Asia/pacific :: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Sidney?

Sep 24, 2009

If you had the option to pick one location for a POP in Asia/Pacific that would leave you best connected to most people ... where would that be?

Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Sidney, etc etc?

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Asia Web Hosting (Hong Kong)

Aug 19, 2008

Anybody know of any hosting providers in Hong Kong?

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Singapore And Tokyo Colo

Jun 9, 2009

I need to find a place to put 2 servers (about 300W of power combined) each in Singapore and Tokyo while I'm out there this September. Ideally at an IX, or at the very least providers running BGP who can pass me full routing tables.

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Hong Kong Bandwidth

Jun 3, 2007

I am looking for different bandwidth providers in Hong Kong.

I am mainly looking for dedicated international bandwidth. I am currently able to acquire bandwidth from PCCW for about $750 HKD ($95 USD) per month per mbit and $300 HKD ($38) per month per mbit from Deutche Telecom (Only for 100mbit commitment).

First of all, are there any thoughts on Deutche Telecom BW in the SEA area? Does anyone know of a better price / provider in HK?

I can purchase up to about $16,000 HKD (nearly $2000 USD) per month on international bandwidth.

As for the data center, i would prefer to route the bandwidth to my own small data center but if anyone can find better deals available only at a specific place.. then I am open to suggestions.

I am NOT interested in shared bandwidth providers unless it is not too oversold and unmetered truely means unmetered.

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Hosting In Hong Kong

Oct 26, 2009

Anyone knows reliable and not expensive dedicated Windows in Hong Kong?

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Apr 18, 2009

Does anyone have any experience with them? I did a search and it doesn't seem like anyone has posted anything yet.

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Colocation In China Or Hong Kong - Which Is Better

Nov 21, 2007

I'm trying to get a full rack co-location services in China or Hong Kong. Co-location in Singapore is starting to get expensive...
Per additional 1 Mbps cost about USD 150 onwards. It's not feasible for us anymore.

Anyone has any suggestions which countries is better? And from which IDC? So far Asia Netcom and China Telcom seems to be the better choice. No 2 tier suppliers, e.g. Pacific Internet, they get their co-location from the above too.

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Hong Kong Dedicated Server With Ddos Protection

May 16, 2009

I need dedi server hosting with ddos protetion in Hong Kong datacenter that could also provide ddos protection/mitigation service. Preferably the network can provide good latency within my database server in my country-Singapore.

Does anyone have any suggestion for good company there?

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Good Colocation Service Provider In Hong Kong

Nov 15, 2007

our company just decided to buy two servers in Hong Kong and colocate them there. Does anyone know a reputable hosting company (data center) in Hong Kong that offers colocation service?

we hope the hosting company/data center can buy the servers for us - probably give us a few choices with different configurations and prices so we can pick two middle level servers. Is this something a typical data center/hosting company can help us with?

up-time is not critical for our website, but we want a hosting company (data center) we can work with for many years, therfore it has to be a stable and reputable (maybe large) company/center.

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Browser Timing Out/ftp Issues Asia Pacific/Australia/Oceania To US

Aug 11, 2008

I have a VPS located in LA, USA.

For over a week now I have had the following network issues:

- browser timing out (for me and visitors to my site)

- ftp connection issues

The server load is low so it's not server related.

Traceroute TO the server appears fine.

Traceroute FROM the server to users IP's appears to have issues over the SingTel/Optus network.

My webhost says it's an issue for SingTel/Optus.

SingTel/Optus Engineer say:
"Our testings point to a problem either within Cogent's network or on a peering link between Cogent and Singtel in LA.

I'd suggest that the owner of the domain (me!) approach his hosting provider and have them escalate to Cogent. We can't escalate to Cogent as we have no peering with them."

So I've been the meat in the sandwich for over a week with no sign of a fix.

My options appear to be to either move the VPS away from the webhost and host it locally (Australia) or to somehow wait for someone to step up and take responsiblity and get this resolved.

My heart says wait as it's not *my* responsibility but it's costing me financially and professionally.

Anyone else experiencing similiar/same issues from the Asia Pacific region to the US?

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Colocation For Server In Singapore

Jul 25, 2009

Is there any colo services on certain datacenter that allows me to send only a server and host it on there? (If there is, anyone know if any datacenter in SG [Singapore] allows that?) I'll be only hosting a website on it, and this way will probably save me more money than buying a dedicated server.

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Colocation In Singapore/Malaysia

May 22, 2008

Who are the best but not so expensive to colocate in Singapore/Malaysia? and what is the best option for the hardware? buy also in Sing/Mal or send one in? Any online place in sing/mal to buy a server?

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Singapore Or Hongkong Colo - For Asean Countries

Nov 18, 2007

Which one do you prefer? For Asean countries only

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Apr 14, 2008

im not able to decide from where to buy dedicated never matter i want good support quality server , most important reliable or

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Pacific Rack 7 Month Review

Jan 14, 2009

I've actually had a post-it note pegged to my project board for the last two months to remind myself to write up a review of Pacific Rack. Between the holidays, life and there never being enough hours in the day...I just hadn't had a chance until now. Please allow me to apologize in advance if I go into more detail than what is needed. I have an annoying habit of over-explaining things.

Anyways - here is a bit of background:

My Industry:

A freelance designer that also provides web hosting to design clients on a dedicated server housed with Pacific Rack. My main website can be found at [url]and most of the websites displayed in my design portfolio are also hosted on the server (Caution: Those websites in my portfolio are semi-adult in nature [companionship providers], so if you are at work or have an irrational hang-up about such things, I suggest not following my portfolio links). I don't make a profit from hosting (nor do I try to) - so it's not like I'm a big, high-tech hosting company. In fact, what I know about server management is pretty pathetic and minimal - which is why I pay PSM to manage it for me. I mainly offer hosting as a convenience and extra layer of identity protection to design clients.
The websites I host are mostly smallish, semi-dynamic outfits powered by my own, mysql-based, home-brew CMS solution. I host around 60 accounts, none of which are very resource intensive. My clients typically require require between 3-12GB monthly transfer each.

Server Hardware:

The server specs and package I have with Pacific Rack are as follows:

Intel C2D (2.0Ghz)

2GB Ram

250GB SATA 16MB Cache

CentOS 5.1


2000GB Bandwidth

100Mbps port

50GB Automated Backup


I moved to Pacific Rack from Dediwebhosting in May 2008. The initial contact and transition was handled by Alex Ferrier, who was simply phenomenal. Yes. I am aware he is actually Chris so-and-so and that there was a huge controversy about him and some shady way he handled a hosting business several years back (he was a teenager at the time, mind you). Frankly - I don't care. He was not only courteous and helpful to me during my transition, but he didn't make me feel like an idiot for being such a noob. He also had a sense of humor and communicated on a level that was very personable. Knowing what I know now about his past has not changed my opinion of him or Pacific Rack in the slightest. Ok. Getting off topic. So I signed-up/paid on 5/29 and had my server up and running by 6/1. I had some issues with the new server having an updated version of mysql that broke my CMS - but this wasn't anyone's fault but my own.


It hasn't been a full year yet, but I've had very little downtime with my server and none that I can even recall clearly. Far less than I'd experienced with a reseller account at H9 or with my first dedicated server with Dediwebhost (neither of which were excessive either). I also noticed a definite improvement in overall server response and performance when I moved to PR - though my hardware specs were much better than where I was coming from. I'm not sure if is due to a better network, but previously my server couldn't send/receive mail with AOL accounts (yes. I'd gone through all the troubleshooters) - but this problem was resolved after moving to PR.

So this is where I think they really shine. I'd mentioned above that I currently use PSM for my management needs. I think they're a terrific service but there are some limitations in terms of response times and how thorough they are in making sure things aren't broken after doing an update for you. There have been a few times in the last year when a server package install/update has caused problems with my client sites, which ... after waiting an hour or more for a response from PSM (while I'm stressing from clients yelling at me) - I'd get impatient and submit a ticket to Pacific Rack instead. In every single one of those cases, Pacific Rack responded to (and often resolved) my issue within 15 minutes. They're just darn quick with support requests. They have the pay-per-incident option (usually only $5), but they've only actually charged me a couple of times out of all the instances I've contacted them.
Not only that, but as touched on above - they just don't make me feel like the server idiot I know I reveal myself to be at times. WHT is intimidating for me to post on because it seems as if most of you are big shot hosting gurus (or big companies that can afford to hire your own hot shot hosting gurus). I'm just a rinky-dink freelancer, whose hosting requirements are quite modest compared to many of the people here. Yet, all things being relative - my hosting needs are still important and significant in my own little world.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm sure PR has much larger accounts than my small little server...yet they don't project an attitude that I'm any less important to them. Support is quick, friendly and informative. In fact, I'm waiting to hear back from their sales department about what management services they offer. I really have appreciated having PSM, but because I host so many accounts that depend on me for uptime - I feel like I need to look into more reliable management options.

Actually, 'reliable' isn't the right PSM has been pretty great. I just need a service with faster turn-arounds on tickets.

So all in all, I highly recommend Pacific Rack. I realize my modest server requirements may not be the proper scale from which to judge your own performance and reliablity needs...but their support and network uptime would apply to anyone ... and that I can vouch for. I just feel like I'm in good hands with them.

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Initial Experiences With Pacific Rack

Jul 27, 2008

I just thought I'd take a moment to share a few of my thoughts on my initial experiences getting set up with Pacific Rack...

It was finally time for me to take the plunge for a dedicated box, and after browsing through these forums and hearing a lot of good things about Pacific Rack, I decided to contact their sales department. I was immediately responded to and soon found myself talking to Alex and Jordan (both very helpful). We quickly found an appropriate solution for my company, and soon I was off to the setup queue.

Setup took longer than expected, but I think that was due to some custom configuration issues on my end (they had to wait for parts to come in). Support/sales were pretty good about keeping me up to date on what was happening though, and soon things were rolling along nicely.

(Initial experiences with the network...)
Wikipedia lists 14 Tier 1 networks on their article page (for whatever that's worth!), and I think PacificRack (and parent(?) company OC3Networks) sits on Gigabit links to 6 or 7 of those networks. So I was excited to see what the network would look like once I was set up.

Once my server was provisioned and I received a login to their client portal, I started messing around with things and was quite impressed. I signed up for a 1Gbps switch and I've seen several transfers in the 20BM/s - 60MB/s range (PM me if you would like a speed-test file link). These guys have got quite a network!

(Initial experiences with the client control panel)
Their client section is minimalistic, but has the basics. Server info, billing info, ticketing system, and a nice little graph showing you how much throughput your server is experiencing at the moment (or historically). I can't really think of anything it's missing, though it looks a bit bland.

(Initial experiences with the sales/support team)
So far I've sent in several tickets for a number of things (they don't set up rDNS by default), and from what I can tell a support/sales agent is usually on it within minutes. Once it almost felt like I was on a chat with the support rep. Everyone seems to know his/her stuff, and they have all been quite helpful, resolving each issue in (usually) a manner of minutes.

All in all I'd have to say these guys are great. I've only been around for about a week now, but I've been quite impressed. If anyone finds this post useful I'll probably write another one at the 6 month mark.

Feel free to respond here or PM me for further information/speed test links, etc.

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Pacific Rack - Fails To Meet Expectations

Jun 17, 2008

This is my review of my initial setup with Pacific Rack.

After the issues with the fire at TP, I decided to pickup another server at a different data center as an additional server.

I ordered a Supermicro, which is a quad core processor. The price was well within the range, the extras were all within range as well, except cpanel, which was $35.00. I'd rather see that at $25.00, but overall that was fine. Total price as $266, right around what I expected to pay.

Setup took a few days, right at around what I expected.

When it was delivered, I asked why I couldn't log into WHM. They told me everything was fine. After some communication and about an hour and a half they said that they forgot to install cpanel... That wasn't a good start.

They failed to meet expectations because of the following:

1. RDNS was not setup at all. I shouldn't have to request it be setup. This is small, but if I didn't know to check/ask, it would be a major issue in the future.

2. The box always fails to reboot and requires manual intervention. Why can't they fix that? or even address the issue?

3. cPanel was not installed properly and when I asked for help, they told me that the box was unmanaged and I choose the configuration. If it didn't work right out of the box, the fault was my own for choosing that configuration.

Alex said, "You have received a standard Fedora 64 bit install, that we downloaded just for you. What you need must not be included in the standard install, or the cPanel install.
If you want us to manage your server, then you will have to subscribe to our server management service which is $29/month with a 6 month commitment. Otherwise you can just google for the command to install an RPM, as I don't know if off hand, but I know its really simple."

Just to comment, if it turned out to be as simple as installing an RPM, then I would have just killed myself due to the shame of it.

Turns out after working with cPanel support, it was an install error, cPanel was not installed correctly. (Don't know if that is PacificRack's fault or cPanel's, but I know it's NOT my fault and I would expect the data center to get my server up and running properly so I could manage it)

My expectation was that I would be delivered a box that worked properly and if it didn't, PacificRack would help me get it working so that I could use it. It appears that PacificRack's expectation was they just install the crap, it's up to me to make it work. If the install is bad, I can just Google it.

I'm fine with managing a server, I have four years experience running serveral servers, but I am not able to debug install issues where the box NEVER worked properly in the first place.

So, in this area, they fail to meet expectations.

I also found their technical staff to be arrogant and unfriendly, though I'm personally arrogant and unfriendly, but I always am very nice to support people, no need to cut my own throat.

Overall, I'd say that my experience doesn't seem to be typical, but the fact that they were unwilling to resolve the issues really bothers me. I detest companies who hide behind "unmanaged" as a shield against providing the services that they should be providing as a data center. I also refuse to pay a $29.00 a monthly fee to get a managed server (basically a $180.00 commitment) to get them to deliver a working server, when that should be a "Free" service provided when I purchase.

The DNS servers are pacficrack work well and the connections are fast and reliable.

The server still is not working up to expectations and their support people seem to be unwilling to get it to meet expectations with out going "managed". Now, honestly, $180 would be far cheaper than any other options, but its the principle of it.

Overall, I'd rate pacificrack about average. The server is a good server and at a reasonable price. The support people where knowledgeable. The turn around on tickets was very good, no ticket sat for more than a few hours. It really seems like pacificrack is a very small operation. I think that is a big plus.

At this point, I'm not sure if I should just move on or continue to try and get this server to work properly. I'll make a decision in a week when the server is close to renewal.

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Anybody Have Experience Pacific Rack's Free MYCP

Jun 1, 2008

I'm interested in the free control panel from pacificrack mycp. Does anybody have any experience with it? What's it's functionality like? easy to use? many feutureS? how does it compare to plesk or cpanel?

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VPS As Go-between USA And Asia

Nov 27, 2008

We have our main cluster in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and intend to keep it there.
However our customers in Malaysia are not able to connect reliably to that server. They have up to 30% packet loss.

I want to get a server that can sit in the middle and just port-forward between Malaysia and the USA. This needs to be just a low-cost linux vps server as it is doing very little.

Does anyone know of a provider that has good links to the USA and to South East Asia who can provide a server like this?

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Jun 5, 2008

if there is any one here

who works for rtg asia

if there is i would like to know about your VPS

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Best Bandwith For ASIA

May 7, 2008

what is the best bandwith to Asia, especially Indonesia?

are NTT & GLBX good?

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East Asia VPS

Mar 16, 2008

I have a small project that I am going to be doing for a client and I am in the need for a small linux (centos) vps, 128mb (would like to have a burstable amount too) ram.

Storage really isnt a issue, dont need more than a couple GB's. Looking to find something around $15 USD. I would prefer the location to be in Japan, but I am pretty much open to anywhere in East Asia.

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Dedicated Server In Asia

Mar 14, 2009

I'm starting a B2B site which the primary market would be in Asia.

Should I have my server in Asia or US? I would like to get some advise/recommendation for:

- Where should I setup my server at? (especially if going forward I will have customers all over the world too, not just Asia)

- Any dedicated hosting server in Asia that is reliable?

- Will Amazon EC2 fit my situation?

but I heard, their initial configuration and maintenance is pretty complicated (and not reliable too)

Most of the US based hosting offering pretty huge package and atractive price, unlike their counterpart in Asia.

I almost signup with MediaTemple (dv) sevice, but then I realize that they don't have any network in Asia, and I'm just concerned about latency/download speed, etc.

I know their service is good in the US, but not sure if it's used in Asia.

any comment for, theplanet, hostsg, or MediaTemple with the usage in Asia?

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Block Asia Traffic

Nov 7, 2008

Is there a way to block Asia in a whole from my server.

I am getting nothing but spam/hack/warz/rapidleech sites on my free hosting server.

Can this be done with net blocks/ip ranges?

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Business With DC In US, Europe, Asia

Apr 26, 2008

Does anyone know of any businesses that are based in the US and have their own network in a DC in in Los Angeles, but also have their own network in a datacentre in Europe and Asia?

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Asia-based Recommendations

Feb 17, 2008

I'm working with an NGO and we have sites dedicated to companies in Afghanistan and East Timor -- need to reach people inside those, and neighboring, countries. We have our headquarters in North America and donors scattered around the world.

Have been trying to identify good providers in Asia, but am finding very little. In an ideal world we'd have servers in N. America and Hong Kong or Singapore (or India?).

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Direct Servers From Asia

Mar 16, 2007

Where is the best place to buy Quad Xeon servers?

is it possible to buy the servers direct from factories in Asia/china ? or even ordering the components direct from Asia and setup myself /

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Whois Server For .asia And .mobi

Nov 4, 2008

Anyone can let me know whois server for .asia and .mobi domain?

And what's the response key? NOT FOUND or No match for?

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Good Network From USA To Asia? Need Testing

Sep 8, 2008

i only know ntt/vrion is good.

what about Level 3/InterNap/Time Warner?

was planning to get from epicvps...

Maybe all of you can post your speed kb/s and your location?

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Which Colo Vendor Can Have The Best Speed To Asia

Sep 22, 2007

As stated in the subject. If you want to more specific, it will need to fast to Asean countries

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Location For Data Centers In Asia

Dec 27, 2007

My company is looking to colocate with some data centers in Asian region. What are the best options.. Also, if possible let me know the Cost.

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