Jul 9, 2008

company for over a month or 2
contacting them (support tickets) is as useless as not!..
their reply is always simply: we checked and nothing at our side! (asking for a clarification simply gets u nothing!)

problem is simply ONLY with ftp uploads!
my line upstream is 256Kbps (32 KB/sec) and down 1Mbps and i was always capable of pushing up to 2.2 GB/day ((i monitor my traffic all the time))
but just recently some weird things started appearing...

before uploads would never go under 27-26 KBs on my FTP client
now it's so normal finding it dropping to 15,10,4,2, 0!
ya a whole 0!
and that's not just for a second or two
it can stay like that for maybe aminute then go up back again!
And upon watching my traffic statistics closely, i found myself pushing at the most 1.6 GB only a day!
another funny thing is that files used to appear AND PARTIALLY in the root directory instead of the desired directory!

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Fast Uploads

May 25, 2009

i have moved my hosting to a new provider and i was wondering what is the quickest way to upload my 500MB files to the new server? Is there anyway i can speed this up like have a dedicated uplink port to my server, or via VPN or something, cos at the moment i have an upload speed of around 10KB/s,

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Secure Uploads

Jun 8, 2009

My requirements are 500MB, 5GB bandwidth, rails and postgres, $5-6 per month. It looks like there are many providers out there that are offer that.

However the only uploading method shared hosters seem to offer - or at least the only method they advertise - is FTP. Coming from a university and sysadmin background, I thought that anything that sends passwords over the wire unencrypted had died long ago (except HTML forms and legacy systems).

Are there any shared hosting services that allow a more secure upload method (e.g. scp, rsync-over-ssh, even webdav-over-ssl)?

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Uploads Not Working

Aug 21, 2007

On my dedic the uploads arent working... I am talking about normal http upload.

In my php.ini uploads are set as On and max file is 100mb.. my tmp is 777

possible error be?

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403 Forbidden When I Try To Access Uploads

Jul 15, 2008

Ok i get 403 forbidden when i try to access /uploads/ on my server. I wish to make it public. Can i make a index.html file dispay all of the files in the directory?

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Hostgator & MySQL Uploads

Jul 31, 2008

I am about to purchase a reseller (Diamond) or maybe just a Hosting (Swamp) but I cant seem to find anywhere details on their MySQL policies.

I have a forum and the database if growing in size daily and im concerned about the database upload limit that may be applied. I have a dedicated server at the moment and im able to request that be changed via php.ini but where would I stand on this if I were to move to shared hosting?

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Can't Seem To Get File Uploads To Work

Sep 6, 2008

We are going to host our own website. I built up a windows 2003 server. Installed IIS6. I am working on file upload to our website. I can get files to upload to c:Temp but not to c:Inetpubwwwrootourwebsiteupload.

I even set up the upload directory for full sharing with write permissions. Still no help.

I went into windows explorer and right clicked on the upload dir and shared it and set the permissions for read and write. That should take care of NTFS permissions. But no matter what I do when I click on the upload directory and go to properties is shows 'read only'. Can't seem to get that turned off. Until I do I don't believe I can upload a file to the upload directory.

I went into iis6 mgr and and set the upload directory for full access - read and write. That should take care of iis security.

I went to default website (there is only one) and allowed anon login. Even told it use the Administrator account for login with all read and write permissions.

Here is my upload code: ....

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Causes Of Failed Large Uploads Via Form

May 16, 2008

I just moved to a new, dedicated server this week. My vbulletin forum users typically upload mp3 files under 10MB. At the moment, I can't seem to get anything above 6MB to work.

In vBulletin land, they recommend changing these in php.ini:
upload_max_filesize - Largest size of a file to accept.
post_max_size - Must be larger than upload_max_filesize.
memory_limit - Should be larger than post_max_size.

I've cranked all of those up and restarted Apache.

I'm still having the same problems. The little window with the form turns white after what appears maybe 5 minutes, but I haven't timed it.

They also mentioned changing the LimitRequestBody in Apache. I appear to be screwing that part up so I created a thread in the Apache forum specificallya about that.

So I wanted to ask if there were any other possibilities that you guys could think of that would inhibit the file size up uploads via a form.

I'm running httpd-2.2.8 and php-5.2.6. It needs to be said that this forum is config is mostly right out of the box. $_SESSION wouldn't work in php until I changed the directory for it yesterday. So there may be a very basic config setting that I missed.


I decided to check my error logs.

PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 9852343 bytes)

I'm confused. I have an allowed memory of 30MB (give or take). So why does a 10MB file "exhaust" it?

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Phpsuexec, Forum Uploads On IPB Not Working

Aug 12, 2007

We have a server that we just changed over to PHPSUEXEC. On this server, we have a large IPB (Invision Power Board) forum that we have not been able to get uploads in the forum back working again. Users are getting the message that they don't have permission, and to contact an administrator.

I have looked on IPB's forum for PHPSUEXEC related issues, but can't find a solution. Of couse, before phpsuexec the "upload" folder had 777 file permissions, but under phpsuexec this must be 755. It isn't working though.

Anyone had experience with this with IPB and know how to fix it?

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Pure-ftpd Crashing During File Uploads

Jan 12, 2008

I've been running pure-ftpd for around 4 months now without any problems, until around 24-48 hours ago file upload has been going a bit loopy.

When you upload a file the speed bounces considerably, and at times pauses on 0kbps until it then dies and fails the upload. 9/10 uploads I have tried have failed.

[R] Opening data connection IP: PORT: 35283
[R] LIST -al
[R] 150 Accepted data connection
[R] 226-Options: -a -l
[R] 226 6 matches total
[R] List Complete: 374 bytes in 0.64 seconds (0.6 KB/s)
Transfer queue completed
1 File failed to transfer
[R] Connection lost: chacha
We have restarted pure-ftpd a number of times, but have had no luck.

Please could you try and upload a file (at least 10mb and please nothing dodgey) to this FTP account:

pass: password

And output the result.

Does anyone here have experience with pure-ftpd and would possibly consider giving my system a "once over"?

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Whos Is Responsible If Someone Uploads Illegal Content

Dec 24, 2007

I want to get a VPS to hold my sites and the websites i build for people.

I'm not sure about what happens if a client uploads something they shouldnt - be it porn, warez or whatever.

As a server owner, do i risk getting in trouble? Or am i simply the contact person .

I can't check every file that people might upload.

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PHP Session/timeout Settings For Large Video Uploads

Mar 23, 2008

I'm currently a video sharing site and I'm aiming for large videos (around 500MB - 1GB), now I have to take into account an average user should only be able to do 30k-50k per sec.

So the session_timeout and upload_max need to be adjusted. Anybody with experience with large upload sites ?

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Site Hacked Via Php Script Placed In WordPress Uploads Directory

Apr 7, 2007

First of all, I discoverd this forum during my quest to unravel the mysteries of how my site was hacked. I hope this is an appropriate forum to discuss the issues even though I am not a web hosting provider, but merely a customer of a web hosting company,

I have an installation of WordPress 2.1 WordPress creates a couple world writable directories such as Uploads and Cache which are owned by nobody. Apparently (according to the tech support at someone was able to insert and exectue a php script in my world writable Uploads directory. Over 40MB of scripts, executables and files were uploaded. As best I can tell, my space was being used as some sort of link farm or perhaps acting as a server in my webspace. I do not have much knowledge about these things and consequently can't talk very inetlligently about them. But I am trying to grasp what little I am able to absorb about how this could have happened, what I can do to mitigate it from reocurring in the future.

Some of the stuff that was in the directory is as follows...

h4ckerz p
uselib24 g

The "online" directory contained over 40MB of directories such as...

abortion diethylpropion
accounting diflucan
accupril diovan
acne distance-education
actonel dospan
actos dovonex
acyclovir doxycycline
adderall drug
adipex drug-rehab
adventure-travel drug-test
adware dvd
adware-spyware e-pathto
affiliate-program effexor
air-travel elavil
aldara enalapril
alprazolam equity-loan
altace estradiol
amaryl evista
ambien fioricet
amitriptyline flexeril
amoxicillin flonase
amoxil florida-lottery
antivirus fluoxetine
atenolol fosamax
ativan free-poker
avandia free-slots
avapro free-spyware
baclofen furniture
bankruptcy gambling
bextra home-equity-loan
biaxin home-loan
bingo hosting
black-jack hotel
blackjack hydrocodone
blackjack-game images
bontril imitrex
britney-spears insurance-life
business internet-betting
buspar internet-gambling
buspirone loan
butalbital loans
buy-hardware lortab
buy-phentermine lottery
california-lottery lotto
captopril mesothelioma
car mortgages
car-insurance online-black-jack
carisoprodol online-casino
cars online-gambling
cartia online-loan
cash-loan online-pharmacy
casino online-poker
casino-games online-roulette
casino-las-vegas online-slot
celebrex payday-advances
celebrex-online phentermine
celexa poker
celexa-online poker-chips
cephalexin poker-game
cialis poker-tables
cigarette refinance
cigarettes refinance-house
cipro refinance-loan
claritin refinancing
clindamycin ringtones
clonazepam roulette
clonidine slot-machine
codeine slot-machines
consolidate-card slots
cozaar steroids
credit structured-settlement
credit-card texas-holdem
credit-card-debt texas-holdem-poker
credit-card-debt-consolidation texas-holdem-rules
creditcard texas-lottery
cyclobenzaprine tramadol
darvocet travel
dating travel-insurance
debt-consolidation ultram
debtcard valium
denavir viagra
diazepam vicodin
diclofenac video-poker
didrex wagering
diet-pills xanax

As you can see, I was had in a BIG way.

So the first thing my webhost had me do was to change ownership of the directories owned by nobody to me. Then I was able to change permissions from 777 to 755. However in so doing, I am no longer able to use the Dashboard of WordPress to upload images anymore, unless I temporarily change permissions back to 777.

The other thing the tech support guy did is to create an .htaccess file with,
php_flag engine off
I guess this basically renders php scripts impotent from running.

So without flaming me, can you help me understand how someone in a shared server environment is able to put a php script into one of my directories?

What amazed me was this particular script, "99.php" actually when viewed in a browser window titled phpshell was called "c99adult v. 1.0 pre-release build #16". It basically enabled whoever had access to the URL, to view my webspace, and do all sorts of nasty things. Talk about a wake-up call!

Obviously this enabled the hacker to view my config.php file and ascertain my database password and everything else. Whether he did, or whether there is a logfile of that info that could enable him to hack the database at some time in the future is unknown to me but it's really freaking me out.

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Mar 9, 2009

Anyone got information about Servage Company ?

I visited their website but I didn't find any information about them, except the price and the features.

Is it a real company ? or just fake ?

How is their servers ?

Uptime ?

Support ?

Do they really let me use the 510 GB & 5010 GB B/W I'll get ?

Or its just a number for getting more customers ?

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Apr 5, 2008

Last week I bought hosting in .Everything is ok there except one very "small" thing - very often my site during loading breaks down (I get blank page). I three times asked servage for help. It's great that their reaction is very fast but despite their statements that problem is fixed it's again and again my page break down.

is it possible that problem exists because my site is based on Jommla 1.5? I have tried and to use servage auto installer and manually installed joomla.

I have found so many praises about servage that cannot understand why is wrong with my site?

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Servage Bandwidth

Mar 14, 2009

Some of servage customers said that Servage offers 1/10 band of that shown.

for examle they offer 5010GB but in real thats 501 GB.

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Stay Away From

Aug 13, 2008

Servage is the worst webhosting I have ever hosted with. From continuous cluster problems to stupid billing issues.

When my website is not giving a 404 error there are mysql problems.

This is a hard lesson learnt. I will never recommend or host with them again.

I wired them $90.30 for balance due since July. My banking institution even gave me the reference number and other transaction details. The funds never returned to my account. To this date their dumb billing department cannot locate the payment. When I contact supported they continually gave some cryptic message that is of no help. I forwarded them screenshots of my bank account and even gave the reference numbers provided by my banking instition, still no dice, account suspended.

To add insult to injury they added another period of webhosting to my balance owed so it now totals $180.60 owed and I lost revenue from my search campaigns.


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Aug 15, 2008

We have been with for a few months now & have been having lots of issues with emails bouncing, web sites unavailable, very slow, support staff who ignore requests for help etc. etc. etc.

I have posted about them in these forums before.

For the last day the web site they host for us has been "missing", we cant login to cpanel, we have emailed they via the address on there page & got no reply but this is typical, they have our money and dont seem to care!

We paid for 12 months hosting in advance

Does anyone know whats happening with them, I rang the TIO Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman & they cant help with hosting companies.

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Victim Of Servage

Jul 20, 2008

Well I have been using for 3 months and what a disaster it has been.

They now have got to the point were they are trying to tell me that files that have a date of 2007 are really 2008.

Basically this screen shot

details that web pages I created are dated 2007 and also the screenshot servage created, yes that is right, they created a screenshot & it is dated 2007 you can see this file & date in my screenshot.

is dated 2007.

But I must be a fool, I am putting up with this crap, well not anymore!

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Servage Activation

Oct 3, 2008

I bought hosting with Servage, and payed it directly with Paypal, since then 20 hours ago I havent got any email received from them, so I cant login cause I dont have my details! So a support ticket is no option, on there email they do not respond! If you have a presale question they awnser within 20 minutes now Im waiting for 12 hours already. I have tried calling them on their office in Germany, but it isnt the right phonenumber!

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Sep 1, 2008

how to use befind a corporate firewall wich does not accept https and port 443?

I used cpanelproxy before with my domain so that I could use a subdomain on port 80.

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DO NOT Sign Up For Servage

Nov 22, 2008

I just wanted to forewarn ANY considering signing up with Servage, LOOK ELSEWHERE! They may be cheap, and they may be offshore (the reason I had chosen them), but they are probably the *worst* web host in business today.

I have been a customer with them for 2 years and here is an itemized list of issues with Servage to date (this doesn't include the issues Servage actually resolved):

- 1 month after signup, Servage experienced a DDoS; all their customers lost all their e-mails for a 72 hour period

- 8 TIMES in the past year, I've had to contact their support because my websites PING requests would consistently time out and the pages not load leading me to actually setup an account with SiteUptime (BTW, they NEVER made anything faster, they always would blame me, even on a static HTML site with no more than 2 simultaneous users)

- Servage advertises 99.98% uptime, my results from SiteUptime for the past 6 months has revealed to me that my actual uptime is about 93.1%, this is TERRIBLE, the worst in the industry in my opinion

- a month ago, every site on my Servage account had redirects to porn or spyware: my passwords are always a mix of foreign characters, uppercase, lowercase, numbers and no shorter than 8 characters. Servage tells me to delete all the files myself and change my passwords. They refuse to accept the responsibility that a hacker got into their master control panel

- They are HOLDING MY DOMAIN HOSTAGE! I made the mistake of signing up my main .com (all the others are with GoDaddy) with them since 1 domain was free with hosting for the life of my account. There is NO WAY they allow you to transfer this domain! They only let you DELETE it (then you have to wait for it to expire, backorder, etc. and chance losing your domain)

There are so many more issues that I could go over, but I think I've made my point.

If you're thinking Servage, I'd recommend you stay away!

There ARE other offshore hosts...

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Servage Hacked

Dec 2, 2008

We've been hacked, again. By we, I mean, many many servage clients as far as I can tell. Unlike past Javascript injections, this time it is much more serious, at least to me anyhow. Here is what I know:

Somehow, someone has gained full access to my (and again, many others) control panel on

While on there, they have generously created their own ftp accounts with full access.

Every website I host with servage had a number of files uploaded to them.

These files consisted of one or more .htaccess files that contained a number of rewrites pointing to the other files they uploaded.

The new files were actually cleverly hidden inside other directories where they would go unnoticed. For example, on some of my sites that have forums, they were put into /forum/include/tmp/(bogus files), and in my galleries, put into such directories as /images/photos/(bogus files).

The files themselves are as follows:
a .htaccess file
and tpl.php

The links.txt file itself is over 1.9mb and contains links to hundreds of other infected SERVAGE hosted websites ( I have checked at least 30 of them in and found all are hosted at servage).

Here is an example of the links.txt file:|black break spring|free exploited black teens|nudist photographys|my nudist links
And so on and so forth.

Keys.txt is a giant list of pornographic phrases and texts.txt is just random phrases in general.

I have contacted servage about this multiple times and have gotten their basic cookie cutter response of please remove the files from all your websites, change all your passwords and delete the new ftp accounts created. I asked them point blank if they've been hacked and they've continued to say no.

If you are a servage customer, make SURE you log into your control panel RIGHT NOW and check to see if new ftp accounts have been created. After that, look at your website statistics and click on DISPLAYED PAGES and look for odd entries like /blabla.html/links?12982.html or some such thing and pay attention to where the link is showing up (What directory) which will help you remove all of the crap someone put on there.

This is very serious guys... as I said, someone had full access to my Control panel. With that, they could enter into any of my sql databases, fully see all the passwords to each database (as servage kindly shows your password to anyone when you click on connection information) not to mention any sensitive customer data I may have had stored in my databases.

This hack also kills your website in a number of ways:

1) It tries to redirect any page on your site to the index.php uploaded to your site which then directs you to porn sites.

2) This hack spams over 3000 links to google every day, coming from your website, leading to sites that are deemed bad by google. This ruins your page rank and your site, as some of mine have since I missed this latest attack for 2 weeks, will go down the drain.

3) WHen someone googles your website, it will come up with tons of porn links. My daughters site was one of the infected ones... she's 9, and when you look up her site it shows that it goes to porn.

let me know if you've been targeted as well and what we, if anything, can do about it. Servage NEEDS to admit they've been hacked, in fact, the damage to my businesses because of their failure to notify my of these events seems like it should be on their shoulders.

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Jul 8, 2008

I'm having the very same problems as everyone else, and after a quick google it seems I'm not alone. Servage just keep fogging me off on the support over there dreadful MySql performance.

Getting the same old rubbish as everyone else, we will move you to different server, we will fix your database etc. When will servage stop blaming there customers and step-up admit there is a problem and fix it? The support is fast but there just monkeys repating the same as the last.

I have been with them for 3+ years now, and this will be the last. Just put a request in for a full refund of this years fee's. The 1st year maybe the 2nd there service was excellent, since then its got worse and to a point now where its dam write criminal to charge people for what they offer.

Do your self a favour people stay clear of this company it has wasted alot of my time.

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Servage Customer For Several Years ...

Jan 19, 2009

I've been a satisfied customer at Servage for several years but the last couple a days is getting a little sweat on my forehead...

I'm not sure but some really weird things is happening at servage right now ....

I've tried to login at my controlpanel in almost a week - several times a day, but are not allowed access at all . Get the message that etiher username,password or captcha is entered wrong... I then try to reset my password etc - and it works all fine until I'm trying to login with the new one...same result - NOT working.

After several non working tries I decide to write them personal emails at,, (which is the founders private email ), but NO answer .... usually they're really kind and efficient and answers within a few hours, but this time : NO ANSWER .....

This evening I would then try to contact them again, and see on their webpage if I have missed some important email adresses, and I was QUITE surprised to notice that almost ANY of their subpages is leading to a non-existant page - EXCEPT from the order page.... pretty weird, I think

I'm not saying that they're on their way to close down, but it is actually an option if we take a look on the world economy in these days...

I would be glad if other Servage Customers could tell me if it is possible for them to login at their controlpanel at Servage

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May 23, 2008

i have hosting at 2 jrs already and one nice day they decided to delete all data on my account (like 5 gb of data) and 25 websites are gone and 2 developing projects, i didnt had backups for most of them... (80%)..

the most funniest thing is the answer:
Hello Ivo

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused
There was an storage issue which caused the trouble. We have added <b>one month free hosting</b>.
Please reupload your data.
Thank you.

Kind regards,
Nick, Support
Servage Hosting


so my question would be , how can i sue motherf****s? or what are my options?

please post your experiences here with this scummy hosting that we can assure that this don't happened to anyone again.

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Servage With Perl Scripting

Dec 1, 2008

I've used Servage for about 18 months. For most of that time there have been no problems. Then they decided to upgrade the cluster. This happened 3 weeks ago. Since then, there has been a catalogue of problems, mostly centred around a Perl script my site uses to implement a wiki.

The first problem was that they had removed four of the supporting Perl modules used by my Perl script. All of the missing modules are ones you would expect to find on any server that claims to support Perl. They had warned that this might happen (obviously too difficult for them to make sure that the upgraded server has all the Perl modules) so I notified them with a list of missing modules expecting the modules to be restored quickly. It actually took 1 week, during which time their support team tried their best to annoy me by giving responses related to PHP (apparently they'd managed to kill PHP scripting completely) and a non-working link to a list of installed modules (I knew what was installed already).

Having now got the script running, I hit a further problem. Prior to the upgrade the script had run under the "webserver" account. It was now running under the "you" account. This meant it couldn't write to its own data files. I had real trouble getting Servage to understand this one, let alone fix it. Most of their answers were about how to change the ownership of my script, which makes absolutely no difference to the problem. Eventually, after 4 days, they tried to fix the problem. The result was that my website became completely inaccessible. Even the static content was giving a 403 error. Again, it took support a while to understand the problem and about 1.5 days to fix it.

At this point Servage claimed to have fixed all outstanding issues. However, my script was still running under the wrong account. In frustration, I changed the ownership of all the script's data files to "you", which at least got my wiki running again.

However, I now find that people can't upload images to the site. Any attempt to do so produces an error "CGI open of tmpfile: Permission denied".

I've given up. I think my chances of getting Servage to even understand the problem are minimal. I'm not even going to try. I will be moving to another host as soon as possible - probably a VPS. That way I should be able to fix most problems myself.

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Servage Support Awful

Nov 8, 2008

Everytime my site is down, which is about twice a month, i ask Servage and everytime, i get no answer or i get a really late reply.

Today my site has been down 3 hrs, and ive put in 2 support tickets now, and yet im ignored, but they advertise their support time is 30 minutes? How is that an average when i have to wait hours EVERYTIME?

They are really awful for support, hosting is ok for a shared.. i cant wait to move off it.

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Servage Will Not Release My Domain

Nov 22, 2008

After going through the forums here, i can see i am not the only one who has had this sort of problem with servage, but i am afraid mine is a bit more complicated.

I should also mention, that up to about a month ago, i was a very happy servage customer.

I always received good service, in short time and had a very very good uptime.

So, about 3-4 weeks ago, the time for renewing my registration came (i have been with servage for 3 years now), ofcourse - since i am happy with the service, i log into my cpanel - click "pay for another year" and make the payment on paypal.

On that same day, i also noticed the amount removed from my credit account and paypal noted that the transaction was completed (meaning it was transferred to the other side).

The next day, i get an email from servage telling me my account needs to be renewd - so i don't waste any time and open a support ticket, providing the full information i have for the transaction. In return i get the response, that it will probably take 2-3 days for the transaction to fully process.

Mind you, that has NEVER happened before - everything was always immediate, which was one of the things i liked about servage.

So i thought, maybe they are having more customers, so it takes them longer to process - ok...

But, after 4 more days of receiving these annoying emails, i hop back to the support system and update them that something is wrong. they ask for the details i already gave them, but i give it to them again, and i get the response that they are taking care of it.

I was out of the country on a business trip for the next 2 weeks and the day after i come back i get an email that my account was suspended for not paying.

I open the support page again, and i see no reply from them stating there is a problem with the statement. So, i open another ticket - asking them what is wrong and requesting that my site be immediately returned online, since they had enough time in advance to deal with this.

I get the reply, that they did not receive any transfer from me and that i should pay.
Now i'm really pissed, not only did i pay - i had also notified them on the problem, gave them full details, and now they want me to pay twice...?

I ask paypal for confirmation that the payment indeed made it through and i get the response that everything should be ok and a documented proof.

Suspecting this is some scam, I give the full details to the support staff and ask again for my site to be returned online immediately.

I get the response again that they have no such record and that i should pay (again?).
Now I'm pretty worried - they have fully documented proof of the payment, but they still claim to not have gotten it - something must be wrong!

So i start a dispute on paypal on my transaction, in order to get my money back, and start looking for another host.

I sent them the response that i wish to speak to someone in management who can help resolve this, but i get the response that they can see i opened a dispute and that i should pay, they also locked my domain as clientTransferProhibited and clientUpdateProhibited.

So, all of the sudden they can see the payment - how about saying we are sorry, some compensation for the downtime? i would have gone for it...

Instead - they keep asking me to pay for a full year, and when i ask the email of someone in management - i get no response at all.

There is something fishy definitely gone on, i have seen some people on this forum suggesting they were hacked, or have gone into the scam business. all those seem possible now through my ordeal with them.

I just want this over so i can get MY domain on another host, anyone know someone there? have an email? a phone number (i tried the ones i found here - all do not work)? a skype contact?

how to get MY domain back or how to avoid this situation in the future (should i register my domain with another company? but they may tank as well...)?

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