Open Source Global Server Load Balancing

Aug 16, 2007

Thought this might be of interest to folks on WHT. We put together a solution using Nginx ( Engine-X ) to do Global Server Load Balancing. This solution lets you do GSLB without having to fork over $26k per site to F5 or Foundry.

Thought it would be of interest to both end-users as well as dedicated hosting providers who might want to make it into a service (eg. sell a dedicated host in Europe and the US as a group, with the solution pre-installed).

The entire project, including relavent configs is available for download in the latest ( issue 6 ) FREE issue of o3 magazine (

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Global Server Load Balancing Offerings

Nov 9, 2009

I'm doing a bit of research into the market of Global Server Load Balancing and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any web hosting companies that offer this service. I'm looking for companies large and small that have this service.

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Global Load Balancing

Nov 14, 2008

Looking for quick, easy global load balancing solution. This is actually for a temporary situation (we need to move to a new DC and need to make this seamless as possible). Linux solution preferred if possible. What can we use to get this achieved?

How exactly does it work? does it need VPN between locations or is client redirected to a different IP somehow?

We would consider dedicated hardware solutions provided that we can get 2 pieces for under $2,000 total (ebay i guess).

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Open Source Anti-spam/virus Server?

Feb 20, 2008

I want to set up a dedicated server for spam and virus filtering (MX)

But i was wondering, is there a good opensource based tool for this?

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Load Balancing, Server Cluster?

Jan 12, 2006

I'm working on a huge project that will take like 2 months or so to release. The thing is, as I expect, this site is going to grow massively. My question is, How can I handle lot of traffic and give lot of space to my users? With a load balancing right? or server cluster? my question is? how does this work? where do I get it? what are the prices like?

All info on it is appreciated, i want to start with one from day one, so I can handle the grownth of the site once it happens.

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Load Balancing And Server Clusters

Dec 23, 2006

I run a pretty large website and it has outgrown the sever that the site is currently on so i was told to go with load balancing or a round robin solution. Have order a load balancer and a second server but don't understand the concept behind have a server cluster. my host told me that the data would have to be synchronized on both servers which i get but if everything is identical on both servers when i run out of space one and i cant add any more hard drives because all the slots are used up, if the data is identical wouldn't both servers be full and if i even added a third server would that one be full to if you understand what im saying.... anyway my point is that i know there is a way that you can add as many servers as you want to a server pool/farm but don't know what kind of configuration i would need. if anyone could help shed some light on this I would appreciate it thanks.

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MySQL Load Balancing (Shared Server) - Possible?

Sep 26, 2007

Just wondering if mysql load balancing is possible in a shared environment.


I have 3 shared accounts. On one server, I have the write and the 2nd and 3rd server I have the read (select). Or vice versa .. Would it be possible to create a php script to perform this function?

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Load Balancing Between Sites On A Single Server...

Jan 16, 2007

I've searched a bit on this topic, but noone seems to have any resolutions: I have a myriad of different websites on a server, and want to balance resources. What and how are the best ways to do this?

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What Is Exactly Load Balancing And Server Redundancy And How To Apply It

Nov 4, 2006

what is exactly load balancing and server redundancy and how to apply it.

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Open Source SAN

Apr 14, 2009

I bought two Dell R200 because they was extremely cheap.

My target is Open Source SAN with active/passive setup.

Now i was wondering what RAID-level I should go for.

I will use 1TB SATA-II disks.

1) RAID-1 in both servers and mirror each other with DRBD.
With this setup i have like double RAID-1 so i lose lots of disk space.
4 disks -> 1TB

2) No-raid at all and i will mirror data with DRBD.
4 disks -> 2TB

Then there is change to go for RAID-5. Theres enough space to put third disk in that case

3) RAID-5 in both servers. Mirrors data with DRBD.
6 disks -> 2TB but more performance.

But in every setup i lose space more then i would like to.

Actually i dont need space more then 1TB, but i would like to get best possible redundancy and most space available i could.

Also need to remember that those servers does not support hot-plug HDs so in case there is disk-failure i need to be able to shutdown one server and iSCSI should still be up and running.

Of course theres change to make it active/active.

I was thinking that if I go for the RAID-5 I will make LVM-VG on both nodes (san-vg1 and san-vg2) and use it 50/50.

In case of fail both VG's will be used from working node.

Im going to use Debian Lenny I guess..

I was looking for OpenFiler because of the GUI, but im familiar with Debian and have always done everything from cmd.

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Open Source A/V

Sep 22, 2007

an A/V kind of solution, that allows me to use my own custom signatures, etc. just wondered if such a thing existed.

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Apache :: Load Balancing / HA With HTTP Server And JBoss AS 7

Nov 22, 2013

I am tried to integrate Apache HTTP server and JBoss app server 7 with mod_jk module plugin in Apache.I have two instances of Jboss running and Apache server sends requests to them.I have added following code in "httpd.conf" of Apache:


LoadModule proxy_module modules/
LoadModule proxy_connect_module modules/
LoadModule proxy_http_module modules/

JkWorkersFile "D:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache2/conf/"
JkShmFile "D:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache2/logs/mod_jk.shm"
JkLogFile "D:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache2/logs/mod_jk.log"

[Code] ....

But, though I have configured this way, when my worker1 goes down,Apache is not sending requests to worker2 and I get "Service Temporarily Unavailable" message.

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Open Source FTP Client

Oct 1, 2009

I am looking for a opensource ftp client so I don't have to license a million computers with it. Any body have any good ones they can list?

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Commitment To Open Source

Aug 28, 2009

Natcoweb offers Commitment to Open source - can you explain to me what it means?
Can't understand that statement.

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Netscaler And Open Source

Nov 20, 2008

if anyone replaces a commercial program with their own open source as for eg what Friendster did. For Netscaler, any open source development that are close are similar to it?

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Open Source Hosting Solutions

Oct 20, 2009

I have been getting multiple emails a month for a service which I have never purchased.

The information they have harvested off the internet (since I know where they found it) and have obtained solely for use in attempting to charge me is-
Invoiced To
Steven Crothers
12345 Main St.,
Detroit, MI, 48021
United States

Which is completely obvious that it is fake.

I respond to EVERY invoice with a cancelation request, yet the tickets that get opened in the WHMCS billing panel get deleted a day later, however I have tickets in there that I have opened by use of the ticket insertion form that have stayed - none of which were ever answered.

The latest ticket information-
Department:Billing And Invoicing
Date:09/10/2009 10:05
Subject:The Second Time...

It's still open without a reply.

I have put tickets into their Kayako system as well (They have two support systems, I would assume its due to poor management of their company). One of which was answered, with simply the output of `uname -a` on some server somewhere with my name as the hostname.

I than have attempted to reach anyone via livechat at [url]they constantly tell me that I am not allowed to speak to anyone until I pay my bills up to current (now remember, I have NEVER ordered anything from them, they don't even have valid information on file). Just tonight I demanded that I required to speak to a billing agent or I would be pressing harrasment charges against them for the 23 emails I have recieved in 3 months from them trying to extort money from me. They than banned me from their LiveChat software.

I have no idea what to do at this point, they are just sending me bills every month. I mark it as spam, but its frustrating to have a company trying to extort money from me on a very regular basis.

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Open Source Web-based Interface

Apr 7, 2008

What is the best open source web-based interface for system administration for Unix?

I found one named Webmin but I'm not sure if this is a stable project.

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AntiSpam & AntiVirus Open Source For Linux?

Jun 7, 2007

What open source in linux do you know for anti-spam & anti-virus? Is there existed a benchmark?

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Open Source CAD Fluid Modelling Software

Apr 28, 2008

I'm doing a GreenComputing project.

About CAD fluid modelling;

CD-adapco - commercial

Flomerics - commercial

Fluent - commercial

Numeca - commercial

Phoenics - commercial

Are there equivalent on Open Source?

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Open Source Backup Software For Web Hosting

Dec 5, 2008

Is there any Open source backup software available for web hosting companies? I have a few shared hosting servers and a few dedicated servers and I want to setup a backup server for the backup of the data and config files of the servers. Please give me the names of some good open source backup software.

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Open Source Anti Spam Gateway

Dec 4, 2008

Does anybody know of any open source Anti Spam gateway for mail servers? I have used MailCleaner and know how it works. Is there any other available?

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Can I Host The Open Source Tool For My Customer

Jul 30, 2008

I own a small tech firm, mostly in business to support the customer with basic repair and upgrade. In recent year, more and more of my SMB customer ask me about the hosting service of the CRM or CMS.

The question I have is, although the open source tool, such as SugarCRM and Drupal is free of charge, but will it be free for some one like me to offer the service to my customer, either the same or customerize it a little bit.

And if it can be done, what kind of precaution I need to take, so I will not be involved in the copy right battle later on.

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Recommendation For An Open Source Firewall Running On Unix

Jun 11, 2008

Do you have any recommendation for an open-source firewall running on Unix which could do:

- Filter and redirect incoming (with exception for some IP).

- Filter outgoing port (with exception for some local IP or MAC).

- Monitoring incoming traffic

- Monitoring outgoing traffic

- Block access from external to a list of IP

- Proxy authentification

- VPN configuration

I search for 2 days now and nothing seems to respond to these requirements. It's for a local network.

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Load Balancing

Jun 21, 2007

I want to have a fail over for my server. I was told that load balancing is the way to go.

Could anyone give me some instructions of what I would require. My primary server contains Cpanel.

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Load Balancing ...

Apr 8, 2008

the loads on my server is VERY HIGH and it needs to be upgraded fast.

I really have no clue as what to do... and i do not know any expert other than you people here - to help me out and put me on the right track.

i was thinking of

1) Getting a server with better CPU and more RAM
2) Load Balancing

However I know nothing of load balancing (other than how to spell it correctly )

1) Which of the above two options should i choose?
2) what are the extra costs in load balancing?
3) what should i know about load balancing before deciding?
4) How does load balancing work? I know there are two server - like one for database and one as webserver... but how does this work together?
5) what config should i be looking at in the two servers?

I'll stop here else i can go on and on and on...

I am giving the details of my server and service below, in case you guys need it.

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Load Balancing / HA

Sep 18, 2007

We host a large number of small websites and are looking for high-availability and the ability to do maintenance on our application servers, so I'm looking for a load balancing solution. At this point, I'm considering Zeus ZXTM LB software, the Coyote Point e350si, and potentially an F5 1500 LTM.

The F5 solution is a total budget buster, and the Coyote Point UI is rough around the edges, but I've used them and they are reliable. Zeus looks like a winner with a great UI, but I haven't heard much about their reliability.

Bandwidth requirements are low at this point, so this is mostly about reliability and ease of configuration of a moderately complex set of services.

Any opinions on these vendors, or alternates I should consider?

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CPU Load Balancing

Oct 23, 2007

I run a GSP (Game Server Provider) and i just baught 2 new octi xeon servers(Intel 5320)

i am having a problem with the load balancing, it dosen't balance de cpu usage on all cores but only on one, and it gets at about 80-85% and 3%CPU usage on the other one.

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Load Balancing?

Jun 18, 2007

I was currious as to some suggestions you guys may have for setting up a load balanced website...

I would preffer it to be software based and free as I am just using this for some testing purposes.

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Load Balancing Over WAN?

Jul 11, 2008

I'm looking at load balancing a group of servers located at different data centers.

How feasible is this? Which options/solutions should I take a look at?

I would like to route using some sort of IP tunneling or similar so that the user doesn't see etc.

I will be distributing the load of the static/dynamic web pages, no database clustering.

I would prefer something a bit more intuitive than round robin. Perhaps directing incoming traffic based on existing server load etc.

Most of the load balancing solutions I've looked at assume all your servers are on the same local network.

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Load Balancing Web Servers

Apr 15, 2008

A couple days ago I bought 3 Dell Precision Desktop 360s for the purpose of Load balancing for a web server supporting Apache/php/mysql.

The Dells have:
Win XP Pro,
1 gb 3200 ram - can support up to 4,
p4 2.4 ghz,
2 scsi raid 36 gb hdd
How can I create Load balancing between 3 identical* web servers: by SCSI, network, or something else?

* Bought them all used. Quality tested the hardware, all of it identical.

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