Please Recommend A Firewall

Oct 29, 2008

Please recommend a firewall

I need a firewall which could do the following:-
- Run in transparent mode
- With bandwidth control and reporting based on IP
- Intrusion detection and prevention
- Open source

I am trying Clark Connect but I could not make it to run on transparent mode, else this product is good enough for me.

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Do You Recommend A Software Firewall When Behind A Hardware Firewall

Dec 17, 2008

Do you recommend a software firewall when behind a hardware firewall?

All of our servers are behind Cisco ASA 5505 firewalls which we rent from Liquidweb. All are being managed correctly and setup to there optimal levels. With hardware firewalls firmly in place, do you still recommend a software firewall such as APF or IPTables (we're talking linux); in our opinion we see it as an extra administration overhead. If this is however untrue, we will change out thinking.

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Recommend A Firewall Appliance

Apr 6, 2007

Looking for a firewall appliance to stick before two dell servers that are going into a co-location data center.

Do you guys have any favorite FIREWALL appliances? I am looking at the CISCO PIX 501, because it seems to be the standard, but there are others that do virusscan, and malware scans at the hardware level before it enters the servers which caught my interest.

Such As: ....

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Recommend A Firewall To Install On My VPS

Jun 23, 2009

Can anyone recommend a firewall to install on my VPS using CentOS5.3.

Please explain why should I choose it or what are its advantages.

And do firewalls make your VPS slower by consuming some resources?

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Firewall - Kerio Or Windows Firewall

Jun 13, 2008

I've found a dedicated server at a great price and plan to stick with it, my first ( already have 2 vps accounts ). I don't have the money for a hardware firewall. However, I do have a chance to renew a Kerio WinRoute Firewall license from way back.

Does anyone think this would be better than the default windows 2003 firewall?

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Recommend A VPN In The UK I Can Use?

Jun 26, 2008

Can anyone recomend a VPN in the UK I can use?

I will have a firewall/router on my end and vpn into the UK. I am not tech savvy and was told this was the setup I needed by who I thought i was going to be using.

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Can Anyone Recommend A Uk Vps Or Server

Feb 12, 2008

I'm looking to purchase either vps or a dedicated server with cpanel/whm included in the price.
Must be uk based and have great uptime.

No real budget but obiouvsly i am looking for the best deal.

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What Do You Think Of Godaddy? And What Os Do You Recommend?

Oct 29, 2008

what do you think of godaddy? and what os do you recomand?

what do you think of godaddy? and what os do you recomand?

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VPS Recommend For Game?

Mar 14, 2009

Is it recommended to use a VPS for online gaming like the mmorpg? Any recommendation on which hosting shall i get from for the VPS?

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Recommend VPS IRC Provider

Apr 8, 2009

Does anyone have experience with a good IRC VPS provider? I want to run an couple of BNC's. Unmanaged is fine. My budget for this would be $20/month.

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Recommend Nl Host

Oct 20, 2009

can anyone recommend a decent nl host with offers at present on dedi servers, looking to purchase in next week

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Recommend An EU Provider

Oct 2, 2009

I've been thinking about getting a dedicated server in the EU, as the UK is just to expensive to rent a dedicated server.

I've read reviews of the two hosts I found on the net (OVH and 1&1) and none were all that favourable. (Especially 1&1 heh)

anyone recommend some alternative EU providers? or perhaps any reasonable priced UK services?

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Recommend A UK VPS Provider

Sep 2, 2008

I am currently on shared hosting (i will not mention who with) however since I have been with them my site has been down about 4 times. The good thing is my site hadnt launched it was just a placeholder page so nothing critical.

Due to the above issues, I think i might want to get a VPS, it is essential there is no downtime, its a new site and I dont want our reputation to suffer due to downtime.

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Recommend For Unmetered

Jun 13, 2008

Can you guys recommend a few providers? My requirements are as follows:

100 MB unmetered dedicated
750 G HD
8GB Ram

I looked at Iweb and Choopa, but I am trying to see if there are better, more economical, options out there.

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Csf Recommend Settings

Mar 8, 2008

I'm running a pretty large site that brings in about 80k unique each month, what would be a good setting to lower sync floods settings in csf configuration?

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RAM Recommend On PDSMI+

Oct 16, 2007

Recently I bought Kingston and supertalent 2GB DDR2-667 UNB memory. Both of them don't work on supermicro PDSMI+.

When I run memtest86 and windows application, they keep giving me a lot of error message.
Anyone have this experience before.

memory that can work on this supermicro board?

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Recommend A Web Server

Feb 25, 2007

I've been shoping around for a web server and found this one from freecom:

does anyone know of any other/better products out there? It needs to have LAMP or WAMP along with FTP, and firewall.

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Recommend Me A Better One Than Leeware

May 12, 2007

my max is 40$ . Pls recommed me a new seedbox , bigger HDD than leeware 's, unmeteread , allow torrenting and good speed certainly. Leeware 's speed is now not good

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Recommend A VPS Plan For My Web

Sep 3, 2007

my web is and have aprox 10 gb of bandwith for a day. the other problem is the speed.. in argentina have good speedy but in USA or SPAIN is very slowly. the thing is i dont have too much money for pay a dedicated server.. and in Argentina de hosting plans are very expensive and slowly.. but i dont know american hosting.

well.. i need this

1- accept adult content
2- price $30 -$ 50 for month
3- 500 or more bandwith
4- 256-512 ram
5- cpanel
6- 5 - 10 gb hard disk
7- celeron 2200 or more

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Midphase Or LunarPages? Which Would You Recommend?

Sep 28, 2005

OK, after investigating nearly 30 hosts over the last month we're in the final...

Telephone support was essential for me and both hosts have answered the phone instantly ever time I've rang them, no matter what time of day.

Both have packages with multiple-domain hosting.

Both have generally positive reviews in this and other forums and also on other review sites.

LunarPages has rave reviews like no other host in this category, but their price is significantly more for the multiple domain package:

Lunarpages: $25.50 - 4 GB storage - 200 GB bandwith
Midphase: $12 - 7 GB storage - 'Unlimited' bandwith

Both include a free domain.

Storage/bandwith llimits don't mean much to me because I know I will not fill them.

Was wondering what other people's experiences had been with these two hosts please?

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Recommend A Shared Host

Jun 8, 2009

after posting here at WHT ive really learnt much about overselling and cpu usage.

now with some questions again,

1GB space

around 50gb transfer

around $6 a month

hosted in USA

very well established company that would never shut down like tomorrow.

just list the hosts down and let me consider them.

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Recommend Me A Windows Dedicated

Feb 16, 2009

Looking for a windows dedicated server. At least dual core, 2gigs of ram, 10mb unmetered preferably and os xp/2003.

Content is racy, but not illegal. So need a host that can deal with that also.

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Recommend A Linux AntiVirus

Jun 17, 2008

Can anyone recommend a linux antivirus? I know such a thing isn't widely used however we'd like a way to scan attachments uploaded on a vbulletin forum to be scanned so other users don't get infected.

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Recommend A Shared Host

Feb 11, 2009

Does anyone have any recommendations for a GOOD shared/reseller host? Geekstorage has had good reviews here, but I've been sorely disappointed in the frequent downtime I've had on two separate servers. Looking to move elsewhere soon if I can find someone else.
So -

Price isn't really an issue. I need at least 20GB of storage. Bandwidth also not an issue.

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What Hosting Company Can You Recommend MS SQL

Oct 20, 2009

I have recently built my first database application.I used SQL Server 2005 Express edition because it is free. The drawback is that it can only hold 4GB of data. But the database is also compatible with any SQL Server edition.

I'm wondering what my options are - a lot of hosting companies seem to offer a greater storage capacity and then limit the actual size of the SQl database. i.e. 10GB of online diskspace with a 600MB SQL database.

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Burst Vs Webnx Which Will You Recommend

Nov 1, 2009

I am considering burst and webnx for dedicated server deal.

I found burst customizeable and some of good features
webnx is also good but cant see customization there I v sent them mail didn't get answer yet.

burst quote I got
$154 for
Core2Quad Q9300 Quad Core
8 g ddr2
2*1 tb sata raid 1 software
1*250 G sata
whm/cpanel included
ddos protection network level
basic support

on other hand webnx offer is $99
Intel i7 920, 6GB ram, 1x 1TB RE3 drive only $99
Quadcore 2.66ghz w/ HT
6GB DDR3 Ram +$25 ($150 for the 6mo term)
1TB WD RE3 hard drive
2tb/100 mbps port

in one of there special offer

but if I customize to above situation I think they will reach the same or higher.
webnx are unmanaged and dont know about security level of both providers too.
My major concern is uptime, security and helping support whenever I need them.
my ideal budget is 100-150$

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Server Configuration Recommend

Jun 10, 2009

server configuration that you recommend for a wordpress blog with average 3000 people online provided.

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Please Recommend Host For $12/ Month Or Below

Nov 30, 2008

I'm finding a new host for my sites. I've searched the forums for hours but there were too many results, both positive and negative that I couldn't make decision . So, I want to ask you, who have been with WHT for long time and read the forum often about some good hosts you have experienced.

Hosting type: shared hosting (with option to upgrade to VPS)
Disk space: 30GB
Bandwidth: min 100GB
Host provider experience: >= 2 years
Budget: <= $12/ month
Could you please recommend some good hosts here?
If you are not so sure, I'll be very grateful if you give me a short list so that I can search for reviews one more time.
Thanks !

I may lift my budget a bit if needed.

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Can Anyone Recommend Me A Uk Hosting Company

Jan 2, 2008

can any one recommend me a uk hosting company.

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Recommend Good Flv Host?

Jun 24, 2008

any one recommend good flv host? for private sharing of 120 alumni students? videos are mostly farewell stuffs.

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Recommend A Windows Host For Me

Jun 28, 2008

My requirements are:

MSSQL () (no more than 5 dbs needed)
MYSQL (no more than 5 dbs needed)
Diskspace 5GB - 100GB
Bandwidth 100GB - 2000GB
Some sort of E-mail Component

Please recommend a reliable windows host for me,

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