, I tried looking at the pages from some other computers and get weird, inconsistent results. In those computers either my site page loads, or GoDaddy domain parking page loads (I registered the domain with GoDaddy).

Why are some computers referring back to GoDaddy's page while in other places they go right to my pages on the web host? Have I did something wrong in setting up the nameservers? Currently I have my host's nameservers on the top of the nameserver list, but GoDaddy's are still on the list, although below my host's in priority order.

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Hosting Website And Email At Two Different Places

Aug 6, 2007

One of my clients like to host his emails at Yahoo hosting service, but he also wants to host his website at another hosting company with the same domain.

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CPanel External For Dedicated Server, Any Cheaper Than $36/mo For 1 License

Sep 4, 2008


Is that as cheap as it gets? I dont need support. Any opinions or suggestions?

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IWeb Has Done It Again

May 27, 2009

I just received my 4th server with iWeb and I could not be more satisfied. After the problems I had with my first server with them I was so close to just saying to hell with them, but I decided to give them one more chance and ordered a whole new server. Ever since they have been running like a fine clock.

I ordered my second server in July of 2008 and since then I have had 0 downtime. Because of iWeb they have allowed my site to have almost 300 days of continuos uptime and counting.

I purchased my 3rd server in the beginning of April after I started getting some hardware failure possible emails, my account manager then Patrick Hanley was great, got me in a new server right away so I didn't have to deal with any possible hardware problems.

I saw there 10TB special and decided to consolidate some of my VPS's that I have around into 1 server. Again the order process was excellent.

I got...

2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo

2GB Ram

2x 320GB Hard Drive

CentOS 5


10,000GB Bandwidth

$144 a month

Which was only $5 more then I was paying for my pervious server with 3TB of bandwidth.

The server build time was about 2 days. I wish it could be a little faster but no big deal.

The only problem I have with iWeb is, then I call everyone that answers starts speaking french even tho I selected 9 for english at the menu. I just think since I selected 9 at the menu it should let the person know I selected 9 for english. Not a huge deal tho.

I would recommend them to anyone, total A+ in my mind and I will be a customer of iWeb for a very long time to come.

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Feb 5, 2009

Would like to ask the question about hosting..

Shared Web Hosting

Maximum of simultaneous IMAP connections?

Maximum of simultaneous PHP connections?

Maximum of simultaneous MySQL connections?

Maximum of simultaneous HTTP connections?

Maximum of simultaneous FTP connections?

Another cpu and ram usage and time?

?% cpu and or for ? minutes

CPU is a intel or amd? Model? ghz?

RAM Size

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Iweb ....

Sep 18, 2008

Does anyone have any information or reviews for Iweb? I tried a basic search and couldn't see anything relevant. They offer some absurdly good sounding packages, but are also obviously overselling.

I found them when I ran a WHOIS for Leasticoulddo, a popular webcomic. But, what about their shared hosting?

Their basic package:
600gb storage
unmetered bandwith
unlimited domains
unlimited parked domains
zero downtime
99 cent domain names
$25 google adwords credit
500 email accounts
unlimited MYSQL

and then their fee schedule:
10 Years - $1.67 / month
5 Years - $2.99 / month
2 Years - $5.83 / month
1 Year - $6.99 / month
6 Months - $7.38 / month
1 Month - $7.77 / month

In other words, it only costs you $60 dollars more to go from 2 years to 10 years.

Any actual clients out there on this offer...

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Nov 1, 2007

I have a VPS hosting account with godaddy and i already had a website over there. Lets say

Now,I registered a different domain name and as i want to host this second website on the same server, i went into my control panel and "Added a new Domain" and told it's registered with godaddy nameservers and it's create a new user account and points this second website to the new user account folder.

So,when I type, it goes to the first website
And,when I type, it goes to the second website

So,far everything is fine. But here's the problem

And,when I type, it goes to the first website

When I checked the MX Records in the godaddy account,both the domains point to the same VPS account IP i.e:

@ xx.xx.xx.xx

how to resolve this problem?

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Iweb Support

Jan 18, 2009

I moved a web site over to about 4 months ago. I've found them to be quite responsive to simply queries and issues - quite a change from the previous host I might say. Last week I ran an FTP download to perform a backup of all the material. After about 12Mb, the transfer was aborted and I could no longer access the site by FTP, or HTTP and I couldnt get email. The site is not down though as others can access it, but I cannot access it from any computers on my network (PC and mac). I chatted with support and they said they'd have to look into it - this was last Wed (1/14). I still cannot get connected. Further diagnosis from my end leads me to believe that IP was blocked due to the FTP transfer (I was able to duplicate this from a different IP). Apparently, the problem has been escalated to the sysadms but they are swamped and can't get to my problem. I figure unblocking the IP should be an easy quick fix. Perhaps understanding why it happened and how to rectify that will take longer.

My question to the group is, is this level of service normal for, and are my expectations of a quick fix unreasonable?

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Iweb (ddos)

May 28, 2009

Iweb does not care if their client using their network to attack others.

What happen is, 1 of their clients, using his website to launch iframe/xhrhttprequest to my website. In the last 48 hours i have sent 4 emails to Iweb's abuse department but received no response at all and the attacks still going on. I included the log files, a screen record video showing the site is submitting request to my site.

I also contracted live chat and they told me they will make sure this problem resolved in 18 hrs but i did not received any response or what so ever.

So what could i do to make that website to stop ddosing?

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Iweb Sucks

Oct 22, 2009

Is there anyone with a bad experience with Iweb support or I am the only one?
I can't believe it %4#:-(

Hosting over 100 sites with VIP clients.
We have 2 servers with Iweb Technologies in Montreal and our main server is down since 2 days.

We had 2 disks in RAID and they tell us both disk broked. How can it be in same time? and it take so long to get a short job done
I am so upset.

Never go with a datacenter who is your provider/competitor in same time. We suspect them to try to ruin our business, I cannot see any other raison why.

Who wants our business I am ready to rent a dedicated server now
with Plesk ? You better have a strong and quick support.

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IWeb Review

Jun 1, 2008

here is my review of iWeb, after all the problems have gotten worked out from here [url]It turns out when they did the install of cpanel, there was a install of PHP already on there and openldap was there before the install and caused a whole mess with cpanel.

After all that has been worked out i'm pretty happy with iWeb so far.

My Server:
Core 2 Duo E4600
1GB Ram
320GB hard drive
100mbps port
3000GB bandwidth

Sales is pretty good, although im not all there with this, having to have your account manager around to do anything with your sever almost. Ive gotten rather annoyed a few times because I was told to get in touch with my account manager for simple things.

There network is solid, I live in south florida and I can max my connection at any time of the day. I have a friend in utah with a 20mbps connection and he can max it at anytime as well. Ive been able to have the server push 50mbps + for several hours with no problems.

There portal is pretty simple, no softlayer but gets the job done, and is far more then I really need, bandwidth graphs are just about all I need.

All in all I would say they are pretty damn good. After my initial issues got fixed, I would recommend them to just about anyone now.

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IWeb Is Great

Aug 9, 2008

I hvae been with them for little over a month now, and as long as you be a bit snappy on the chat you can always et your way, there great

you get given a manager for your account, which is a really nice thing to do.

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IWEB Complaint

Mar 27, 2008

I read a post with the same title dated in October 26. And I would avoid this hosting company. iWeb knowingly hosts scam websites run by an organized cybercrime group. One is (, and another is ( "Knowingly" means that I have reported abuse to iWeb and that they have confirmed that at least one of them is hosted there. The person that I talked with is Francis Picard.

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Iweb. Good Or Bad

Jun 16, 2008

i would like to sign up for shared hosting reseller account with iweb technology.
are there any of their current customers in the house?

could you give honest reviews about their service or recommend another host if you feel they aren't good enough?

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IWeb Review #2

Jun 20, 2008

This is my second review of iWeb for a second server that I purchased from them. And this time everything went much smoother this time around.

The Server:
Pentium E 2.0 Ghz
2GB Ram
2 x 320GB Hard Drive

After a very rocky start with iWeb the first time around, ive really started to like this company. I only had 2 small issues with this server, ordering it was kind of a problem, the order wouldn't go through, and when it finally did there was more then one of them. I also had a problem where they forgot to give me my secondary IP address, I just had to go in and request them again. These two issues are kind of a hassle but not a deal breaker.

Overall iWeb is one of the best around, there network is solid, and pretty damn fast. There customer portal is really good, no softlayer, but it gets the job done. There uptime is really nice too, I haven't had a since second of downtime with this server, and after I got my first box working right, no down time there either. I would recommend iWeb to anyone.

My only gripe with them is the account manager thing. Personally I think that needs to go. There is no reason why I shouldn't be able to talk to any sales person and order something for my server, or a whole new server at that. Its really annoying to have to go to the account manager every time for everything, and it seems like every time I need something my account manager is out of the office for X reason.

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Any Reviews About

Apr 21, 2008

Have anyone used dedicated servers?

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Any Review About

Jul 19, 2008

i will be migrating from softlayer and have heard some very good and bad reviews about but here once again i wanted to ask you guys

we are going to use their server for shared webhosting

how is their network ? uptime ? and support

though im talking with their sales from past 3 days but their sales dont respond properly,i asked them something and sales guy keep disappearing again and again and not able to give any proper answer.

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First Impressions Of IWeb

Jun 9, 2008

I recently switched my dedicated server hosting from The Planet ($100/mo) to iWeb ($70/mo). I'd been with The Planet for quite a long time (originally Rackshack, then renamed to ev1, then bought by The Planet), and had been reasonably happy with them, but I'd been thinking about jumping ship for a while, for several reasons: (1) I was unhappy with EV1 for paying protection money to SCO; (2) my hardware was getting out of date; and (3) I thought I'd see if I could save some money on my monthly bill. I found iWeb because they were high up in the netcraft rankings, and netcraft showed them as running Linux. Searching the webhostingtalk forums for comments, I did find one long thread that involved one very unhappy user, but I wasn't convinced that his complaint was completely reasonable, so that didn't scare me off.

The dedicated server page at iWeb has a prominent offer of 1-hour activation on selected servers, but that wasn't an option I could use, because I wanted to use their cheapest configuration, which is a 2.4 GHz celeron, with 1 Gb ram, 160 Gb disk space, and 1500 Gb/mo. Since this was a step down from $100/mo at my old host to $70/mo at iweb, I was worried about quality of service and support, so I only signed a one-month contract. If you prepay for 24 months, you can get the same service at $52/mo. There was a setup charge of $49. Access to a web control panel would have cost extra, and they tried hard to sell me on that, but I didn't need it, since I'm comfortable managing everything via SSH. I got Debian installed on my machine rather than their default for Unix boxes, which is CentOS.

The first problem I ran into was that I made a mistake at one stage of the sign-up process, and although the interface did have buttons for backing up to earlier steps in the process, they didn't work for me. Starting over from scratch didn't work, and I finally had to put in a different email address in order to get a fresh start.

I placed my order by phone Wednesday morning, and got access to my server Thursday afternoon. Everything worked well as far as getting apache, mysql, and postfix set up.

IWeb is Canadian. Their pricing for US customers is in US dollars. They answer the phones in French, but everyone I spoke to was bilingual, and we never had any significant problems communicating. My credit card company's risk management thingie got triggered because of the non-US transaction, but that wasn't a big problem.

The big problem I had was that I was unable to log in to the iweb web site, which I needed to do in order to set their nameservers to point my domains to my box's ip. I put in the username and password, but the login page just refreshed. I started attempting to resolve the problem first thing on Friday, and ended up dealing with a total of six people before finding a solution at noon on Monday. In the interim, they offered to set the dns zones for me from their end, and that worked. Support was pretty bad. Sometimes I was able to get through to a technician on the phone in 5-10 minutes, but other times I spent ~1 hour on hold waiting to talk to someone. Email support generally received either no reply or a non-helpful reply. This was one of those typical, frustrating tech support situations where you keep on explaining the same things to different people, they promise to get back to you but don't, they send you canned email replies that don't address your actual question, etc. The long and the short of it seems to be that their login page had at least one known OS/browser incompatibility (with some versions of Windows+IE7), and one other, which was the one I had run into (with both Firefox 3+Linux and Konqueror+Linux). (I had javascript and cookies enabled on my Linux box, and in fact the cookies were being accepted, but the page just wasn't loading.) Tech #3 was unable to log in to my account on his own machine using my login info on Firefox+Win. The final resolution of the problem was that tech #6 suggested I try a different machine, and I found that it worked on my wife's machine with Firefox+MacOS. Go figger.

So in summary, their support is horrible, but basically I'm resigned to the fact that all webhosts' support is horrible. Maybe iWeb's is a little more horrible than The Planet's, but they also cost significantly less. The experience has been bad, but not bad enough to make me give up on the initial investment of the setup fee plus first month's service. I realize that at $70/mo they're working on a very thin profit margin, and I'm not under the illusion that they can afford to provide the level of support that would come with a $300/mo account. I'm going to stick with them for at least a while and just try really hard to avoid ever needing support.

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Any Experiences With

Dec 9, 2008

I'm interested in their dedicated server offer..

Who can tell me the good and bad about this hoster?

i'd also like to know how good their connectivity (bandwith)

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Iweb Network

Jul 15, 2008

i have been ruuning a hosting company for little under 2 years now,at first i started of with a resellers plan from hostgator, then i upgraded to my own dedicated servers from iweb who have been spot on up till now, all my server have been fine its just the network can some times be a bite slow, has anyone else had the same problem?

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Iweb. Good Or Bad

Jun 16, 2008

i would like to sign up for shared hosting with iweb technologies.

could any of their current customers in the house offer genuine reviews about them?

should i go ahead or do you have any other reliable host to recommend?

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IWeb Slow Downloads

Apr 8, 2009

I ordered a new server from iWeb a few days and after I transfered everything and was stating to set everything up I noticed that I as only getting about 1/2 of my download speed from both of my iWeb servers.

Is anyone else experiencing slower then normal downloads from iWeb?

Normally I could max my connection out at 2.1 MB/s now I can only get about 800 KB/s - 1.0 MB/s

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Why Is IWeb So Cheap? Is It Reliable?

Apr 22, 2008

I have a quote from iWeb that is 25% less than other providers (The Planet, GoDaddy, Layered, etc.)... Same server features.

How can that be possible? Does iWeb have the same quality as The Planet?

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Ongoing IWeb Review

Jun 5, 2008

On Tuesday, June 3rd I placed an order for the Dedicated budget plan I found on google. The plan consisted of the following:

2.4ghz Celeron
1gb RAM
3000 GB Transfer
10mbit connection
$0 Setup

I searched around for hours and found ones close but not quite what I wanted for close to the same price. I finally placed my order at around 4:00pm CDT and had the forms filled out and faxed in by 4:30pm CDT

Yesterday I got no contact except for a reply from billing confirming they received my forms(in reply to an email I sent them).

This morning I had an email from billing stating they couldn't read my handwriting on my credit auth form(I have bad handwriting). I resent the form with the information typed in. I found out later that this delayed the setup of my server. (Hour 53 now)

I will say their Live Chat was not very helpful nor was phone support, nor my account manager. I got no response from my account manager, and live chat kept telling me to conatct my account manager and phone support directed me to email instead of In desperation I started scouring google and came across WHT and saw some of Martin(atchooo)'s response to other customers problem and was impressed, so I followed the link to his blog and found his (creative) email address. I sent him an email detailing the issues I was having. Within 10-20 minute he had responded letting me know he would look into it, about 10 minute after that I got this response ....

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IWeb Billing / Refund

Dec 12, 2008

I purchased a dedicated server from Iweb back in October, I was paying 134.00 a month, no setup, etc.. After 3 weeks, I decide that a dedicated server is not what I need, and cancel. I attempt to cancel, and basically have to deal with my account manager only, as no one on Live Chat, etc.. can help me for whatever reason. Iweb has a 30 day money back guarantee, I have been waiting nearly 4 weeks for a refund. During this time, I have been getting overdue notices as well as today getting an invoice that I had a "Successful Payment" to Iweb for 134.00$ (the cost of my monthly service.)

I have been in constant contact with my Iweb manager, who is "very disappointed" in the accounting department and will process the refund immediately. Now, he is going to "talk to his boss," to get things sped up.

Today, I log in to web chat to talk to him, and he is "busy," and will call me when the refund is complete.

All in all, the actual web service was good with Iweb, however, their business practices are the worst I have seen thus far. Everything is this round-about procedure which is painful to deal with.

My philosophy is, if I can pay YOU for your services immediately to get started, then YOU can pay ME just as quick. It wasnt like I could get my dedicated server started with a "I'll pay you as soon as accounting writes you check in a few weeks." Extend the same courtesy to me.

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