SSL Certificates From ENom

Sep 20, 2007

Anyone else having trouble getting them to work correctly? I do outsourced support for a few different hosts, as well as handle issues for ours, and there seems to be an unreasonable amount of eNom certificates failing to install correctly.

I'm not sure why they are bombing (module mismatch, etc.), but I was wondering if anyone has any insight on this. This definitely isn't an issue with how they are being installed. No other SSL Certificates that we deal with are having as many problems.

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Enom Down

Oct 26, 2009

I'm moving my domains away from there, but in the meantime I still need to access some,

I am getting the following message:


Unscheduled Maintenance

Our site is currently undergoing an unscheduled maintenance to upgrade our systems in order to better serve you.

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Info About

May 29, 2009

I made a couple of search on this forum but that did not fetch me what i exactly wish to know.

Obviously, the first question which has been asked millions of times
1. How good is their server performance?I have my site hosted from When i go for speed test of my site i always found the speed to be about 0.40 seconds while google and yahoo being 0.01 and 0.04 respectively.

2. I am need JAVA hosting. seems to offer every thing under one hosting plan which is really good for me.

3. I tried seeing their help files to find out how many times their TOMCAT restarts a day but i guess their help files are restricted to only registered user. Can some one please tell me is there a way to manually restart Tomact in

4. The number of MySQL database is not important for me. What i am looking for is how much data can i save into each database. offered 25 databases, for which i was pretty happy but latter on i figured out that the amount of data i can store is limited to 200 MB only. which is really sad!

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RC Managed DNS With Enom

Nov 21, 2008

I have a reseller account with Reseller Club (for domain registration) and enom (for web hosting).

I have added A record pointing enom web hosting, when I check the DNS status it shows,

Found NS record: ns1.[mydomain], was resolved to IP address by

Error fetching SOA from, request timed out. Probably DNS server is offline

how to configure Name server in Reseller club to point enom.

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Enom Hosted Exchange

Nov 25, 2008

i have a domain with enom.

the nameservers point to my server.

i now want to use enoms hosted exchange service for this domain, but retain the website on my webspace.

how would this work, using my own webspace and enoms hosted exchange?

do enom take care of it all for you?

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Kiss My Firewall And Enom

Jan 2, 2008

When I have Kiss My Firewall running on CentOS 4, connections to time out when checking or registering a domain name. Ports 80 and 443 are open,

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How Long Does It Take To Set Up An Enom Account

Dec 18, 2008

I got one free with my host, but it seems tohave been over 24 hours since i ordered it (via my host) how long does it take, am i being impatient, or is it just the host not bothering to sort it out?

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ENom Complaints E-mail

Apr 17, 2008

I'm having a bad experience with someone in customer support, for eNom's shared hosting account (thread started on WHT a short while ago).

Drawn a blank obtaining complaints email address for eNom customer support or better still management?

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How To Hide Nameserver, Using ENom DNS

Jan 15, 2009

I have a dedicated server using one of my domain as the nameserver; basically /

Lately my sites are getting hacked and want to use DNS nameserver provided by the registrar, eNom to hide my domains. For example, if I use or (GoDaddy), it will be harder for people to track of what domains I own, etc.

Once I change the nameservers to, what do I need to do on the dedicated server/WHM side? A records, CNAME, MX records?

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Cheapest SSL Certificate Suitable For E-Commerce From ENom

Jan 30, 2008

I've always been a seller that's primarily used PayPal only.. However, on my next online venture, we're stepping it up a grade and will be implementing a full CMS system, an e-commerce cart module (or platform in its entirety) and security through SSL certification.

I've taken a look at the SSL certificates offered by eNom and was wondering what you all thought would be the cheapest certificate that is suitable and ready for e-commerce that will process credit cards, etc.

Certainly the more expensive, I can assume is more feature and security laden, but just wanted to know what you all feel is a good balance of price, security and readiness for e-commerce.

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Enom Can't Update The Glue Records For A Nameserver

Jan 5, 2008

I have a nameserver which recently had it's IP updated.

I've updated the A record but I also need to update the glue records.

Enom say they can't do this.

If this is true (and they weren't just fobbing me off they phone) how can I update the glue records?

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Enom Is Using Porn Links And Sex Keywords On The Expired Domain Pages!!

May 20, 2009

Has anyone else had this happen with Enom?

My clients domain expired a couple days ago and his page now has links with the following keywords:

Hairy P*ssy
Fat *ss
Big T*t
Round *ss
Monster D*ck
Big *ss T*t

I called Enom, and they're only response was, "Well why did you let that domain expire?"

I then asked for a supervisor and was told that one was not available.

Looks like its time to find a new domain reseller.

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SSL Certificates :: How To Set Up?

Jul 1, 2008

I need to setup SSL.

I've never used SSL on any of my websites and I've never really understood how the certificates work.

I understand that SSL is used as a secure connection protocol (https://) and that it needs a valid certificate so that the encrypted data transfer can be committed.

OK makes sence, but why do some websites seem to have such difficultly setting up valid certificates?

You can setup SSL by with Apache + OpenSSL, but why do website hosting providers still allow you to purchase SSL certificates (isn't it supposed to be free)?

Finally, is it possible to setup SSL for a multiple-domain (Victual Host) server?

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SSL Certificates (Where Do I Get One?)

Jan 31, 2008

I have a client who requested me to do a website for his credit union company.

Some of the pages are forms that require customers to enter crucial information ie ssn etc etc. I told him that this can be broken into..and therefore he would need a secure way of transmitting this information. Therefore would the SSL certificate work for this issue? Where do i get one? We have a dedicated server and do i need to configure anything on that? Where can i get a trusted SSL Certificate, and ofcourse help to install it.

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Where To Get SSL Certificates?

Jan 27, 2009

if you could recommend a place to get a certificate... I have seen many people talking about that you could get a rapidSSL for $15 +/- , but I was not able to find any sites that low.

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Dec 24, 2007

A year ago I bought a Geotrust quick SSL vertificate from my dedicated server host for about 299.

Now I see companies like server tastic selling the same Geotrust cert for $79 ehen Geotrusts website is still $299. How can that be? what am I missing here.

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SSL Certificates

May 31, 2007

who offers the best package?

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SSL Certificates And IMAP

Oct 28, 2007

If your provider has a self-signed ssl.. anyway you can import those into clients like Outlook or Windows Mail (formerly OE6 on XP)

To stop the nagging prompts.. or is there a setting to stop prompts?

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EV SSL Certificates Installation

Oct 26, 2009

I purchased an EV SSL Cert, and all is fine. Installed via cPanel, and I get the green address bar in Firefox, but not in IE.

Comodo (the vendor) have an Auto-Enhancer feature which automatically tells IE to give me a green bar. They state in their FAQ the following instructions to install the feature:

Replace the bundle file that is in use for the web site.

Use the 'SSLCertificateChainFile' directive instead of the 'SSLCACertificateFile'/'SSLCACertificatePath' directives.

I have download a .CA-BUNDLE file from them.

Please tell me, now what do I do? I am at a lost at their instuctions, and going by my dealings with them, I think I can get help from you guys more accurately and quickly.

The server runs WHM/cPanel 11 with Apache 2 with mod_ssl. Full root access, but I am a Linux newbie.

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Shared SSL Certificates?

Jan 27, 2005

I do web hosting (reseller); how much, in USD per year, do you think is a "reasonable" fee to charge clients for a shared SSL connection ?

The SSL is going to cost me $$ per year and I may have some use for it, but if clients want a shared SSL, instead of buying their own, I need to apportion the costs I incur somehow, and (maybe) make some small profit. I see the shared SSL as more of a service, but clients should pay _some_ $$ if they want to use one.

Any ideas on how much I should charge, please ?



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Wrong SSL Certificates Being Used

May 21, 2007

I'm just looking for some background information or a place where I can learn more about this.

Here's the problem:

The web site runs on a dedicated Apache server. There's 2 SSL certificates installed, one for e-commerce for and one to help with the administrative interface for I run a custom php application that forces the web page from to when going to an e-commerce page.

Generally everything runs Ok but a few times this year there has been a problem where the php application points to but instead it gets and gets a page not found.

In discussing this with my web hosting company they claim they haven't changed anything but they do manage to fix the problem and get the web site working correctly again.

I generally figure that the web hosting company has done some type of maintenance on the web server and messed-up the dns entries or something for the SSL part of the web site but this is really outside my area of experience. I'm trying to understand what went wrong and where the entries are that determine when going to SSL which SSL certificate/URL is used.

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Install SSL Certificates

Apr 23, 2009

I want to know how to install SSL Certificate and what kind of certificates available. How they work? Is there any cheap and good certificate.

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SSL Certificates Https

Jul 11, 2008

My website is currently running on http and the plesk control pannel is running on https

However the certificate for https for the plesk panel is out of date and self signed therefore web browsers promit its not valid.

I want to get a valid SSL certificate for https for Plesk, Client/Billing area and the main website.

I want to do it as easy as possiable (as I'm not one for technical stuff but if it was resoniable I could give it a go)

I dont want a self signed and want to try to go for something free or very cheap.

Any got any suggestions? I've looked around and come up with companys wanting alot of money I did come across another which was free but it was self signed.

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Where Do You Purchase SSL Certificates From?

Jul 13, 2009

I currently have a reseller accounts from Thawte, Comodo, and RapidSSL, but have realized that I can purchase Comodo and Geotrust SSL certificates cheaper from and support is (as always) superb. Any opinions from support?

What about I know that they recently started to sell Thawte certs at very good prices. How good is their support?

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Sharing SSL Certificates

Jan 12, 2008

I have an ssl certificate installed on my main server. How can I encrypt a page on a website hosted on that server sharing the certificate?

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Cheap SSL Certificates

Jun 2, 2009

To cut costs I'm planning on eliminating my VPS and will just host the few sites that I have on my home-office network. However I have 1 site that requires a SSL certificate. Is there an inexpensive solution for doing this that doesn't cost into the thousands per year?

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Cheapest SSL Certificates

Jul 6, 2008

Any recommendations on the cheapest ssl certificates out there.

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The Price Of SSL Certificates

Jul 8, 2009

If you use SSL certificate, how much do you pay for it per year? offers it for $99.99 per year.

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SSL Certificates And Country?

Jun 11, 2009

Can an SSL certificate be issued to any tld. Does country matter etc?

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CPanel And SSL Certificates

May 6, 2009

I am continuously getting this error message in my error_logs
Invalid method in request x16x03x01

I searched and found out that it is something to do with httpd.conf configurations and SSL. So I asked my provider to check it and solve. First they acknowledge that it was SSL issue but later I was told


Since cPanel controls how the virtualhosts are configured this error most likely cannot be fix since cPanel will just revert the change. ..... The SSL connection with the selfsigned cert works beyond kicking out the error, but again cPanel controls the httpd.conf and how the * virtualhosts are configured.

So my question is, Is it common to have this error message with a cPanel VPS?
Is there any solution?

I think I hit this error every time when I login to WHM or cPanel of every domain.
Should this be fixed or it's not exactly an issue.

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Shared Ssl Certificates ....

Jun 14, 2009

I am trying to add some new features to my hosting business and have a couple of questions. I have cpanel/whm and clientexec. I would like to offer shared ssl to my customers but don't know how to set that up. Also, how do this hosting companies offer free ad credits to yahoo and google? Is that something you talk to yahoo and google about setting up or what?

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