USA Unmetered Server

May 24, 2008

I've currently got around 10 dedicated servers for the MMORPG we run, 3 of which act as patch distribution servers / download servers.

The patch distribution servers are fairly low spec (Single CPU, 1-2GB RAM, 250GB HDD), but connect through a 100MB unmetered port - all of these are currently in the EU.

I'm now looking at a USA patch server, but not sure where to look. The only provider that springs to mind is FDC Servers but not sure how good they are these days. I don't mind if the provider is on the East or West coast (or even Central), but they must provide 100MBps unmetered (shared is fine).

Currently paying around $100-$200 for each other patch server, so would ask that $200-250 is the limit.

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How Much Do You Pay For A 10Mbit Unmetered Server

Jul 3, 2008

how much you guys pay for a 10Mbit Unmetered connection on a dedicated server, INCLUDING HARDWARE.

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Unmetered Dedicated Server ...

Aug 14, 2008

I Am having a hard time finding decent 3 to 10 MBPS Dedicated servers . I don't really care about the other specs.

I'm specifically looking for them in USA/EU. No canada because the ping is over 150ms (which is inadequate for a game)

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FDC 1Gbit Unmetered Server Any Good

Apr 11, 2009

I was looking at FDC's 1Gbit Burstable Unmetered dedi server:


and it says this:

50Mbps during PEAK hours and 300Mbps during OFF PEAK hours

I realise these are the shared bandwidth speeds, but has anyone used these and are these the correct speeds?

And the server specs are this:

CPU - Core2Quad 8300
Memory - 8GB RAM
Hard Disk Space - 2x500GB HDD

Does anyone know why FDC don't list the full server specs like Ghz, control panel, php support, operating system etc?

I know FDC dedi's are unmanaged, but what is the easier operating system to install updates onto, windows server 2008 or linux?

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Dedicated Server With True Unmetered Bandwidth

Oct 15, 2009

Looking for a dedicated unmetered server to stream movies and audio for over 500 visitors a day. Anybody knows any place that is good?

Also, what kind of hardware specifications would be OK for me - in terms of speed and memory? And would we be OK with a 10mbit port or 100?

Would I survive on a dedicated server with a shared bandwidth?

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English International Managed Unmetered Server

Aug 17, 2008

Any recommendation for an international managed unmetered server with good client service?

Bandwidth and respond time is important.

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10mbps Unmetered Budget Server I Seek

Jul 28, 2008

After the recent null route of my server ip by providers datacenter without asking no questions nor informing anyone from VD or myself. I am forced to seek a replacement for a 10 mbps unmetered server used for web proxies.

Suggest me good place which has good business ethics and atleast care to inform their customers of their actions.

no Burst net based resellers or anyone even remotely related to burst!

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100mbit Unmetered Dedicated Server With WHM/Cpanel

Mar 10, 2008

I can stay for a long long time, and thus building a strong server by upgrading whenever I have the spare cash to do so. What I'm thinking is a service where it's possible to buy more HD space, RAM or CPU by paying a ONE TIME fee.

Other requirerments is:
- It must come with cpanel/whm
- CentOS or linux OS
- I would prefer if the server is managed, and unmetered.

The server should of course be used for everything from having image host, to downloading via bitorrent. Obviously I'm looking for a host who doesn't put their nose into my business.

Budget: 100-150$

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Talk About Dedicated Unmetered 10mbit - Made My Server Scream

May 27, 2008

I always thought that 10 mbit unmetered was just a prank or not really dedicated to the server. But damn the server i got from totally screamed when doing some real bw tests.

Might try more tests to see if server performs and can provide the bw juice for me.

These are the stats from mrtg i got going :

Max Average Current
In 9853.9 kb/s (98.5%) 311.2 kb/s (3.1%) 4805.5 kb/s (48.1%)
Out 9553.6 kb/s (95.5%) 849.0 kb/s (8.5%) 9553.6 kb/s (95.5%)

Well cannot really post link to the mrtg as wht mods will go "aah bunny no url posting to ur site " crazy !!

So look at the screenie itself

Amazing i was actually able to pull 10mbit/s out of the server. So good work to you Kevin (kev not sure what his name is or am too tired to remember ).

PS: will be doing more bw tests over the next weeks or over the entire month, i am trying to somehow use full 3.3 TB bw over the month. (doing mirrors for distros and other linux stuff can really push the limits at times) Wondering if anyone know of places to get some beta testers to test the server's bw limits (act as mirror for your game maps, linux distros, rpm packages and w/e comes free to download)

Hopefully server wont be shut down cause bunny used the full bw potential ( i have heard horror stories of providers capping servers further and stuff when customers starts pulling too much bw (maybe cause they put server on shared bw or something).

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VPS + Unmetered

Jun 20, 2007

I am trying to have vps because I have 130 websites in shared server.

My current reseller account has WHM/Cpanel, WHMReseller installed. - no ssh access

I think need VPS + Unmetered shared reseller(currently have one) for 2 reaseons.
1. backup/restore
2. Disk space

1. backup/restore =======================
I had a problem with hosting company, so I had to move all 130 websites in 12 hours without ssh access in both old/new server. (can you imagine?)
New server admin helped me, but their response were so late, so I want to do it my self.
Also, I need one more server that can immediately be switched if hosting company blowup everything. (hosting will be my life line)

2. Disk space =========================
All 130 websites are smaill size cloned websites (1mb~20mb) because I sell cloned websites with hosting.
I have unmetered space/bandwidth reseller plan now, so I can provide 5bg-10gb space for each customer. (they use only 1-20mb though)
If I have vps(15-30GB plan), I won't have enough space if, some clients really use 5GB space. So I may move clients who use big space to my unmetered shared reseller account.(currently have one)
In other words,
vps- many small sized websites
unmetered - big sized websites (a few)

I may need only one vps, but it's too much overselling if I give 5GB to each client. (that's why I have to connect vps to my current hosting).
Am I wrong?

I have no idea how to make this concept works.

I see many ebay sellers who sell unmetered hosting, and they have 2-5 datacenters and backup servers....etc.

Also, how can people generage a bunch of ips? Is it one of the function in vps?

Last question- Does it back up all sub-account if I do full backup reseller's cpanel?

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Unmetered Bandwidth

Oct 30, 2009

I was looking at a VPS plan that offered unmetered bandwidth on a shared 100mbit/s port. I thought it was a bit suspicious because it was at a very low price--but would this be what it means?

100mbit/s converts to 0.125 megabytes per second
= 7.5mb/min
= 450mb/hour
= 10,800mb/day
~ 334,800mb/month
= 334.8gb/month

Would that mean that I would be getting less than 334.8gb of bandwidth a month, but it's just filtered through to make sure I don't go over?

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What Is Metered And UnMetered

Mar 23, 2009

what is Metered and unMetered ?

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Is Unmetered Servers Right For Me

Nov 25, 2008

if a site is getting around 50,000 unique visitors a month and using up 1TB of bandwith, what type of unmetered server should i get ? would 100mbps be right ? also if you could post them here with cost, i will check it out.

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Recommend For Unmetered

Jun 13, 2008

Can you guys recommend a few providers? My requirements are as follows:

100 MB unmetered dedicated
750 G HD
8GB Ram

I looked at Iweb and Choopa, but I am trying to see if there are better, more economical, options out there.

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100MBIT Unmetered At FDC

May 13, 2008

what kind of incoming and outgoing bandwidth should i be able to consume from FDC?

Im getting about 60KB down and 500KB up.

further since i havent been able to hold the number of radio slots I used to I feel like something is not right, i seem to get normal ping and traceroute but noticed that an mtr router displays some sort of odd results, am I reading this correctly?

seems like there is always a couple of hosts with a ton of packet loss. how can i tell if there is some kind of problem here? the server worked great for 6 mos and now it just seems like it never has come back .......

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100 Mbps Unmetered

Nov 27, 2008

if anyone can suggest a couple reputable companies based in Canada, that offer a dedicated server with 100 mbps unmetered bandwidth. Budget is ideally around 1500.

(I posted a while back about 60TB/month, and got some great replies, that was a different project)

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Unmetered Vs. Metered

Mar 8, 2008

Someone mentioned in one of the posts, so I went to look at them, then checking out the options, it got me thinking about this, what is the difference/what does it mean?

Unmetered Bandwidth Options vs. Metered Bandwidth Options?

Unmetered 3Mbps/month +$0.00

Metered 1,000GB/month +$0.00

So, are they saying that I can get 3Mbps 24/7 for an entire month for no extra, or 1,000GB total transer at? Mbps (I would assume 10Mbps or 100Mbps depending on the setting.)?

Ok, so I am trying to answer my own question...

Let me just ask it. What's the difference?

They have an Unmetered @ 10Mbps for $350.00/month, but come on... Is it "really" unmetered? (Just like those shared "unlimited transfer" type accounts, where they hack you off at the knees when you go past their invisible "unlimited" number.

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Metered Or Unmetered

Jan 24, 2007

What is the diference between metered and unmetered bandwidth. I was looking a one provider that I will not name and they have 1Mbps metered for $109 and then they offer 10Mbps unmetered for $139. To me unmetered sounds like a better deal. Is there something that I am not knowing or seeing between the two?

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Shared Unmetered Bandwidth

Oct 16, 2009

I got a question about shared unmetered bandwidth offerings. Currently we specialise in Dedicated Unmetered bandwidth offers but also offer metered.

we see an increase in demand for shared unmetered, with some minor guarantees of troughput. Much in the style of FDC servers. We are toying with the idea, to add a shared unmetered service thats overbooked 1/4 (100 mbit) or 1/6 (gigabit).

The questions.

Are these overbooking rates reasonable? it looks like other companies roughly have these overbooking factors.

What kind of hardware should be bundle with such an offer? obviously its the bargain hunter category (no pun intended) that we would try to appeal to. Would that mean generally lower end servers like ATOMs?

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Shared 1500GB Or Unmetered

Mar 20, 2009

I have three proxy sites which use about 1500GB's of hosting. Cannot keep them at the current host as I am over my limit.

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FDC 100Mbit Unmetered Servers

Jan 10, 2009

Do the FDC 100Mbit Unmetered servers use shared bandwidth or dedicated bandwidth?

Because i was looking at softlayer and they charge $2,000/month for a 100Mbit uplink port, yet FDC have this for $159/month.

Is it because fdc's are using shared bandwidth?

Also, does FDC's 100Mbit servers mean you can use as much data as the port allows per month so you'll never be charged excess data?

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Calculate Unmetered Servers

Nov 1, 2009

Hii want to ask about unmetered servers

How to calculate unmetered BW in 20mb or 100mb?

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Burstnet Or Unmetered Servers

Oct 18, 2009

burstnet or unmeteredservers which one is batter

recently i got this 2 website for dedicate server both are given such a cheap price which i can afford but i dont know about this site i also search hear i dont find any bad information about this 2 servers. but one thing i saw unmeteredservers has 24/7/365 live chat help which i think more comfortable with me on other side burstnet gives same configuration in low rate but they dont have live chat support so i want to know which server is best

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Mellowhost :: What Is Different Unmetered And Unlimited?

Aug 28, 2008

I finding this hosting company which price is very cheap.

Unmetered Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Addons
Free Billing Manager (Account Lab Plus)
Private Nameservers
Free Dedicated IP

Server Spec & Features of Reseller [ Located Here ]

[ Price ]

6.95$ Monthly
18.95$ Quarterly
36.95$ Semi Annually
70.95$ Annually

This price make me shock. If everyone used Mellowhost, please tell me about this service. It's seem good or bad.
And Mellow server is

Intel Dual Xeon Quad Core E5430 2.66 Ghz (2 X 12 MB Cache)
250 X 2 GB SATA II Hard Drive (10K RPM)

But Mellowhost offer Unmetered Space, What is different Unmetered and Unlimited?

Can i believed Mellowhost?

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Unmetered Cogent Bandwidth

Jul 13, 2008

i want to know any datacenter that offer 10 Mb or 100Mb port unmetered cogent bandwidth.
Do you know any?

It is for an image hosting file service.

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Who Offer Unmetered Hosting?

Nov 3, 2008

I'm currently doing close to a 25,000 daily unique average on my site and coming close to 12TB or monthly bandwidth transfer. With most DS Hosting services, I would usually be offered virtual rack solutions with multiple machines that would help raise my monthly limit but it would be greatly cost effective if I just stuck with one powerful server that offers unmetered bandwidth at a great price.

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Unmetered Vs Fixed Bandwidth

Jun 11, 2008

What are the advantages and disadvantages to buy unmetered or fixed bandwidth dedicated?

For burstnet unmetered does it guarantee to have some good bandwidth or it can be very very slow at peak times?

I can find about the same price almost 2TB/month or 10mbps unmetered.

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Anyone With And 10mbps Unmetered

Nov 4, 2008

Does anyone have a server with them and _10 mbps unmetered connection_? What do you think about the network performance?

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Metered And Unmetered Dedis

Dec 9, 2008

I'm about to start a web site that doesn't consume much bandwidth and CPU and I don't know which dedi is better to use from

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Unmetered Boxes For Mediaserver

May 23, 2008

to run a static files server w/lighty or otherwise - need VERY low spec hardware, but shared 100mbit port enough to push at least 10TB/mo each.

at most $200 per server if possible, celeron/p4, 512mb ram, 500GB+ HD, shared 100mbit.

us or eu is fine. (just no crap german "unmetered" with 10mbit throttle after 1tb)

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What Is 3300GB (10Mbps Unmetered)

Jun 24, 2008

I noticed a website which stated that the server's bandwidth is "3300GB (10Mbps unmetered)"

What does this mean? That at any point in time, I will be able to download data at 10Mbps from the server but that I am limited to a total bandwidth of 3300GB a month?

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