Which Cisco Firewall?

Aug 21, 2007

We are looking to replace our existing WatchGuard Firebox's with a hopefully more reliable firewall from Cisco's range although I'm a bit lost when it comes to the different ranges.

Could somebody suggest a firewall that is capable of:

1: Both NAT & Drop-in (bridge) mode
2: Pretty low bandwidth requirements, no more than 10mbit/s traffic
3: SNMP Monitoring
4: High availability pairing

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Cisco Firewall

Jul 12, 2007

What is the difference between the Cisco PIX and Cisco ASA Firewall Systems?

Also which firewall do you guys recommend for a rack of servers

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Cisco Pix Firewall

Apr 27, 2007

Does anyone know of a place or have for sale a Cisco PIX firewall? I have looked into ebay but was wondering what else is out there?

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Which Cisco Firewall Is Suitable For Me

Oct 16, 2009

i want a Cisco firewall suitable for one dedicated server protection, that server would host up to 30 vps

and i may buy another server in future, so what do you recommend?

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Cisco Firewall Price

Oct 16, 2009

from where can i get the price of cisco firewall?

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Configuration For Cisco ASA Firewall

Nov 3, 2009

I already get a new firewall for my server cisco ASA and I don't know how to config it
is there any rules to get protection from shell and virus trojan as example

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CISCO PIX 515E Firewall

Apr 11, 2008

specifications and pricing of different CISCO PIX 515E firewalls?

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Does CISCO ASA Firewall Block SQL And XSS Injection?

Dec 25, 2008

Does CISCO ASA Firewall block SQL and XSS Injection? If not, then which are the firewalls available which do this job. I have checked web application firewalls and found them to be too costly for my budget. What are the other cheap options available?

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Plesk Windows Server Behind CISCO PIX 501 Firewall

Oct 25, 2009

I have set up a Plesk Windows server behind a CISCO PIX 501 firewall and since then am not able to upgrade Plesk to the latest version. It cannot connect to the Plesk Update server. which port do I need to open and whether it will be inbound or outbound?

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Cisco Sets Last Sale Date For PIX Firewall

Feb 4, 2008

Thought this might be of interest since the PIX vs. ASA devices are frequently discussed here ...

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Cisco IOS Router Vs. ASA Firewall For Small Colo-racked Setup

May 3, 2008

I am in the process of gathering the peices to move from a dedicated box to my own hardware in a local colo and am undecided how best to choose the edge device.

The colo has a 30Mb pipe with about 10Mb of it being constantly used during biz hours. Another 10Mb is being allocated in the next couple of months. I want to be able to burst to the full 30Mb when needed.

I am getting 12 IP's allocated but will increase to 24 soon if all goes well (fingers crossed!).

I will have for starters just a single Proliant running dnp on 2008 with IIS, FTP, Mail, ns1 and a 2003 VM running my secondary ns.

What I am unsure of is the edge device and looking for others that have used either a 2800 series router or a ASA5500 series firewall in a similiar fashion. I know what the raw throughput of each device is, but raw benchmarks are not realworld numbers by any means.

I am looking at the 2801 with IOS Firewall turned on and hopefully even some inspects for FTP and HTTP traffic. The other option and one that I am less familiar with is to use the ASA5505 instead which will do my basic routing but supposedly provide more thourough inspects and advanced rules.

Does anyone have experiance with either of these in a hosting environment and have input on the realistic throughput one can expect from either device?

There is a signifigant cost difference with the ASA5505 being much cheaper but I am more familiar with IOS. Would anyone recommend a 1841 router instead?

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Cisco 2950 - How To Enable "Cisco Network Assistant"

Dec 16, 2007

My host has helped me to install a switch. However, I don't know how to configure using the command line. Could anyone help me?

I need to be able to connect to my Cisco switch using Cisco Network Assistant. If you know the command sequence,

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Do You Recommend A Software Firewall When Behind A Hardware Firewall

Dec 17, 2008

Do you recommend a software firewall when behind a hardware firewall?

All of our servers are behind Cisco ASA 5505 firewalls which we rent from Liquidweb. All are being managed correctly and setup to there optimal levels. With hardware firewalls firmly in place, do you still recommend a software firewall such as APF or IPTables (we're talking linux); in our opinion we see it as an extra administration overhead. If this is however untrue, we will change out thinking.

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Firewall - Kerio Or Windows Firewall

Jun 13, 2008

I've found a dedicated server at a great price and plan to stick with it, my first ( already have 2 vps accounts ). I don't have the money for a hardware firewall. However, I do have a chance to renew a Kerio WinRoute Firewall license from way back.

Does anyone think this would be better than the default windows 2003 firewall?

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Cisco Pix 501

Jan 6, 2008

Anyone know anything about cisco pix 501s? i need help setting one up if anyone can give me a hand.

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Cisco PIX 501

Jan 13, 2008

I just got a Cisco PIX 501 from my IT Guy for home use and he didn't reset the firewall to default settings so there are ton of old commands in here.

Is there a command I can use to reset the firewall back to the factory default settings?

Or is there anyway I can flash it back to factory default settings?

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Cisco ASA

Apr 19, 2008

I am interested to buy a Cisco ASA firewall. So far I have never played with this gears and I wonder if it is easy to setup.

Is there any software provided by Cisco to setup rules and ACL thru some graphic interface software ?

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Cisco Routers

Mar 25, 2009

I am on a tight budget for a Cisco firewall. I am browsing and seeing some affordable options in the x600 series.

Please tell me, which series is best?:

The higher the better?..
Also what about submodels, like is 1650 better than 1600?

And how can I tell how much DRAM each one can take up to?

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Cisco Guard

Apr 22, 2009

I see a lot of DDos related articles here at WHT. We've got hit multiple times by DDos and had to handle those attacks everytime with a different approach.

The largest one and the most well know one (we were in Times Mag, AP news, CNN, slashdot, you name it - just do a search about us on WHT) was Russian botnet cyberattack - we had to anaylyze netflow and then block everything on our edge routers, then on the firewall and then locally on the servers.

Since then we had number of other attacks, some of them we were not able to defend on the server level, while, as you can understand we can't do netwflow and manual intervention evey time somebody gets an attach.

We have very good scripts which allow to mitigate huge number of DDos attack, whet our scripts are finding attacking IPs and blocking them automatically - still some attacks could be blocked only on the router level.

I've read that Cisco Guard (I am interesed in 65xx version of it) suppose to mitigate DDos attacks in automatic mode.

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Cisco Redundancy

Sep 25, 2009

after months of disruption moving servers into a new data centre, our once reliable colocation company has now had nearly 6 hours downtime in the last 16 hours. So much for network redundancy.

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Cisco Switch

Sep 23, 2009

I am looking at picking up a switch to mess around with at home. I found the following within driving distance but have no idea of which one will give me more up to date, hands on experience. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Used Cisco WS-C5509 Chassis with power supply ( POWER SUPPLY 34-0870-01), and fan (WSC5509FAN)
Cisco WS-X5530-E2 Supervisor Engine III Modules
Cisco WS-X5234-RJ45 Switch Modules X 8

$160 each.

Cisco WS-C5500 Chassis
POWER SUPPLY 34-0773-03
Cisco Ws-x5550 Supervisor Engine Iii G-series
WS-X5234-RJ45 X 11

For $200

Cisco WS-C5505 Chassis
Cisco WS-X5530-E2 Supervisor Engine III Modules
Cisco WS-U5533-FEFX-MMF Supervisor Engine III Uplink Modules
Cisco WS-X5225R Switch Modules X 2

For $140

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Cisco 2950

May 12, 2008

I'm trying to learn about network. I bought Cisco 2950 for testing. I set it up and finding out the way to cap its ports at 20Mbps or 50Mbps. Do you know what command or how to do this?

Also what command to check the port speed or to uncap the port?

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Used Cisco Gear

Jun 5, 2007

Other than eBay does anyone know of a supplier of Cisco gear that has good prices and knows their Cisco equipment?

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Cisco Routing

Jul 27, 2007

I am setting up a small ccna lab and i have RIP working and i can ping my lan from both routers, but only certain hosts on the lan from the one router the setup is

router 1 E0
Serial0 (of router2)

I can ping from router 2 and but no not ... or

also i can ping from which is a linux box and an ip route to tell it that can be gotten from

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Which Cisco Router To Use

Jul 11, 2007

I am currently looking at these Cisco switches:

- Cisco 2924 WS-C2924-XL-EN Enterprise Switch
- Cisco 2950 WS-C2950-24 Catalyst Switch
- Cisco 3512 WS-C3512-XL-EN Enterprise Switch
- Cisco 3524 WS-C3524-XL-EN Enterprise Switch
- Cisco 3548 WS-C3548-XL-EN Enterprise Switch

1) I was recommended to chose the XL-EN model switches because it seems they have more Memory, but the second one in the list (Catalyst) is not a XL-EN, is that going to have any affect performance wise? or it doesn't really matter?

2) I was also recommended to choose managed switches because that way I can use the SNMP features to measure bandwidth, are any of the switches above unmanaged?

3) I also want to be able to manage the switch remotely, web managed, are any of the switches above web-manageable?

4) Most importantly, when my datacenter give me a 100mbit drop, I dont know which port to plug it in in the 29** series. In the 35** I see it clearly but I am not able to see it in the 29**, any ideas?

5) On some of these switches I see a special port called "Console", what is it? where does that connect to?

6) Do any of the switches above not have a console port?

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Cisco ASA Security

Sep 28, 2007

My network currently looks like this :

ISP ->> L3 Switch ->> Firewall (Transparent Mode) ->> Switch ->> Servers

I have a single /24 and my firewall is on x.2 and routes traffic for each of the servers.

Now i have a new Cisco ASA 5510 that i want to replace the aging firewall currently in place, however i dont want to put the firewall into transparent mode because i dont want to lose all the functionality.

Now with most firewalls your outside subnet cannot be the same as your inside subnet, which is fine if you are using NAT but i dont want to NAT. I need all of my servers to remain with their public ip addresses.

So what is the ideal way to setup something like this? Request my ISP give me a /30 for the ASA outside interface or something? And then ask them to route my /24 through the /30 new subnet?

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Qos Cisco 3600

Sep 18, 2007

whether I can grant a specific vlan priority over all other traffic..and if so does anyone know an appropriate site where I can find documentation on how to do so?

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Cisco Switches

Jun 19, 2007

Is there such a switch?

Do cisco do a 24 port 1000Mbs switch that you can control each port speed through a web based software?

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Cisco Licensing

May 16, 2007

From the posts in this forum it would appear that a number of forumites are colocation service providers and web hosters that use Cisco gear.

I was reviewing the Cisco End User License Agreement that was included in the router box. Under the General Limitations section, "Customer shall have no right, and Customer specifically agrees not to:", item (iv) states, "use or permit the Software to be used to perform services for third parties, whether on a service bureau basis or time sharing basis or otherwise, without the express written authorization of Cisco".

Does this mean that a service provider is required to acquire
a separate license similar to the Microsoft Service provider license?

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Cisco 2960G

Mar 1, 2007

I have a cisco 2960G switch that I used for colocation, the colocation provider does all the routing all I need is this switch. It's just a plug and play operation, however I now need to do some more difficult stuff.

So, I plugged their bandwidth uplink into port 20.

I have really no idea on how to setup anything other than the basic of the switch.

Is it possible to setup Private Vlans in this situation? I am in need of a setup like this:

All port 1-19 in private vlans, but still able to communicate with port 20 to get internet access. Port 1-19 cannot communicate with each other except by going through port 20, through the internet.

I also want to know if it's possible to statically assign each port with a specific IP? Just say I want all traffic to a static ip to only go to port 1? Is that possible? I want to be able to limit the control of IPs through the switch not through the server.

Right now all my IPs are assign on the server level, meaning the server can take each other IPs and mess with each other connections.

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Cisco 2851

Oct 1, 2007

at 11x 2851's. When we got the quote they had added on Cisco Advanced IP SERVICES.

We arent sure if that is just the security bundle, or something they are trying to toss on for more money.

Maximum Compact and USB Flash
Four port 10/100 Ethernet switch interface card
Updated 1-Port T1/Fractional T1 DSU/CSU WAN Interface Card
64 to 256 MB CF Factory Upgrade for Cisco 2800 Series
256MB USB Flash Token for Cisco 1800/2800/3800 series
Cisco 2821/51 AC power supply
Power Cord,110V
Device manager for routers
256MB DDR DRAM Memory factory default for the Cisco 2800
8X5XNBD Hardware Replacement 2851 w/ AC PWR,2GE,4HWIC,3 (1 Year)

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