Who Offers 10 Tb Bandwith On Dedicated Server Lines?

Jan 11, 2009

Has anyone noticed how there is more and more hosts which offers 10tb bandwith on dedicated server lines?Looks like soon that will become standard on all hosting datacenters.

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Dedicated Hosting Offers - Transfer Value

Apr 26, 2008

I have been looking at the offers in the Web Hosting Talk->Advertising Forums->Web Hosting Offers->Dedicated Hosting Offers forum and I cannot find any explanation for the transfer value.

When an advertiser says 10Tb Transfer (ignore case, as I've seen an advert where it is 10TB in the subject and 10Tb in the body)

Anyway, my question, is the 10Tb in bits or bytes (cannot determine from the case, already established inconsistencies here)

Also, over what period of time is the 10T bits/bytes, E.G. is is that amount of data per day, week, month, year etc.

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(shared, Vps Or Dedicated) That Offers A Plan With Unlimited IPs

Apr 21, 2009

know a hosting company with a plan or an option to have access to unlimited IP address?

Or at least near it, like new 20 IP's/month would be ok i think

No matter if its shared hosting, vps or dedicated, if you know a company that offers it,

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Which Webhosts Offers Real Unlimited Shared Or Dedicated Hosting?

Mar 26, 2007

which webhosts offers "real" unlimited shared or dedicated hosting? alot of companies say unlimited but in their terms it says they'll suspend your account if you exceed reasonable use and they don't tell you what this is.

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Cheap Dedicated, Unlimited Bandwith, 50-100mbit

Jul 2, 2008

i search for a very cheap dedicated server, with unlimited bandwith, and from 50 to 100 mbit connection.

i dont care with OS, but i love Windows, so that would be nice.

i have seen OVH.com they have nice prices, but they dont want to sell to me, becuse they only want to sell to people from, poland, U.K., germany and france.

i come from denmark, so the hosting center shell sell to denmark.

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Company That Offers Server Administration

Mar 20, 2008

What company you recommend for Server Administrations (Linux and Windows).

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Server Down Due To High Bandwith

Mar 18, 2007

I have a dedicated server with godaddy. Yesterday it went down. I sent a trouble ticket to their support. In 4 hours I got reply saying that everything is fine and server is just experiencing high bandwith. I was able to login to control panel (which is available through different IP address, and I have noticed that my usual 8 gigs a day bandwidth increased to 160 a day for yesterday. I cannot SSH to my server. I cannot access my website via http. I cannot FTP to my server. I cannot do anything. I have submitted another ticket and waiting fro reply.

Any suggestions? Is this an attack? (I feel it is, but not sure) What kind of attack can bring server down, if I have CISCO firewall installed? I am little upset with godaddy, because so far, my server has been down for over a day. Any providers out there, who are more rapid in terms of helping their customers? FYI: I pay them $150 a month.

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Server Space In Russia? 2-5 Gb/s Bandwith. For My Own Server.

Aug 25, 2008

Does anyone know some russian company that rents out space in their serverrooms with more or less unlimted bandwith? I need about 2-5 gb/s for streaming. And prefereably some company thats not 2 friendly to USA...

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Burstable Lines

Mar 20, 2008

if a provider provides me a 1Mbps AIMS dedicated line for my dedicated server, is it possible for him to make it burstable to 1.5Mbps? i thought when i get a dedicated line i would be able to get max 1Mbps only? How is it possible that it can be burstable? Does that mean its not dedicated, instead shared?

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Is This Possible Using Voice/voip Lines?

Sep 26, 2006

I currently have a dialup isp. We use a couple of wholesale dialup service providers to provide service to our users across the nation. I would like to provide my own dialup services across the nation if the cost is justible.

Here is what I want to do:

1. Buy a remote access server (RAS) with hundreds of modems in it. The RAS will have multiple T1/PRI/T3 interface cards in it depending on which one I get.

2.Place the RAS in a Houston, TX datacenter.

3. Get voice services from a carrier that can deliever multiple T1/PRI lines (or a T3). I would want a local DID or phone number in hundredes of locations across the nation. When a number is called, it would be rerouted back to the Houston, TX PRI/T1/T3 connections WITHOUT ANY LONG DISTANCE CHARGES.

Is this possible without paying an arm and a leg for it? Can anyone give me any recommendations besides stay with a wholesale dialup provider.

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[OpenVZ] Command Lines To Power Off And Boot

Jul 10, 2009

Could someone please help me with:

1.) the command line to hard power off a VM that has frozen up
2.) the command line to boot a VM linking to its config file

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Hosts Runnig Very Cheap Hosting On DSL Lines

May 4, 2008

I have seen various hosts runnig very cheap hosting on DSL lines, are they any good?

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Every Email Which Sends Outputs Unwanted Lines

Mar 19, 2008

Every email which gets automatically sent out from my server begins with:

Reply-To: noreply@MYDOMAIN.com

X-Mailer: PHP/4.4.7
Message-Id: <20080319210750.564111CEC004@mx.MYDOMAIN.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 22:07:50 +0100 (CET)

Dear DOMAIN.com Member,

This is not in our PHP code or anything, and I can't seem to remove it, its just a tad annoying. How do I remove it?

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Shared Dedi Lines Performance At Night Times

Sep 30, 2008

My business is on the other side of the world and peak time starts at midnight in America time. I am planning to buy 100Mbps shared servers with FDCServers. I am wondering if the time of the day makes a huge difference for a shared 100Mbps line.

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Apache :: How To Detect Wamp And Ignore Some HTAccess Lines

May 12, 2013

My linux host requires a few lines of codes in my .htaccess file to properly run my site.

However, these few lines of codes are not supported by my local Wamp on Win7.

Is there a way to add a "If Wamp Then not run these lines" in my htaccess file

So that I don't have to manually change the .htaccess file before upload/downloading the site between the two systems?

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Performance Degradation After Installing Fiber Optic Lines In The Office

Feb 16, 2009

Here is the screen shot of the "mtr" running from two servers:

Server1: Fibre optic line from Tata Communication

Server2: DSL line from Tata Communications

Source servers are located in Kolkata India

Target server is located in Fremont California.

The fiber optic cable has:

A. Higher ping time and

B. Higher standard deviation

compared to the DSl line.

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Who Offers KVM With Virtual Media?

Jun 5, 2008

I use Virtuozzo with layeredtech, and since I'm on the move anyway, thought I'd like to try out some different Virtualization products before the migration.

Allot of these products like bare-metal installs though... which is why I'm particularly looking for "virtual media" on the KVM.

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Which Datacenter Offers The Best Support

Jul 26, 2008

If i had a server i would much pefer that the center had a forum
community and live support to help when and if you're unsure.

I guess that would be an extra managed service with most providers

I couldn't handle if i had a prob and i had to wait on forum replys

A good deal on a dedicated while good support is allways available.

Someone that offers unmetered monthly bandwidth packages.

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Rackspace Offers To Match Price

Jul 10, 2008

There is a new page on Rackspace's website where they are offering to match the price of any hosting company that sells the same package of specifications. It sounds like there will be no compromise on the standards of service included in the deal.

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Colo Company That Offers CPanel/WHM

Aug 19, 2007

Are there any colo companies that offer either the purchase or license rental of cPanel/WHM? I'd like to find a colo that is in the St. Louis, Chicago or Atlanta area if possible.

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Network Solutions Offers VPS Hosting

Sep 26, 2007

the original domain registrar itself finally joins the VPS fray. Just saw this on their website:


After roughly a year or so (I think) of offering the hosting we all know, looks like they've finally decided it's time to take the next step.

(to think I'll be moving my domain name away from them next month...)

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Shared Hosts Offers Php-opcode Caching

Jul 19, 2008

why so few shared hosting companies enable a php op-caching system on their system (xcache, apc, eaccelerator).

Is there some specific technical reason in place?

Usually I run my own servers, but it happens from time to time that you need a quality shared hosting in order to reccomend it to a friend, for a personal blog, a small website, maybe your own personal blog that you're not keen to host on your dedicated servers already used for big projects ...

Now, as everyone using php applications knows, software like xcache or eaccelerator gives a nice speed bost to page generation. I run xcache on all my servers and vps (mainly running vbullettin and wordpress) and never encountered any issue.

Installing one of those (eg. xcache) is a 5minutes procedure, and even for kiddie-hosting companies that won't know how to build php, the ability to compile eaccelerator is in the cpanel easy php build software, so you don't even need to know how to rebuild php to enable eaccelerator in cpanel.

Despite all these facts is quite impossible to find a decent webhoster with xcache or apc/eacc enabled ...

The only one claiming to have eaccelerator is medialayer : "# Zend Optimizer, IonCube, and eAccelerator" this is a quote from their website.

How come nobody else undertakes this step?

What I have been noticing is most premium shared-hosting provider I encountered run their server with a lot of free memory .. so why not impress the customer with blazing fast page generation times (wordpress footer displaying "page generated in 0.071 seconds" impresses also the non-technical savy customers) enabling such a simple feature ?

There should be something I am missing, for sure.

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New Hosting Offers Valid For Existing Customers

Oct 5, 2008

I'm an existing customer of Hosting Company X and notice that they have recently launched an offer that is a higher config than what I have right now, at the same price.

When asked about it, I was refused the higher config citing that new offers are not applicable for existing customers. I've been with them for over a year and have been experiencing very good support from them, but this one issue baffles me.

Why are existing customers less important?

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Best Host That Offers Good SEO Hosting For Multiple IP Addresses

Aug 12, 2008

I know Hostgator has a special SEO hosting package that includes seperate ip's and such but I had a bad experience with them a couple of years back.

Can anyone that hosts multiple sites on multiple ip's (different class 'c') tell me about their hosting packages (prices, bandwidth, supports, downtime, etc...)

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Company That Offers FTP Backup Space For A Real Low Price?

May 10, 2008

I am moving one of my sites to a dedicated server and I need a good place to back up too.

I don't need much space a GB would be more then enough as what I'm backing up is only about 250mb currently.

Does anyone know of a good company that offers FTP backup space for a real low price.

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Jul 23, 2007

I am not sure if this is a dumb question or not but here it is anyway,
if there is a website and some of the images are hosted on a third party site (ie. photobucket), does the bandwith for those loaded from the third party site count as the sites hosting bandwith?

In my opinion I do not believe it does because it is making a call to the image on the other hosting server, but a friend of mine who manages a forum said that once the users started using more animated signatures that the site bandwith went up by almost 40%, but all signatures are hosted on other sites.

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Sep 18, 2007

i launched my site 1 month ago on host gators shared hosting plan and grew very quickly, and now am going to pass the 2 TB limit any hour / day so im freaking out. I dont know what to do i need to find a hosting company that offers a lot of bandwith and moderate HD space i need somehwere around 4 TB a month bandwith and 100 GIG HD my budget is from 100 -150 dollars a month.

Also i was approached by someone offering colocation services to host my files on their services is this good as well i have no idea? my site is a music sharing website where people upload and listen to music.

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Nov 22, 2007

dedicated host provider [url] and trying to determine the options from them in regards to bandwith. If I decide to go with them I will be using them to host a youtube clone site

has any body had experience with them?

Here is their deal
Core 2 Quad Q6600 CPU
1 GB PC2-5300 DDR2 Ram
250 GB SATA300 Drive
Unmetered Bandwidth
I'm planning to ugrade the ram to 4gb at 300.00 one time extra.

They claim Free 24 hr On-Site Support so I called them up last night at 3:30am their time and did get a technition on the line.
They also refer to themselves as being "fully managed" and describe in detail what that means in their faq.

Their BW is unmetered and unshared
10mbps = 3,285 gigs/mo
4mbps 1,314 gigs/month burstable to 100 mbps
going over this limit the charge is 49.00 for each 328.5 gigs

So because I'm a start up and have no idea what will be required in terms of BW. here is the question

If I had a limit on uploads of 200 mb and the average size of the videos being downloaded were 20 mb how many people could be online at the same time?

I'm not even sure if that's the right way to look at it.

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How Much Storage And Bandwith Do I Need

Oct 2, 2008

My site is on forumotion right now. I want to move it and have it hosted somewhere. It is a local Mustang club. I have read all the problems with the oversold sites. I have also looked at others. The big issue is i dont rally know how much space I need. This is the site southshorestangs.com. What it will have is that forum and probably a few webpages. It is still only a month old so it will keep growing hopefully. i just dont want to get way more than I will need.

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How Much Bandwith Can You Really Push Through FDC's VPS

Dec 6, 2008

i see that there is 84/month and a 119/month VPS, which offer burstable 100mbps unmetered...i also heard they use shared line.

so what is the max bandwith that i can really push in a month ? i am okay with users loading the site @ 100kb/s, especially because the site has lot of videos through flash player, and 100kb/s or even 50kb/s sounds good.

if there are anyone that can beat FDC than please refer me to them!

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Best Bandwith For ASIA

May 7, 2008

what is the best bandwith to Asia, especially Indonesia?

are NTT & GLBX good?

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