SNI (https/SSL Certificates With No Dedicated IP) Support...?

Aug 22, 2008

Which hosting service currently offer Server Name Indication (SNI) support which allows one to use his/her own SSL certificate to enable https support without a dedicated IP...?

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SSL Certificates Https

Jul 11, 2008

My website is currently running on http and the plesk control pannel is running on https

However the certificate for https for the plesk panel is out of date and self signed therefore web browsers promit its not valid.

I want to get a valid SSL certificate for https for Plesk, Client/Billing area and the main website.

I want to do it as easy as possiable (as I'm not one for technical stuff but if it was resoniable I could give it a go)

I dont want a self signed and want to try to go for something free or very cheap.

Any got any suggestions? I've looked around and come up with companys wanting alot of money I did come across another which was free but it was self signed.

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SSL Certificates For My Dedicated Server

Mar 3, 2009

I plan to offer reseller accounts. When i log on to WHM it says 'insecure/icon between change log and logout.

1)Will i need a SSL cert to put on the server root?

2)Can resellers use this SSL for their purposes also (shared SSL)

3)What kind of SSL cert do you recommend?

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Cluster Your Domain If It Has Dedicated IP And SSL Certificates?

May 30, 2008

I was curious to know if it were possible to share your domain on a cluster server even if it has a dedicated IP and an SSL license assigned to it?

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Host Giving Free Dedicated SSL Certificates

May 24, 2009

I am looking for webhosts providing free dedicated (not shared) SSL certificates alongwith dedicated IP.

Currently I found only and other companies in the UK2 group providing such a package. Is there any other good webhost providing free SSL certificates.

My budget is maximum $10 per month.

Only CPanel hosts are preferred and access to WHM would be a definite plus though not mandatory.

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: How To Set Whole Website To Https And Redirect All Http To Https

Oct 7, 2014

I´ve read that a whole https website might be better for SEO than just a mixed version. So I want to change the whole website to https.

We are using Plesk 12 on Win 2008 R2.
One Website is using DotNetNuke 7.3.2.

How can I automatically set the whole website to https?

What happens to the users that just type without http or https.?

What is the right search engine friendly technique to permanently redirect to the https version even when the user is not using the application protocol prefix http/https?

Where can I do the setup in Plesk 12 fro Windows?

Are their any other drawbacks that I have to think over before I do the changes?

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Apache :: Redirect HTTPS To Another HTTPS Address

Jul 6, 2014

I have set up an Apache web server that has ssl enabled. If I go to I get the 'it works!' page and the certificate is valid and trusted. If I go to that also works (it's an Oracle weblogic deployed java app that I'm fronting with Apache).

I would like to configure Apache so that when a user goes to simply it automatically directs them to rather than showing the 'It works!' page. I have read some documentation and experimented with setting a redirect via the https.conf file and even the ssl.conf file but nothing seems to work. I either get a 404 or simply the 'It works! page.

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Dedicated Server Along With Dedicated Support

Apr 1, 2008

to move from shared windows hosting to Dedicated windows hosting. This will be our first dedicated server and experience with dealing it too.

Someone suggested me Rackspace. But they were charging premium rates 440 USD for entry level windows server.

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Hivelocity Dedicated Server Support

Apr 11, 2009

Been using the Hivelocity dedicated server for a while now and at first was happy with its hosting performance, but after using Hivelocity for about 6 months Im no longer as impressed unfortunately (especially unimpressed with Hivelocity support).

When the dedicated server worked it was fine, but I was finding it down every so often and theres no remote reboot with an unmanaged Hivelocity server (at least Server4you had remote reboots with their servers) and their support staff on live chat (who have to order reboots manually!) are far from impressive at supporting their customers at times when they really need support!

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Manager And Support Team For Dedicated Server

Apr 8, 2008

If you have a dedicated server and you only need management and support team. how much will that cost. some body who can take care of all aspects including security and in time of trouble can answer support tickets.

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Dedicated Provider With Solid FreeBSD Support

May 27, 2008

Can you reccomend - based on your experience - some dedicated hosting provider with a solid freebsd experience ? By "solid" I mean they will be able to provide a decent freebsd installation (especially if a control panel is requested) on tested hardware, rather than setup their standard server, put on it a freebsd7 iso, do a very poor setup then discover something like the raid card does not work as expekted, scratch their head, embarass themselves proposing centos as an alternative, and similar ridiculous behaviour ...

[I am in the market for a middle range core duo with 4gigs ram. Budget around 180$, 210$ including DirectAdmin. 2000GB bw on a 100mbit port. NY, DC, VA datacenters highly favourite, but also a well-networked chicago one would do, I guess].

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Hosting/ Dedicated Server Provider With DB Support

Dec 18, 2008

I have several sites with Godaddy, but their lack of any real support leaves something to be desired. Does anybody know of a decent provider that has options for database support (mysql) and the like?

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Need Dedicated Server With Hypervm Installation Plus Fast Support &IP Addresses Deployment

Aug 29, 2008

I need a dedicated server sometime in the future and I was wondering if I should use Virtuozzo or Hypervm and how much can I get a dual core or quad core with good support? Thank you for your time.

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Flash Support And Real AudioVideo Support?

Mar 13, 2008

Has anybody heard of Flash Support and Real AudioVideo Support? offers this kind of support and I wonder if it's effective?

What do you think of it?

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Softlayer Support Vs Theplanet Support

Jul 12, 2008

I'm undecided between an upcoming dedicated hosting server and am moving between Softlayer and ThePlanet. My decision partly comes down to support.

I've read many reviews on WHT about both companies, but not necessarily comparing them from people who have experienced both.

So my questions (keep in mind this is my first dedicated. I have used VPS in the past with good support) Which offers MORE support (not better) - I'm curious which company might consider my support questions as "part of the default service package" or "need additional service plan for that" More detailed support - my usual experience with support is support staff assume you already know a high level so it may take going forward and back 5 times via email to get a full answer
Overall support satisfaction - any other comments

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Http To Https

Mar 7, 2008

Currently I have a URL that has HTTP. This has been given to the public. There is no doubt that they have added this URL to their favorites.

In about 2 weeks, I will be applying an SSL certificate that would add an S to the HTTP (e.g. https)

My questions is: After applying this SSL certificate, which adds an S, will the link saved in my users favorites still work? Or do I have to add some HTML code that will redirect them?

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Https Instead Http

Feb 5, 2007

I have installed SSL for the domain, for security reason I'd like make [url]is default for all access, that mean if the visitor type [url]on the browser, it will auto forward to[url]

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Https And Http

Apr 12, 2007

I am maintaining a site that is totally on a secure folder. I have been asked to make only the things like the cart to be secure and to make the rest of the site non-secure.

there is an https and an http folder on the server all of the site is now on the https folder. I thought all I needed to do is move the pages I wanted to be non-secure to the http folder and then use an absolute address when I needed to refer betweem them.

I called my hosting people (the people who originally developer the site and made it all secure before handing to it me) and asked them about what all I need to do. they said its very complicated because I am dealing with 2 different root directories and didn't offer me much info on how to do it myself instead they just said if I can't figure it out they will do it for a price.

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Can I Redirect To Https:

Oct 19, 2007

I just installed a RapidSSL cert on

Works fine if a user types [url]

But what I'd like is if a user types [url] it shows up as secure. I tried a redired 301 in my .htaccess file but that doesn't seem to work.

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SSL Certificates :: How To Set Up?

Jul 1, 2008

I need to setup SSL.

I've never used SSL on any of my websites and I've never really understood how the certificates work.

I understand that SSL is used as a secure connection protocol (https://) and that it needs a valid certificate so that the encrypted data transfer can be committed.

OK makes sence, but why do some websites seem to have such difficultly setting up valid certificates?

You can setup SSL by with Apache + OpenSSL, but why do website hosting providers still allow you to purchase SSL certificates (isn't it supposed to be free)?

Finally, is it possible to setup SSL for a multiple-domain (Victual Host) server?

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SSL Certificates (Where Do I Get One?)

Jan 31, 2008

I have a client who requested me to do a website for his credit union company.

Some of the pages are forms that require customers to enter crucial information ie ssn etc etc. I told him that this can be broken into..and therefore he would need a secure way of transmitting this information. Therefore would the SSL certificate work for this issue? Where do i get one? We have a dedicated server and do i need to configure anything on that? Where can i get a trusted SSL Certificate, and ofcourse help to install it.

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Where To Get SSL Certificates?

Jan 27, 2009

if you could recommend a place to get a certificate... I have seen many people talking about that you could get a rapidSSL for $15 +/- , but I was not able to find any sites that low.

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Dec 24, 2007

A year ago I bought a Geotrust quick SSL vertificate from my dedicated server host for about 299.

Now I see companies like server tastic selling the same Geotrust cert for $79 ehen Geotrusts website is still $299. How can that be? what am I missing here.

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SSL Certificates

May 31, 2007

who offers the best package?

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SSL With Links In Https Pages...

Jun 18, 2009

I have an SSL cert installed to have a secure commerce area. Some of the pages have external links to non-secure sites like say [url]The padlock icon breaks and warns that there's unauthorized content. The hosting provider says it's because the external links need to be https links. Obviously that can't be done to a non-secure external site.

So the question is: do external http links break security on a secure https page? If so, is there a work around other than removing external links?

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HTTPS Not Processing .php .html

Jul 29, 2008

I've just set up HTTPS on Apache (CentOS). However if I try to access the HTTPS site I just get prompted with the save as dialog to download either the .php file or .html. How do I get it to show (and process) it instead, like when accessing normally (non-ssl).

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Inspect HTTPS Traffic With IDS/IPS

Aug 3, 2007

Is it possible to perform IDS/IPS on traffic that is SSL encrypted? I am setting up a secure Apache reverse proxy with a CISO ASA and a Citrix Netscalers in front of the reverse proxy.

Here's a "diagram" of my environment:
Client --SSL--> Firewall --> Load Balancer --> Reverse Proxy [url] --SSL--> Portal Server [url]

I am trying to find a way to add additional security before traffic reaches the Portal Server. Also is it possible to add mod_security to the reverse proxy, since the traffic to the backend server is encrypted?

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SSL Certificates And IMAP

Oct 28, 2007

If your provider has a self-signed ssl.. anyway you can import those into clients like Outlook or Windows Mail (formerly OE6 on XP)

To stop the nagging prompts.. or is there a setting to stop prompts?

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EV SSL Certificates Installation

Oct 26, 2009

I purchased an EV SSL Cert, and all is fine. Installed via cPanel, and I get the green address bar in Firefox, but not in IE.

Comodo (the vendor) have an Auto-Enhancer feature which automatically tells IE to give me a green bar. They state in their FAQ the following instructions to install the feature:

Replace the bundle file that is in use for the web site.

Use the 'SSLCertificateChainFile' directive instead of the 'SSLCACertificateFile'/'SSLCACertificatePath' directives.

I have download a .CA-BUNDLE file from them.

Please tell me, now what do I do? I am at a lost at their instuctions, and going by my dealings with them, I think I can get help from you guys more accurately and quickly.

The server runs WHM/cPanel 11 with Apache 2 with mod_ssl. Full root access, but I am a Linux newbie.

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Shared SSL Certificates?

Jan 27, 2005

I do web hosting (reseller); how much, in USD per year, do you think is a "reasonable" fee to charge clients for a shared SSL connection ?

The SSL is going to cost me $$ per year and I may have some use for it, but if clients want a shared SSL, instead of buying their own, I need to apportion the costs I incur somehow, and (maybe) make some small profit. I see the shared SSL as more of a service, but clients should pay _some_ $$ if they want to use one.

Any ideas on how much I should charge, please ?



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Wrong SSL Certificates Being Used

May 21, 2007

I'm just looking for some background information or a place where I can learn more about this.

Here's the problem:

The web site runs on a dedicated Apache server. There's 2 SSL certificates installed, one for e-commerce for and one to help with the administrative interface for I run a custom php application that forces the web page from to when going to an e-commerce page.

Generally everything runs Ok but a few times this year there has been a problem where the php application points to but instead it gets and gets a page not found.

In discussing this with my web hosting company they claim they haven't changed anything but they do manage to fix the problem and get the web site working correctly again.

I generally figure that the web hosting company has done some type of maintenance on the web server and messed-up the dns entries or something for the SSL part of the web site but this is really outside my area of experience. I'm trying to understand what went wrong and where the entries are that determine when going to SSL which SSL certificate/URL is used.

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