What Type Of Server And Os, Etc For Just File Serving- Small Files Like Under 10kb

Sep 26, 2008

I have a website that just serves small files, under 10kb most of them. I just need a server that lets me ftp the file to it, set up subdomains and domains for one website. Don't need to manage mysql or anything. Not even php. Just serve files.

A good fast OS? Something like lighttpd? Ioono?

I'm currently doing 600gb of bandwidth per month. I'm expecting to do about 1000gb by the end of the year. Would a small server like a pentium 4 be able to handle just serving files?

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Speed Up Serving Large Files

Nov 9, 2009

I'm working on a web site which will basically be a flash games portal. I have a dedicated server running Apache 2 on a 100mbit dedicated line but my download speed for large files (flash files of over 5mbs) is really slow. I am thinking this is because of Apache but I don't know much about this. I've read that I should change for a lighter http server for serving static files. The way my server is set up is I have 2 virtual machines running, one doing the PHP processing and the other serving static files, both running Apache, so if I have to change HTTP server for the static files it would be very easy. Although I am not sure if this is necessary or if I can tune Apache to push files faster than this.

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Serving & Playing Breeze FIles

May 15, 2007

Having trouble hosting Macromedia Breeze files on a brand new dedicated 2003 NT box.

Anything I need to adjust?

When someone visits the URL, it loads the presentation main screen, but it's supposed to auto-play several movies and it won't. It works fine locally and on 2 unix servers I tested it on, but not the new NT box.

The weird thing is, if I remote desktop to that server, I can't play that presentation locally or server thru the linux boxes. I figured it was an extensions thing, but like I said the intro still does appear, and if I go to Adobe.com and play a new "Adobe Presenter" presentation - it works fine.

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How To Tweak Linux For File Serving

Sep 14, 2007

i have few servers that just serve files (1MB-100MB)

Suse Linux on all

the servers have minimal apps installed and i already got a llarge performance increase by dumping apache

now im look at tweaking at the OS level

any settings in Linux itself to speed up sending files down the pipe?

net.ipv4.tcp... in /etc/sysctl.conf?

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Static File Serving - Performance

Jun 24, 2008

I'm planning to setup a server ONLY for hosting of static binary files varying from few KB to few MB in size.

I've seen some of the litespeedtech performance benchmarks, which you can find here: [url]

From the "small static file" benchmark chart, i can see that IIS6 beats lighttpd in this test.

So i'm wondering does the IIS6 really have better performance at file hosting than lighttpd.

Actually it does not matter which operating system i will be using at this server, since i will use it only for file serving. With lots of concurrent connections. Possibly thousands of connections.

I need some feedbacks on this, so i can decide, IIS or lighttpd.

Few more bucks for win2k3 won't be an issue here, if it's performance is better than lighttpd for this kind of use.

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.efw File Type

Mar 26, 2007

I've never seen this one before, so I'm hoping I can call upon the collective experience of WHT to solve this one for me.

I have a client who has a .zip file sent to him. When he receives it, it arrives as a .efw file type.

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Where Can I Get This Small File

Jul 16, 2007

where can i get this small file?



for in all the sites its for fix my windows server

For dns, we need to use windows's dns server for find the dns zone setting by
typing dnsmgmt.msc

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FTP Timing Out When Uploading Small Files

Jul 20, 2009

There is a behavour with my server FTP when uploading a whole directory with many files in many sub-directories

Very often, the server disconnect itself when actively uploading files and the log simply says 'timeout'

It is as if the file got 'stuck' half way, and the FTP consider them as idle, therefore it disconnect you with a 'timeout' before reconnecting you.

But i have no problem uploading a single 200mb file to the server via FTP. I suppose no problem with 'keep alive'

So what is this behavior and how to solve it?

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Limit The Speed For Certain File Type

Apr 19, 2009

i have a server and let friends put images on it,

i find some people put big .zip and .iso files on it,

it make my server waste many bandwinth and make the images show lower and lower,

can i install any software to do the control,

to make "if user browse .zip or .iso files, they can only use the 1Mb bandwidth, if the content is images or html,the speed is no limit",

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NFS Slow Speed When Moving Many Small Files

Jan 20, 2007

I have mounted NFS part. but when copying a big file the speed is OK like 5-6MB/s but when starting to copying all other (small files) speed is like 20-200KB.s What is the reason and is it way to improve the speed or use other way to mount drive remotely and preserve the same permissions after backup?

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Apache :: Server Not Serving HTML

Mar 18, 2014

On a newly installed 2.4 on a fresh Gentoo, I created the following test index.html file

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Links Files In Linux (file.txt For File.php)

Jul 9, 2007

Today I found some cstomer on the servers make a link for named it file.txt and link it to other customer php file.

so that customer have the ability to show the other custoer file content when visiting the url because it is a text wile originally it is a php file.

the php file was a config file, so now he know the database password , and because he is in the same server he can use that databse.

the question , how to avoide this prolem in the future?

notes , the SuExec is rnning and the open_basedir protection is enabled, but the problem still exists.

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Error: Array Type Has Incomplete Element Type

Dec 15, 2008

When i try to install BotNET 1.0 on my dedicated, i got this error :

root@leet [~/botnet/BotNET-1.0]# . install.sh
Compiling source code . . .
In file included from src/main.c:9:
src/../include/bot.h:43: error: array type has incomplete element type
src/../include/bot.h:57: error: array type has incomplete element type
src/../include/bot.h:89: error: array type has incomplete element type
src/main.c: In function:
src/main.c:146: error: type of formal parameter 1 is incomplete
Here is my install.sh file:
# BotNET installation script.
# If this script causes problems, try "make all" instead.
# Usage: . install.sh


echo "Compiling source code . . ."

bot=`$cc src/main.c src/launch.c src/memo.c src/seen.c src/parse.c src/help.c src/log.c src/info.c -o bin/bot -pthread || (echo 1)`
botnet=`$cc src/botserv.c -o bin/botserv || (echo 1)`

if [ "$bot" != "1" ]; then
echo "Installation complete."
echo "Executables will be found in bin/"
echo "Errors encountered during compilation!"

My OS is centOs 5.x
Kernel : Linux 2.6.18-53.el5 #1 SMP Mon Nov 12 02:22:48 EST 2007 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
* I have tried all other way to install (make all) and other *

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An Otherwise Great Performing Server Now Delays Prior To Serving PHP/mysql

Nov 7, 2008

One of my dedicateds (Fedora 7 / apache 1.39 / php5 mysql5) has been running flawlessly but now has a strange ~4-5 second delay when serving up PHP/mysql pages such as Wordpress.

I say delay because it appears to think about it for several seconds, then when the page finally begins the refresh process, everything serves up lightning fast. Latency is low, direct file downloads are faster than ever.

ModSecurity is running, and accounts for about 1 second of that delay (tested with it on and off), but the other 3-4 seconds is a mystery.

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What Type Of Server To Handle

Mar 13, 2009

I have a client that asked me to educate myself about web hosting and make a recommendation to him about where he should be. He currently has a shared hosting server at Network Solutions and finds unexplained slow downs and disk corruption reports in his forums DB unacceptable.

I'm glad I found this site-lots of good info but nothing like throwing up some stats and seeing what people recommend. The client told me he wanted to move to a dedicated server but I'm thinking a VPS might do the trick. Especially if upgraded with dedicated Core as well as RAM such as wiredtree is offering.

Looking for a managed, Unix based server that in a typical month serves
100k unique visitors
230k page views
500Gb of downloads

But needs to be easily upgradeable to handle his expected traffic levels in the next year of monthly visits in the order of:
250k unique visitors
600k page views
1.1Tb of throughput
As far as features:

*Currently they use about 15 gigs of disk space. Some of that is inefficient disk management but the bulk is them supporting previous software releases.

*needs to be fully managed

*US datacenter with all the features you guys would expect to have as far as backbone access, security, power backups, etc..

*Backups by provider. Let's say 5 gigs worth since the old software versions don't really need to be backed up.(I'll recommend his own backups as well)

*Either plesk or cpanel

*15 minute hardware SLA is what the client is asking for but i'd like to present some comparisons to 1 hour SLA companies to see how much he'd save.

And finally, i tried to search for the answer to this but the keywords kept bringing up lots of hits without good info. The client sells software so the bandwidth needed is pretty consistent until they release a new version. Then it skyrockets to the point they may have 1500 people trying to download a 50Meg file simultaneously. What is the right way to handle that? Use a CDN or negotiate with the hosting provider to provide burstable bandwidth as needed. As a side note while looking at many offerings I was most surprised that bandwidth seems to sold in large chunks with overage costs hidden.

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How Can I Hide Server Type

Jun 16, 2008

How Can i Hide My Server Type

And writing Secureb By ....

And how Can i Hide uname -a: Linux server.xxxx.net 2.6.18-ovz028stab053.14-enterprise #1 SMP Mon Jun 2 18:25:30 MSD
2008 i686

From Php Shell Like c99

i do some way to hide it But I cant hide it from php shell

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New Type Of Server Attack

Jan 31, 2008

I think I'm experiencing some type of alternative to a DDoS attack. My server is being killed by thousands of emails being sent to fake accounts on my server.

I'm not a server administrator, so please bear with me.

My load average is skyrocking to 800.xx at times. I look at "top" and see "exim" for one specific user on my server. I own all the websites on my server, by the way.

When I look at my email queue, I see thousands of emails coming in to accounts that don't exist for that specific user. Let's say the domain name is salcollaziano.com. Somebody is sending spam to various salcollaziano.com aliases that don't exist. Like webmaster -at- salcollaziano.com and suzy -at- salcollaziano.com.

How can I prevent these spam emails from having any interaction with my server? It's causing me a lot of downtime on all the sites I have running on that particular server.

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How To Check The Type Of HD In Your Server

Mar 13, 2007

I recently purchased a new server. It is supposed to have a 250G SATA II HD.

However, I have my suspicion that it could be a SCSI HD (not that it's bad, but I just want to check).

Is there a SSH command that tells you the type of HD on your server?

I tried fdisk -| , but it doesn't really say whether it's a SATA2 or SCSI

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Server For Small Business

Jun 17, 2008

I am the intern at a company that wants to install server. They just opened two new offices in Cali and Texas. The main office is here in Pittsburgh. Can anyone give me the name of companies that will help install this server, and details on what I need for the server?

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Domain Name Server (DNS) Type Questions

Oct 8, 2007

I'm rather new to hosting so I still don't get everything, but maybe you can help me. I am hosting a web page on a computer that is hooked into the same network as my personal computer. They are both hooked into an openBSD router, which has the connection to the internet. My recently purchased domain name is set to forward all requests directly to the computer with the website on it (named 'b2.') When you visit the domain from an outside computer it does this just fine, but when you try to access it from one of the computers on my network it does not work. From my computer you can not access the website from the domain, but you can still access it just straight through the local network (i.e. typing 'b2' directly into the address bar ) From the computer which is actually the host to the website, it is accessible neither way, though the local network option was working before. Does anyone know what the problem is and how I can fix it? Keep in mind that I really only understand the basics of web hosting, and terminology and stuff.

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Video Streaming :: What Type Of Server?

May 29, 2008

What of servers are used by hosts offering packages with this type of support?

I've read that streaming can be made via web server and streaming media server. The first type has only one advantage and this is that it allows to utilize existing infrastructure, while the second type offers more effective network throughput and (what's more important for me as an end-user) allows for better video and audio quality and support of the advanced features.

Now looking at the hosting plans how do I tell which type of server is used by the host?

I'm interested in this particular plan


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Configuring A Record Type On 2 Server

Nov 29, 2007

we have 2 server

on the first server we have setting 2 account


are 2 difference account

Now, on the second server, we must config account



On the second server we have config my2.myaccount.com as account On the first server we have modify dns of domain myaccount.com with
my2.myaccount.com 14400 IN A xx.xx.xxx.xx
where xx is ip of second server


Seems work but there is any problem
For example ping to www.my2.myaccount.com give error, ping to my2.myaccount.com is ok..


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Cheap European Server For Small Game Server

Aug 31, 2008

I've been developing a small 2D MMORPG lately. I bought a VPS to run the server on a few days ago and sadly it doesn't work so well. Sometimes the loads go pretty high (afaik not caused by me) and MySQL freezes, causing the server to just wait for MySQL to unlock, hanging all the players around on the map. Not a good thing.

Anyway, the game is very small scale, and I'm not planning to have more than maybe 30-50 players online. It does not suck up much CPU, I had ~10 guys online and loads stayed down at 0.00 on the VPS box.

Problem with getting a dedicated is our very low budget. As I'm still underage and living at home hammering my pc and don't have any real incomes, we're talking numbers like $ 30 - $ 50 USD per month - it's really hard to find for that price in Europe.

Monthly payment, $ 30 - $ 50 / month, no setup (or very small setup, like $ 20)
10Mbit/s or faster connection, 100GB traffic should do
500MHz CPU is all cool
512MB or more RAM
5GB diskspace is enough
Has to be in Europe due to ping times (< 100ms)
Linux, Debian 4.0 prefered

If anyone knows where I could get something like this for a low price, $ 30 to $ 50 USD, it'd be great.

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Prevent PHP Files Used For File Uploading

Jul 3, 2009

It appears that some people like to take advantage of those files for online web applications such as Wordpress which have php files with permissions set to 777. They use those as a means of creating an upload file. The upload files that they create then have access to the whole server somehow... Is there anyway of preventing this from happening?

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Domlog File And Rawlog Files Are Same

Jan 8, 2007

Does domlog file and raw access files are same? I mean do the contains same contents?

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How To Chmod The Files And Subfolder + File.php To 755

Jun 25, 2007

i download a script .. when i unzip the script .. all the folder have chmod to 700 + 600

what command could let the folders and sub folders have chmod to 755 ( as root )

i command this

chmod 755 *

but the folders inside the folder didn't chmod to 755

there is alot folders thats why its hard to do it manually :p

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Small LAMP VPS For Primary DNS Server

May 21, 2009

Because of the security issues inherent in controlling DNS servers on other VPS/servers that run other processes, host websites and store mission-critical data and for other reasons related to control, we want to keep our DNS server separate from our other servers and our own desktops. Therefore, we're going to get a small VPS for this purpose.

We won't totally cheap out on this so we'll be getting a quality VPS from a good provider. But, we probably don't need more than 5 or 10G of HD space but we wonder how much RAM and bandwidth we need to run something like MyDNS with MyDNSConfig with a MySQL backend.

Also, what's the best Linux distro for this kind of thing? We use CentOS with facility but are not afraid to try a new one if it's a better choice for this purpose.

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Small Business Server Will Not Boot

Oct 1, 2008

I have set up Windows Small Business Server 2003 and was testing it over the past week. Everything has been going well and yesterday it requested to install an update (not to sure what it was now) and soon after the update was installed a restart was required.

After the server shutdown and tried to restart the system will not restart.

The machine powers up and then I am faced with a blank black screen (no load bar nothing). The monitor led light flashes from green to orange then to a static green light after the Dell splash screen.

I can load up into safe mode although I do not know how to work out what is wrong. I am guessing the update has caused the issue, possibly a boot sector needs repairing. There are no new additions to control panel -> install/remove programs which i believe is where all updates can be uninstalled from.

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Use .htaccess File To Allow Access To Zip Files Only From My Script

Feb 18, 2007

I have download manager script that I use for my customers to download products right after the purchase.

Script generates download link that looks like this:

http://www.yourwebsite.com/download/...582921B&p=1840 (where 2YY6582921B is receipt number that is different with each purchase).

All products are placed in one folder. This folder can not be seen in above download url, but can be accessed thru browser and files can be downloaded that way without paying for them.

Can I use .htaccess and if yes how, to protect all product files the way that they can not be accessed directly by visiting url thru browser (in case somebody will find the correct url), they should be allowed for access only for my download manager script.

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SSH Or Program How To File Replace Lots Of Files

Jan 14, 2007

I have anywhere between 80,000 - 90,000 webpages that have a single code into this. Unfortunately at the time the web developer I used didn't use PHP includes. So each .html file has the code in it.

I want a way so I can do a single command either a program or an SSH command can find the syntax in the files and replace it will code I have. Its just a single line of code that is basically for an adsense code, so the pub-blahblahblah etc..

Does anyone know of a SSH command I can use, or a program that will find and replace without manually opening up each file? 80k - 90k of opening files then find/replace will take forever!

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