- 100% Reccomended Web Host, Read My Review!

Apr 21, 2009

I've been registered on here for about 4 years now, and in this time I have had 4 different web hosts. I've had a total is 7 hosts since I launched my first website back in 1999. I host 7-8 websites, and a few recieve substantial traffic due to them being "official" websites for music artists (one multi-platinum selling musician). In 2007, I found a fantastic hosting company based in the US, who were charging me a LOT of money each month for a Managed Dedicated server. However, last Xmas I decided to seek a cheaper alternative but with the same service, and I thankfully found it at;

Now, I dont know if I should post this, just remove the thread if so. But since moving to in January 09, I am saving over half of the money I was spending with my previous host.... and the support is even better. Yesterday they kindly and swiftly fixed something on my actual website within 24 hours, that was an error caused by me. I have had 100% uptime, and the server speeds are the best I have ever had.

Total quality. I'll never look elsewhere to host my sites.

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NYNOC Exit Review - Read Before Purchasing

Nov 30, 2008

As many of you may have already read my initial review or the New York NOC I wanted to leave an additional exit review of the company and share a personal recommendation.

It started a little over a month ago when I jumped VPS providers and initially purchase 2 VPS plans . Initially the boxes were rock solid. I could get to my websites, admin area, and have support tickets responded to in a timely manner. Roughly a week later I ended up moving another site to it’s own VPS . This is when I noticied my first issues. CONSTANT ERROR MESSAGES stating the backend was down and to please restart it.

I would launch a support ticket, roughly 2 hours later the backend would be rebooted and I could once again access the admin panel and do what I needed to. Like clockwork when I would try to login again later to my admin panel I would be hit again with the backend was down (hypervm would be in a constant refresh). Sometimes my sites would remain online and sometimes they would go down too. This got frustrating but was bearable (I thought). Within a few days I see a BIGGER problem arise. I woke up one morning to find error alerts coming in and realizing 2 VPS’s had been offline for hours on end. I again launch another support ticket for the backend to be rebooted. I get a response everything is ok so I go about my day. I later receive an e-mail stating all of my sites were showing a mysql connect error and panic. Come to find out they had corrupted this time when the backend went down, I repair and optimize and everything is ok. VERY next day I wake up and check my nightly logs to make sure the nightly backup was loaded onto my home server. I don’t see it and find I received an e-mail from lxadmin stating it could not backup the database. Once again…..corrupted. This has been going on since that time frame on almost a daily basis. The backups are iffy if they will come in since when the backend gets overloaded and crashes in the middle of the night, it immediately corrupts all db’s on the VPS. I could understand 1 VPS doing this…..but 3? Come on….

Now comes Thanksgiving, my boxes go down for roughly 5 hours before reboot and once again I have to repair them on a blackberry with ssh since I am away (never fun to type that on a bb). I am back online and go about my day…….then…..Friday. My box goes down at 5pm…..I send in a support ticket to have it rebooted. The next morning at 11am it finally gets turned back on and I get a response that it must have been on my end since everything looks ok from there (granted 3 monitoring services were all showing it down). Once again…..corrupted. I rebuild and think the SLA was 99.9% so I send in a nice message to ask about it. Here is the response:

Posted: 11/29/2008 12:33
Hey Guys.
Since one of the VPS accounts was down for 17 hours do I qualify for the 99.9% SLA?
(3 Monitoring Services show the outage happened at 5:34PM last night and I have recovery notifications for this morning at 11:16AM)
IP Address: 71.76.239.xx Andy
StaffPosted: 11/30/2008 20:49 Hi Ryan,
Unfortunately our SLA applies to network uptime and not power or hardware related.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
The New York NOC Inc.
Visit our new forums! [url]

So……99.9% SLA does not cover if no one is in the datacenter to reboot the box because it is off-line…..I thought SLA’s covered your box being on-line, am I wrong?

So now after too many corruptions to count, support taking longer and longer in between responses I am left looking over my books. Last year alone between Thanksgiving and the following Sunday I brought in roughly $2300 dollars in sales. This year for the past 4 days I have brought in $10…… I have had some longtime recurring customers so I asked them for any feedback on what we could do to earn there business again. Out of 40+ people all but one stated that if I could fix the sites downtime they would return (the other responses was of course to lower prices). Second suggestion they had was to fix my e-mails from ending up in their spam box. Yes I was sold ALL dirty ip’s which had all been blacklisted. Some major isp’s worked with me and allowed me in…(some)

Before I get flammed for choosing these guys, they truly were great up front so obviously I got fooled. I have no doubt they are great for some people but I simply can not drive my business into the ground because I went cheap and in the end got what I deserved. I moved to futurehost today and almost **** myself when a response ticket was answered in under a minute (kinda scary for a low priority ticket).

With this said, before you consider NewYorkNoc simply ask yourself if your business or site is important to you, if you can afford to lose business, and if you want constant downtime along with mysql corruptions daily. I am not saying they are the worst as they were helpful at first. Just EXPECT that when the deal is that good, you are being oversold. There is no other explanation in my books.

To sum this up:

Uptime: 3 out of 10 (there were up sometimes)
Customer Service: 2 out of 10 (would have given higher I did not have to repeatedly e-mail over the backend issues)
Price: 10 out of 10 (admit it, the price point these guys have is good)
Value: 1 out of 10 (I made a bad choice, I lost a ton of money in business and now have to work hard to recover my losses and rebuild relationships)
Recommend to others: 2 out of 10 (why 2? This place might be good for offsite backup maybe?)

This review is NOT out of spite due to my recent downtime. This review is merely my opinion and personal experiences and not written to bash NYNOC. If your happy with them then you are doing well. If you are considering them…….I urge you to think elsewhere. All my data is off the VPS and I am running before the backend crashes again corrupted my DB’s.

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[Review] RAM Host VPS

Jun 24, 2009

This review is based off of my personal experience with RAM Host VPS [url][ over the past 2 weeks.

100MB Test: [url]
My UnixBench results (which I'm told is on a fully loaded server):

Bottom Line:
Great value VPS provider whose owner has a background in UNIX and security.

Detailed Review:
I'm new to this forum (brought here by the hacking incident of my previous provider since I couldn't actually get any useful information out of them directly), but I have experience in hosting and security and over the past 15 years I've held paying posititions as as UNIX sysadmin, Network engineer, and Security engineer. I've also run my own co-located Linux servers before (even Debian on a SUN pizza box) as well as most recently utilizing shared hosting faclities to run the majority of my web sites. I run Linux (Debian and Ubuntu) as well as MAC OS X at home.

My first experience with VPS hosting was with a VPS provider that had almost a week of downtime due to a hacking incident. I also had another incident with this same provider where I believed the host system was compromised but support totally wrote the incident off, so needless to say, I wasn't off to the best start in the world of VPS's. I knew that I was tired of my shared provider having over-loaded servers, thus resulting in horrible laod times for my Gallery 2 installations, but I wasn't sure about trusting my previous provider since they appeared to have little to no security experience.

My search for a good VPS provider has ended with RAM Host. I found them by seeing them referenced in the "Speed Test" section as well as a "Benchmarking" thread. Their benchmarks and speed proved to be above and beyond what I was getting from my other provider, not to mention I did some research on the company and owner and determined that he was much like me:

From: [url]


I also have a business - RAM - it is shared and virtual dedicated server hosting with professional features run by professionals for professionals. I founded it because I was sick of web hosts who treat their customers like idiots. Because we cater to the smart person, it has the effect of allowing us to charge much less than others - the untapped market of smart people who don't want / need / can afford a full blown dedicated server or expensive VPS and all the administrative overhead that it entails. We cater to the programmers (including the python ones) and webmasters - raw fully-featured web hosting with specifications that can be customized based on your actual needs so you don't pay for stuff you don't want.

Not to mention Robert appears to have security experience and has had paying jobs in the security field. Based on this information, and being in the security field myself, I was convinced that I should at least give the little guy, RAM Host, a shot. I initially inquired with support about my needs and almost immediately received a response. My initial concerns were with regards to continuity of business if something were to happen to the owner since the company appeared to be a small business. Robert assured me that there was another person involved with day-to-day operations that would at least provide me with 1 months notice if something were to happen. This is more than enough time for me to move my sites elsewhere.

My VPS was setup within about 15 minutes of my order being placed. The web console wasn't anything special, but it wasn't HyperVM (which made me happy). It does allow you the abilty to see your IP, bandwidth used, power on/power off/reboot your VPS, and the ability to reload it with the UNIX distribution of your choice. By the end of the day I had already restaged my VPS, moved my sites over (transferred 10GB of data in about 15 minutes!) and they were being served from RAM host. The speed and benchmarks quoted were exactly as advertised. I've had the service for 2 weeks and haven't had any issues with bandwidth or response times to my sites. Ping times are good, and overall connectivity seem to be on par with my previous provider.

You may have concerns about going with a small company to do your hosting, but sometimes the personal service and support you get from a small company outweighs the limitations. Nothing demonstrated this more than not being told what was happening with my previous provider when they were hacked.

- Price - 11.99/mo for 40GB Storage, 500GB Transfer, 512/1024MB RAM VPS
- Fast install, fast servers, fast network connection
- Servers are not overloaded or oversold: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7200 @ 2.53GHz with between 4-6GB RAM serves typically 9 VPS customers per server, absolute maximum of 11 per server)
- Fast and Knowledgable support; they surely don't treat customers like they are idiots!
- Customized plans so you get exactly what you need.
- Includes weekly backups with customer allowed downloads and support can perform restores if you haven't downloaded the latest backup.
- Not running HyperVM!
- IRC client access is allowed for VPS's (not IRCD)
- Status page updates with upcoming planned outages, etc
- Reported an issue with network speeds when developer was testing backups, and they responded with an answer within 5 minutes and had resolved the issue.

- Disks are not running RAID however hardware is new and backups are performed
- No emails were received when an outage occurred however it was on the status page
- Backups are weekly and bandwidth to perform restores are currently limited; however this is currently a work in progress as features are currently in the works for the backup process and should soon provide faster restores (restore data available from the same datacenter). Either way, no matter what your provider provides you for backups, you should make your own (as obvious by many that lost all of their data when FSCKVPS/VAserv was hacked).
- No RDNS.

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Xe Host Review

Jun 3, 2008

When I first got into the world of webhosting about 2 or so years ago, my friend introduced me to Xehost, and I'm still a customer there now. I've had a few problems (constantly going over the bandwidth limit, but that might be my own fault) but generally I thought it was pretty good. I of course however had nothing to compare it to.

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Cyber Host Pro Review

Mar 5, 2009

I've never written an online review before but felt I really had to find a way of recommending Cyber Host Pro. I've just reached the 2nd anniversary of being a customer of theirs and in 2 years they have not once taken more than 1 hour to respond to a question. Quite often it has literally taken 2 minutes for them to respond to my email.

I really recommend this company as I have never experienced such fast, helpful and polite service. I also think their hosting plans are particularly good value.
Previously I had been with UKHost4U and I thought this group were the worst and most amateur outfit I'd ever seen.

It taught me very quickly that the service is the best thing you can pay for and for this I would definitely say Cyber Host Pro are unbeatable.

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Review The Prime Host

Oct 7, 2009

I would like to inform everyone of my experiences with The Prime Host.

3 Months in, I have nothing but good things to say. For all technical issues, they always reply within at LEAST half an hour, and if it's going to take longer to get something done, they come back and inform you they are working on it, they don't keep you in the dark which is one of the biggest things I've noticed that hosting companies do sometimes!

Yes, I've had a couple of problems, one with a particular domain I use that kept getting hacked - but I'm 99.999% sure this was due to a wordpress problem (2.8.4 vulnerabilities anyone? Or possibly an addon), as none of my other domains have been hacked.

Regardless of this being a wordpress error or not, The Prime Host have been nothing but helpful towards me during the whole process. Darrel (Owner??) & the other support crew are great - they offer advice on what we can do to help prevent future problems etc.

I guess the biggest things for me currently are:
Speed of response
Speed of page loading
Competence of support staff

For the price I pay, and the benefits I get (WHMReseller, WHMCS License), this really is a SPECTACULAR service.

I will update this thread as time goes on.

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LiquidWeb Review And Other Vps Host

Apr 24, 2008

WHT reviews and foru input have been a great help for me in figuring out what new VPS hosts to go with. So I'm posting this to offer similar insight and helpful information. Based on reviews here and other research, Final 3 picks

1. KnownHost


3. LiquidWeb

(was also considering wiredtree but they only been around since June 2006)

Factors: Servers, support, price, complaints

All 3 host where about the same for servers, support and price-wise they all in the same ballpark.

Knownhost - no complaints found
The other 2 - yes complaints found

The main reason we chose LIQUIDWEB:

faster ping test, has phone number for support, replied to complaints properly.

VSP setup - 1/2day


1- Sonar Service Monitoring states: Error retrieving monitoring information

1 hour 15min. for un-automated reply and issue fix in 15 minutes

website certified by unknown authority - security error: domain name mismatch
security certificate error and Nameserver problem

15 min. for un-automated reply and issues answered properly.

1st issue - The certificate error that shows up when logging into CPanel/WHM is normal, as it is a self-signed cert. You can just tell your browser to accept the certificate and you should not receive the error any more.

2nd issue - The hostname entry can be fixed by simply clicking the button to automatically add an A record in WHM

3. E-mail being returned problem with its delivery.

15 min. for un-automated reply and issues answered properly.

It appears that an udpate was made with your registrar yesterday which may be causing this issue. (My domain registar was taken a little longer than usually in DNS propagation)

4. questions concerning server config, ClamAv, Trojan Horse scan results, configuring cpanel backup, cPanel/WHM Updates.

6 min. for un-automated reply and issues answered properly.

So far, network availability has been excellent and the support team has been helpful. I only wish that thier Knowlege base was a little more expanded for VSP functions are not setup by them that are optional and should be properly configured to tighten up the server further.

Will updated again about Liquidweb in a month or so.

also have a reseller account at Hostgator for about 2 months now after switching over from fatnetwork, good so far.

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My Power Host Review

Sep 29, 2008

While searching on Ebay I came across a company offering hosting at $1 first month 18.95 every other month for master reseller hosting. This company refers to themselves as Xpaw Media with there hosting company "My Power Host". To start, they lie to you, and say you can host anything. I asked before becoming a member if I could host remote proxies. They said this would be fine. I started selling proxy websites WITH hosting to make a little extra income. After a couple of weeks, having several paying customers, I notice ALL my accounts have been suspended. I contact them complaining, and they say they no longer allow remote proxies. I lost nearly 40 paying customers!

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Review On Lowest Host

Sep 30, 2007

I bought a VPS from lowest host long back (around 2 months back) , I had dropped my mind to run my site so I ran my VPS with them for a motn and then closed my site and kept backupin my PC..but then I made my mind to start my site again but backup was deleted from my PC by mistake..Then I sent a mail to lowest host and I got my backup back even after 2 months of suspension

They just rock give them a try


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CI Host 3 And 1/2 Year Review

May 20, 2007

CI Host has really gone through some changes when I started with them. I have had dedicated servers before for personal projects and such. This was my first colocation.

Starting Up
Signing up was a bit of a pain, as I had to sign my contract and fax it off a few times. I'm not sure what the mix-up was. On all three I had cover sheets with who it needed to go to and what it was.

Set up after I shipped the server was pretty quick. I was using their Dallas Datacenter at this point.

Dallas Datacenter
CI Host was pretty much selling a budget network service which was fine for me. As long as it would stay up. I didn't have any network down time that was too horrible, though I do run a site with a lot of visitors around the clock. They had a couple of incidents with "Emergency Maintenance", however, they don't usually tell you much unless you call the techs. at the DC directly.

Their Dallas DC bottlenecked worse and worse. My download and upload speeds started to get much slower. Everything was loading just like their website does now. The big delay and then the gzipped site loads all at once.

Chicago Datacenter
I had my server shipped to their Chicago DC and they then wanted me to sign a new contract with them, which I didn't want to do at this point. They also wanted me to pay overnight shipping. They promised me better peers and no bottlenecks. The shipping fee was a reasonable requirement, however, I tried to talk them into letting me try the network for 30 days before signing a new contract (I'd still be paying for the service though!). They politely said that they couldn't do that. So I sent anyway....

The server arrived. Fast too. They didn't install the server so fast. It seems they hooked it up and forgot to assign my new IP Addresses. It did come up. There was some downtime at first. I called the DC and asked about it. They said it was my CAT 5e cable and it was intermittant, so they were crimping me a new one.

There was still a little bit of network downtime as twice a DC tech. "tripped over my router's power cord", which was plausible.

I needed a reboot for a kernel update. They were very slow with their "Emergency Number", so I called the DC directly.

No answer. None. Many times. I called their Dallas Corporate. The menu sent me to customer support where I immediately asked to talk to their supervisor who I then in turn immediately asked where the DC Techs. in Chicago were. They had acted surprised and had one that called me back from Chicago in about 30 minutes and reboot my server.

Their network was better, but nothing to brag about. It was still Cogent afterall. Soon after they fired their DataCenter Manager in Dallas and Chicago after many complaints, so I was told. They also seemed to had forgotten that I needed to sign a new contract for the move. Though I get billed of course and keep my payments up.

Soon after the change of managers the promised new peers came online. YIPES! and GlobalCrossing. Still nothing to brag about from CI Host's DataCenter. I was bursting up to 11 Mb/s up and down if I needed. The routes to the server didn't have any bad switches or horrible latency spikes.

They had at least one tech. there at all times. They also seemed a bit more helpful when I called. And they had finally gotten a crash cart (monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.) to hook up to the server if needed instead of having to take awhile to find the equipement and set it up.

Their knowledge of Linux left much to be desired for the most part. But you get what you pay for and I could walk them through anything that I needed them to do.

There was one incidence of my log rotator seg faulting causing my webserver to go down and called me letting me know. I'm not sure why as when I've brought my webserver down for recompiles and such in the past they had never called me. The did hook it up in their office and troubleshot and fixed it for me as I was away on vacation. They never charged me for it.

Their Data Center is obviously undermanned by the way. There is usually one technician everytime I call. Sometimes there have been two.

The network has gotten a bit better it seems in the past year. Doing traceroutes to my server have revealed using SAVVIS provided by Equinix.

At the beginning of my colocation I was given a "Dedicated Sales Rep." by the name of Richard Lusk. He was great. He used to check in on me to see if I was happy with the service every so often and once when my bank changed software to interact with Visa, my card was denied and Richard kept my server up until a couple of days later when my bank's software was working and I paid.

Later, I was assigned a new Sales Rep. apparently who never has talked to me, except for a few inquries to which she was pretty slow at getting back to me on. Afterwards I just used the sales dept. for iqueries and they were just as slow. Mostly I kept up on new deals and such.

Just recently I sent in an email to them with 17 questions and two days later they answered two of them. I guess they researched one question a day? I'm sure their phone sales is probably better. But I do hate being on hold for any amount of time.

I guess you could say that I've had mixed dealings with CI Host. They seem to be improving in some areas and devolving in others. I wouldn't recommend their network to a webhosting provider, except maybe as a cheap solution for fail-over (as the backup).

I've never rented a dedicated machine from them, so I can't really comment about them, except that they have some bad reviews here about it.

Just remember that you get what you pay for and all Data Centers are not equal.

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Downtown Host : Ongoing Review

Aug 19, 2009

I recently picked up an account with Downtown Host to host my dad's site and wanted to start a thread that I will update as time goes by. I know there's a "honeymoon period" with most hosts and sometimes, like my wife (LOL.. kidding *hides*), things change as things progress..but I have been very impressed.

So, to get things started...

Ordering Process

Easy as it usually is these days. Although the space isn't really needed, I picked up their Bronze plan for 6 months and it worked out to be about $50 USD thanks to a handy coupon. This is the first time I have ever had enough preliminary confidence in a host to go for 6 months up front (outside of getting a ridiculous deal) and I hope to not to be disappointed and regret the decision.

DTH does use a phone call fraud verification system on new orders which I appreciate. I think it shows that they are proactive in sorting out bad purchases and is one of the nicer fraud-detection interfaces I have come across. I believe Wirenine is the only other host I have used that employs a similar system.

Jorge (Jedito on WHT) was very helpful in the ordering process which, again, I appreciate and was pro-active in helping me getting me on board quickly even going so far as to drop me a line welcoming me aboard.

Initial Transfer, Etc.

Once again, very easy. There were a few hiccups that were issues on the previous host's side in terms of creating cPanel back ups so things could get moved over. Both techs were extremely helpful and kept me updated throughout the process, notifying me of even the slightest issue (again, none on their side) in getting files moved over for two domains, some of which included add-on domains.

One of the sites I moved over included a wordpress blog that was previous its own account under a reseller plan so I had a question regarding the process of switching over the MySQL database information to ensure the blog worked off the tip. Again, DTH was very helpful and gave me instructions on what I needed to do to make sure there was no interruption in serving the blog. They certainly didn't have to help me with the changes so it was really nice of them to do so.


In a word - fast. Once the nameservers switched over for the main site (cincihost-dot-com), I entered the address and *bam*. No lagged delays with larger-sized images, they just popped up. Previously, the page loaded somewhat "in order". Not anymore. I hit "Enter" and it was there. Nice.

cPanel loads fast and in checking the server load here and there, it is always below 1.00.


As I have alluded to above, support is fantastic. The first ticket I submitted took a bit to be responded to which was worrying. Who knows what happened, but it was responded to, oddly, shortly after I mentioned it to someone. From that point, support has been lightning fast. As I think happens a lot of times, I have submitted a few tickets in order to get everything set up and going and they have all been responded to or updated within 15 to 20 minutes. I recently submitted a ticket to have my cPanel theme changed (it default to a RVSkin which I do not like) and it was resolved in, literally, one minute. Fastest support I have ever experienced.


Really the only thing I didn't like was that cPanel loads the green RVSkin which seems cartoony to me and I much prefer the original x3 theme. This was quickly changed so no biggie.

Everything else has been absolutely fantastic as you can probably surmise.

I look forward to being hosted with DTH and have a good feeling that my father and I will be with them for a long time to come.

Thanks to Jorge, Sebastian and everyone at Downtown Host!

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Hawk Host - Month Review

Oct 9, 2009

I have used Hawkhost in the past for a forum (pre-Litespeed change over) I was running and was very pleased. My boss needed a host for her site and HH was one of the first that came to mind. After a quick browse here, it seemed like a no brainer.

I'm happy to say that Hawkhost is still a great host for me and in some aspects, even better than before.

The thing that has really impressed me is the server and network speed. Both of the sites I have with them are purely static content and are noticeably faster than any other host I have used. Proof, to me anyway, that Litespeed really does make a difference. Uptime has been great as well - I'm sitting at 100% since August 26th.

Support is helpful, I have only needed them once for help with a weird directory issue.

I submitted the ticket as medium priority at 10:30 am, first response was at 11:14 and the issue was resolved at 12:08. Not as fast as some other hosts but still adequate by my standards. I wish they would have told me what the issue was, I have never run in to the problem before in 9 years of paid web hosting, but whatever. It got fixed and I guess that is all that matters.

I am signed up with HH for a year (for something like 22 dollars) so I will continue to update this thread as time goes by.

For verification purposes, the domains hosted with them are here and here.

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Positive Review About

Mar 18, 2009

In this thread i would like to recommend about this company.

I was looking for a good anualy package in respectable price, and then Host-monkey offered a cheap deal and i said why not.

I just want to say that after i joined i got alot of help, anything i wanted and anything i needed.

The site contain realy good costumer system that provide many services.

After few days i decided to upgrade my plan and it was fast and courteous.

The server is realy strong and fast for me, even that im from far away land from usa.

I hope you will choose it too, you wont dissapoint.

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INDWeb Host Almost 2 Month Review

Mar 29, 2009

i am hosted at since 2months. I got to say that they are a nice decent hosting with cheap price. I am currently on a $7USD/year hosting.

I have 1GB space and 10GB bandwidth. and in 2months i had no downtime or slow loading. never seen there server load go above 1.00, the max i have seen is 0.47

i suggest if you have a low hosting budget and less disk space and bandwidth. you should go for their $12/year for 5GB diskspace and 25GB Bandwidth.

You can also pay $1.25/month for 1GB diskspace and 10GB Bandwidth.
But you can find that for free also.

Edit: to much confusion so let me explain. is another newly domain created by were hacked and they lost all the databases. so they temporary created

so my account was moved to servers. And now if you go to you can check the announcments about their lost of database.

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PremiumReseller Review - Awesome Host!

Aug 11, 2008

I would just like to say that PremiumReseller has outstanding uptime, service, and support. I have been with them for several months, and have had no issues. They respond to my support inquiries in an extremely timely manner, and they also have 24/7 live online support which comes in handy.

If you have any questions about my experience, please let me know and I will do my best to answer them. Their pricing is perfect, it is not too low as to compromise service, and not so high I wouldn't consider them.

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Hawk Host Signup Review

Sep 20, 2008

we finally did the switch to Hawk Host last night. The account setup went well and I talked to Tony personally about an issue I was having getting the log in for cpanel.

Got the site uploaded and everything fine. I did have an issue with some random php errors but submitted it to support and it was fixed before the end of the night.

Overall very impressed so far and the site seems to have a quicker load time that it ever has. Also can't beat getting 45% off thanks to the code in the hosting deals forum. I have a mailing list up and running and am looking at other scripts that might be useful at the moment.

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Jun 7, 2008

Today Im Going To Write My Review About Iweb

So Here We Go....

Network - 10/10

According To My Experience iweb provide a great and top notch services , their
Network rocks , Its almost over a Month With them, and i never had a single second downtime with them , my sites runs like butter on their servers.

Sales - 10/10

iweb sales is also very Good i really get prompt answers of my queries,never had any issue with my account manager , he always reply me with in 30 Min of my email , also their sales person are very friendly and helpful and always ready to figure out any solution

Reliability - 10/10what should i say now.... iweb rocks , like 2 months back i was searching for a host which can provide me best solutions , so that i can sleep with peace in my mind,and i was always unable to find that.but atlast i found all those features in iweb.and now i must say , i have peace in my mind,i sleep properly in Nights.iweb gave everything what i was searchings from long time

Support - 9/10

iweb really had a very good support i always get my request/tickets solved very quickly, i never got any negative answer from iweb.they are prompt in replies , but the reason why i gave 9 marks here out of 10 is because, they lack in live chat , live chat normally leaves in between.and that is what i don't like,its really annoying that we wait for 20,30 min and then they leave us without any ticketing system is really good

Staff - 10000000000/10 ( yes they deserve This )

The is the best thing in i web Is , Their staff is soo friendly.means u will never feel that you are doing business with them,they deal like they are our very old friends,this is the best thing in iweb. i can assure you if once you joined iweb then you cant even think to change iweb...even not in your dreams
As they are rocking in every field


Some Of My Suggestion for iweb

1) please Try To start allowing proxy to
2) Please Try to improve Live chat system


So All and all i can say that iweb is a great and reliable company it gave me a great platform to stay online in my business.and i can proudly say that Yes Im A iweb customer i really suggest everyone to try once iweb in your life, i can assure you that you will never regret

At The same time i would like to thanks Mr Martin Leclair He is the man with golden heart , he always help me , when ever i email him he replies me in under 10 min with best possible solution.when ever i ask him for any discount he never refuse , he is always ready to help everyone.i would really like to say

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Down Town Host - 4 Month Plus Review

Apr 18, 2008

Over 4 months ago I found myself looking for a new webhost, and through the help of this forum decided on downtownhost. I gave rave reviews based on initial contact, the ease of transfer, and of getting quick help from customer service. I was asked to post another review after a few months, so here it is.

I continue to have nothing but good to say about downtownhost. They have a thorough and easy to navigate self-help system. Their customer service is quick and freindly and managing your site is quick and easy. I've only had experience with 4 hosts now, but I can without hesitation say that downtownhost is "head and shoulders" above the others I've dealt with.

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Manadospace Review---bad Service, Not A Honest Host

Jan 21, 2009

I order a plan at in 12.1.2008, they have 12 Day Money Back Guarantee,but when i ask for Money Back,they rufused!

In 12.18.2008,they mail me that I had been to move on new server with new quota for value hosting plan! But they deleted all my files without any back up.

In 1.4.2009,they close my account without any note or mail.I contact them and they tell me that because my main domain doesn't use they host,and it violate their TOS ,so they close my accout and delete my all files.But I can't find any words like "main domain can't use another host" at [url]termofservice.html in 1.5.2009.

now they modify point 11 of there tos,but I have a copy of there tos in 1.5.2009.

my site :[url

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PeachyDandy - 6 Hour Review Of A Not So Dandy Host

Jan 9, 2009

I had purchased a small plan from then in order to keep some of my websites active while my servers were in use during the time shortly after selling my web host. Well about 6 hours after purchasing a plan, I received an offer from a friend to use some space on his dedicated server for the time being. Well I prompty cancelled my account with PeachyDandy and that is when the trouble started. I used the Cancellation form and promptly opened a ticket because I had not received a verification of the cancellation.

I also requested a refund since I hadn't even uploaded anything to there servers yet.

Here are the replies I received:


You must submit a cancellation request by logging into your account, selecting the hosting service and clicking on the cancellation button and providing a valid reason for refund.

Ok, so I had messed up by opening a ticket... but I needed to provide a valid reason for the refund? This is a great contrast to what they state on their frontpage:


So after I receive the e-mail verification about the cancellation I reply with this:
Sorry to be a bother but do I need to open a seperate ticket to request the refund or will it be processed soon?

To which they respond:

You were suppose to submit a request for refund in your cancellation request. What is your reason for requesting money back / cancellation?

Me again:
My cancellation was submitted on 01/03/2009 @ 00:22. I included the refund request in there as well as the reason I believe. I am cancelling because I obtained a free VPS from my friend because I was unable to host all of my websites on your service. Thank you.

Then I receive this:


We have reviewed your cancellation request for a refund which states you are getting a free VPS from a friend. This is not grounds for a refund and furthermore we are aware of you using our hosting as a reseller form and now selling your clients. This is prohibited unless you were authorized as a resell user.

WHAT? I don't mind the first part (not grounds for a refund with a no questions asked refund policy?) but the second part is the reason I am posting this. I was apparently hosting all 16 of my clients that I sold on January 1st to UmbraHosting on an account with 400MB of disk space and 4GB of bandwidth... BTW here are the screenshots of the 16 clients not including my websites: Disk Space ([url]and Bandwidth [url]

My final reply to them to keep with consistency:

What do you mean using it as a reseller? I only had an account for less than 6 hours before asking for a refund. If you check the bandwidth usage I never even uploaded any files. I sold my clients on January 1st, I placed an order for your plan a day after selling my company. And as for your refund policy: "45-day money back guarantee - no questions asked", this is also false. I was expecting something a little more professional.

I definately feel better now that this is out in the open because I had felt that I was calm and collected with not a bit of hostility towards them. I hope this thread was worth the $2.75 to them.

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Downtown Host Setup And Support Review

May 29, 2008

I have recently left dreamhost in search of a more reliable and speedy host. The only thing I will be missing from dreamhost is their customer support which is very good. In fact I didn't think it could be topped by anyone...but I was proven wrong (at least so far).

So what host did I choose? Downtown host obviously (based on title : P). This is not a FULL host review, just initial setup and support which normally would be a huge ordeal for me without help.

Anyway, I bought my hosting a few days ago and requested a site transfer in their support ticket system. I was greeted within 10 minutes by the support team walking me through the steps I needed to take in order to get it going. Once I gave them the proper information, the transfer was done in under an hour for four-five sites. I then tried setting up the sites by connecting them to the new databases that they transferred my data into. Didn't work like I thought it would so I continued to mess around with it until I basically screwed up my initial database...oops. Another ticket to support and within 10 min I get a reply that they will transfer the sites and repopulate the database again for me. Very nicely I might add. No sarcastic emails because the dumb noob messed up his database or anything : ]

The new transfer was complete and I set up everything without a hitch (since I figured out what I did wrong).

All this was done through a series of around 20-30 support emails. Every one was answered often within minutes. None over 10 minutes. All were pleasant answers and none were snotty in the least. Thank you Jorge, Sabastian and Diego for helping me with the problems. Their support indeed beat the crap out of dreamhost's. I've rarely gotten a response that quickly.

My package is nothing to scoff at either. 5GB of space and 100GB of bandwidth for around 65+ a year. That's right a year. The sites have run perfectly so far and the speeds have been VERY fast compared to dreamhost's.

I'd say I am incredibly happy with my initial setup with downtownhost. I will post a follow up review in a few months addressing my experiences with reliability and such. I expect it to be another good review, as I haven't been able to find a negative one for downtownhost on WHT.

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Can I Get Some Review On And Can I Host Such Website On There Server

Oct 30, 2008

can i get some review on and can i host such website on there server
please go to to see what kind of search engine i have

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To Read Ftp Log

Mar 6, 2008

We have been working on a site for a while, couple of days ago I copied the source from the server - as there are few people making the changes to it - to get a fresh copy.

Yesterday I was blasted by my client that I have deleted files on the server and it had caused the site to go in disarray and they had to upload everything again.

I didn't delete anything, only copied, and after some arguments (naturally I am not happy with the allegation put on me) I was able to get the FTP log, but I don't really know how to read it, I am hoping that someone here would know and be able to assist:

HTML4Strict Code:
Tue Mar 04 16:49:29 2008 0 xx.xx.xx.xx 9365 /home/APP_NAME/public_html/user/add_room.php a _ i r xxxx ftp 1 * cTue Mar 04 18:20:02 2008 0 xx.xx.xx.xx 3909 /home/APP_NAME/public_html/About.php a _ o r xxxx ftp 1 * cTue Mar 04 18:20:04 2008 0 xx.xx.xx.xx 6046 /home/APP_NAME/public_html/affiliate-join.html a _ o r xxxx ftp 1 * cTue Mar 04 18:20:08 2008 0 xx.xx.xx.xx 6158 /home/APP_NAME/public_html/affiliate-join.php a _ o r xxxx ftp 1 * c

I have replaced the IP, application name with x.

I am guessing that *c means copy, but I don't want to make fool of myself when I confront them with this. Assuming that *c is copy what would be the command for delete?

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Read Only Errors

May 21, 2009

root@server [/backup/cpbackup/daily]# chmod 1777 /tmp
chmod: changing permissions of `/tmp': Read-only file system

root@server [/backup/cpbackup/daily]# df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda3 271G 135G 123G 53% /
/dev/sda1 99M 58M 36M 62% /boot
none 2.0G 0 2.0G 0% /dev/shm
/dev/sdb1 135G 80G 49G 63% /backup
/usr/tmpDSK 4.9G 64M 4.5G 2% /tmp
/tmp 4.9G 64M 4.5G 2% /var/tmp ....

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Mod_mime_magic: Can't Read

Oct 27, 2009

Does anyone know what this error means in my error_log:

[Tue Oct 27 14:00:17 2009] [error] [client] mod_mime_magic: can't read `/var/www/vhosts/', referer: [url]

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Htaccess Not Being Read

Apr 1, 2008

I just hired my first dedicated server and I don't get why but it is like if it is not reading my htaccess files for mod_rewrite.

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R 32 Bit Systems Can Not Read More Than 4 Gb Ram?

Aug 28, 2008

r 32 bit systems can not read more than 4 gb ram ??

r any thing in kernel to do fix it

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Read Only Filesystem

Feb 26, 2008

I have a server with pacificrack. When I see my website it says "Read-Only File system" and my SSH dies with read-only file system errors.

It happens once per month, and the bad thing is I'm sleeping when it happens so I don't know my server is in this state.

Even though support fixes the problem within 15minutes of my support ticket, my server is down for hours because I don't know its down to then raise a ticket. I asked support why it happens and they never tell me... just tell me to read the logs but I'm not technical enough to understand linux logs etc.

Server is centos.

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Read The Cpanel Log

Oct 22, 2007

I received email from my cpanel server as follow:

IMPORTANT: Do not ignore this email.

This is cPanel stats runner on! While processing the log files for user xxxx, the cpu has been maxed out for more than a 6 hour period. The current load/uptime line on the server at the time of this email is 18:46:25 up 59 days, 13:16, 0 users, load average: 2.24, 2.23, 2.25

You should check the server to see why the load is so high and take
steps to lower the load. If you want stats to continue to run even with a high load

So what does this mean? and how can i check out this? how to reduce the cpu usage? Where to see the current usage?

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Filesystem Became Read-only

Jun 4, 2007

Somehow the filesystem on my server turned read-only. The databases would not connect. When I rebooted the box it would not come up.

Support had to run FSCK. Even after, the databases had to be repaired using the CPanel tool. Things seem to be ok now, however:

1. What could have caused this to happen? Software or hardware failure?

2. I get these notifications, should I be worried?

WARNING: Kernel Errors Present
EXT3-fs error (device sda2): e...: 1 Time(s)

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What Happens If You Forget To Read TOS

May 17, 2007

About a month ago, I searched desperately for days to host my social networking site and file hosting site. Thankfully I found Wiredtree(WT) to be suitable for my budget. I signed with them with their entry plan of $44.10 and was happy with their service. The customer support was extremely helpful and they did everything to make my life better.

Nevertheless my project didn't turn up as expected and I decided to close the hosting.

Just a day before the end of one month of hosting, I wrote to them asking to close the account and also congratulating their service I also told them I would look forward to host with them in future and would recommend them. I expected a warm termination without any hassle. But i got a mail quoting their TOS (which says I should inform them 7 days in advance) and asking me to pay up another month's hosting fee before I can close the account. Along with it was a note from the staff to use the client portal to contact Billing Department directly to close the account (hmmm would they ask me to contact sales department directly if I tell me I want to add new server?). What hurt me was not the extra $44.10 which I will pay them anyway, but what they could have done was to understand my genuine case(first time customer). Tell me, how many of us read the TOS really. I requested them not to charge me, but got same cold response asking me to adhere to the TOS.

On the other hand my experience with other host (PM me if you want to know who) was one of awe and amazement. I wrote asking them the price I should pay to have more bandwidth. To my surprise I got extra bandwidth absolutely free though it wasn't mentioned such things in their TOS.

Well I learned a lesson today not to forget the importance of TOS and i am sure new webmasters will find this post useful.

This thread is not against the WT service. But a warning to new webmasters who might miss the fine print.

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