Web Space Storage Or Get Additional Space From Another Server

Oct 14, 2008

im running out of space on one of my sites but i have more then plenty of data transfer.

Unfortunately my hosting packaged it weird where they provide not enough hd space. Im trying to figure out is there a way where i can use another server or hosting company that can provide space only and use their servers just for space?

i think amazon.com offered this but wasnt sure how exactly this works.

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Building A Server With Lots Of Storage Space

Mar 7, 2008

We are going to offer web space to our students and we want to build a new server just for this purpose. We were looking at buying a storage array, a RAID card, and a server. I have no problems building a server; however, I have never built anything with an external enclosure. I am thinking about buying this storage array:

www newegg com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816702010

I plan on installing hard drives in every drive bay for a total of 12 drives.

The problem I'm having is I don't know what type of RAID card to buy. I saw this one; but, I don't know if it will work with this storage array.

www newegg com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816116062

Thanks so much for any light you can shed on this! I apologize for the link but I do not have enough posts insert URLs.

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File Storage Space

Oct 8, 2008

is there any web hosting that can be used as file storage (>10G) and cheap? I have some huge files, but many web hostings can not accept non-web-content files.

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Apache :: ProxyPass Has A Space Will Not Start With A Space

Sep 19, 2013

Apache 2.2.25 on windows 32

I have a ProxyPass that looks like

ProxyPass /Share Documents http://partner2/Shared Documents/

But Apache will not start with spaces. I tried

ProxyPass /Shared%20Documents http://partner2/Shared%20Documents/

Apache would start but the passthrough doesn't work. What do I need to do? I have several url's with spaces.

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A Shared Web Hosting Service With Unlimited Space/bandwidth, Or A Dedicated One With Limited Space/bandwidth

Jul 29, 2008

which case is more preferred: a shared web hosting service with unlimited space/bandwidth, or a dedicated one with limited space/bandwidth?

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Looking For A Dedicated Server With 3-4 TB Of Space For ~100 USD A Month

Jan 6, 2009

I'm looking for a server with 3-4 TB of disk space and moderate traffic requirements (1.5-2 TB a month will suffice).

CPU, RAM do not really matter.
Location: EU or US.
Price: ~100 USD a month with some setup fee or ~120 USD without.

So far I found OVH's SP Storage (http://www.ovh.co.uk/individual/products/superplan_storage.xml) which offers 4 x 1.5 TB RAID0/1 drives for a total of 3 TB disk space. However I can't register with them and their sales did not react quickly enough yet to help me.

Is there anyone else with similar offerings with whom you have personal experience?

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I Recived The Server With 2GB Used Space, Is That Normal?

Feb 4, 2009

I reserved a private server on a company n I supposed to have 10GB of space, I recived it with about 2.4GB space used, I thought it's the system files, is that correct or the files shall be deleted?

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Drive Space Warning On Server

Oct 21, 2009

I just got this email today, don't know how to remove unused space in that drive or what to do exacly, please help in advice.

Drive Warning: /dev/sda2 (/usr) is 81% full

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How To Check Server Real Space Available

Sep 2, 2008

may i know how to check it?

any php code can recommend?

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Social Networking Server Space

Mar 26, 2007

How much server space is needed for a new social networking site? Also, how do I calculate server space per user?

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Is It Possible To Resell Disk Space On Dedicated Server

Mar 14, 2008

if a dedicated server can be used for reselling disk space?

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Server With Incorrect Disk Space Sums

Jun 15, 2008

I have a debian4 server, and I've been playing around with apt adding different things I believe I'll need for this development box. Only today, I noticed that my disk sums doesn't seem to add up:

dev:~# df
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda3 74644096 1419988 69432368 3% /
tmpfs 507704 0 507704 0% /lib/init/rw
udev 10240 40 10200 1% /dev
tmpfs 507704 0 507704 0% /dev/shm
/dev/hda1 202225 22194 169589 12% /boot
dev:~# free -m
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 991 590 401 0 45 480
-/+ buffers/cache: 64 927
Swap: 2055 0 2055

dev:~# fdisk -l

Disk /dev/hda: 80.0 GB, 80026361856 bytes
255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 9729 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes

Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
/dev/hda1 * 1 26 208844+ 83 Linux
/dev/hda2 27 288 2104515 82 Linux swap / Solaris
/dev/hda3 289 9729 75834832+ 83 Linux
phpSysInfo Output: [url]

The HD is: hda: WDC WD800BB-00DKA0 (Capacity: 74.53 GB)

As you can see, I have used approximately 1.4GB of the 74GB, but regardless what kind of funky math I do, I seem to be missing about 3.5 GB or so. I know there might be 2GB as swap (which I'm not seeing listed, but it should be on a different partition not listed so it should be fine), even then, where's the remainder 1.5G

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Remaining Disk Space After Fresh Server Installation

Jul 23, 2008

How much estimated free space should one have on a Fedora 5, Cpanel server with 80GB drive after installation?

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Want To Trade 1U Colo Space For Domain Name Server (DNS) And Disaster Continuence

Jun 1, 2008

In light of whats happened at the Planet in Houston we are moving up our plans to have an external DNS nameserver (with failover) and emergency website to alert customers in the event of our data center (C4D in Dallas) ever goes down.

From all the forum messages reagrds this event its apparent that a lot of hosting companies are suffering the worst from having their support websites at the DC where they host their customers and have no way of notifying their customers of whats going on.

Looking to trade 1U of rack space and 1 ip address anywhere in US (Dallas preferred) with someone else who is looking for the same thing.

While we are extremely happy with C4D and have faith in their DC, you can never be 100% prepared for things beyond your control.

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Unable To Terminate Account :: The /var Partition On This Server Is Running Out Of Disk Space ...

Jul 19, 2008

when i try to Terminate an Account this message appears

The /var partition on this server is running out of disk space. WHM operation has been temporarily suspended to prevent something bad from happening. Please ask your system admin to remove any files not in use on that partition.

i know its coz the /var is full

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda5 9.9G 1.6G 7.8G 17% /
/dev/sda1 99M 21M 73M 23% /boot
/dev/sda7 198G 32G 157G 17% /home
/dev/sda3 9.9G 3.5G 6.0G 37% /usr
/dev/sda2 9.9G 9.3G 121M 99% /var
/dev/sdb 231G 103G 116G 48% /backup
none 2.0G 4.0K 2.0G 1% /tmp
none 2.0G 0 2.0G 0% /var/tmp
none 2.0G 0 2.0G 0% /dev/shm

the var is 99%

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Python Permissions To Write Files In Another Web Space On Same Server

May 15, 2014

I have a python script that generates images and is able to write them into a directory on the same web space

However, I would like the same script to write files into another directory located in the web space of another domain on the same server.

For example, script lives here...

this works...

this fails...

The directory structure already exists, so there is no need to create any new directories

I have tried setting permissions for the destination "images" directory to 777 and that didn't work.

Do I need to specify something within Plesk to enable it to write to another directory?

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Server Space In Russia? 2-5 Gb/s Bandwith. For My Own Server.

Aug 25, 2008

Does anyone know some russian company that rents out space in their serverrooms with more or less unlimted bandwith? I need about 2-5 gb/s for streaming. And prefereably some company thats not 2 friendly to USA...

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Deleted Backups Takes Long Time To Recalculate Free Space On Server

Jun 11, 2015

We had many backups stored on our Plesk 12 server about 51 GB in total.

After reducing the backups back to 10 GB by removing old backups through the Backup Manager.

The issue is that Health Monitor still reported that there was low diskspace displayed by color yellow. And it look Health Monitor over 16 minutes to change the alarm level from Yellow to Green

However the statistics at the specific subscription still present the Backup usage of 51 GB's whilest they are no longer there.

What can i do about this in order to speed up the synchronization?

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VPS Space Available

Sep 19, 2008

I have a 30gb vps which I only have used about 6gb. This 6gb is a live site so if that means anything.

I want to take 15gb of it and use it for personal ftp storage where I can access it at work and via at home so I don't have to always copy things to media discs.

My question is that will doing that and just leaving 9gb give or take on my live site affect performance or anything.

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Where To Get FTP Space

Oct 2, 2008

I read an offer from a company a month or so ago that offered some plan where you were given a certain amount of space on an ftp server. I'm not sure if it was hosting as well or just ftp space. Then each month you paid $5 or something and for as long as you have your account with them they give you and extra 5-10GB per month. So your space on the server grows with your needs.

Does anyone know the company? I can't find it anymore but I'd like to take another look at them.

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UK IP Space

Mar 11, 2007

Does any know of any UK companies who do public IP space? aka putting a request into RIPE for some IPs (with justification). We only need a class c and we cannot justify the fees of joining ourself to RIPE.

Getting IPs from our current provider isnt possible as we want our own IPs so if we ever moved away we could take the addresses with us without having to change.

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Space Used

Feb 21, 2007

I want to know which directories take up the most space in /usr and /var. What is the ssh command to do this?

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Big Web Space

Sep 8, 2007

I have a site and I have a download section on it. The download section is already hosted by a different host company. I'm now looking for a different one.

The only thing is that I'm looking for a cheap hosting company with big web space where I can have all these stuffs files.

Does anyone here know a good one? The best would be within europe.

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Portable IP Space?

Jan 6, 2007

The last time I applied for a portable block from ARIN was about 7 years ago, and it was pretty easy to get when you could justify a /22. I'm just about to begin this process with my current company. Right now we're using a a /24 and 2x /23's from 3 different providers, and are hoping to get a portable block from ARIN.

Basically needing a /21, do we stand a chance of getting a portable block, or are we still stuck getting our prefix from one of our providers?

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Route My IP Space

May 22, 2009

what is needed is a dedicated server or colocation in which my portable IP space (a class c assigned to me in 1995) can be routed to in its entirety. We will then have a VPN back to our own site. This could be accomplished by the ISP BGP peering, or simply announcing the routes themselves. We've got clue in routing, both in OpenBSD and IOS.

The machine doesn't have to be too powerful, and needs little storage space, but the bandwidth provided has to be decent. This is for a hobbyist rather than commercial project, so price is an issue.

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How Is It A Waste Of Space

May 22, 2009

I'm starting to get annoyed with companies stipulating that is it considered a waste of space to store your own files, and backups or whatever on your shared hosting account.

I don't understand why that is considered a waste of space you purchase that space and bandwidth. So why can you not use it for whatever you want in legal terms.

In fact I would be confident to say I have not seen a single terms of service NOT state that you cannot use your space as storage.

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5GB Space Lost

Jun 2, 2008

We delete LOGS.

We delete QUEUE mail.

After we add up all the space of the counts.

space of count1 + space of count2 + space of count3 + ... ALL COUNTS

And TOTAL < to 2GB included MySQL space

But space used (say Vistuozzo), is 8.47 Gb!

How we can understand this?

Ok, maybe 2 GB of CENTOS + cpanel + WHM+ MySQL + Files config = 2 GB

Home + MySQL = 2GB

4 GB is very different to 8.5 GB!

Ok think in 3 GB of SO+WHM+CONFIG add 2 GB of files this = 5 GB

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