Second DDoS Attack - Need Protection

Dec 26, 2008

This is the second time I have been DDoS Attacked and it is losing my customers and my reputation. I personally think it is a rival company trying to put me out of business. So to prevent further attacks I need so protection. Is there some kind of software based protection or is it only hardware?

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Affortable And Effective Protection Hosting For Application Type DDoS Attack

Jun 23, 2008

Anyone can tell us (from experience) a good hosting company for dedicated servers?

The most important thing for us right now is to stop a DDoS application type attack which seems to be taking place from DC++ peer to peer clients.

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DDoS Protection Providers Vs DDoS Protection Scripts

Oct 8, 2009

I am looking for some good ddos protection providers, via protected dns. I've searched on internet, but most of them are really expensive.

Please tell me some ddos protection providers what could help me.(gige is too expensive btw).

And I found some ddos protection scripts. How can a script protected a server from ddos? A sript like CSF or DDoS deflate?

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Being Ddos'd By A U.K Ddos Protection Company -

Nov 7, 2008

it's come under my attention that has been ddosing me today since morning from the ip:

What's so ironic about it is that the ip is from a UK DDOS protection site so i'm expecting some email with their services in the next hour or so. Stay clear of them they are fakes and e-terrorists.

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Ddos Protection/ Different Ip's

Apr 16, 2009

Hey guys If there was a way to have the ips of the dedi change constantly would this help prevent ddos attacks or would there be no difference if the domain was being attacked.

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DDos Protection.

May 25, 2009

i'am looking for a software based ddos protection,some one know something for try to mitigate a ddos or help to get the server rock a solid?And i need to know too where i change the DNS(vhost) of my DEDICATED server.

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DDoS Protection ...?

Sep 24, 2009

so a guy I know runs a site, it's being hit very hard with a DDoS attack. He's spending about 500 /month to keep his site online. He's using ServerTech, but for the last few days, it's been offline and they have been non-responsive for the most part. I'm guessing they just don't know what to do.

Do you guys have any recommendations for any DDoS protected hosting? He doesn't really want to pay more, if he doesn't have to.

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Irc Vps With Ddos Protection

May 6, 2008

if any of you could recomened a ddos prottected vps that allows ircd to be run im curentley in process of waiting for setup from sharktek but there slow response /setup time is making me wonder if its worth it please post your recommendations here then i can start my own reasearch from your list

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DDoS Protection Or Not

Apr 24, 2008

Is bound to happen to my server one day or another (get attacked). So I need help deciding whether to get a DDoS protection server now or later. Or pay as I go (I'll explain this in a bit).

First of all I am considering getting this because I want to use this server to hide the real source where people are downloading from. People connect only through FTP server and download. Of course if I give the real IP away I am subject to attack at anytime from anyone.

I think if I buy a server somewhere else and have people connect to there then that server will connect to the real server if I was to get attacked the server I bought "somewhere" else would only get attacked which would or would not be protected by a that special company who protects for these kind of things.

Only downside so far is I have been able to have the method above done. A person connects from one server which connects to the real server they will be downloading from BUT I use up to 2x bandwidth. Because when someone requests a file from server A...server B sends to server A then sends back to the user requesting it. A process that well works but anyone know if instead of sending back to Server A it will go directly to the user without exposing any info on the real server?

When I meant "pay as you go" I mean have a server with a DDoS protection company but don't get any protection until it happens rather than waiting on the last minute before switching to them (like adding new users now but those users knowing the real source).

These "users" downloading do about 106GB average. So you can see how big a downside is having to use 2x of bandwidth from the method I know above. The companies I am on do not have DDoS protection that I know of so I am forced to look for external companies to use to connect to the real source.

-So far everyone knows the real source IP but that is because I trust them. Anyone else is waiting to get on it and me looking for ways to put them on.

//hopefully you enjoyed my big paragraphs.

-And what kind of "protection" would I need if only FTP is being used since there is "specialized" kind of filtering on attacks.

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VPS ( DDoS Protection )

Oct 29, 2007

I was located in, but I was asked to find another hosting because of DDoS attacks on my VPS.



Please move your accounts to some other hosting company. Let us know if you need any further assistance.

Technical Support

I need:

DDoS Protection
RAM: 512 mb - 1024 mb
10-30GB Disk Space
200-300 GB Transfer


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Apache 2.2 DDos Protection

Jun 13, 2008

Anybody have good experiences with some software based Apache 2.2 ddos protection. Im trying to find something similar then mod_evasive.

It's just that evasive won't work with Apache 2.2. It actually works, but it does not do what it is supposed to do.

Have tryed many different configuration, but it just won't do it.

After Googling i found out that many have suffered same kind of experiences with mod_Evasive and Apache2.2

I guess it is not working cos we got Peruser there.
Means that there is many differend child processes and evasive don't share data between childs.

So suggest me something. This is coming on prodution server with hundreds of domains so it has to be stable, fast and rock solid.

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Need VPS, 500+ram, 15+gb, DDOS Protection, Managed.

Apr 2, 2009

I have a budget of $20 monthly. I want to get a VPS, 500+ram, 15+gb, DDOS protection, managed, cpanel preferred. Which BIG webhost do you guys recommend? The webhost need to be big. Forget the small webhost, I am having a horrendous experience with a small webhost right now, and desperate for a change for better service, and quality.

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VPS That Doesn't Have DDoS Protection

Jan 25, 2009

I am interested in a VPS package, but that one doesn't have DDoS protection from the server side. Is it a really bad advantage? I am constantly hearing about DDoS attack that takes down the site. If it is not offered fromthe Server End, is there anything the user can do to protect/prevent from DDoS attack? DDoS protection solely from server provider only?

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Basic DDoS Protection

Jun 6, 2009

I was looking for a basic DoS protection against scriptkiddys.

I heard nginx is better as apache against DoS attacks.

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Ddos Protection Removal

Apr 5, 2009

if your web host has some hardware ddos protection and i'm assuming it blocks the ip address/addresses of a DDOS attack, will it Unblock that ip address/addresses after a certain amount of time?

Because a person's computer may unknowingly be part of a botnet that does a ddos attack, and that innocent person won't be able to access the server if their ip address is not unblocked by the ddos hardware right?

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Who Has Great DDoS Protection

May 27, 2008

What are some of the companies that have good, proven DDoS protection? Regardless of price.

I have done some searching, but wanted some outside opinions.

I know of:

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Where To Get Good DDos Protection?

May 29, 2008

Can you suggest some other places one can get good ddos protection?

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DDOS Protection Hardware

Jul 4, 2008

I wanted to know if anyone in this community has had any experience with creating a home brewed ddos protection for their servers. I am not sure if this is possible, I was told that you can make some pretty strong firewalls by simply using a linux box.

Basically I wanted to know if someone can let me know if it is first possible to create your own ddos protection for your servers. If so is it better to use linux(which distro is best) or windows? And what software should be used with the os?

I have also heard there are router that provide ddos protection, but I am on a budget and could not seem to find a good piece of hardware for a good price.

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DDoS Protection Equipment

Jul 6, 2008

After a year we are here to see if we have any changes in the market of ddos protection equipment that dedicated server companies or datacenters can use to protect their networks and clients from different kinds of attacks.

If the solution you use is not listed there,

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Nix Firewall- DDoS Protection

Mar 7, 2008

We have an older dual xeon box that we are wanting to use as the edge firewall to our network.

We are currently considering FreeBSD w/ PFSense or Linux w/ IPCop, but from what I see, I don't see that they do too much against DoS.

I saw a thread before on this topic but it didn't really give me any new information.

I would like to hear from users who use a *nix firewall, please let me know which you use, what it has helped you with since you started using it instead of a software firewall on your dedi servers, and have you been successful in filtering out or mitigating DDoS attacks?

We only are planning on pushing ~200mbit through this so we feel a dual xeon should be plenty.

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DDos Protection, Awknet, Usability

Mar 25, 2009

i have read many posts on this forum lately regarding ddos protection at provider-side because i have to run a chat service that receives ddos attacks very often. And i have a small budget, so i wanted to try the service most of you suggested... Awknet.

I found a reseller so i could test for cheap their network ( with a small VPS. Well, the problem is, that they completely block udp protocol, not filter legitimate traffic! In this situation my chatroom (camfr0g, an audio video chat) server does not work! Have i to abandon the dream to have protection on udp protocol against bandwidth attack?

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System Software Protection For DDoS

Oct 12, 2007

We are a Brazilian WebHosting company and ran through this years with many and many DDoS issues against our network, causing a lot of downtime and losses for us and our customers.

Along these years our company developed a lot of software to fight against those attacks and completely block them.

We thought about offering in the future a service to block attacks on a whole network for Web Hosting companies that are having those kind of problems.

I will expose here what these softwares will do and I would like to get feedbacks from everyone if its interesting or if its not and the reason.

Software will ...

a) Detect any IP that is port scanning the network. - This software detects if one specific IP is sending more than X packets in a given amount of time.

b) Detect any IP that is attacking the network with DDoS. - This software detects if one specific IP is sending more than X bytes in a given amount of time

If "a" happens the software will,

- Send a customized e-mail to the owner of the ASN (The owner of the source IP) telling that the IP x is scanning the network. Will send a complete log with the scan including the source and the destination IP. Will not stop to send the e-mail until the scan stop.

If "b" happens the software will,

- Send a customized e-mail to the owner of the ASN (The owner of the source IP) telling that the IP x is attacking the network. Will send a complete log with the scan including the source and the destination IP. Will not stop to send the e-mail until the attack stop.

- The software will input a Blackhole on the destination IP at the border/core router. The IP with the blackhole will not exist for people outside your local country (This will not affect customer if their users are in your local country and will block attackers outside your country).

- The software will block source IPs to that destionation IPs based on a specific software that we have developed and cannot tell how it works. This is the must of the system, works very well and to not affect customer/end users from accessing the server/network.


The requirements for this system to work are,

- Server with two NICs. One connected to the border in promiscous mode and another to access the server (required)

- The announce of the BGP on your own border (optional). If you do not have this, the software that will input the Blackhole on the destination IP will not work.


We run a Nagios monitoring system that alert us about the incoming/outcoming bandwidth, so we always know if we are fine or if we are under an attack.

We get a copy of the e-mails sent to the owners of the ASNs to keep track if the system is either working or not.

Please tell me what do you think about a software like this and if you would buy something like this.

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Mar 29, 2009

About a year ago, I had been shopping around for dedicated server with good support and DDOS protection and finally decided to go with DMEhosting.

I am generally happy with their service as they usually reply in short time and prices are good, however, recently the server has been DDOS'ed (small attack) and the host is now requesting for extra charges although all of their packages mentioned "DDOS Protection: Yes".

Is this normal/fair reaction of hosts in general?

If not, how do I get the free DDOS protection they included in price.

Also, are there any other dedicated service providers with good DDOS protection and reasonable prices (Dual core, 2-4 GB RAM, 10 mbps unmetered, 200-300GB drive)?

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Softlayer Cisco DDOS Protection

Aug 31, 2008

"Benefits of the SoftLayer Public Network Structure - Cisco Guard DDOS Protection"

What this really mean?

This means that softlayer has DDOS protection for all dedicated server they host? So, why do I need services like gigenet and proxy shield?

It means that softlayer is able to handle small attacks only? or what?

I know that I should contact them to have a quote and I will contact them tomorrow, but, just to have an idea, how much it will cost me DDOS protection with gigenet? 100 USD? 1k? 10k?

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Which Datacenter Has Good Ddos Protection

Apr 26, 2008

who datacenter has good ddos protection and well network uptime in the world ? with companies?

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Ddos Protection Dedicated In Europe

Oct 19, 2008

Which datacenters have best ddos protections dedicated on Europe.

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Dedicated Server IRC Allowed DDOS PROTECTION

Sep 21, 2009

I`am creating a VPS company and im searching for a DEDICATED SERVER with good DDoS protection.

My Budget max is: $320,00

Is for IRC use,so my costumers need something strong,i also need others options than staminus-gige-awknet-sharktech.

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Which DC Have The Real Ddos Protection For Website In US Or EUROPE

Jan 7, 2009

which DC have the real ddos Protection for website in US or EURO? gige,awk and staminus only can Protection IRC. and gige Protect application based attacks need $1500/month. and i think it is not a good idea. it is too much money. and i am worried it is not useful.

china have the real ddos Protection. but some website can not host in china.

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Europe - DDoS Protection / Protected Servers

Oct 13, 2008

1. towards blocking a very large upscale DDoS attack coming from a large botnet. Physical firewall will not help, due to the attack still entering the network, thus causing trouble for the companies other clients.

2. Or dedicated server companies in Europe that can provide protection against this.

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Choose A DDOS Server Protection Service

Sep 27, 2008

Our customer wants some type of DDOS protection for their e-commerce website.

I'm trying to decide between 20mbps or 100mbps DDOS server protection (proxy shield) Do you think that 20mbs DDOS server protection is worthy? It costs >$1000 and it seems to handle only low attacks...?

They have a limited budget so... I will go for 100mbps (>$2000) protection only if I have to...

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Strong Dedicated Server With Ddos Protection

Feb 5, 2008

We want buy something around:

2 x Xeon 2.8Ghz // good Core 2 Duo/Quad
2GB RAM // 3-4

And connection... normally we use around 15 Mb at peaks/day but recently we got attacking by DDoS above 100 Mb.

We need some true protection or resisting on port 1 Gbps before attackers got bored.
No protection via null routing (like 'the planet' like to 'protect'). want 800$ for this/month. We can afford around 500$/month.

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