New To Colo, Would Like Comments About Hot Swap, Redundancy, And Bandwidth

Feb 4, 2008

Considering skipping VPS and going to a colo setup for a handful of sites. Nothing major, so the server will be very entry level, but with redundancy in mind (software RAID1 and 2 nics). But I have a few basic questions:

How good is hot swapping in Linux? This was very hard to me to find out online. I am getting a 1U rack with a hot swap backplane and 2 SATA drives. I won't be using any commercial software with my setup.

How does redundant NIC work? This is new to me and am wondering how this is setup.

I think I can shop around NYC for a 1U slot for around $40 a month. I don't need a lot of transfer, but would like a decent pipe. The thought of 1Mbit sounds unattractive (transfer is around 100KBytes/s, right?). How much would 10Mbit cost? I found some quotes but they seem way too much (I could be wrong).

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Bandwidth And Colo

Apr 25, 2008

I've always had to use a bandwidth mix. I recently got offered a great deal on a full rack/cabinet with 30 Mbps of Level3 and Qwest bandwidth in the Chicago area and am thinking about moving my dedicated servers to colo.

I would appreciate your opinions and assistance with these questions.

What is considered a good deal for a full rack, power, and 30 Mbps of Level 3/Qwest bandwidth in the Chicago area? Assuming that it's in a nice and secure datacenter.

Is Level 3 still considered a top bandwidth provider these days?

How good is it compared (in terms of network quality, latency, etc.) to providers like Abovenet, Mzima, and Internap?

Lastly, how does Qwest bandwidth rate among the other carriers?

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St. Louis Colo/Bandwidth

Nov 3, 2007

I was wondering what kind of rates I can get for Level3/WilTel (the old WilTel "cheap" bandwidth, if they still sell that as a separate product) in St. Louis on a 500Mbps commit. Looking for this bandwidth at either 900 Walnut or 210 N Tucker (Bandwidth Exchange Buildings).

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Colo & Bandwidth For VoIP Application

Aug 9, 2006

I am looking to add 2 servers running debian and suse. We want to use it for a pilot A-Z voip termination project. Do we have any recommeneded colo's in NY or east coast USA with top nothc bandwidth for VoIP (L3). We currently have our servers in McLean, VA and Philadelphia on Level 3 providing USA and Canada SIP termination and the quality is excellent. We need similar at a lower cost.

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Los Angeles Colo With Large Bandwidth

Apr 29, 2008

I am working on finding a colo provider in Los Angeles that can meet these requirements:

* Full Cabinet

* 2x20A 220v Power

* Bandwidth either 1Gbps full burstable or 1Gbps dedicated (with plans to move up to 2-3Gbps within a year)

* Available ASAP

The sites that it will be hosting are sales and informational for a consumer product that sporadically gets news or magazine coverage which massively spikes its traffic. These times are when a good chunk of the revenue comes in but we do not necessarily know when they are coming. Does anyone know if having a full burstable line will cover this sort of eventuality or should we grab the entire dedicated line just to ensure we have it waiting? We would be providing all of our own firewalls and equipment, we just need the bandwidth, preferably without having to deal with a router on our side.

Price isn't the biggest consideration; reliability, stability, security, and performance are.

As an additional question, we are looking at a Catalyst 4507R-E switch for the core of our network, with redundant supervisors (for the purposes of ensuring we have no single points of failure). Any one have experience with this switch that can say whether it's a good choice or not for that?

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Cisco ASA 5505 Suitable For Low Bandwidth Colo?

Sep 16, 2007

Is a basic Cisco ASA 5505 suitable for a low-bandwidth colocation environment? I run a small virtualization network, going to be expanding to multiple hosts with a SAN and looking for something that is more secure and easier to manage.

Right now, I only have 12 virtual servers and I'm only pushing about 1-1.5mbps on average, though going to be expanding it so my capacity will be about 4x, including multiple physical servers and a layer2 switch. Sometimes managing it even now can become a PITA.

I would like to use an external firewall, but don't think I need something as hefty as an ASA 5510, as I doubt I'd max out the 5505 on throughput. I'm also sceptical about putting up a m0n0wall/pfSense box, as it might not be as cost effective to put it on new, reliable hardware, and putting it on some older/purchased off Ebay server could be unreliable as it is the entry point to my network.

Think the ASA 5505 would be a good entry level point?

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RockMyWeb Comments

Jul 18, 2007

I've been with for exactly one month now, and I want to share my experiences. This is a one-month experience, so it will be mainly about new purchase and initial support. This is a quite long post, I wasn't really considering to write that long.

I'm a shared hosting provider in local language. One of the websites I host has grown too much to be on a shared server. It didn't even fit on a standart VPS with 256 MB guaranteed, 1 GB burst ram. So we decided to go with VirtuallyDedicated,

with the plan 1.5 GHP, since it was better than a dedicated server with pentium-4 processor and 1 Gb ram, and was cheaper. The website being hosted is, along with a dozen of small websites.

I requested a custom quote, with cPanel and management, less diskspace. They prepared the quote within 3 hours, I paid within 24 hours, they set up the VPS within 12 hours, including initial management. The process was painless.

Initial support:
We had some requests about the VPS within the first 3 days, before moving the websites. The tickets was being responded within 2 minutes, some being even within the same minute. That is the fastest response time I've ever got from a provider (I've been with 6 different VPS providers, as far as I remember.) It looks like someone is always waiting for tickets at any time. My tickets were usually being opened in their nights, due to the time zone difference between us. I'm very satisfied with their knowledgeable support.

One point about their support is that they act as if the customer is their friend. I mean, They don't send this reply:



The issue is being worked on.

Best Regards,
Blah Blah
Customer Service Represantative

Instead, they send this within the minute:


Hi, I'm having a look at it right away.

I, myself, actually use the former type of reply to my own customers. But the latter was quite nice, considering they are sending it right away, and start working on the actual problem within the minute. And they are solving the problem, too.

Support within the month:
After initial configurations, we had some problems. Our website was using too much resources, and the server needed to be optimized a little bit. I opened a ticket. They replied 4 times, without my reply. They informed me about the process well. After 4 replies, they said the server should be fine now.

After 2 days, they sent me an email, asking if I'm satisfied with the optimization. This is the first time I'm getting an email from a provider after some time, asking about my satisfaction.

We also had a cPanel licence issue (cPanel suddenly forgot about its licence, and started saying "cannot read licence file"). This was solved within 36 hours. They said the problem needs to be fixed by cPanel support staff itself, and their support over weekend is not the best. They kept updating me every 12 hours, saying they are waiting the cPanel staff. After 36 hours, the issue was fixed.

About their system:
Their VPS technology is different from my other VPSs with other providers. They don't use Virtuozzo, they use some kind of custom system (it doesn't seem to be VMware or like). This is the only thing I can complain, I was used to VZ and their custom panel is quite different. They provide VPS restart utility, and this is actually the only thing I need from a VPS remote panel.

They don't provide equal-share CPU, they allocate guaranteed CPU. This was very important for us, because the website we were hosting was being kicked off the VPS providers due to high CPU usage. With rockmyweb's allocated CPU, we are not interfering with other VPSs on the system, and we feel quite more comfortable. Also, we have 1.5 processor cores guaranteed, much higher than any other VPS providers will provide for this cost.

Their backup system is also satisfying. They charge 0.25 per GB backup used, not allocated. So I don't pay for unused backup space.

Overall, I'm satisfied with their service, and very happy with their support over the first month. I'll update this topic with additional information and comments (both positive and negative) over the time.

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NetDirekt.DE Comments

Mar 25, 2007 seems to have very nice plans for dedicated servers, especially for hosting binary content.

How would you rate their network and their service? Do they provide support in English?

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Mainboard Comments

Apr 13, 2007


has anyone tried to put this board into 1u case? seem like a sweet deal

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Review/comments About QuillHost?

May 2, 2009

Does anyone have a review/comments about QuillHost?

Also, does anyone know a good, reputable host with packages similar in price to QuillHost (or better than QuillHost)?

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Jun 8, 2008

Any one use, any reviews or comments?

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Any Comments About Sago Networks

Apr 9, 2008

With the ongoing saga, I'm looking for a new dedicated server. I'm considering Sago Networks [url] Anyone have any experience with them?

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Watchguard Firewall Comments

Mar 11, 2008

Anyone using a Watchguard firewall X750e or other in a past or current setup which can provide me with some feedback on their experience?

I am looking at introducing a Firebox running Fireware 10.

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Ironport Appliances - Asking For Comments

Nov 7, 2007

I am interested to setup two Ironport appliances in my company network. As the current company is about 120 users, and each user send and receive an average of 100 email per day (including newsletter, signup, etc) itís about 12000 email a day.

I am interested in :

For the mail side of the company, I am thinking about an Ironport C150 and for web filtering, I am thinking about S350. The current company outgoing banwidth is 60 Mbit/s at peaks, but I want to be able to be able to continue to use it with traffic up to 200 Mbit/s, as we will maybe take some server in the company network in a few months.

Some questions :

- Is it really ę setup and forget Ľ appliances (except monitoring them)?

- Are they hard to setup and configure?

- Do they support many email languages?

- What is the price for both appliance, like around 5k each, 10k each?

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Addressing Matt's [comments] Against Xen

Jun 3, 2007

I would like properly address Matt Ayer's (WiseOne) continual claims that user created swap in xen can lead to disastrous situations. This doesn't make any sense from a Kernel point of view. Linux kernel treats Swap not as a additional memory, but as auxiliary storage, and will use it only sparingly. So a larger than ordinary swap has effectively zero impact on performance.


I just don't have the time. Try this quick though. Create as many 64MB RAM Xen VPS's as you can, make a 1GB swap file inside each VPS, run a memory hogger, and then finally watch your system die due to horrific disk I/O. Not fun, I'll tell you that.

Conclusion: User controlled swap in a shared environment is a very, very, very bad thing.

Now let us assume there is a hostile user who is egregiously bent on creating excess disk I/O for the host and has purposefully hired vps to enact his revenge on the provider. Further assume that, for this nefarious purpose he has taken a 64MB xen and is running a full 1GB real memory allocated workload (To get create such a load itself would be difficult unless he writes his own programs to do this). Now note that, for the offending vps, the impact of the disk I/O is at the memory level, while the impact on the host is at the disk level. So very trivially, the vps would be so crippled to make it pretty much useless much before this starts having significant effect on the main server. And if engendering excess disk I/O is the sole purpose of user, then all he need to do is write a program to consecutively load and free all the files in the entire harddisk. This will create worse disk I/O than the convoluted method of using large swap. And the latter can be done on both virtuozzo and Xen--though I think in recent versions both have methods to throttle disk I/O.

The problem that UnixShell ran into with Xen was owing to their use of Snapshot, which is something that's prohibited, unless of course, you are running on a desktop with a single virtual machine. LVM snapshot will exactly double the disk I/O. The real problem that the usage is insidious and will not affect the actual vps that's leading to the excess load, but will affect the entire server as a whole.

Xen does have some drawbacks, but it can have all the important features which most providers here think are unique to virtuozzo.

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Comments About Cloudmark Authority For Spamassassin?

Dec 21, 2007

Is someone using Cloudmark Authority for Spamassassin?

If yes, what are your comments and what do you pay for this service?

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Take A Colo Package Or Colo In A Carrier Hotel With Your Own Network

Dec 16, 2007

Please give me the difference. Colo in carrier hotel, we can choose our preferred network provider, but should we do that if we cannot have our own tech in datacenter? How about the supporting service from carrier hotel? Just general question, cause I dont address exactly which facility.

And the second would be more expensive? Saying the same number of rack, amount of bandwidth... Who is providing IP addresses then?

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Redundancy DNS Fail

Oct 7, 2006

what happens when I have 2 DNS servers on my domain and 1 fails?
around 50% of the access fails... or they detect DNS timeout and try the other one, so 50% of the access would just take more time?

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Cisco Redundancy

Sep 25, 2009

after months of disruption moving servers into a new data centre, our once reliable colocation company has now had nearly 6 hours downtime in the last 16 hours. So much for network redundancy.

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2 Servers For Redundancy

Aug 19, 2008

im now having a second server located somewhere else then my first one.

I'd like to setup something to have redundance. if server1 goes down or even if it's too much loaded server2 take the charge.

How can i do this?

let say im having a domain ""

Server1 ip: (Services; Apache, DNS)
server2 ip: (Services; Apache, DNS) nameserver would be. -> ->

Now will i have to create 2 NS record on both server plus A record.
I cant understand this part ?

Now how would i setup bind so they replicate zone btw each other?

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DNS Failover/Redundancy

May 1, 2008

Basically have 2 hosting accounts at different providers...each set-up for the same domain name...and then somehow wtih DNS make it so if host #1 goes down traffic goes to host #2 (which would basically be a splash screen explaining that host #1 is down and will be back soon).

DNS isn't my strong point, but I do know you can do this with MX if the first server fails it tries the next until it gets a working one or reaches the end of the list. I'd just like to do it is A records.

It wouldn't be as simple as setting the nameservers like this would it?

Would it use the host1 nameservers as long as they're online, and if not failover to the host2 nameservers? If so, great, but what if the host1 nameservers are online but the server itself is not.

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Switch Redundancy

Apr 11, 2008

What are the smaller shops doing for switch redundancy? We have all our machines on dual Com Ed feeds but most switches in the $1k-$3k range only have one power supply. We recently had a power strip go flakey and of course the switch was plugged into it.

Is the best solution getting two switches and hooking each machine up to both? How hard is that to setup in Linux? I've used keepalived for whole machine failover but not for network failover.

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Website Redundancy...

Sep 19, 2008

I have multiple hosting plans with different hosts and in different areas. I also have some STATIC websites.

I would like to know if there is a way for me to make my website available on multiple servers in case one of them is down.

I thought of changing the nameservers of my domain to

IP1 Hosted on host 1
IP2 Hosted on host 2
IP3 Hosted on host 3

of course the files will be uploaded to all three servers.

Is it possible and how should it be done?

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Redundancy Options

Jun 2, 2008

I host several web clients that were recently impacted by the crap at ThePlanet. As I think about how to be more redundant (and repetitive) I'm not sure of my options.

What's the best practice to ensure that if you have a server at a data center that goes out, that you can (somewhat) easily switch over to a different server? I suppose one solution is to have 2 servers at 2 physical locations, and then you could just change the DNS record in the event of failure, but is there another solution I'm not aware of? Is there a good resource I can goto to read up on this info?

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File Server Redundancy

Sep 29, 2009

I am planning to buy a dedicated server and a shared server from a hosting company.
Basically I want to have a redundant server so that if one file server goes down, there is no downtime.

Somehow the servers would need to be constantly synchronized so that the files saved to one are immediately saved to the other server as well.

Can somebody told me how to setup the 2 server so that my dedicated server can serve as the main server and if the dedicated server is down, the shared server can automatically be activated and visitors of my website will auto be redirect to the shared server.

Do i need to setup any backup DNS too so that when the dedicated server is down, it will auto redirect the user to the shared server.

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CPanel DNS Clustering And Redundancy

May 5, 2008

I am working on setting up a few servers that run cPanel and the usual software, minus any sort of DNS server. These servers are setup to sync all DNS records over to a cPanel "Dns Only" (, which in turn syncs all its records to a backup DNS server (

In other words:
[Domain registrar]
| |
(Sync to NS1)
Cpanel Web Server

Now, say something happens to NS1 and the sever goes completely offline (i.e. power supply dies, CPU goes bad, etc.), which of the following scenarios would actually happen:

1) Because the registrar lists both NS1 and NS2 as NS records, NS1 would time out and the DNS lookup would look to the secondary DNS (NS2) for the record.

2) The registrar would randomly give out NS1 OR NS2 because of round robin, and if NS1 is given to a client as the result of a DNS lookup, the site will appear down, however if the client happens to be referred to NS2, the site would appear online.

3) The site would be down no matter what.

So, if someone with knowledge on the subject wouldn't mind enlightening me as to which of those would actually take place in the event of a failure on NS1, and maybe some suggestions as to keeping the DNS truely "redundant", then I would greatly appreciate it.

And Im aware that there are many 3rd party services that will take care of the DNS records and make them redundant (DYNDNS, DNSMadeEasy, etc) But I would prefer to keep the DNS in our full control.

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Is There Any Website Redundancy Service (dns Based)

Oct 5, 2009

Letís say I have the website is a very popular website and his content mirrors in 2servers (Server A and Server B) in 2 different datacenters (exactly same content).

When Server A fails due to datacenter or rack problem and no site is responding, then I need some service to transfer ALL traffic to server B. Is there any (paid or free) service doing such a thing? If yes, what about dns propagation? As far as I am concerned, dns propagation is a very slow procedure depending on each internet provider.

So how could we instantly make Server B to come live to ALL visitors? Is there any quick and reliable dns redundancy system without having to wait for dns propagation?

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Redundancy Or More Hard Drive Space?

Aug 14, 2008

Redundancy or more hard drive space, what is your vote?

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Server Redundancy And Hosting Exchange..

Nov 11, 2008

I have two questions that hopefully someone will be able to help me out with. The first, is my partner and I want to provide server redundancy for our clients. Our set-up is as follows: two identical servers with multiple virtual machines (about 4) on each. One for SQL, one for IIS, etc. We also have a ServerIron XL to connect the two together and provide replication and load balancing. So the question is, has anyone here used a ServerIron XL and how easy is it to use/how effective is it? The second question is, we would like to provide our clients with hosted Exchange. I have set up and maintained a few Exchange 2007 servers, but only for a single company with a single domain. What would be the best way to go about providing a hosted Exchange solution?

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VPS Recommendation With Fast Mysql And Redundancy

Nov 20, 2008

I have a mysql based e-comm site that works only with older version of php and mysql. My shared host does not meet this requirements, so I have to go with a dedicated or vps.

I am looking for a server to have a fast mysql query.

Is there any vps providers that offer redundancy of the server, meaning if the server crash there should be a standby sever to take over?

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Load Balancing, Redundancy. How To Be Ready? For Cheap?

Feb 8, 2006

You always hear of stories of a company that had such overnight success that they servers couldn't cope at first. Of course, this is rare, although we'd all wish for it. But how can you stand ready for these situations without investing in big equipment that might not even be needed at the end.

Knowing that as a start up, you're low on cash. But if you hit the tree line upon takeoff, there might not be second chance.

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