Why Is My URL Going To 2 Different Places

Mar 12, 2008

On my home computer if I ping mysite.com I get which is the correct site pointing to my site at[url]

However, on other computers at different locations I sometimes get which is my OLD server

Last summer I moved servers and since then I have noticed that sometimes I get the old site, sometimes the new one. My site was moved last summer within the same hosting company

I have updated the DNS servers at my registrar (namecheap) to my latest assigned nameserver ns120a.genericdns.com and ns120b.genericdns.com (as assigned) and that did not seem to help! I also tried switching my DNS back to the old server for 12 hours, then switching back to the new ones (above) but I'm still getting the old site sometimes.

Why are there 2 versions of my site on the web, and how can I get them all to ping to the right place?

Is there a DNS setting somewhere that needs to be changed with my host? Or is this some kind of DNS/routing error?

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Can't Access My Sites From Some Places

Jul 11, 2007

I have my main business site at:


I have received many complaints from my customers that they can't access to my site from some of their connections.

Yesterday and today, I can't access my site as well. I am connecting using an university server line with IP

While I can't access www.ShaShinKi.com, but if I type the IP address of my server at [url]I can still see the page load up.

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Website Not Loading From Some Places

Mar 9, 2007

I signed on to a host just a few weeks ago and from my computer at home I got some work-in-progress pages up and running. However, I tried looking at the pages from some other computers and get weird, inconsistent results. In those computers either my site page loads, or GoDaddy domain parking page loads (I registered the domain with GoDaddy).

Why are some computers referring back to GoDaddy's page while in other places they go right to my pages on the web host? Have I did something wrong in setting up the nameservers? Currently I have my host's nameservers on the top of the nameserver list, but GoDaddy's are still on the list, although below my host's in priority order.

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Colocation :: Cheaper Places Than IWeb,com?

Jul 17, 2008

I want to colo.. 1u.

Is there any place cheaper than iweb.com?

aka, more bw than 500 GB per month,

Please let me know,

I need a cheap price!

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Hosting Website And Email At Two Different Places

Aug 6, 2007

One of my clients like to host his emails at Yahoo hosting service, but he also wants to host his website at another hosting company with the same domain.

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Www.mysite.com And Mysite.com Points To Different Places

Nov 1, 2007

I have a VPS hosting account with godaddy and i already had a website over there. Lets say www.first.com

Now,I registered a different domain name and as i want to host this second website on the same server, i went into my control panel and "Added a new Domain" and told it's registered with godaddy nameservers and it's create a new user account and points this second website to the new user account folder.

So,when I type www.first.com, it goes to the first website
And,when I type www.second.com, it goes to the second website

So,far everything is fine. But here's the problem

And,when I type second.com, it goes to the first website

When I checked the MX Records in the godaddy account,both the domains point to the same VPS account IP i.e:

@ xx.xx.xx.xx

how to resolve this problem?

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