Plesk Vs CPanel

Oct 28, 2009

We would like to do a survey of web hosting users. Which control panel do you prefer to use, and how often do you access your control panel?

Reply with (Plesk or cPanel) and (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Never)

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Best Platform For IMAP Mail (Cpanel, Plesk Linux Or Plesk Windows)

Nov 17, 2008

Best platform for IMAP mail (Cpanel, Plesk Linux or Plesk Windows)

I need to setup 5 email accounts on my domain, each will use IMAP and store messages on server, so total space taken by each account will be 2-5 GB.

I have decided to go with as I'm close to them and ping is fast.

What is the best solution for IMAP and large email accounts: Linux Cpanel, Linux Plesk or Windows Plesk?

Each account will be accessed by 2 people differently by Thunderbird and occasionally by webmail, so nice webmail is a plus.

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CPanel/Plesk Or SSH

Apr 15, 2009

I'm having a small dilemma at the moment as I have never admined a server via SSH only, though following a well written Perfect Server guide might help. As the topic states, would you recommend using a control panel to manage a dedicated server (for one person), or would you recommend using SSH management and setting up the services there?

I have never tried to perform the latter option but would really like to as I'm a complete Linux noob Ok well maybe not complete, I know more than most people do, but I'm far less proficient than those who actually use and like the system on a daily basis.

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Vps - Cpanel Or Plesk

Apr 20, 2008

I'm thinking of taking out a new VPS but am unsure of whether to go with CPanel or Plesk.

I have used CPanel with WHM & it works really well. I have read that it does take up a lot of memory & as I'm going for a low end VPS - with 348mb to start with, I was wondering about Plesk, which is also offered by the hosts.

Is Plesk more memory-friendly?

Does Plesk operate in the same way as CPanel - offering Admin as in WHM & easily configurable client panels?

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CPanel Vs Plesk

Nov 10, 2008

as a newbie moving up to VPS hosts from shared hosts. I'm looking for a bit of advice on which would be the best to go for.?

i have used cPanel before & found it very easy to use, BUT have never used Plesk, only via their web site using the Demo panel & also found it easy to use...
what im looking to host is a small community forums & hopefully a small game server on the same host to run ET "Enemy Territory"

Ive been told that ET can be installed on cPanel easily but when looking at the demo of plesk in Modules, it shows a couple of game servers but not ET. could anyone please say if plesk is also capable of running this game or not..
also as a newbie which of the 2 control panels would be the best for me.?

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Plesk To Cpanel

Oct 4, 2007

i am thinking about moving off my server with plesk on it to a vps server with cpanel on it can the data be transfer out of plesk into cpanel easy?

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PLesk Or Cpanel/whm

Sep 4, 2007

Considering getting VPS but it comes with plesk..

Im used to cpanel/whm

What would you do? cpanel/whm is 7$ extra month

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Convert From Plesk VPS To CPanel VPS

Oct 7, 2009

I mostly work with cPanel/WHM but, I have to work with Plesk for just one client of mine. He's on Plesk becoz I came to know Plesk worked better on 256MB VPS than cPanel in the early days. Hence, on my recommendation, he is on Plesk on a 512 MB Memory VPS till now for all these years.

I wonder how tedious it might be to convert from Plesk to cPanel? The client basically uses Joomala + vBulletin and runs forums as of now.

Also, which CP will perform better on 512 MB VPS - Plesk or cPanel.

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Plesk To CPanel Transfer

Feb 6, 2009

Is there a way to transfer plesk accounts to cPanel platform? Things to note, that I do not have root access, but do have WHM as it is a reseller account.

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Transfer From Cpanel To Plesk

Sep 25, 2009

to transfer(Convert) 500 websites from cpanel to plesk ? i have root access to both servers.

Any converter to convert the backup?

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Transfer From CPanel To Plesk

Jun 15, 2008

I have two VPS servers. I am canceling one of my VPS servers since I got a better deal somewhere else, better ports ect..

My vps is using cPanel. The other VPS is using Plesk.

From my cPanel VPS, I though there was an option via WHM to transfer accounts / files from my Plesk VPS. Is this possible?

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Migrate From CPanel To PLESK

May 27, 2008

we should change our cpanel to plesk.

what's your suggestions and what should I do for this?

the CSF Firewall can run on PLESK?

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How To Do A Transfer From Plesk To CPanel

Aug 22, 2008

how I would go about doing a transfer from Plesk to CPanel ... is there a script or anything to automate the transfer from plesk to cpanel.

Is there anyone that made a similar transfer that could tell me how he did?

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Plesk Vs. CPanel RAM Usage

Apr 20, 2007

I have read that cPanel consumes a constant 258MB of RAM. That seems like a huge overhead for the convenience it provides.

Plesk consumes less? How much?

This is to run LAMP -- so what I want to know is how much RAM is the minimum needed to run LAMP under different control panels. (The bandwidth of the sites to be run is low.)

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Difference B/w Plesk And CPanel/Fantastico

Jul 16, 2005

Does anyone know what the difference is b/w Plesk vs. cPanel?

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Plesk Or Cpanel Which Consumes Lesser Ram

Jun 30, 2009

plesk or cpanel?

which consumes lesser RAM ?

and more fragile and load faster?

I know both use heavier load than other control panels available but which of them are the better when it comes to load speed and RAM consumption?

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Migration Of Emails From Plesk 8.x To Cpanel 11.x

Jun 26, 2009

I´m gonna migrate my server with Plesk 8.4 to Cpanel 11.24 in the next days using a manual method (account transfer failed in my test, i guess it is not fully functional).

Creation of accounts and migration of databases is already done, but i have some doubts with email account transfers:

1) Cpanel and Plesk, share the maildir format for messages. A transfer of email messages should be smooth, just copying the data of this directory´s.

Plesk directory: /var/qmail/mailnames/
Cpanel directory: /home/domain/mail/

Is it ok?

2) Is there any way of migrate usernames/passwords to cpanel without recreate accounts (with a new password) and copy the email messages?

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Transferring Accounts WHM/cPanel To Plesk

Jan 27, 2008

I have been used to transfering accounts from one WHM/cPanel server to another - easy-peasy

What is involved with moving accounts from a WHM/cPanel server to a server/vps running Plesk?

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Transferring Emails From Cpanel To Plesk

Jul 19, 2008

We transferred our accounts from cpanel to plesk with PMM.

Everything transferred successfully but one of our users checks his mails with webmail and he doesn’t have emails on his pc.

He contact us and said I need some that emails but when we transferred the accounts to plesk that emails not transferred,

Can I transfer his mails manually?

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How To Move Cpanel Data Into Plesk

Jul 20, 2008

Do any1 have procedure to move cpanel data into plesk. I like to give plesk a try since there are so many clients requesting windows hosting.

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Transfer Resllers From CPanel To PLESK ...

Jun 21, 2008

How can I transfer our resellers from cpanel to plesk ?

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Plesk Vs. Cpanel And Their Mailinglist Possibilities

Aug 15, 2007

I'm about to purchase a VPS package with a host who offers the option to choose a control panel with Plesk or Cpanel.

I look into both programs and their features and they look both pretty good to me.

Something i will really need for the website is an easy way to create mailinglist out of a MySQL 5 database, so would it be possible with Plesk or Cpanel to read the email addresses out of a database and send them in a queue?

Does Plesk or Cpanel provide this option in the standard version or do you have have to purchase an add-on for that ? Or is there another way to do this for example using a webservice to insert the data for the list.

My server configuration: Linux/Apache, MySQL 5, PHP 5, PhpMyAdmin.

Other consideration to go for Plesk or Cpanel?

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CPanel Or Plesk To Preserve Resources

Aug 17, 2007

I have a VPS that gives me

Disk Space 30 GB

Bandwidth 900 GB

Guaranteed RAM 512 MB

IPs 5

My Problem is that I can't run webstats or my RAM maxes out causing all kinds of problems. Normally my privvmpages is around 200,000 out of an allocation of 500,000 but with webstats on that goes through the roof.

What can I do? Do I have to get more RAM? I can buy more ram but it is kind of pricey.

Would switching to Plesk solve my problem? I heard it uses less resources. But I have never used it before.

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Install Cpanel Backup Into Plesk

Sep 6, 2007

I'm going from a reseller account that used cPanel to a dedicated server using Plesk. I don't have access to anything on the cPanel server (long story), but the host said they will create a cPanel backup for me. Is it possible to install this into Plesk? I know it's possible to do a migration from a cPanel server to Plesk, which requires root access that I don't have and can't get, so this cPanel backup is the best I've got.

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Error While Copying Website From Plesk To Cpanel

Nov 21, 2008

I get error while copying accounts from Plesk to Cpanel and hence the emails are not copied though the data is copied. The error goes like this

pXa Copying Mail files....ERROR 1064 at line 1: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'SELECT cl_id FROM domains WHERE id = 1018 )' at line 1

I am running Plesk 8.01 and the latest stable release of Cpanel. Is it because of the Plesk version I have? If yes, then what should be the Plesk version?

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Transferring Reseller Client From Plesk To CPanel

Jun 20, 2008

I am trying to transfer someone from Plesk 8.2.1 to cPanel/WHM 11.23. The client that is on Plesk does not seem to have root access because I tried the WHM built in transfer from another server feature and it wasnt working. It said password was incorrect but it was the main password.

So any thoughts on how i can transfer everything safely?

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Ports To Open For Web Server (PLESK, CPanel, Etc.)

Mar 11, 2008

Our new data center provided us with a Cisco ASA5510 firewall. We're setting up all new servers and will begin migrating all of our domains from our current co-lo to the new place.

At the old co-lo, they provided us a very basic BSD based router, and our servers all had external public facing IPs on them. Firewalling was handled at the server (Windows Firewall or Linux IPtables).

The new place is NAT'ing us, so our servers all have a 192.168.10.x address inside, and they map the external address for us through to the inside.

By default, they are locking everything down. I had to ask them to open ssh so I could remote into my CentOS box last night.

I'm not a network guru-- what ports are going to NEED to be opened so I can give them a list? This is a standard PLESK hosting server so http (80), https, ssh, ftp, pop3, smtp, what else? Anyone have a list?

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Transferring Email Accounts From Plesk To CPanel

Apr 30, 2008

I have a client moving their email-only hosting account from Plesk 8 to cPanel 11.

Is there a function in Plesk control panel for backing up the email accounts and can I then import the backup into cPanel to make the process smooth? Or, can I do it only manually?

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Cpanel Installed Over Plesk On Fed4-64bit

Jul 31, 2007

I am pleased to report success with my first attempt of installing Cpanel on a 64bit vps running Fed4. In fact..this is the first time in known history I have tried anything this..uhhh.."risky"..and it work the very first time. Cpanel had no problems completely replacing the already pre-installed plesk.

Kudos to the Cpanel folks for that!

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Moving A Client From Linux Cpanel To Windows Plesk

Nov 5, 2008

i would like to move few clients from my old linux VPS that runs on Cpanel .. to my new windows VPS tat runs Plesk .. you see there were several attempts by new provider .. they cant guarantee that accounts can be fully migrated even manually they only copied site files to new server .. the client account's still running on linux vps cpanel, they are intact .. clients dont have any php or mysql files they are just plain HTML and Flash files .. i can move site files .. im concerned about mail accounts and emails that already in my clients inbox (they are using IMAP accounts) .. do you guys know any guideline or step by step how to migrate my clients

P.S. please consider me as an uneducated person .. my background is designing not programming or network administration.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Migrate Hosting From CPanel With Error?

Jul 9, 2014

I have migrate Hosting from Cpanel to Plesk, but mailbox not create successful.

mbox_quota 262144000 -forwarding false -ignore-nonexistent-options failed with return code 1.
Stderr is

Unable to set the mailbox size limit for the domain: The size of this mailbox must not exceed the limit on amount of disk space allocated for mailboxes in this domain.

Default mailbox of Cpanel is 250MB.

How to change default mailbox size to 250MB to change mail from Cpanel to Plesk.

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