Market Research Spam

Nov 14, 2008

Anyone else having this annoying spam?

Since we changed domain and added hosting at the end we didn't go for privacy with our information. Now for the last 2 weeks I have received an average of about 7 phone calls asking me to advertise our web design company and if I would like cheaper call plans for my phone to which I reply we don't do web design..

I ask "how did you aquire our information?"

Replies "you don't want to advertise / cheap calls?"

I reply "can you answer me first please?"

there reply "goodbye" or words to that affect.

Now if i'm not mistaken is there some companies selling our whois information as market research?

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How To *attract* Spam (research)

Jul 7, 2009

I've been tasked with a project to try and collect as many spam messages per day as possible. We're not an ISP so don't see a lot of email traffic on our own.

I've done some basic things like putting up a handful of public email addresses (honeypots) and registered some new domains, but it's been surprisingly hard to collect *a lot* of spam. We're now seeing 200-300 spam messages per day, but we would like to collect 10k-50k+ per day.

Ideally we want the original, full spam message (headers and all).

- Any ideas or tips on how to do this?

- Are there any public databases out there that expose this type of data?

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Domain Research

Feb 13, 2007

Do you know how to find all of the domains hosted on a set of nameservers if I were to give you one of the domains?

For example, if I gave - would you be able to tell me
how many other domains are hosted from that same nameserver, or ip?

I know it's possible, I just don't know how to do it.

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Research - Finding A EU Provider

Jan 10, 2009

I'm doing some research into EU data centres and was trying to find a list of good, reliable centres that offer good speeds to, and around, the whole of Europe - especially the UK.

The provider we currently use is LeaseWeb (NL), who have been very good, however, due to their servers being a very specific specification and currently not what we're looking for, we are looking for a good replacement.

I don't think I would like a centre that is located in the UK, whilst it would be better for us, it would not benefit all of our customers - a host somewhere in the middle would do great.

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EEye Research Vice List

Apr 26, 2007

I found this list very good for keeping up with security issues, its free of course.


I have Zero association with eEye Research.

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Is The VPS Market Saturated

Oct 6, 2009

Do you think there are already enough Hosts in the VPS industry in particular and overall Hosting industry in general?

Just wanted to know the experts' opinion, because I can see thousands and thousands of web hosting companies online.

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Dedicated Secure Server For Academic Research Group

May 12, 2009

I'm working on a research study at the University of Toronto and we would like to set up a website and dedicated secure server. I would like some recommendations on start packages that would be appropriate with prices. I'm hoping some could over their own experiences.

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Market For Ultra Premium VPS

May 25, 2008

In your opinion do you believe there is a market for a very high end VPS solution?

Something like:
Equal Share CPU (3.0GHz)
3GB Ram reserved
8GB burst
250GB storage (15K drives)
3000GB bandwidth transfer

The thing that makes this “Ultra Premium” would be the host server resource guarantee.

Host server would be undersold in memory, making the possibility of burst memory availability very high.

Max of 8 shares, no host server would ever run more than 8VMs

Each VM would have an affinity for a particular CPU core, at a 1:1 ratio.

All resources are allocated from the beginning.

Host server spec’s would read something like this
2 x 3.0 5450 Xeon
32GB Fully Buffered memory
6x Seagate 15K 450 SAS drives in RAID5 array.
Gigabit uplink

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Seattle Colo With EU Market

Mar 26, 2008

I see people suggest West coast for Asia market, East coast for EU market. But I wonder how good it is when using West coast for EU market? We don't have money to colo in both coasts. Seattle is my choice for colo'ing,

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Market Rate For IP Addresses

Nov 14, 2007

I've been collecting quotes from various colo providers for 1 full cabinet in Virginia. I've been surprised at how much power costs these days, but I also understand power is in short supply.

One quote I got raised a question though. For a Class C (non-portable) IP address space, they want $256/month (so I guess that's $1 per IP). Their other pricing seems in line with the other quotes I have received, but no other place wants to charge for IP addresses like that. Is $256/month for a Class C considered normal market rate?

Does that reflect their costs? Are they paying a price per month upstream for IPs?

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Does Apple Have Any Server Market Share

Oct 16, 2009

I couldn't find any info on it so I thought I would ask. Does Apple have any sort of market share for production web servers? Or any other types of servers?

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Why Is Apache Losing Market Share

Jul 25, 2007

I just looked at netcraft and was surprised to see apache's market share down to 50%. Last time I looked in 2005 it was at 70% and climbing. You can clearly see that Microsoft and Apache are a near perfect reflection of each other.

So why is everyone going to Windows servers now?

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Hosts With >5 Years In The Market Without Negative Reviews Here

Sep 21, 2007

hosts with more than five years in the market without sound negative reviews here?

I could not find any negative review about Futurequest and Downtownhost but there must be more.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Move Spam To Spam Folder Not Available?

Oct 17, 2013

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1
Panel version 11.0.9 Update #59, last updated at Oct 3, 2013 02:06 AM
MailEnable version 5

I see in the plesk documentation that the screen to enable SPAM filtering for an individual there is an option to "Move spam to the Spam folder". I don't see that option so I am wondering if it is only available on some versions of Plesk, or in combination with certain mail servers. How to make that option available?

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Spam Bnc.txt?

Nov 17, 2008

One of our customers on a VPS downloaded this file and then ran it perl bnc.txt

I am wondering if its a spammer using the script to send spam.

It seems to be written in Portuguese, I have translated parts of it and it reminds of of the typical spam subjects you find now-a-days.

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Spam Bot

Aug 15, 2008

We are having some big issues with a spam bot on the server. We can remove the bot but could you please explain, IN DETAIL , how to configure the NAT to prevent outbound port 25 connections to the internet except from our real mail servers on with windows server 2003. Currently, the only firewall on this system is the standard windows one.

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So Much Spam

Aug 19, 2007

through some accounts on the server and the amount of spam in their mail queue is really frustrating. I had to set admin accounts for each site I run and the spammers have discovered them, so I am looking for a ssh command where I can just easily clean all the spam out. I tried cat /dev/null > /var/mail/"the username" but that didn't work.

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Nov 6, 2007

Someone on our server is sending spam mails, he does not know about it.

Most spam are sent to, and

I'm getting loads of these Mail delivery failed mails:

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

The e-mails come from the system/user account e-mail of the domain (, where DA is Direct Admin.

I think it sent more then 30.000 mails in 2 days.

Also received a complaint from aol.

How can I trace this? What can I do to fix it?

Is it a some crappy written php script?

He said he updated joomla, wiki and smf forum.

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Pervent SPAM

May 1, 2008

I use cpanel license, i enable phpsux on my server, but user can send email without smtp address.
how can pervent user for send mail without smtp?

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Spam From EasyAntiSpam

Jan 29, 2009

I just got this from EasyAntiSpam. Unless my address is harvested from the HostingCon database, I've certainly never been in touch with them. Disappointing either way.

Good afternoon! I hope you are doing well. I am the new Director of Sales for Easy Antispam and I wanted to get in touch with you to find out who currently provides you with your anti-spam solutions?

I have listed below a few key benefits for our antispam solution here at Easy Antispam [url]

· Fully brandable quarantine with customizable url
· Customer level whitelisting
· Nothing to install. No complex configuration changes to make.

All you have to do is redirect the MX.

Easy Antispam is a service of Interjuncture, Corp. which was founded by George A. Roberts IV and Frank Spaulding in 2004. Easy Antispam offers a solution that doesn’t cause more problems and work than the spam itself. Thousands of businesses, organizations and individuals rely on Easy Antispam’s Email Protection Services to defend their inboxes against spam and other threats. So, what are YOU waiting for? Get protected, sign up now for a 30 day free trial.

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Spam On Gmail

Apr 18, 2009

I have a linux server with shared hosting ,now for couple of days one of my client face problem regarding spam with gmail,I have also cross-checked all the mandatory records,and we have already create MX,SPF & reverse dns record with domain keys for that domain.

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Emails Spam

Jun 25, 2009

im getting 50 and more spam mails each day, how do i secure my vps to stop 99% of the spam from coming in as i understand theres no way to completely block spams.

Im using directadmin control panel and enabled SpamAssasain but its not much of use even when i apply strict options on it.

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Spam Filtering

Jan 5, 2009

I used to have a reseller account and have shifted everything to a dedicated server. I now find that a couple of clients are getting lots of spam when they didn't before.

It seems that the servers used by the reseller account had some level of basic spam filtering installed; my provider suggested I look for a filtering program to install on my server.

There are, of course, dozens of them, so I wondered if anyone has any experience - enough, perhaps, to make a recommendation.

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Block Spam

May 12, 2009

I'm having difficulties with a whm running on centos dedicated server. The problem is that we receive too much of spam and junk emails. by too much I mean 2000 bulks per week. It's killing us.

how I can stop it.

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Spam And Security

Jul 5, 2009

I am facing some major SPAM problems.

I am a web host from the city of Kolkata, India.

Almost 95% of my clients are from my city - others are also known to me. I know many of them face to face - there are very little chances that any of them are SPAMMER.

Still my server IP is blacklisted - several times in last 1 year - I changed my datacenter - but the problem still persists.

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Spam Being Sent From Our Server.. But How And From Where

Apr 2, 2009

We're using whm/cpanel and we're always up to date with the latest upgrades (with all our scripts).

2 weeks ago, we receive a notification from SpamCop saying that our server was sending out spam. We verified everything and found nothing. 2 days ago, same story.

We tried looking at our logs and found nothing. Does this mean that there's a security hole somewhere? How can we find out from where the spammer is sending his viagra emails from ? We do not want to be permanently banned because of a spammer.

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Mail Going To Spam

May 27, 2009

I have problems with my mail server.

I have installed cPanel WHM.

In my server there are many accounts and now I discovered that not all accounts, when they send email to hotmail and yahoo, go to spam.

It does not happen in all accounts.

How can I bypass the filter of yahoo and hotmail for all domains configured on my server?

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Cgi Spam Script

Mar 31, 2009

i have this in my account:


some script that sends (a LOT)spam, and dissapears

Does anyone know what that was?

i cannot find anything about it

i disabled cgi scripting,

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Spam From Parallels

May 20, 2009

I guess the economy must be hitting them hard. They have resorted to unsolicited commercial email, everyone's favourite.


I hope this finds you well. I am currently attempting to reach out to companies that offer web hosting services and either use, or have used, Parallels Plesk Panel as a part of the service offerings. The goal is to re-introduce Parallels Plesk Panel and hopefully revive any previously established relationships. This includes looking into why the Parallels Plesk Panel business slowed, or stopped completely, within your organization.

We are working very hard to establish a reputable channel within the hosting marketplace. In order to do so we need to look at what is currently working and what is not currently working. The best place to begin this research is with companies that have used us, but now don't really offer our products. With that said, are you available for a phone call to discuss?

My goal is to understand:

* Do you currently offer control panels, if so, is Parallels Plesk Panel a part of your offerings?

* If you are no longer offering (pushing) Parallels Plesk Panel, is there a reason?

* Would you be receptive to some sort of "trial" program to re-introduce you to Parallels Plesk Panel and our Service Provider Partnership Program?

I look forward to your response and hopefully speaking with you soon.

Antoine Wilson
Partner Recruitment Manager
Service Provider Division
Parallels, Inc.
+1 (703) 995-4170 Direct
+1 (703) 991-5511 Efax

AIM: scrams93

Skype: antoine.wilson

ICQ: 215351114

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Spam Cannibal / Ptr

Jun 17, 2009

I was running an IP check on

It shows blocked because of this reason:

no reverse DNS, MX host should have rDNS - RFC1912 2.1

Is it actually possible to setup some kind of generic ptr records on IPs, even if they are assigned to dedicated server clients?

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