What's Real SATA2 Hard Drive Performance

Jul 31, 2008

how much traffic SATA 2 HDD can handle?

While transfer speed is 300 MB/s, it's really not possible to keep transfering data at those speeds 24/7? Or is it?

Wouldn't network line (100 mbps) die first?

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Hard Drive Performance Measurement

Jul 21, 2008

I am trying out all sorts of new drives and raid card adapters because I am finding the 3ware's I have been faithfully using to really suck lately.

We are testing them against areca and adaptec (although I really hate areca from prior bad experience)...

We are using bonnie right now... of course we plan to play around with xen, a couple of domains, prime95, some dd's and then run bonnie too... kind of a stress test.

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Usb Hard Drive

Oct 3, 2008

how they sell those usb hard drives that connect to the computer that can hold like 100 gb's.....

well if i hook up one of those external hard drives to my server can i use it as webspace for users?

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2nd Hard Drive

Jul 26, 2008

Now iam useing 320Gig SATA harddrive as my primary hard drive,i dont use 2rd harddrive,iam haveing pure download site,in TOP command 4.5%wa is this bit high? or can i add 2rd harddisk and move some data to there to reduce wa,but my load of the server is fine or any way to reduce wa?

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Hard Drive

Jun 11, 2007

I am running a Fedora box with cPanel...

The hard drive has a capacity of 36 gigs and there's currently 18 GIGs of data on it.

When I do "df -h", it indicates that / has 85% of it's capacity in use. When I run "df -hi" it shows that / has 58% of it's inodes in use.

Is there anything I can do to increase /'s capacity? Can I free up some inodes? All that / contains are folders.

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Hard Drive Failure

Apr 19, 2009

I just received:

[cPanel smartcheck] Possible Hard Drive Failure Soon

ATA Error Count: 1512 (device log contains only the most recent five errors)
Error 1512 occurred at disk power-on lifetime: 11736 hours (489 days + 0 hours)
Error 1511 occurred at disk power-on lifetime: 11736 hours (489 days + 0 hours)
Error 1510 occurred at disk power-on lifetime: 11736 hours (489 days + 0 hours)
Error 1509 occurred at disk power-on lifetime: 11736 hours (489 days + 0 hours)
Error 1508 occurred at disk power-on lifetime: 11736 hours (489 days + 0 hours)
----END /dev/sda--

What do you advice me to do? ask the DC to change the Hard Drive or wait till damaged?

I already have a weekly external Backup.

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Hard Drive Arrangement

Nov 13, 2008

Hard drive arrangement

I have a terminal server with a bunch of applications on it, among which is a database driven app. There have been complaints that access to the db is sluggish. right now the server is on just one 7.2k drive.

I am guessing its a hard drive bottleneck because memory and cpu usage seems okay. I have a few ideas. Please tell me which of these you would recommend.

1. Upgrade entire server to raid 10 system.

2. Upgrade the entire server to a 5-disk RAID 5 system.

3. Create two raid 1 setups. One for the OS and regular apps, the second one to host the DB.

4. Create a raid 1 setup for the OS and regular apps, and a RAID 5 setup for the DB.

Ideally I would like to see improved read/write speeds on both regular files/apps and on the database. The RAID 10 system was what I was leaning towards at first because the stripping increases throughput, but then I realized I may see better performance by keeping the regular files and the DB on independent setups so that OS and file read/writes won't affect the DB read/writes.

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Dead Hard Drive

Sep 30, 2008

I have never had a hard drive fail on me, i dont think the I/O on my servers would ever warrant it but im looking to ask people that have had a hard drive die one them the following:

1. Were you ever cautious before your hard drive failure or did you lose data and if you did lose data, did it make you buck up your ideas (i.e do you now have a solid backup plan or do you still play maverick)

2. If you have had a hard drive failure, has it made you, do you think, overly-cautious?

3. Has a hard-drive failure ever swayed you towards the more expensive raptor drives? and if so, why?

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Hard Drive Disaster

Feb 29, 2008

No data at the 2nd hard drive.

I can only see the drive letter [E:].

When double click the drive, it says do you want to format.

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How To Backup A Hard Drive

Oct 12, 2008

how do i back up a hard drive on a windows server 2003...

and is there a way i can make one hard drive back up to another one every somewhat minutes or whatever?

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Clone Hard Drive

Jul 9, 2008

I just purchased a 500GB ATA hard drive (meant to get SATA but must have misordered, but I don't think it makes that much difference) to replace a 80GB SATA hard drive on a Windows Server 2003 server. There are two partitions on the 80GB drive, and rather than add the new HD as a third partition, I would like to clone the data on the 80GB drive to the 500GB drive, then increase the partition sizes and remove the 80GB completely. Is there a specific method or software I can use to accomplish this?

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Use A Hard Drive For Each Client

Mar 31, 2008

the max HDD allowed iin servers is 8 HDDs only ( depend the type of proceesor ) and it be impossible to make each user in a seperated HDD

but i have a good idea :

mounting a virtual HDDs or something like NAS / SAN / eVault / iSCSI ... etc on the home dir of user ( example : /home/user )

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Install New Hard Drive

Jan 21, 2008

on my dedi i have currently 160 gb HD.. i was thinking of adding another 80gb on it..
the support says they will attach the HD and nothing else..

So can anyone tell me how to make that HD usable along with my cuurent one so that i can save data on that HD too along with the current one

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Possible Hard Drive Failure

Jan 12, 2008

I am getting this error on my mail from cpanel

S.M.A.R.T Errors on /dev/sda
From Command: /usr/sbin/smartctl -q errorsonly -H -l selftest -l error /dev/sda
Please note the following marginal Attributes:
190 Unknown_Attribute 0x0022 050 039 045 Old_age Always In_the_past 890961970
----END /dev/sda--

Is it a big issue.. whats the solution for it?

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Hard Drive Mounting

Dec 3, 2007

I am going to mount my new hard drive to /home/user/public_html but I have a question before I do so. If I upload stuff to /home/user/public_html will it go to my new hard drive that I just mounted there or will it still go in the old hard drive?

The reason why I want to mount it there is because my other hard drive ran out of space, and I would like to continue this user account's space without having to move this user.

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How To Clone A Hard Drive

Sep 11, 2007

to clone a scsi 73 GB into a 126 GB scsi hard drive do you know a software that can doit at OS level (windows 2003)

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Selecting The Best Hard Drive

Apr 25, 2007

From your experiences, which manufacturer has been the most reliable for you? What kind of life expectancy can I expect from a new hard drive in a server environment? Also, what kind of quality/life can I expect from refurbished drives?

Thanks in advance.

By the way, I'm specifically looking at 10,000RPM SCSI drives. Both U-160 and U-320.

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Hard Drive Failure. Now What

Aug 3, 2007

I'm currently hosted on a VPS server with Galaxy Solutions, but just last night I was informed of a hard drive failure.

This morning they said the DC couldn't recover the data, and now they are trying to recover the data themselves. Right now I'm assuming that if the DC can't recover it, then there isn't much of a chance of it being recovered at all.

I've put in countless hours and dedicated so much of my time to my sites, something which certainly cannot be compensated for. I would like to exhaust any possible way to recover the data.

Can anyone recommend what I should do in a situation like this? Would it be advisable to consult a data recovery specialist? It would be great if you could also recommend one.

The cost doesn't matter. I'm extremely frustrated, annoyed, and confused because of all this. Just like that, all my work is gone.

I did have backups, but they were on the same server.

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Performance With 500GB+ SATA Hard Drives

Jan 16, 2008

running new servers on 500GB+ hard drives, how are these drives performing when they become 50% full?

Can they properly be 50% or more utilized on a cPanel like server with 200+ acccounts?

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HD Performance With MySql On 2nd Drive

Aug 5, 2008

question regarding hard disk performance.

Right now i have a busy running forum Running on a Single Xeon 5335 with 4GB of RAM,

single 73GB SCSI 15K. And the site seems running fine most of the time except at peak.

The load sometime goes up to 8 for about 1 hour. So i am looking to upgrade my server.

The next server i am thinking about is

Single C2Q 9300, 8GB of RAM, 1x750GB SATAII as primary drive for for webserver, 1x150GB Raptor 10K to serve MYSQL only.

I wonder if the HDD performance on my current server server with future server be the same of better? Since the future server has better CPU and RAM, the only thing i worry is the HDD performance.

So in short, Single SCSI 15K V.S Combination of SATA + RAPTOR. What do you guy think?

i am using Litespeed as webserver and i also will be using litespeed on future server.

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What Hard Drive Manufacturer Do You Use And Have The Least Failures With

Aug 3, 2009

what others are using in their servers when it comes to hard drive preferred manufacturer.

We use to only use Seagate but in some recent servers switched to Western Digital Caviar Black Drives (1TB) and experienced 1 failure after 30 days. Not that this makes us think that these are bad drives as we have also had failures with Seagate as well but would really like to know if there any difference in the reliability between manufactures?

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Adding 3rd Hard Drive Add CPU Strain

Apr 3, 2009

if typically you were to add an additional (third) hard drive (SATA) to a server, would it add any additional string on the CPU?

Assume that there is no extra disk usage - meaning that static image and html files off disk two are simply moved to disk 3.

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Linux Hard Drive Recovery

Aug 2, 2008

I have my backup disks here because my server got hacked and we didn't like how liquidweb made the things. So we ask them to ship us the disk. They ran photorec and they got lots of .gz files from it. All accounts I would say. But 50% of them the .tar.gz files came corrupt. And is lefting all the big accounts and until now I haven't seen any corrupted file that came with MySQL. And I think MySQL is most important to all clients.

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Which Hard Drive Brand Has Best Reliability

May 1, 2008

I would really like to know which hard drive brand you have had the best success with in regards to server hard drive reliability. Is it Seagate or Western Digital? Or is it one of the other brands? Please vote. This poll is specifically regarding SATA2 hard drive experiences in servers. Please do not factor in SCSI hard drives.

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Mysqldump With Slave Hard Drive

Mar 26, 2008

This week I reached the pinnacle of all time greatest screw ups I've ever done with a web server in five years. During a routine upgrade, my server crashed and basically burned to the point that the technicians at Burst/Nocster felt it would be in my best interest to clear the server out and do a fresh restore.

Fortunately, I had the majorty of files and designs I've done on a safe backup. Unfortunately, the mysql database I had was not so fresh and recent. In there lies my big problem on an issue I really have not seen much information about.

We all know of the mysqldump command that can be used to backup databases and save a .sql file on the server. Its quick, easy, and relatively painless. The problem I have run into is

mysqldump --opt -u nqforum_braduser -p nqforum_nodqdb > /home/nqcom/backup.sql

This would be the command I'd use on my normal mysql dump. However, all of my files and past server information has been installed as a slave hard drive temporarily until I can gather everything I need. Therefore, the command above won't work because it is looking for this mysql database & user that does not exist on the new server. I currently have the slave hard drive path stored at


So for example, to get to the website that would have that particular database


So my question for those who know anything about slave hard drives and mysql, how can I get a simple current backup of this database saved to a location, then of course once it is saved as a .sql file somewhere, I can simply run a mysql restore command in SSH to bring it back.

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Directadmin, Move New Hard Drive

Jul 20, 2008

If I want to move everything to a new hard disk, directadmin will work just to copy/overwrite destination from the backup?

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Redundancy Or More Hard Drive Space?

Aug 14, 2008

Redundancy or more hard drive space, what is your vote?

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Hard Drive Quality / Quantity

Nov 9, 2008

With the recent zone.net outage I'm thinking of moving to a new VPS.

I noticed that ServInt and other have relatively low storage compared to wiredtree who offers double the storage for the same price.

As both have gotten good reviews, is there a qualitative difference in the storage being used?

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Mounting Hard Drive (HDD) In CentOS 5

Feb 15, 2008

so my provider setup my HDD's wrong (i believe).

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda2 9.7G 5.7G 3.6G 62% /
/dev/sda5 215G 608M 204G 1% /var
/dev/sda1 99M 16M 78M 17% /boot
tmpfs 1013M 0 1013M 0% /dev/shm
/usr/tmpDSK 485M 14M 447M 3% /tmp

the problem is that I have /dev/sda5 mounted to var. I want cPanel to use this HDD as the main storage for the /home directory. How do I make cPanel use this hdd for storage?

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Is It Possible To Access A Servers Hard Drive....

Feb 4, 2008

is it possible for me to access my servers hard drive in the same way I would with any other drive on my computer? Kind of like with ssh but in a file directory instead of a command line.

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Do You Use Sas Hard Drive To Run Your Hosting Server

Feb 28, 2008

it looks like dell sell sas mainly without scsi now, with high load server,scsi and sas will better than sata, but the price of sas is higher a lot, i want to ask if you use sas hdd to run your hosting server? and if it is worth to use sas now?

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