WebNX Review - Supremely Recommended - 3+ Years With Them

May 27, 2009

We started off with them early on with a webserver + DB server special a couple of years ago.

Even at that point, they had the best value for money offer in terms of dedicated boxes. Nothing has changed, thankfully

Today we host 6 boxes with webnx, all 6 boxes are required to power a single website, so we have the full gamut of servers from multiple db servers, webservers & load balancers. All of these boxes are well decked out in terms of configuration thanks to the great pricing Dan/Dario & their team offer.

In terms of service, it is tough to beat them. In terms of a personalized approach to service, it is next to impossible to beat them. Their advice is spot on, their abilities are phenomenal and their focus on consistently providing you with the best offers is something that very few companies can aspire to become.

Their networks are fast and over the last couple of years, there have been some blips - but most of them have been resolved rather fast. In terms of communication, they are succinct and accurate.

There have been two instances when I lost/changed my credit card and had to delay payments to them - but they have always stepped up and allowed me the flexibility to do so. The folks at WebNX understand people and businesses - it is wonderful to keep growing with them. I don't worry too much about scaling infrastructure anymore thanks to WebNX because I know they are going to be around to provide the best infrastructure you can buy at the most value for money price point.

They are also flexible - no cookie cutter approach to business or servers. They understand needs and advice accordingly and when are you are working with them you don't need to worry about if they are trying to sell you something extra without needing it.

It is one of the few businesses I have worked with which makes me feel good that I've been a customer with them for so long.

The kind of folks who help you grow without too much of a worry because you know they're great folks when it comes to their business.

A lot of folks on this forum mention that the sales reply speed could be used as a proxy for the company's support response times. IMO, it is the exact opposite for WebNX - sales queries to them get responded to rather late. But support queries are sorted out really fast. Three years of experience with them bears this out

WebNX does a lot of things that come well together and you will appreciate it once you've spent some time with them. For your growing business needs - they might be a great beat.


1) Their reboot times are consistently fast - but I can't wait for the automated reboots. That would make our life a lot easier.

2) More locations

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WebNX Review

Sep 3, 2008

We recently ordered our first dedicated server with WebNX and I have been very impressed with the network as well as customer support.

Dario and Daniel have been exceptional getting the server setup and with the few questions we have had since it has gone online. Daniel even brought the server online a day early. I was very surprised by that.

The specs of the server and the quality of the bandwidth defiantly makes this server a great value.

We will do another review down the road but I am pretty sure it will be a positive one again.

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WebNX 2 Month Review

Sep 27, 2009

We've been with WebNX for about 2 months now, and we're loving it. We already rent 11 servers there and are looking to purchase another 10-20 in the near future!


WebNX support is excellent, I must say. From the start their sales team has responded promptly (within a few hours) and almost always had a solution for my requests. We had (1) ticket opened in the support department and that was promptly handled in a few minutes.

I'd like to thank Dario and Chris who have helped me with my sales inquiries. I had a dedicated server purchased a few days ago and I needed rush setup, they gave me some options and I really loved the flexibility.


Hardware is amazing. Fast, good quality, built to order. I like it. The thing about WebNX (as many others say), is that if you're only looking for one or two small Q6600's, they're not the provider for you. If you want a 32 core server with 20 hard drives, they can do that. Or if you want to buy in bulk, they can do that. When you follow those two "rules", they're one of the best providers in terms of bang for your buck.


Network is top notch. They use lots of bandwidth providers and for the price you're getting, it's amazing how fast these servers are. We'll always be buying from WebNX for our Los Angeles needs. I'm sure if they expanded to Dallas, Chicago, even NYC they'd get a lot more business though! .

One thing I do wonder - do they use a BGP transit? Because whenever I traceroute my servers I only get connections though Cogent.

Overall, WebNX is amazing. We'll be with them for the months to come, for sure! They have my business and my future business.

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WebNX Initial Review

Mar 20, 2008

This is an initial review of WebNX.com. I was hosting my personal sites on a reseller account at Eleven2 which had started feeling kinda slow, so I was in the hunt for a low cost dedicated or a mid range VPS.

After scouring a lot of places for quotes, I finally came across WebNX's thread on WHT on the 17th of March.

The specs looked to be amazing, and their Value level VPS would fit right into my budget, and match my requirements. I fired an email to sales, and went on to their site to see live support online.

I spoke to their rep on live chat, and I was given a signup link in minutes (it was 11PM PST), and I was told that my VPS would be setup in a few hours.

And as expected, I had the root logins for the server, and HyperVM within 4 hours.

I logged into SSH, and ran cat /proc/cpuinfo and I was really amazed to see that the server really had 16 cores

I then moved my cpanel backups from my old host, and the speeds were really good.

Even though the server is unmanaged, their support rep helped me to move a file that was around 5GB in size, that was constantly failing during cPanel's remote SCP backup feature. They went to the extent of downloading the file for me and uploading it so that I could restore it.

It has only been 4 days, but I am extremely overjoyed with the level of service I've received so far. Infact, I feel like I'm cheating them by paying them so less ($15 for the first month, and $59.99/mo after that)

I've been through many many hosts and server providers in the past few years, and this is the only second review I've ever written on WHT. (The previous one was more than a year ago).

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WebNX Review (9 Months)

Nov 19, 2008

WebNX Review (9 months)

This is my first review here on WHT and I hope this would be useful for those who are searching for reviews. Forgive my sentence construction as english is not my main language.Sales. Like most if not all providers, they don't have 24/7 sales but they will answer your inquiry ASAP. They're pretty easy to talk to. Server deployment is not like Softlayer or others with 2-4 hours deployment window. It's longer than that but it's still reasonable.

Support. They are an unmanaged dedi provider but they do know what they're doing. My server with them has Directadmin and they know it like the back of their hand. Not like my experience with a provider who searches google for problems that pops up during the compilation of Apache and then pointing me the URL of the solution. What's up with that.

Response time sometimes is fast and other times it takes awhile but still reasonable.Hardware. I've had 3 servers with them because I always order a new one and cancel another, not their fault but mine as I like testing out different specs. I have yet to experience a hardware failure with them. By the way, the 3rd server, which I started using since June is the one I'm still using right now. So their hardware is pretty good.Network. Most of my visitors are from the Philippines, some are from the US, you know Filipinos, we are everywhere. Anyway, their network is excellent from here.

I'm always trying out different test IPs from the dedicated server offers section and I haven't found one that can beat their ping time and traceroute. Maybe because they're located in LA which has great connectivity to Asia. Not even the ones with Internap FCP, they're blown away by WebNX's "Mzima and other carriers" network as far as traffic from the Philippines are concerned and perhaps if I may say Asian traffic. I even uploaded the speedtest of speedtest.net on my server and let my users test it out and WebNX wins all the time.Outages. I have a Pingdom subscription that monitors my sites every minute, yes that's 1 minute interval and there were ocassional and brief outages and you can check out the outages section [url] and search for WebNX. You can count them with the fingers of one hand. So far this month, there have been no outages. You can trust me on this assuming Pingdom is also reliable.Billing. I never had problems with billing and they don't have problems with me as I always pay the invoice as soon as it arrives.

One of the things I love about WebNX is that they have low prices. Example, say a server with 2GB, you can upgrade it to 4GB just by adding $10 (before it was $15), if you want a 2nd HDD you just add $10. Their RAID10 offerings are also affordable, just look at the dedi offer section and search for WebNX. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have experienced having a server with RAID10 because other providers are simply too expensive for me.In conclusion, WebNX is one of the best dedi providers and as far as I know you can't find one negative review about them here. It's just a shame that WebNX is not as aggressive as the other providers in terms of marketing their services but then again maybe if they do, it will compromise their topnotch service. If I want a dedi server, I will always go to WebNX and nowhere else and I would like to thank WHT for helping me find them.

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WebNX Ongoing Review

Sep 21, 2007

While talking to as many people as I could find and comparing prices I decided to go with webnx.

I am currently hosted with iweb but my current p4 is getting slaughtered by my users so I needed to upgrade.

First result was I clicked live chat and asked to talk to support to help me pick out my server, I talked to dan for probbly 3 hrs discussing options and different setups that we could do.

I decided on :
Dual opteron 254 ( 2 processors 2 cores (one processor is faster then our current setup))
2x 146gb 10k rpm scsi drives (mirrored)
4gb ram

I am just waiting on my bill now but if this impression I received from the company based on Dan then I am sure I will be happy, I will post next week with setup time, and then next month on uptime.

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Review Of VPSit.com Ė Not Recommended

Sep 13, 2008

This is a long review, but I think it has to be so long.

Iím using DNS Made Easy and on the left side of the main menu I saw a ad for [url]. Itís the same company that owns DNS Made Easy that owns VPSit.com

I did sign up for a Windows VPS with 25 GB of storage, 384 MB of RAM, 700 GB of DDoS protected bandwidth and Plesk 30 domains. The price was little high, but not a big problem: $38.95/mo

At first I was amazed about the speed of their VPS setup. It was instant, and I got my VPS up and running within 5 minutes from I made the payment.

The speed of the VPS was also VERY fast. When I looked at what hardware I got on my VPS I saw that they ďonlyĒ used a Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.0 Ghz CPU.
But that was OK since the VPS was lightning fast.

I uploaded my websites (a live backup of my main VPS) and did not take any more action, since the VPS is only used when my main VPS is down.

Before I tell you about the main problem I have to say that VPSit.com do not offer any option for managed/unmanaged VPS plans. And since they have no option for managed plan, or no information about their VPS's are unmanaged I assumed that the VPS was managed. They also write this on their info page: ....

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PowerVPS 4 Years Review

Oct 9, 2009

I decided to post a short review regarding PowerVPS. I've been with them for almost 4 years, and it's been great.

After terrible experiences with some reseller accounts, I decided to get my own VPS.

Truth be told they were a bit pricey when I signed up but I decided to try and see if their support was as great as everyone was saying, and at that point I reached the conclusion that peace of mind and tranquility are more important to me.

I must say they are great and it was the right choice. Very fast and knowledgeable support, always taking care of everything, answering requests that sometimes were related to third party scripts or settings. Overall it was an amazing experience and I would recommend them in a heartbeat. In almost 4 years I can recall just one major downtime and that's because it happened recently otherwise I'd have to start searching the closed ticket logs to refresh my memory regarding the last time I had any problems.

I have really been blessed with a great and stable VPS provider, and for that I thank everyone here who have shared their experiences regarding PowerVPS.

I decided to post this review now, because soon I might be moving my VPS somewhere else and decided that before I go maybe others will find this review useful (like I found other reviews in the past). The only problem now is that I'm paying $84.50 for a VPS which comes with Fedora Core 2 (which is pretty much outdated), 20GB of disk space and 768 MB RAM. Right now, this is lot over the average price of other really good providers like ServInt, KnownHost, WiredTree. Taking into account the current economic situation and the fact that I don't make any money from the VPS, I cannot afford them anymore.

However a really big thumbs up for PowerVPS and for the quality of their hosting and their support.

The site I currently host with them: [url]

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Imountain Review 1.5 + Years

Apr 3, 2009

well I have been with imountain now since 11/01/07 and they still are by far the best hosting company I have ever been with.

I started on a simple clustered shared plan, moved to their clustered semi-dedicated plan and now am on my own dedicated server (opteron 246 with 4GB of RAM). my server runs a wordpress blog that last wednesday night had 868 concurrent connections and ran as smooth as if there were only 10 concurrent connections. WP-Cache, xCache and memcache (huge server) are utilized as well as offloading images to steadyoffload.com


There were a couple of issues in the past but nothing major for me. The MYSQL outage didn't affect me as I wasn't on the house database server cluster that went down. there are the occasional issues for a few minutes here and there but nothing major at all.

Hyperspin show my uptime 99.891% since January (there was a large DDOS attack in there).

I can live with that considering I have failover in that if the imountain server goes offline a splash page from another hosting account(In UK) shows up within 3 minutes stating the server is offline and will be back up soon. When imountain comes back online within 3 minutes the splash page is gone and my blog shows again.


This is imountain's strongest aspect IMO. Their support is very knowledgeable, fast and even will help with 3rd party scripts. The have helped me setup a couple of custom things, always answer my questions with personal responses, not canned messages and always get issues solved.

They also have phone support which I have used once just to ask them about an issue real quick. For me email support is better.


I can't go into this topic much for certain reasons but their prices IMO are competitive.


HSPERE control panel which takes some getting used to. I have it mastered now but when I first signed up I was lost as hell.

what i would like to see

I would love to see a customer forum. At one point they said they were going to install one but at this point nothing has come of it.

If they don't want to do a forum, I would like to see more updates on their blog when issues arise.

Still would like to see support sign the names to support tickets so I know who is who. if the support ticket does have a name it is always imountain.com not the techs name.

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CoreNetworks.net Review, 2 Years On

May 1, 2009

I write this review somewhat sadly as it marks the end of a hosting experiment. It started off as a hosting experiment in which I wrote my own control panel and used mpm-itk, but unfortunatly it just wasn't that popular, cPanel is the "Windows" of the hosting world now, its very hard to get people to try something else, this combined with the exchange rate have forced me to move closer to home.

I posted a previous review about CoreNetworks some time ago (i think it may be lost now due to the DB issues at WHT), but to recap i signed up for there $24.99 server. I was intially pretty dubious due to the price, but i have been happily proved wrong! Really since my last review not much has changed, server uptime has been excellent, i've not suffered from hardware or network issues. A few months ago a 0-day roundcube exploit infected my server and started to perform a DOS and using alot of bandwidth, they dealt with the issue very professionally, shutting down the network connection to the server and giving me the oppertunity to fix the problem.

If you are after a cheap and trouble free, and i cannot stress this enough completely unmanaged server, i would strongly recommend CoreNetworks enough.

I only have one DNS record left linking to the server (katie.hostby.net)

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5 Years Review - Servint

Jan 6, 2009

Not really full five years. I signed up for essential VPS plan in March 2004 (so for few months it will be full five years).

My VPS is fully managed and support is great. It is real 24/7 and response time is always about 5-15 minutes, and almost always with problem solved (there is no annoying replies like; need more information's, please let us what you want or something like that) They always fix the problems and they always know how to fix things.

It was some big failure with hardware (I can not remember date) but they deal carefully with that, move all of us to different machines, clients was well informed, and generally there was not any long downtime (as far as I can remember)
Network are great. They have direct link with Deutsche telecom which means very good connection for Europe.

Few times I request backup for accidentally deleted files, and they recovery them fast.

Only critic for billing. One month (I can remember when) they charge me for extra bandwidth. It was caused by some attackers on server I do not know, as none of my domains cause that (It was some bandwidth leak other than http, ftp or mail, that I am not familiar with). Normally I can not spend even 10-15 % of total bandwidth , but that particular month it was 300%, so they charge me for all. I do not know if it is my fault or not, but maybe they should protect server better or whatever.

Other than that I have never had any problems.

I recommend them to anyone as they are really ''peace in mind'' company.

For the time being I will keep to use Servint services. I hope I will not forget to come back here again after five years with 10-years review.

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Hivelocity Review 1+ Years

Feb 26, 2009

I was a member of hivelocity for about a year and 4 months. I really like this company.

They have very fast support even if you don't buy the golden ticket for support for dummies like most websites want you to buy for help with your server which is called managed servers.

I went with an unmanaged server because i knew my way around the linux system. Any type of trouble i had all i had to do was go to live support and ask a question and they would right away check on the problem and fix it. I even remember sitting in the chat support for a few hours while they discussed things that were wrong and how i make my server more secure. They also even upgraded a few things for free for me that i didn't have the time to do myself. I also liked the ability of being able to go unmetered for bandwidth for a little bit more money instead of hundreds of dollars more.

Although if you know very little about linux or servers in general i would suggest the managed package.

But i would recommend them to people who are looking for a great company who doesn't lack the support a lot of websites out there tend to have with cheaper prices.

I have had servers from other websites such as managed which worked out for a while but their support was very bad and since years ago they have moved up higher in prices which lead me to find other web hosts to fit my needs.

Now before you jump to any conclusions the only reason i left hivelocity is due to i quit my job and needed to put my money elsewhere for a while.

They even let me go a month past due just so i could save my files which i really owe them one for that.

1-10 being 1 the lowest in the following catagories.
Support - 10
Server - 10
Price - 8
Company - 10
uptime - 10

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Medialayer Review Almost 2 Years

Sep 20, 2009

I am so overwhelmed by the quality of hosting provided by Medialayer, that I decided to review them after being almost 2 years on their servers. My "bread and butter" website is hosted on their server and all I experienced in these 2 years was sheer quality, stability and prompt customer support (very rarely required).

It is a saying that you get what you pay for, and it shows. Medialayer is not one of those hosts with "unlimited everything" plans for $3 a month. I am on their starter shared plan which is $9.95 a month with 500 mb of space and 10Gb bandwidth. Some may find that costly, but believe me, it is worth every cent.

Uptime: Excellent. I have never seen my website down or someone complaining about it. No downtime experienced whatsoever till now.

Speed: Rocket fast. Scripts execute rocket fast too.

Ease of use: Excellent. They provide direct admin (instead of cpanel) and never faced any problem with that either.

Customer support: Blink of an eye, round the clock. I am from the opposite part of the world (GMT +5.5) and at 11 AM my time, I get instant response to a support ticket if opened. Secondly, they go above and beyond, - I had a problem with one of my php scripts and these guys studied the script and pointed out the flaw (which might have been harmful) if not rectified.

I will be more than happy to let anyone know my website, mods please let me know how do I prove the authenticity of the review, with my website. These guys deserve a lot more than just a review.

Conclusion: The best host so far I have got. In these aspect I must tell you, I have 3 more hosting service providers, Medialayer smokes them apart. And my personal thanks to Gurpreet Virdi via this forum for running such a tight ship consistently. I believe, the success of a website business depends on the hosting heavily, so Medialayer folks - it has been my pleasure to stay with you all these time and thank you for everything.

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[Review] TailorMadeServers - Almost 4 Years

Apr 26, 2009

I signed up for service with TMS in August of 2005.

Signup - When I intially signed up I decided to pay with Credit Card I was then asked
"In order to complete processing of this order, we will need Credit Card
verification done via Fax. We will need a copy of the credit card, a copy
of a picture ID and a printout of the e-mail below with your signature faxed
to us at XXX-XXX-XXXX."

or I could have the option of using paypal... I wanted the server fairly quick so I decided to go with paypal. (This may be a problem for some people but I was given the option and if I had no other choice I most likely would have sent them what they requested).

I paid via paypal in the morning and the server was setup @ 2:17 PM.

I had absolutely no problems with this server and had no tickets until October
when TMS opened a ticket to let me know I only had 100 gigs remaining of bandwidth and by their estimates I would go over for that month. I was asked if I would like to prepay for bandwidth or I could have server port shut off once bandwidth is reached... I decided to prepay. (TMS is the first server provider who has actually gave me a warning before I went over... I was amazed)

In September I ordered another server from TMS to do some testing on server was setup within hours and I had no problems once again.

In January I added another server to my account. Once again setup was fast and I had no problems. 1 year later I cancelled this server (mainly because I could not justify the cost and it usually just sat around doing nothing)

April 2007 is when TMS Moved from The Planet to Colo4Dallas. I was in my opinion given short notice to schedule my server move but once again I really did not have a problem as the servers are just for fun projects I am working on. Move went smoothly and servers came back online faster than I expected.

Every server at TMS is on 100mbps port, I am always able to burst to the full 100mbps - which is something I have never been able to achieve anywhere else I have been.

In the almost 4 years I have been with TMS I have only had 21 Tickets on my account and only 1 of those has been because of a problem with TMS (A server was acting weird so they replaced it for me completly), Tickets are always answered within minutes reboots are fast and quick. (I usually request reboot even tho Every server comes with remote reboot port)

I do have one negative but it is an industry standard and not limited to TMS.

I saw some offers on WebHostingTalk for new TMS Servers. I had asked if I could be upgraded to one of these new servers... Unfortunetly I was told I could not, however I could upgrade at the normal price which was $40.00 more than the Advertised price... I did upgrade one of my remaining servers but the other I decided not to. I just felt being a customer for so long I should have already paid off the hardware and upgrading should not have been a problem at promotional pricing. HOWEVER I do understand this is an industry standard and every host that I have used has this same policy.

Overall I would give TMS a 10/10 I love TMS and would recommend them to anybody! Price is good / Service is Amazing / Staff are friendly

I however am always on the lookout for new hosts and I will most likely being cancelling my second server to find a provider with a more competitive price(TMS New Customer pricing is awesome). (I moved my third server to FDC and have been very happy).

My review is mostly how I "feel" about the company, if you have anymore specific questions feel free to post them.

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The Planet Review After 3 Years

Aug 31, 2008

I want to share my positive review of The Planet service.

I have been using servers at The Planet for almost 3 years since the time YourHost posting weekly deals on WHT.

If you're an old member here, you would remember how people waited for the new weekly special (especially the Christmas one).

In general, i'm satisfied with their service, very stable network, fast support, competitive offers from time to time.

I really like The Planet "Escalation Procedures", which i request phone call for any issues affecting server uptime.

I received a few phone calls when doing hardware upgrade, monitoring system notify server down ...

They don't just send an alert email but they call me to notify server down.

Support response time is usually 15-30 minutes.
There was a period that it takes a few hours to get a reply, i think during the merging of EV1, but it was improved shortly after that.

Hardware quality: I never experience any issues with hardware, the oldest server is 3 years old and running well.

My Rating:
Network: 9 (there is no 10)
Support: 8.5 (some room for improvement but still the highest ranking among other providers i use, LT, SL, DN ...)
Hardware: 9

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Smokyhosts 1.5 Years Review

Dec 19, 2008

I got a VPS with smokyhosts in summer of 2007, and now is as good a time as any to write a review here on WHT (where I found them in the first place).

Quite honestly, the reason I went with them initially was that they were the only ones meeting my requirements (price!) at the time - with their discount offer.Support
My VPS was setup fairly quickly. I made the payment during the night and had the access details when I checked again in the morning, can't say exactly how many hours but surely fewer than five.

In all, I've called upon their support three times -DNS settings in resolv.conf got cleared (and I obviously didn't know what they were before) - they responded with the nameserver IPs, which I then put in myself.

VZPP backups not working due to some reverse DNS issue - Fixed overnight.

My IP range blacklisted at outblaze (I contacted Outblaze, who obliged by whitelisting my IP) - I also contacted smokyhosts support, so that they'd be able to identify which one of their clients caused this. Not sure of the action taken one this.

I always was ready for the "unmanaged" service I had purchased - so I always asked for support I "deserved" and not what I thought "would have been cool to have".
eg., instead of "I'm unable to send emails" I first found the root cause myself and then did a "my NS settings are messed up - please re-send details" instead.

All in all, although I never really taxed their support with anything large (which in itself might be considered a good thing), I always got satisfaction when I did.Uptime
I have been with two other VPS providers before this and I have to say the uptime here has been the best.

There hasn't been an instance when I wasn't able to reach my site (or someone else reported having problems) when I wasn't aware of the issue beforehand. I was always notified in advance.

I'm not having site monitoring/tracking so no numbers, unfortunately.

Total of three known downtimes. The longest one being due to data center outage.

But if it's any good - my VPS's uptime as of writing this is 154+ days and even the last restart was of my doing.Speed
On my VPS I'm only running three low-to-medium traffic sites for my friends - one SMF forum and two wordpress blogs. That includes HTTP/SQL/MAIL/POP/IMAP/FTP ... the works).

Mainly command line administration assisted by an extremely light control panel (ISPCP - for my friends to manage their own sites).

Each of my friends is happier now with the speed/stability than with previous VPS providers (slower speeds) or shared hosting providers (messed up/badly configured/unstable hosting environments).

Server load as of writing this, with 6 users online on the SMF forum - 0.07 0.06 0.03.
The only times I've seen load figures close to 1 are during the nightly backups that ISPCP does (gzip).

Data transfers are slower than you'd expect with a 10 mbit connection, but still good enough. Various site speed test tools report that my SMF forum loads in about twice the time WHT does.Overall

My hosting requirements are pretty simple (and easily met, imo) - a plain-vanilla, no-frills, unmanaged, low-medium config VPS with an excellent uptime. Constant/recurring nagging issues, no matter how trivial, are a total turn-off - I like my environment to be stable.

So far smokyhosts has met these requirements pretty well.

I understand I'm supposed to report my own post and submit one of the domains hosted ?

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Tronictech.com - 4 Years Review

Aug 7, 2008

I signed up with tronictech.com on 2004/04/22 after seeing them on WHT offers section.

It has been 4 years and about 4 months now.

It is unsupported hosting. I don't need support as long as the server and services are up, so it was a good deal for me.

Speed has always been satisfactory. I had no problems about it. Both download/upload speeds and script execution has always been fast enough.

Network and uptime: I have noticed a few downtimes (i am talking about 4 years) but they didn't last long.

Support : Surprised? Yeah, i had opened a few support tickets about WHM / Cpanel or payment issues. The few problems were after a server move,caused by Cpanel/WHM and the way i had played with NS records. David replied them quickly and with an exact solution. Support was very fast and helpful considering it was unsupported hosting.

I'm not a reseller but i have an account with reseller capabilities , i host 6 projects of my friends and i host my 3 domains with them. Neither me nor my friends who are using this service ever complained about the service.

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PowerVPS - Review 2+ Years

Sep 14, 2007

The Beginning

I moved over to Power VPS after having been on shared hosting at my first provider for 4 years. Basically, they were overcharging me like crazy. Then I had a very brief false start with a big name hosting company. They didn't answer my very first ticket "My SSI includes are not working" for 2 days. By that time I had already been spooked and signed up with PowerVPS.

I got a 256 mb "Managed" VPS with CPanel plus a few extra IPs; and the signup process was painless. With one or 2 exceptions everything seemed okay. I heard a few comments about my sites being slow, but no other problems.

The Middle

Things went well for the first year or more. Tickets were answered promptly, and because I was serving just my own sites (not reselling), I encountered very few problems. One that did arise and perhaps should have been a signal of what was to come. I honestly can't remember the issue, but when support told me that if I wanted such-and-such to work I should log in as root and modify some obscure (to me) *.ini file. I didn't want a dummy like me poking around in the nether regions of my server. After voicing my concerns, a tech went ahead and edited the file.

As time went on I noticed that more and more I had to explain my problem issues more than once. It appears that when an email ticket is escalated, the details from the previous email do not go along for the ride. I occasionally had to explain and/or clarify the problem a number of times. In fairness, some of the problems may have arisen from my non-tech descriptions .. but! .. what should PowerVPS expect from folks who rent a "Managed" VPS?

The End

I had a problem with my site email not working, so I submitted a ticket. The answer I got back was from a tech informing me that email was working no .. and had tested it. The problem was he had turned on and tested "Squirrel Mail".

Getting the regular email working took several more tickets with occasional shards of information/advice coming from different techs. There was no 1 definitive answer.

On 2 occasions, someone changed the password on my WHM.

A couple of months back I got an email telling me that PowerVPS would be doing a kernel upgrade on the server. (I honestly believe that, at that time, management already knew about the <iframe problem with a number of servers). Okay, so we were down for an hour .. fair enough.

Then I noticed some malicious (iframe) code in on a page. I alerted support. They told me the entire server was infected and would have to be rebuilt. According the the info I got, Fedora 2 had a vulnerability.

Now begins the insanity.

Removing all that malicious code from all my sites (and Apache man pages), ten uploading again took more than 8 hours. Rebuilding the server took almost 7 hours. I was glued to the forum reading, "We're working on it," messages until I couldn't stay awake any longer. Next morning I woke up to find all my sites still off line. A support ticket informed me that all was well with my server .. and had been for 8 hours.

"No it ain't!" It turns out that an Apache module had been installed wrong.

Come on folks .. check your work!

Then I started reading about more servers on PowerVPS being infected ans asked support what was going on. They still had the infection.

They had rebuilt the servers with Fedora 2 yet again!

A long frustrating email to management resulted in an admission that my server had been rebuilt wrong. The only recourse I had was to backup my files (not a CPanel backup), let them rebuild the server, then reload everything .. including setting up and loading a number of mySQL databases.

So about that ime PowerVPS had a sale going. The only way existing customers could benefit from more ram, more space, more bandwidth was to upgrade to a bigger new server.

So I asked about upgrading but to a DirectAdmin Control Panel and they said fine .. but I either had to backup and upload, or pay for 1 months backup space. They pointed me to a script that "might" work for a CPanel to DA restore.

C'mon guys .. I've been here 2 years, had all sorts of problems that were your fault .. twice .. and you want me to pay for what most hosts would do for free?

"Our 10GB of ftp backup space runs $7.99 per month."


PowerVPS was a good company when I started with them. They offered good services and seemed to be good folks. IMO, somewhere along the way, they seemed to have lost or changed their focus from "good service" to "strictly bu$ine$$". I have moved to another provider. Would I ever consider going back to them? I don't think so.

... the end

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Review For JetNetHost.com (2 Years Of Hosting)

Jun 8, 2008

i am a customer of jetnethost for 2 years hosting dedicated servers from them.

the first thing in mind of reviewing them is that they provide excellent support. Some hosters such as dreamhost or etc, require a 24 hour response cycle. Jetnethost has an instant response cycle. Not only do they do some instantaneous response thing, but they also fix the problem instantly. One time, i accidentally clicked "block all incoming connections" on my windows dedicated and locked myself out from windows remote , and i asked for support. Byran, the guy from jetnethost, personally opened a KVM within 15 minutes and i got my server back functional.

of all the servers i have seen from various companies, from karyhosting and hostgator or such and such, i have never seen competitive prices before. Because i am a long term customer, byran gave me discounts and discounts, and i currently got a great deal. i have a Xeon 3.0GHZ with 4 cpus for such a great price.

actual hosting
some sites such as dreamhost offer you 2.2tera bytes of transfer for 9 bucks. that's not true at all. because once you reach 500kb/s of download speed from your users, your whole site lags and slows down, this is because dreamhost oversells. but in jetnethost, they don't oversell. i get premium bandwidth, and whenver my site gets overdue for bandwidth, byran kindly increases some so that my site is functional. He cares about individuals, and not just money. I currently pay some worth of money for 500gb's of premium bandwidth, but i'm sure he will kindly raise it to 800gb if i max out before the month is over because he is such a great guy.

because they do'nt resell, they have great response times. as well as that, their servers never lag, i am put on tier 3 bandwidth as he speaks, and i get ultra low latency even if i'm far away about 13000 miles. i'm not sure how he makes money ,but it's awsome. i get twice the value of my money when i host here. Before, i hosted for server4sale, where they resold servers from burstnet, and they lagged decently. in jetnethost. byran owns the servers himself and colocated them in datacenters, that is why you never receive lag.

so if your interested with jetnethost, i suggest you speaking with support because they will glady provide you instant stuff such as quotes and etc. jetnethost is great!

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A Small Orange Review After 2 Years

Sep 9, 2008

How did A Small Orange get the name? Years ago Tim Dorr, owner/operator, used it as his AYM screen name. There's a great interview with him from 2005 here. Even have a look around if you want.

"A Small Orange" is an Atlanta based web hosting company with a great attitude. It began as my backup host for my web based voiceover site and now it is my main host. I first read about them on this forum where they came highly recommended. When I first joined they would only accept 25 new accounts a night to ensure the best customer experience.

It took me two nights to get mine and I'm still there. Don't worry, they haven't done that in years and you can sign up any time.

The first thing I check when selecting a new host are their forums. A Small Orange (ASO) has a very active one that has "support" members who post, and even Tim himself. "Pre-sales Questions" is a popular area.

Not that this takes the place of a superb tech support who won't quit until the problem is solved. I've found them to be very patient with folks who may not be the most tech savvy. That would be me. There is a thorough Knowledge base online as well as an ASO Wiki written by staff and customers. Plus, step by step demonstrations of CPanel functions. The only issue I've ever had happened a couple of weeks ago. I had a problem with a disappearing sub domain. It was a CPanel code problem. Tech support was nothing short of amazing.

Their plans are very reasonable. All have the same features. Even their "Tiny plan" with 75 MB of space and 3GB Bandwidth at $25 a year has all the features of their most expensive "Super plan" with 4500MB of space and 100GB Bandwidth. Turn any account (except Tiny) into a Reseller account for $5 more a month. You can easily upgrade or downgrade as needed. Plus there's ASO Extreme which is just for file sharing. No scripts, e-mail or Cpanel. But, you get 1500MB of space and 100GB Bandwidth for $20 a month.

As far as up time, I don't think my site has ever been down for longer than a few minutes. The time I caught it they were doing some server maintenance. I'm always on my site since one of my web pages is my browser start page. I've hosted two sites with them, one for me and one for a local band. They were on different servers and both had the same great performance and reliability. ASO's business concept is to not overload shared servers. Period. I can go online any time and check my hosts status from a web site and CPanel. If there's any problem it's corrected quickly.

ASO offers CPanel and the latest updates and features. I like to check my stats often and use a lot of subdomains. Latest Visitors and AWStats helps me keep tabs of things. It has everything you'd expect from CPanel.

Believe me, I'm no expert. But, I do recognize a friendly attitude and willingness to help when I see it. The most important thing is that my web site up and online. If it didn't work well and consistently, I wouldn't be there. If that ever changes you can bet I'll be the first to leave. So far I am very impressed with A Small Orange.

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Pair Networks: 2+ Years Review

Jul 17, 2008

Iíve found pair Networks via this forum and have been its customer for more than 2 years now, which gave me quite a good insight in this company. So here some thoughts about pair Networks.

Some background

Pair operates its own Data Center with over 1.500 servers, hosting more than 190.000 sites. If you are concerned about the server saturation, these numbers are speaking for themselves pretty much. Among the customers are such high-profile sites as Barack Obama, The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code), Tom's Hardware etc. Quite impressive and it actually says a lot about the hostís structural reliability.


Itís a truly business class host with an amazing stability. The server load is always nice below 1. During more than 2 years the site Iím hosting there was down for two times: once due to the massive ddos, and the second time due to the planned server maintenance.

Technical support

Iíve got phone and e-mail support on my plan (webmaster). The standard support response time is reasonably soon. The so called Ďurgentí support reacts literally immediately. The nice thing with Pair is that you actually donít need any support, because all services are up and running at all time.

Control Panel

Pair is using a custom CP. Itís transparent and as useful as a CP could be. I canít remember a situation when I was missing some feature in this panel.


Pair is not cheap, but itís not overpriced either. From my point of view, they were able to find a really well balanced price for the level of services theyíre offering. If youíre a hobbyist using your site for fun (and therefore the stability and uptime is not really an issue), you can find tons of cheaper hosts. If youíre hosting any critical site, where the stability, speed and uptime do matter, youíd better pay a few bucks more: servers are not oversaturated and overloaded, no kids experimenting with 'custom' scripts, best hardware, best manpower etc. Iíd like not to be involved in over- and underselling discussion, Pair has earned its stripes based on this business model.


Download speed (from Belgium) is as good as it gets from any US-based industrial-grade site through our broadband line: approximately 400 KB/s. Downloads from Apple, Adobe etc. sites have exactly the same speed.

These all were PROíS, where are the CONíS?

In more than 2 years I havenít noticed any serious, structural shortcoming. And I donít like to make it up just for the sake of false objectivity. Pair Networks is by far the best host Iíve ever had.

Site for verifying purposes: [url]

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How Do I Setup Billing Cycle For 2 Years And 3 Years Using Auto Pilot

Sep 23, 2009

I see it only gives me the option for monthly, quartly, semi-annually, and annually, what if i want the billing cycle to be 2 years and 3 years?

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2+ Years Experience - Blurstorm (review) - Need Suggestion For New Hosting

Aug 5, 2008

I've been with Blurstorm for 2+ years and I can say alot of good thing about the company and support. I even gave them a 5 out of 5 of webhostingjury and went as far as to say I would give them 10 out of 5, so you can imagine how happy I WAS with their service until this past week.

I has been an absolute hell. First the server kept blocking my ip and locking my session, when I would try and upload files with filezilla. They suggested to try a different ftp software which I did and it worked. At first I thought it was my computer/isp/router, so I tried it from my friend computer, same thing. And by the way, I never had this problem before. So I didn't make a big deal out of it, even though I prefer filezilla.

Now a couple of days ago, seems every time I would browse the pages or try and use the admin section the site would go down, or at least that's what I thought. After sending 8 hours going back and forth with support(Robert) through their support ticket system, because there is not live chat, Robert tells me there is nothing else they can do because they dont see any errors happening and I would have to pay a 3rd party monitoring service to find out what the problem is.

I mean I completely understand that if they cant find the problem but the site was working couple of days ago and I havent done anything different, so something must of happened on their end. Also I uploaded the site onto a friends server with a different hosting company and the site works perfectly with no problems.

Now being left high and dry with no help from Blurstorm, I did a couple of more test and found out that the site was not down but was blocking my ip and locking my sessions and the only way around it was for to renew my ip and to try again, but that would only help me for a couple of mins before it locked it again. Again, I also tried it from my friends computer and same thing. So I know for a Fact that it has to be from Blurstorm's end. I told that the server was blocking my ip and locking my session and haven't heard from them for over 16 hours, which is horrible customer service compared to the way they were before.

The main reason I stayed with blurstorm was for their support and quick response and I've referred them a boat load of business, and this was not the first time i've had problems with the server and support but I didnt make a big deal out of it and from now on no more referrals.

Well there is my review, sorry it's a little lengthy but just wanted to give an indepth review.

Second part - need suggestions for new hosting

From what I've gathers from searching that are reliable

precision effect

which would you recommend from those or any others?

And my site is based on joomla 1.5 + virtuemart so it should work with it.

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Tailor Made Servers (TMS) - 2 Year Review - Still Highly Recommended!

Apr 11, 2009

I posted a review about Tailor Made Servers (TMS) back in December of 2008 however it was wiped out during the infamous "WHT Incident" but I see that it has returned, although in a very incomplete state. Here is a repost of the original review along with a few minor changes to celebrate our 2 year anniversary! (Changes made to original review will have a red font color.)

Technical Support [10/10]:

First things first, TMS are an un-managed provider so don't expect any hand holding if you run into some obscure software or operating system problems. That's not to say TMS wouldn't help you, I'm sure they would to some extent, but it should never be expected from an un-managed provider.

We have a total of 74 tickets recorded with TMS since April of 2007. Twelve of those tickets were high priority requests to either manually reboot a server or check the console. Three of those high priority tickets were false alarms, but the other seven tickets were all answered within a few minutes at the very most.

When I say the tickets were answered, I don't mean a canned reply of "We're looking into it!" then an hour later someone decides to start working on it and then another hour later it's finally resolved. If you submit a high priority ticket, it's given immediate attention and resolved as fast as humanly possible.

Manual reboots take on average 10 minutes, some have been performed in a couple of minutes while the longest we ever had to wait was about 15 minutes which is what they advertise. There have only been a couple of hardware issues, a failing NIC was recently replaced in under 15 minutes, a server died last month and a chassis swap was done in under 3 hours. Hard to find any faults here - the technical support & response times are very reassuring and above average when compared to a lot of other un-managed providers.

Network & Uptime [10/10]:

TMS are located in the prestigious Colo4Dallas facility and using an impressive blend of InterNAP, Level3, Time Warner and XO Communications for bandwidth providers. There are also InterNAP FCP devices in use to attempt to provide the most efficient routing possible and also work around any problems thanks to its intelligent routing capabilities. This differs from BGP in the sense that BGP will always provide the shortest path possible - not necessarily the best path.

The latency and throughput are what you would expect from a reasonably multi-homed provider in Texas. Typical response times to my location in Ontario, Canada are about 60ms while response times to the United Kingdom are around 110ms. Average response times to other parts of the US are nothing short of impressive, 25ms to Chicago, 35ms to Los Angeles, 20ms to Atlanta and 50ms to Seattle.

There was a network blip on March 31, 2009 that caused some instability due to an apparent network upgrade that went wrong. These things do happen, however I feel that communication could have been a bit better in terms of notifying clients in advance. Outside of that one issue the last significant outage was in May of 2007 when a faulty router module had to be replaced and the downtime was a little under 1 hour. TMS clearly has a solid network and should satisfy everyone from web hosting providers looking for maximum uptime to die hard gamers looking for the lowest latency possible.

Hardware Quality & Deployment [10/10]:

All of the newer servers are Dell so you know you're getting quality hardware. The hard drives are a mix of new and old, but they all work perfectly fine with no S.M.A.R.T errors detected using multiple short & long tests. Some people would prefer to always have brand new hard drives, but that's not very economical for a lot of providers and I'm totally OK with that.

Servers are deployed extremely fast during business hours. In most cases if you order a server in the morning, it'll be setup later that afternoon. I've never had to wait more than 6 hours for a server, but I tend to order in the morning so I can't comment on how fast deployments are later in the day or on weekends.

The best deals for TMS are listed under the Dedicated Hosting Offers forum and not on their website, so be sure to check them out. Ordering a server from TMS is completely hassle free and straight forward. You pick the server configuration, pay via PayPal or Credit Card and wait for deployment. There's no faxing or scanning of documents and what not for verification of orders - but I'm sure JoseQ does his own fraud screening.

Overall [9/10]

I can't say enough good things about Tailor Made Servers! The staff is very knowledgeable and genuinely shows that they care, the response times are nothing short of incredible and I can honestly say I sleep better at night knowing our servers are in good hands if something goes wrong.

It truly is a great feeling not always having to worry about network problems, or how long it's going to take to get a manual reboot done, or replace failing hardware if need be. TMS are on top of their game, definitely one of the most underrated and under mentioned providers on WHT!

Why did I rate TMS 9 out of 10 after this glowing review? Well, there's always room for improvement and I don't think it's realistic to rate any provider a 10 out of 10. So what can be improved? When I first posted this review last year, I mentioned that KVM access would be nice and I believe they have since been added - perhaps JoseQ can clarify on that. You know, I honestly can't think of anything major I would like to see improved at this point.

That's pretty much it; if you're looking for an unrivaled dedicated server provider definitely take a look at Tailor Made Servers! Their best deals are always under the Dedicated Hosting Offers forum so be sure to check that out or send TMS - JoseQ a message to see what they can do for you. You have my word, you will not be disappointed and the only regret you'll ever have with TMS is not signing up earlier.

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DMEHosting.com Review - Terrible, Slow, Unreasonable, Rude - Not Recommended

Sep 9, 2008

I have been a customer with www.DMEHosting.com for over two months now. They were an ok server provider/host at first but I am now forced to leave.

The server setup is advertised as under 72 hours. My first server took just a few hours under that and my second one actually took longer. I also heard a report that a rapid deploy server (they say 1 hour or less) took over 24 hours to set up.

I have had a bit of downtime, and support is slow since the host is run by one person (David). This means that emails can take 24 hours to get a reply, live chat is only available for a few hours a day and there is no phone support which is a big minus for me in terms of hosting.

I purchase a server for my client who uses it to host proxies. Several times I have gotten reports of malware/spam/some other type of abuse. Each time this happens they send absolutely no details (except server name) and when I ask for more I get no reply and no help in sorting out the possible security problems.

The incredibly horrible bit started around the 7th of September. My main server was down and I had no details or anything from DMEhosting. I sent an email to their support team and a long 3 hours later I got an email back saying I was suspended for non-payment. I found this strange because I had received no emails, notices or invoices that month for the server. They claim to have tried to contact me, but I see no efforts at all.

So they eventually unsuspended my server and then I got an invoice overdue notice (even though I never got any "invoice due" notices. I then tried to pay the invoice, but their paypal system either half the time gives me an error that I need to add a credit card (I have one in my paypal already) or just doesn't let me pay.

I tried explaining their payment problems to them in live chat but they say since no one else is having problems they won't do anything (either they assume I am a complete idiot or I am making it up). This is disgraceful, if I contact a host saying that I can't pay because something is wrong with their system then they should at least take a look. They then terminated the live chat right in the middle of us talking (yes, they/David (one man show) are very rude).

Then, to my horror I got an email saying that no payment had been received and my server was suspended. Even though I told them several times by email and chat that their payment system doesn't work.

They then claim that I am being "very rude and and inconsiderate" and that essentially it is all my fault. They say my invoice is overdue and I still won't (I will, but I can't and they won't listen) pay so they are going to keep my server down.

Essentially the owner of this terrible host, David (he is also the support, billing, everything) is an incredibly rude person and he has no respect or desire to help his clients. I have faced serious amounts of downtime, slow support and now rude, horrible and downright stupid responses from support.

I advise you to steer well clear of this terrible host, they may be cheap but you are just asking for trouble.

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Tailor Made Servers - TMS - 1 Year And 8 Month Review - Highly Recommended

Dec 1, 2008

Tailor Made Servers - TMS - 1 Year and 8 Month Review - Highly Recommended!

Here's my long overdue review for Tailor Made Servers [url]
and I'd like to urge everyone looking for a high quality unmanaged provider to take a few minutes to read this. I'm terrible at writing long posts, so I apologize if this review is a bit all over the place - it's just so hard to contain my excitement!

Technical Support [10/10]:
First things first, TMS are an unmanaged provider so don't expect any hand holding if you run into some obscure software or operating system problems. That's not to say TMS wouldn't help you, I'm sure they would to some extent, but it should never be expected from an unmanaged provider.

We have a total of 57 tickets recorded with TMS since April of 2007. Ten of those tickets were high priority requests to either manually reboot a server or check the console. Three of those high priority tickets were false alarms, but the other seven tickets were all answered within a few minutes at the very most.

When I say the tickets were answered, I don't mean a canned reply of "We're looking into it!" then an hour later someone decides to start working on it and then another hour later it's finally resolved. If you submit a high priority ticket, it's given immediate attention and resolved as fast as humanly possible.

Manual reboots take on average 10 minutes, some have been performed in a couple of minutes while the longest we ever had to wait was about 15 minutes which is what they advertise. There have only been a couple of hardware issues, a failing NIC was recently replaced in under 15 minutes, a server died last month and a chassis swap was done in under 3 hours. Hard to find any faults here - the technical support

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Dec 22, 2007

Does anyone have any pictures of WebNX's data center in LA? I could not find any on their website for the life of me, I asked the live support and they told me to google it.

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WebNX.com Or SoftLayer.com ?

Jun 13, 2008

I was thinking of buying a new server from SoftLayer When this company called WebNX.com happened to catch my attention.

I did a search of WHT but could not find much about WebNX. I also went to their site (but not much info is published there like SLAs, support fee etc etc...

However, the custom quite they sent me sounds quite reasonable compared to softlayer.

Anyone who can share experience of hosting with webnx? or has more info webnx.com and can share their views will be nice.

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First Month With WebNX

Nov 1, 2009

Its been little more than a month since i moved my server from therobberz (aka theplanet,after 3 years of service) to webnx.

i reached a point where 145 dollars for a p 4 2.4,1 GB,80 GB,10 mbps was way too much.tried talking with tp reps a few times to see if i could get a better deal.the cheapest quad core they had was around 200 USD ( including cpanel)

the order was placed on a friday afternoon.i was expecting the order to be processed on monday as sales and billing would be off the weekend.saturday night,a tech support guy processed my order and i got the payment confirmation late saturday night.

my server came online on monday morning.it has been very good for the last 41 days.

so much for the nincompoops at tp who told me that moving a server from tp another "unknown" provider would be catastrophic.wonder why their reps keep saying they are the biggest provider out there and no one can match their level of service.in my opinion,tp is pure evil.

root@prototype [/]# uptime
17:10:04 up 41 days, 3:13, 1 user, load average: 2.00, 0.95, 0.88

i have reported my server ip address to the moderators

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EGIHosting Or Webnx

Mar 15, 2007

Which one do you suggest? EGI looks good too, and the ping result is even better than Webnx from my country. But I dont know how about their network, support?

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Burst Vs Webnx Which Will You Recommend

Nov 1, 2009

I am considering burst and webnx for dedicated server deal.

I found burst customizeable and some of good features
webnx is also good but cant see customization there I v sent them mail didn't get answer yet.

burst quote I got
$154 for
Core2Quad Q9300 Quad Core
8 g ddr2
2*1 tb sata raid 1 software
1*250 G sata
whm/cpanel included
ddos protection network level
basic support

on other hand webnx offer is $99
Intel i7 920, 6GB ram, 1x 1TB RE3 drive only $99
Quadcore 2.66ghz w/ HT
6GB DDR3 Ram +$25 ($150 for the 6mo term)
1TB WD RE3 hard drive
2tb/100 mbps port

in one of there special offer

but if I customize to above situation I think they will reach the same or higher.
webnx are unmanaged and dont know about security level of both providers too.
My major concern is uptime, security and helping support whenever I need them.
my ideal budget is 100-150$

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