PC World Article: Reduce Fire Risk - Remove Oxygen [merged]

Mar 19, 2007

I did a quick search on this and could not see it as already being posted

It seems quite a clever but simple idea - remove a lot of the oxygen from the air to help reduce the risk of fire. What do those of you operating your own facilities make of this? Is anyone already doing this?

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ThePlanet - Fire

Jun 2, 2008

how many hosts have been effected by the fire at the planet over the weekend?

Luckily i have just cancelled all my servers with the planet (moved to owned hardware in local UK Datacentre). My mail server would of been on the floor that was effected!

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Fire At Internap Seattle / Fisher Plaza

Jul 3, 2009

My server is down and the hosting company said their is fire at the generators area?

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Fire Sale At HE On Used Cisco Core Router Equipment

Dec 16, 2007

Fire sale at HE on used Cisco core router equipment


I wonder if some data center will purchase it just to hook it up for the flashing lights... would be quite impressive.
Wait a second, that was already done in North Atlanta and Las Vegas, wasnt it?

I wonder why HE didnt donate it to the tech museum in San Jose... would have been a better write off then selling it.

why I am musing so far off topic on a gorgeous Sunday morning?

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DNS [merged]

Dec 17, 2007

I created all the accounts I need, I uploaded all the files these accounts need but I'm still getting a problem with the DNS redirection... when I asked to my server provider they told me this:

According to the information provided, you have not yet completed setup of your forward DNS. We do not provide server DNS administration services with the exception of updating your reverse PTR records since we do not allow delegation of our client's reverse DNS. You will need to contact your system's administrator in order to have the issues regarding server setup addressed.

And when I'm scanning one of the domains pointing to this DNS the report says this:

"WARNING. The parent servers (I checked with a0.org.afilias-nst.info.) are not providing glue for all your nameservers. This means that they are supplying the NS records (host.example.com), but not supplying the A records (, which can cause slightly slower connections, and may cause incompatibilities with some non-RFC-compliant programs. This is perfectly acceptable behavior per the RFCs. This will usually occur if your DNS servers are not in the same TLD as your domain (for example, a DNS server of "ns1.example.org" for the domain "example.com"). In this case, you can speed up the connections slightly by having NS records that are in the same TLD as your domain."

"ERROR. One or more of your DNS servers are missing A records (per NS records that may be cached). As a result, they cannot be used. The problem hostnames are:

ns2.mbhostve.com. has no A record. ns1.mbhostve.com. has no A record."

"A timeout occurred getting the NS records from your nameservers! None of your nameservers responded fast enough. They are probably down or unreachable. I can't continue since your nameservers aren't responding. If you have a Watchguard Firebox, it's due to a bug in their DNS Proxy, which must be disabled (31 Jul 2006 UPDATE: several years after being informed of this, there is a rumor that there is a fix that allows the Watchguard DNS proxy to work)."


I'm using CPANEL but I don't know how to fix the problem here,

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Powervps [merged]

Jul 10, 2007

I am with powervps for more than 2 years, but in the last month all the good service and the uptime from the past has disappeared.

I have 3 VPS accounts, all in diferents servers, and in this last month all three accounts were having lot of problemas, specially one of them, that was more than 15 hours down, and now is down again, and it looks like they take a while to be up again...

I ask to the support about this problems, but i donīt get any convincing answer. I think that they have a big problem with the stability of his systems, and i donīt know why.

I arrive to this forum looking for the experiences of other costumers of powervps this days to see if I am the person with worse luck of the world or if it is a global problem of powervps.

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Price Increased @ LT [ Merged ]

May 29, 2008

Anyone got the email?

The increase is about 23-30 dollars per server...

Time to move....

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How To Determine Load On Two VPS's And See If They Can Be Merged

Jan 24, 2008

I have two VPS's.

Main VPS is 1152mb SLM ram running only a relatively small vBulletin community. My goal is to keep this as fast as possible, which is why I overbought on the VPS and recently moved my couple other low volume sites (and some higher volume image hosting) + some email acccounts on to a 512mb SLM VPS.

Both VPS's are Cpanel/WHM running centros 4 (might be 4.5, I'm confused on this) and the latest release version of whm.

What I am wondering is what stats/tracking I might be able to run to see what typical usage is on the two VPS's for a day or two and try and figure out if I jumped the gun in splitting them, and can safely remerge them without effecting the vBulletin performance.

Can someone help me out with how to setup and read some stats that would tell me if both VPS's are underutilized enough to merge them back together onto the 1152mb VPS?

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Wordpress V2.1 Vulnerable [MERGED]

Mar 2, 2007

In case anyone missed

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Setting DNS Zone On VPS [MERGED]

Oct 4, 2007

I am having some problem with the DNS Zone setting on my VPS. I can't seem to load my page here :

This domain should resolves to this NameServers:

The files are hosted on the servers here:

if there is a problem in setting up the DNS Zone?

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My Site Is Moved To Cartikahosting [merged]

Sep 23, 2008

I finally got my site moved over to Cartika's server. They were a big help with several issues I had, even fixing things that didn't have anything to do with their server.

I had to get a new template since the other one was only available at .wordpress but I like the new one much better anyway. I still have to go through each page to make sure I didn't forget to change some link or something. I also had to edit the php to work how I have it so I may have missed something (I haven't even seen php since 2003).

I'm writing a post about my initial impressions of Cartika and why I eventually chose them. I'll post the info at WHT when I finish it.

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Setting Up Our Own Data Center [merged]

Mar 29, 2007

we have come to a point where we would like to operate our own data center and move on from doing collocation.

Could anyone that have any experience in setting up their own data center help me out in terms of what kind of equipment needed?

From my qucik research, I would be needing the following:
1. Air Conditioning System - I am thinking of using Liebert System 3
2. UPS System, still not sure what type that suits our needs
3. Diesel Generators, still not sue what type that suits our needs

The server room would be roughly 1,200 square feet. How many Liebert System 3 would I need, how many tons, chilled water or compressors? We have roughly 200 servers at the moment, but would like to accomodate the room to up to 1,000 servers.

What kind of UPS system would you recommend us using?

What kind of Diesel Generators would you recommend us using?

How much is the total cost - roughly to fund this setup?

Are there other main points that I missed besides, AC, UPS, and Diesel Generatros? I mean aside security, network equipments itself, etc. The main basic things.

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HIGH LOAD Because Of MySQL. [merged]

Oct 24, 2007

my server

Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5310

when i use a software update my site.maybe the sofe use mysql and httpd much.

the load of the server ofen goes high.i can only restart httped or mysql .

some info about the server when load is high.

[root@server ~]# free
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 1033676 1018980 14696 0 4352 428756
-/+ buffers/cache: 585872 447804
Swap: 2040244 132660 1907584

[root@server ~]# ps aux | grep mysql | wc -l
[root@server ~]# ps aux | grep httpd | wc -l

[root@server ~]# mysqladmin -u root -p extended-status
Enter password:
| Variable_name | Value |
| Aborted_clients | 2 |
| Aborted_connects | 89 |
| Binlog_cache_disk_use | 0 |
| Binlog_cache_use | 0 |
| Bytes_received | 61741575 |
| Bytes_sent | 11783074 |
| Com_admin_commands | 150 |
| Com_alter_db | 0 |
| Com_alter_table | 0 |
| Com_analyze | 0 |
| Com_backup_table | 0 |
| Com_begin | 0 |
| Com_change_db | 33678 |
| Com_change_master | 0 |
| Com_check | 0 |
| Com_checksum | 0 |
| Com_commit | 0 |
| Com_create_db | 0 |
| Com_create_function | 0 |
| Com_create_index | 0 |
| Com_create_table | 0 |
| Com_dealloc_sql | 0 |
| Com_delete | 3327 |
| Com_delete_multi | 0 |
| Com_do | 0 |
| Com_drop_db | 0 |
| Com_drop_function | 0 |
| Com_drop_index | 0 |
| Com_drop_table | 0 |
| Com_drop_user | 0 |
| Com_execute_sql | 0 |
| Com_flush | 0 |
| Com_grant | 0 |
| Com_ha_close | 0 |
| Com_ha_open | 0 |
| Com_ha_read | 0 |
| Com_help | 0 |
| Com_insert | 6939 |
| Com_insert_select | 0 |
| Com_kill | 0 |
| Com_load | 0 |
| Com_load_master_data | 0 |
| Com_load_master_table | 0 |
| Com_lock_tables | 96 |
| Com_optimize | 1 |
| Com_preload_keys | 0 |
| Com_prepare_sql | 0 |
| Com_purge | 0 |
| Com_purge_before_date | 0 |
| Com_rename_table | 0 |
| Com_repair | 0 |
| Com_replace | 110 |
| Com_replace_select | 0 |
| Com_reset | 0 |
| Com_restore_table | 0 |
| Com_revoke | 0 |
| Com_revoke_all | 0 |
| Com_rollback | 0 |
| Com_savepoint | 0 |
| Com_select | 122075 |
| Com_set_option | 32609 |
| Com_show_binlog_events | 0 |
| Com_show_binlogs | 0 |
| Com_show_charsets | 0 |
| Com_show_collations | 0 |
| Com_show_column_types | 0 |
| Com_show_create_db | 0 |

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Is My Domain Name At Risk

May 28, 2007

my domain name expires in July (within 90 days).

It is currently with company A who charge quite a lot to keep it there. I want to move it to company B who are my hosts and with whom I get 1 free domain name.

One added complication is that the domain is in a friends name, but I have logon and can change name to my own any time I want.

Company B said "After it is on our registrar, you will be the only one that can renew it as long as it doesn't expire for longer than 90 days."

This has me worried that because I haven't renewed it withing 90 days that it can be stolen from me. Have I misunderstood or is this a risk?

If so would I be better advised to renew it in my friends name wth company A?

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How Big Risk Do I Take If I Don't Update The Kernel?

May 2, 2008

I'm a Windows guy and can little or nothing about Linux. How big risk do I take if I'm using a Linux VPS and never update/patch the kernel?

I'm using CentOS 5 and LxAdmin. I can update the control panel, but I can not update/patch the kernel since I have no knowledge how I do that.

I'm using a unmanaged plan, so no help there.

Some of my sites are running Wordpress, but I'm always using the lates WP installation. I not using any other plugins that WG2, Gallery2, and remove max width.

Nobody except me have access to the VPS, and I have no other FTP accounts or something like that on the VPS.

I have no other scripts or any kind of dynamic pages on my VPS.

What kind of risk do I have here?

I'm currently having plans to cancel my second VPS that's using Win2003, and only use Linux in the future. I can cut my monthly expensive with 50% that way, but do I take a big risk doing it that way?

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Crypt_blowfish, Any Risk In Installing

Sep 11, 2007

A customer has requested we install a pear package called crypt_blowfish for there website which sells items.

What exactly is it? Is there any risk in installing the extension?

Ive not heard of it myself before

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Hosting A High Risk Site

Mar 25, 2009

What sort of redundancy that is recommended for a high risk site?

My definition of high risk is it will attract more hackers than usual, more DDOS, chances of blocked by ISP and etc.

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Remove Empty Folders And Remove From A Db

Jul 22, 2009

ive got a site which auto creates subdomains and installs a script automaticly and inserts details into a mysql db. i have had some issues recent so have loads (talking 100s) of folders that are empty which i need to remove, and to remove the details of said folder from db also. any ideas how i can do this, using plesk control panel so removing the subdomain via plesk cli may be the best way in that respect but the db is external to plesk so that would not be edited

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Moving SSH Back To Port 22 But Will Root Be At Risk

Apr 26, 2008

At present I run SSH on a different port then normal to protect root. This has worked for two years, but with discovering that cPanel finally support SFTP without shell access needed, I want to finally turn off FTP and require SFTP. The problem is the port I am using. Since it's a random port I have been secured against root attacks (well nothing has shown up). I am with LiquidWeb which is fully managed. So I guess they take care of allot of prevention.

This is what I am thinking of doing. move SSH back to port 22 (I only host a few friends sites and want to be hosting 20 accounts by end of year to cover my costs). Then disabled root password and require SSH keys. Would this be strong as secure as running SSH on a high #port or am I fooling myself.

I could also add in for good measure restricting root SSH/SFTP (yes I prefer SFTP for file management as I am legally blind and using Transmit+BBEdit is allot easier for me for editing files). The problem with restricting to certain IP's, is that Shaw charges $30/month more for a static IP and I also am at my moms 25% of the time (and she is also with Shaw). I think the XXXX.vs.shawcable.net is static but I am not 100% sure.

I really do want to kill FTP so that only port 80 is the only non SSL port open.

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Security Risk To Share Phpinfo File

Mar 10, 2007

There are always people who would like to know what the php settings are on the server. Is it a security risk to share the phpinfo.php file on a website, with anybody who visits that website, able to view it?

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Security Risk Having Mbstring And Mysqli Installed On Your Server

Mar 20, 2008

A friend of mine owns a hosting company and a client of his asked to have mbstring and mysqli installed. What he wants to know is , is there any security risks if he does install that on his server?

Also, he wants to know, if there is not, what how does he go about installing that on the server?

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Writing Large Files - Risk Of Damaging Filesystem

Jan 19, 2008

Does writing large files (ie, 10GB backups in one archive) cause any risk of damaging a linux filesystem?

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How Limit All Of World Instead Of One Ip

May 14, 2009

i want to limit all of the world to access my server for example port 80 25 22 an .... instead of two ip.

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How To Block The World

Jul 4, 2009

IM about tired of spam and hackers putting phishing items on my server.

My question is.

How can I block the whole world expect for US, CA and UK?

I've added several countrys to csf's csf.deny list but half of them keep disappearing.

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How Can I Reduce My CPU Usage

Mar 18, 2008

Last year my web host stated that my site was over utilizing allowed resources for my plan. Specifically, they state that I was overusing the CPU. At the time, I had to upgrade my plan in order to stay online. I would like to move to a new host, but the prospective hosts are all suggesting a dedicated server because of my CPU usage. I don't want to pay that kind of money, so I would really like to curb the CPU problem. Does anyone know how to reduce the CPU of a Wordpress blog? I tried posting this question over at Wordpress.org, but I haven't received a single reply.

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Mysql Delayed Writes Performance Boost, Worth The Risk

Jul 19, 2007

During my poking around performance tips I found the DELAY_KEY_WRITE option (and innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit = 0 for innodb)

which supposedly for mysql will disable the immediate disk flush for every transaction written and instead update only once every second at most?

One thing I've never had to restart on my vps is mysql, it's been great. So is this safe to turn on? Am I risking corruption? Will the performance gain be worth it with only a 16M cache?

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FastCGI Hello World Test?

Jun 20, 2009

Just moved to a 1and1 managed server in which FastCGI is enabled.

But I'm having problems getting Movable Type to run under fastcgi - which has never been a problem before, even on shared hosts.

Is there a 'hello world'-type test for fastcgi - so I can check if it is enabled?

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World's Fastest Hosts

Jun 4, 2009

As you all know about hostingspeeds.com, offering you a list of world's fastest host. Is there any other sites doing such things?

And, be helpful to say me the hosting company whith PHP, MySQL support, that offer fastest speed on page load, accepting LibertyReserve as way of payment for their services.

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Website That Can Be Seen In A Part Of World But Not The Other

May 28, 2009

I have a website that can be seen in a part of the world but not on the other. How can I troubleshoot this issue. Is there a web utility that can help me figure out what is the problem?

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Host Once - Where In The World Is My Server?

Sep 30, 2008

I have been running a dedicated server for years, first with Carolina Online, who then sold it to HostOnce.

Today at around 6PM my server, that was working fine and I was actively working on all day, suddenly disappears off the Internet.

I go to Host Once's ticket system, and they have a message up that they moved their servers from NC to NJ, that all the servers were upgraded to Windows 2003, and that they would be very busy with the migration, don't submit multiple tickets. (Host Once seems to mostly have reseller hosting accounts, not many dedicated servers.)

I start pinging IP addresses and everything in my server's IP block is gone (the furthest a tracert goes is - everything under that is gone.)

This is bad.

I'm worried that they may have bought new boxes in NJ for their reseller accounts, transferred up the data, and abandoned the old boxes in NC ... is this something they might do?

Also worried that the block of IPs their old servers were on may have somehow been reassigned... can this happen?

In any case, waiting to hear back on my ticket but looking for advice. Does anyone know the datacenter Carolina Online / Host Once used in Lumberton, NC? Want to start tracking it down if my box may have been left behind.... Any other insight on what in the world they might be doing / what happenned here?

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Test Dns Lookups From Around The World

Mar 15, 2008

I am trying to debug a dns problem.

What I need is for you to do a dns lookup and report:

1) the address that was returned, the last octect will do.

2) the area of the world you queried from

The answers *will* vary because the dns server is geolocation enabled. Or, at least they *should* vary. But, someone claims its buggered.

The host name to lookup is:


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