Managed Hosting Provider In Delaware

Aug 21, 2009

I have a client looking for a managed hosting facility in Delaware.

Can anyone provide recommendations for a Tier II or Tier III Provider?

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Good Secure Managed Dedicated Hosting Provider?

Jun 20, 2006

I work for a small web design firm with about 100 clients/domains and we are starting the search for a new hosting provider. We need a managed dedicated server with an offsite backup. We are also looking for a company that knows what they are talking about. If we have a Linux or server question they need to be able to give us a quick straight answer. Also, if they could help us transfer all our hosting accounts from our current server over to the new one that would be a BIG plus.

We have been thinking about Rackspace or but were wondering what the community thought. Any recommendations?

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Good Managed Xen VPS Provider

Apr 11, 2008

if there is any good managed Xen VPS provider. A Xen provider (ServerAxis) I know but those are unmanaged. I was interested in a VPS with cPanel.

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Any Managed Virtuozzo Provider

Jul 16, 2008

I have around 10 VPS clients and I'm renting each VPS for ~35/m.

Is there a cheaper solution? A company providing a managed Virtuozzo dedicated server, for instance?

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Managed VPS Provider + Script Installs?

Oct 29, 2008

Is there any VPS Provider that does Managed Hosting but also as part of that managed service, installs 3rd party scripts whenever needed?

I have been using Future Hosting and they were providing this for me but have been told today that they have changed their policy and will no longer install 3rd Party scripts.

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Fed Up With Hostgator Can Any One Suggest Best Managed Dedicated Server Provider

Aug 5, 2008

This is first time i am writing about hostgator using there service since 4 years.

I have 3 dedicated servers purchased with them within last 6 months and orderd for 4th server on 31st Aug 08. And now as business is growing i will need more and more servers every 2- 3 month. But its seems hostgator is not interested in business as they had already grown now. Even they don't care of their loyal customers who are them with years.

On 3rd day of orderd they told me my server will be deliverd within next 24 hours and on 4th day i contact them serveral times they keep on repiting they will upate and then they said server is out of stock and will be available soon and today is 5th day still there is no reply from them and when i contact them they clearly have no idea about it. Some says will get it soon and when i show my ticket. they say its still out of stock . When i contact with datacenter they told me the server is available to order and are never out of stock.

I dont know whats actual reason.

Please help me guys to find good manage dedicated server host so i can cancel my order with them and go to another good company.

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Colocation Philadelphia Or Delaware

Jul 13, 2008

Is there any (trustworthy) collocation in Philadelphia OR Delaware? Maybe ones the would allow me to stop by the data center.

Also, has anyone used K2Colocation? They have a 95 USD one time setup fee and 99 every month per 1U...and they give you this
* 1 X 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Port
* 1 X Remote Rebootable PDU Power Outlet per Device
* 100 GB Data Transfer per Month (addtional bandwidth options available)
* 1 Hour of FREE scheduled escort per month

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Unmanaged/Semi-Managed/Managed And Fully Managed

May 9, 2009

how the hosting provider would back me up in setting up my vps, support in additional issues etc. with regards each of the above topics.

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Your Opinion As A Customer: A Hosting Provider Who Couldn't Provide E-mail Hosting

Jun 4, 2009

Lets say you're a customer looking for web hosting, but do have technical experience - you know, you develop your own websites, you've had experience in this sort of thing before.

What if you came across a provider who seemed to offer a good service, they're high quality, they can host your website on their brilliant setup etc... but they do not provide any e-mail accounts with your hosting?

We're developing our own shared hosting setup, our own control panel too. Regardless of the control panel though, we wouldn't feel comfortable hosting peoples e-mail. We have plenty of experience in every other aspect of general shared hosting - but not looking after e-mail accounts nor the associated software.

To be honest I don't think that many shared hosting providers truely handle e-mail properly, and that job should really be left to the professionals.

We could of course guide customers or potential customers on why we won't offer e-mail accounts (i.e. not wanting to offer something we know we can't provide to a high enough standard) and instruct them on how to setup e-mail with another provider (such as Google, who will do this for free with limitations).

The alternative to the above is that we mask in a third party to look after e-mail, i.e. resell someone elses e-mail services as part of our hosting packages. The third party would require API access to setup/remove accounts..

What do you think? Are we just acting stupid trying to provide web hosting without e-mail hosting included? I noticed a while back Dreamhost encouraged their customers to use an alternative e-mail provider!

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Managed Hosting

Dec 4, 2007

Does anyone have any recommendations regarding managed hosting providers?

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Managed Windows VPS Hosting

Oct 16, 2009

Need the following specs from an established Managed Windows VPS provider with Ticket and Phone Support.

Server 2003

Helm 4

30-50GB Disk

1TB+ Bandwidth

1024 Memory


2+ IP's

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Managed CPanel Hosting

Aug 6, 2008

Currently our site resides on a dedicated server that I manage. We are only using a fraction of the resources on the server and I have no interest in trying to sell accounts or resources, just too much headache. We made the move from HostGator to a dedicated server some time ago when it became apparent HostGator was overselling. Our server was seeing reboots way too often, ads and their company branded error pages (although I could have changed this part), and sluggish performance.

What I'm interested in is a hosting company that offers backup solutions and can make your backups available quickly in the event of a failure. Other companies I have dealt with offered this but their response time of 1-3 days is just unacceptable. I will also stay away from any overselling, built in ads of any kind, and companies without 24/7 phone support.

I would like to stay with cPanel so our user's email accounts will not be interrupted or changed when the site is transfered. Of course if there is a full import option to another control panel this isn't an issue.

So my question is this: Does this company/service exist, or are we stuck paying for a dedicated server that we don't need? I'm more than willing to pay, just looking to see if there is an option less expensive that my dedicated server.

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Managed Or Unmanaged Hosting?

Sep 22, 2008

I've had a similar conversation in the past wanted to get more specific.

It's really a personal question.

I want a dedicated server but don't want to pay the extra 70 a month for managed solution.

If i don't have much experience with a linux server and can't use windows server because i need Apache mod_rewrite am i safe just getting a dedicated host and not messing with anything but the cpanel?

Most apps i've hand coded so i don't forsee upgrades, assuming it comes with the standard setup.

Why would i need a hosting manager, I think i can learn things on my own right?

Anyone been in my shoes before and went dedicated non managed?

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Shared Hosting ---> Managed VPS

Jun 18, 2007

I currently have a shared hosting account with a provider. They have been less than stellar, so I'm looking into alternatives.

I'm am designing and hosting Joomla sites for customers. While I can certainly look into using another shared hosting provider, I certainly owe my customers the best most reliable hosting experience possible.

Would VPS fit the bill? At what point do I consider moving from a Shared hosting environment to Managed VPS?

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Managed Hosting (Liquid Web VS Rackspace)

Jan 27, 2008

For reliable managed hosting, with some research, I can find...

Liquid Web

It seems like Liquid Web is definitely the bang for the bucks.. but it also makes me think if it's too good to be true. I feel Rackspace is more "professional" and they're more "high-end". But I definitely love the pricing from LiquidWeb. for the same price, I can get a quad core + 4GB from LiquidWeb, and maybe an AMD dual-core + 1GB from Rackspace..

My question is : Do LiquidWeb and Rackspace offer the same kind of "managed services"? Rackspace told me that they would give me an account manager which makes me feel more personalized. but I also had a live chat with LiquidWeb and the sales kept marketing the "Heroic support"

Let me give you some statistics of my site

Nature : E-commerce
Target : UK/Europe
Daily Visitor : 7000-13000
App : PHP + MySQL

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Managed, Dedicated, UNIX, Hosting

Oct 27, 2008

I'm currently using a SiteGround virtual private server with the following spec:

OS:CentOS (Linux)
cPanel: yes
RAM: 512 MB
Accounts: 1 main
Traffic: 1,000 GB
Price/mo: $99.00

I'm hosting x2 Joomla 1.5 sites using PHP v5 with the following extensions:
Community Builder

The problem is that both sites have several sizable databases, each in excess of 100k records. After uploading the first 90k records to mySQL it became apparent that performance was going to be an issue. I'm therefore considering a dedicated server, tuned for returning fast DB results.

Firstly, would a dedicated server solve my performance issues?

Secondly, what are the critical components, spec wise, that would ensure superfast DB calls?

Like everyone, I'm looking for the best value, meaning solid support, uptime and a low monthly cost. I have been recommended the following hosting partners, but would like everyones input:

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Completely Managed Hosting / Secured

Sep 16, 2008

I tried searching around but maybe someone can steer me in the right direction.

I, as probably many other people, are in an interesting predicament.

I love my VPS right now...however obviously since I started with my VPS I'm about to out grow it, with the amount of power that I need.

What I'm looking for is a server which is completely managed, completely secured (some sort of active virus scanning), however I can get in there and have complete control like I would with my VPS, but obviously with more resources.

What I'm looking for is:

2-4GBs of ram
Pentium D (minimum) up to a Xeon 3220 SINGLE processor
1000 - 2000TB / bandwidth
100mb/s uplink
Windows 03 would be great, I'll settle for CentOS though

Budget max is $170/mo.

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Managed Database Hosting (Mysql)

Apr 11, 2008

if there are any recommendations on managed database hosting services. This will be used for a fairly large project running on Mysql DB. Due to the size and complexity of the database a lot of resources are being used, so I prefer to find a company which specializes in dB hosting.

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From Shared Hosting To Managed VPS. Where To Start

Apr 25, 2007

I am just considering to relocate one of my four sites from the current Ipowerweb shared hosting to a managed VPS one. I am fed up with their ftp upload speed problems and level of customer service and I want to upgrade to something sort of "semi dedicated".

Please consider that I am a beginner in VPS and i do not know anything about Linux other than it is an operating system. I have a few questions:

1) Managed or Unmanaged VPS

I guess as a beginner I would preferably have to opt for a managed VPS solution? Do you agree?

2) Easiest and most secure Linux Operating system to choose for VPS

I do not wanna end up having to fine tuning security issues or setting command line OS options (just want to reboot the server if needed and accomplish simple operations whithin the control panel). For example VPSlink at [url] shows me so many OS choices (centos, ubuntu, debian, fedora, opensuse etc. ) that make me confuse .

As a beginner which one is the easiest and most secure Linux Operating systems to choose?

3) Easiest VPS Control Panel

I am currently using Ipowerweb vDeck and aPlus control panels. What is the easiest VPS control panel to choose?

4) VPS Unlimited domains hosting

Does that mean that i can host unlimited domains or just park/redirect domains like in the shared hosting?

5) Preloaded PHP, MYSQL and other plugins/addons

Do they come included in the package like in shared hosting or do I have to install them myself?

6) VPS Dedicated IP and Search Engine Optinisation (SEO)

If I have one single VPS dedicated IP and many hosted websites do they share they same IP? How this affect the SEO effort if, for example, Google see all the websites sharing the same IP and linking each other? How would the announced Host Gator SEO Hosting [url]overcome this issue (no idea what multiple C classes are )?

7) VPS Hardware / resource selection

What minimum resources would you recommend for the following website profile?

Size: 45MB
Type/Features: Static pages, no forum or dynamic database driven pages
Daily Unique visitors: 4,000
Max bandwidth: 1,5 GB per month

8) Which cheap managed VPS to choose under 30$ a month?

Considering all the above, which cheap and managed VPS solution (possibly under 30$ a month) would you suggest to a beginner?

I noticed good reviews for KnownHost and they offer a basic semi-managed 20$ a month plan. Would a semi-managed plan good for a beginner like me? Any similar offers, with strong Customer support, you would suggest to look into?

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WANSecurity - Fully Managed Hosting - My Experience

Apr 12, 2009

Some of you may remember when I was asking for help on a good dedicated hosting company. I looked around for a month and finally found a great company to host my websites, WANSecurity. I received at least 10 dedicated server offers, but chose to go with WANSecurity because of the server and service they offered me. With so many options out there, I thought it would be helpful for me to share my experience with some of you. I have been on shared hosting for about 10 years and have never messed with dedicated servers. I had no idea there was so much work with dedicated servers until I got my hands on one. I was used to getting everything set up for me at Lunarpages. Although I love Lunarpages, their dedicated servers are nowhere near those offered by WANSecurity. Robert, the WANSecurity founder, has been particularly helpful. I received a recommendation from a WHT forum member telling me to get in direct contact with Robert for the "best managed hosting" offer out there, and guess what... I think I got it. Robert and WANSecurity moved all my files, installed Apache, Red 5, set up my mail servers, configured all of my large databases, and did so much more.

Although I am new to dedicated hosting, their managed plans are world class and their servers are very reliable. No issues in the last 6 weeks for me. If you are new to dedicated hosting and don't feel comfortable running everything on your own, trust these guys. They do a great job and they are flexible. Their managed hosting plans are new but they have been around for 11 years. They know their stuff and most of all, they care about you. That's the great thing when you are a big fish in a small pond. They truly care for you and therefore offer you the best service. If you are experienced with servers, they are still a great choice. They will give you a great deal on a server even if you don't need all the managed hosting services.

Check them out at: [url]

You can also get in touch with their founder if you are interested. PM me for his email. Feel free to ask me any questions. I'm open to give you my personal feedback.

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Best Uk Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Oct 16, 2009

recommend best uk fully managed dedicated server hosting

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Our Experience With RapidSwitch Managed Rack Hosting

Oct 21, 2009

About us first, we do cPanel shared hosting and also (however you want to put it) fully-managed proactively monitored dedicated hosting - due to this we need access to our equipment all the time so we host it locally.

Ed from RapidSwitch contacted us via live chat on our website at the start of September to introduce the company, he offered us a rack from 650/mo, mentioned we could take it upto 32A power (obviously not for that price!).

We're based in Maidenhead (in the town centre), 5 minutes walk from RapidSwitch and 5 minutes drive from BlueSquare, as we use power-hungry Dell PowerEdges and the DC is closer to us we thought we'd have a look.

We arranged a tour. On the tour we were told about their dual diverse dark fibre, diverse power, how their staff support cPanel, how the rack would be fully managed by them but we'd be able to pop in anytime to do work, how they'd let us move in our kit during the night, sounded great.

The following day the whole Poundhost vs RapidSwitch thing went down, soon after RapidSwitch themselves went down too, which was slightly worrying.

We moved in, or tried to First time we asked for DC access it took 1 ticket, a wait of 60+ mins, then an angry phone call from me to get it sorted out, it was sorted out for the following day -- okay, strange? We moved in the next day.

Some days later we decided to move some of our live kit at BlueSquare over to RS for the evening.

4pm - I open ticket saying I need access to rack some live servers as per our verbal agreement when I signed up, and I get a reply saying No, as they don't accept hardware or visitors outside the hours of 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday.

4:30pm - I phone Randeep (sales guy) and talk to him, he talks to a Manager, arranges an exception, says a note will be put in my account regarding tonight and the other server moves we had discussed before I signed the contract.

4:50pm - I follow up this ticket to make sure they're ready.

8pm - Again, I follow up this ticket to make sure they're ready.

8:45pm - I arrive at BSQ after having sent them one ticket.

9:05pm - I leave BSQ after going through security, meeting a BSQ tech, unracking a box from BSQ1 and BSQ3, signing documentation, etc.

9:15pm - I arrive at RapidSwitch, no one answers the buzzer, so I phone. A member of technical staff (seems friendly, etc) takes my hardware, I ask "Can you rack this immediately?", I am told "No we're really busy", I mention that I had arranged this earlier, he replies "Well I wish they had told us!!!", I am then told "Management always arrange maintenance tasks at the same time and never think of the fu****g monkeys (he said this!!) that actually have to do the work, there is no communication at all"... He then goes on to talk about only 2-3 people being on shift in the evenings, how they have too much work, etc. I ask "Can it be done in the next hour?". Am told "Uhhhhh I'll try but Ive got a mountain of jobs to do". Tech then walks off with the servers, forgetting to take the rails, network cables and power cables. I mention this to him, he says "Oh, I'm not used to this Managed Rack malarkey". He then says "I'll update your ticket to say we took delivery of your hardware".

9:28pm - I drive off.

9:34pm - I arrive at my office, no ticket update. I wait around a bit and reply to the ticket asking if it can please be done ASAP. No reply, I then phone and ask what the deal is, am told on the phone "ohh we'll do it in 10-15minutes, when (unaudible) comes back, but usually colo orders are racked within 48hrs, we're really busy!" (so basically am told that what I'm asking isn't acceptable and they're too busy to cope -- not what you want to hear from someone who's supposed to be managing your hardware)

9:50pm - I phone up and ask what the hold up is. Am told your staff are too busy still, am also told that servers are racked within 48hrs of delivery. (So, basically I'm pushing my luck).

10:27pm - I get a reply saying your staff will do it as soon as they've finished their current jobs.

10:40pm - By this time I am getting customers shouting at me as this is taking too long, too right! I sternly reply to the ticket asking again to please rack them, once again explaining my situation.

10:49pm - I get a reply saying the servers will be racked as your tech has finished his other jobs.

11:08pm - I get a reply saying the servers have been racked but not plugged in, asking how I want them cabled - fair question, if not a bit obvious.

11:20pm - Servers are pinging

11:25pm - I have reconfigured the servers to work on the new IP range, so my job is complete, I then emailed them back asking if they're cPanel trained - turns out they aren't, although some members of their team might know bits and pieces - not what I was told on the tour, not useful to me at all.

I had a think about it over the weekend -- I wondered, if we can now only access our equipment 8am-8pm Mon-Fri (30% of each week) and they won't even allow a Dell engineer in out of hours, plus their staff are too busy to handle our requests in a timely manner -- what do we do if something goes wrong?

Worst case scenario is if a server physically broke at 5pm on a Friday and we didn't have the necessary spare part. We have 4hr SLA with Dell so they'd arrive at RS at 9pm but not be allowed in until 8am on Monday.

I decided it would be unwise for us to use a data centre which only allows us access to the building for 30% of the week and we should have been told before we signed our contract that we'd only be allowed in during those times. Being told their staff were cPanel trained bugged me too, especially if what they're selling me is a 'Managed' rack.

I wrote a long ranty email to them to nullify the contract, Paul Tacey-Green phoned me, we had a chat, he said they'd change the access time rules (but he hasn't yet), he mentioned that 2/4 of their staff on that shift had taken the night off sick and offered me some time free to show their commitment, I wasn't interested, I got the contract nullified and arranged to get out of there.

I then called BlueSquare, they provisioned a new rack, got me a new IP range sorted and assured they'd help with whatever I needed.

Getting out of there was interesting, a week later I opened a ticket to go there 19:30 one night, they made an exception to allow myself and a member of my staff in at the same time (only one visitor on DC floor allowed usually as their racks aren't secure).

We got in there really quickly, the tech guy was nice. (But there seemed only to be 2 techs on site, Paul, on the phone told me there should be 4 during night shift) Anyway, we get to our rack and find the servers they'd racked the previous week weren't done properly, firstly they'd randomly been racked in the middle of the rack rather than on top of the existing ones (at the bottom of the rack), and then, quite scarily/hilariously, the bottom one they'd racked (in the middle of the rack), the rails weren't put in at the back, so it was defying gravity and mysteriously HANGING at about a 15 degree angle in the rack!

We packed up our stuff as fast as possible, got out of there. We got into BlueSquare 10mins later, by the time we reached the door there were already BlueSquare techs waiting for us! They immediately took all our equipment out the back of my car and put it next to the rack so we could get it all installed.

Anyway, I thought I'd just share my experience of RapidSwitch - Im sure they have lots of happy customers. I'm just happy we got out of there before we moved in too much kit. I couldn't handle the thought of giving them another chance, them failing and us being forced to move out some busy shared servers at 7:30pm one night! We'll be staying at BlueSquare from now on.

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The Planet Adds Managed Hosting Focus

Jul 8, 2008

The Planet has expanded its focus to add a suite of managed services, which it calls "Planet Northstar" and has rebranded its dedicated server offerings as "Planet Alpha." It's also redesigned its site with a Web 2.0 look.

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3rd Party Management Vs Managed Hosting From Host

Sep 4, 2008

I'm finally ready to move from a shared environment to a dedicated server. I don't know anything about server set up and management. Therefore I'm looking for a managed solution.

Reading through this great forum I found out that I can either go with a fully managed solution by the hosting company or go with an self-managed host and hire a third party administrator.

This will be my first dedicated server project. I would like to keep monthly cost below $400. Not necessarily looking for the cheapest deal out there, but rather for good service and stable performance.

I have heard good things about the Planet and liquidweb here on this forum. If I can find a reliable 3rd party management company I might be able to look into softlayer and/limestone.

I'm trying to decide whether I should go with inhouse management or 3rd party management.

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Best Hosting Provider ...?

Mar 23, 2009

What is the best hosting provider? Host Gator?

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Which Hosting Provider Is Best

Dec 4, 2008

One of my client is ask me what is the difference between an INDIAN hosting provider

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Hosting Provider For PHP

May 16, 2008

There are plenty of people searching the hosting provider. Below article for them.

At the time of selection of hosting provider, you need to consider some of the points like below:

1) Server speed is the best or not? For that you can ask to hosting provider that they can able to give demo account and if yes then check your requirement with that and then purchase.

2) How much space do you require and how much money are you spending. For this you need to search the cheapest and reliable hosting provide.

3) How much bandwidth, database, Email account, ftp account, Support are considerable.

4) If developer need to use joomla and other tool then you need to clarify your specific requirement for the same

Let us know if you like to know more about hosting provider.

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The BEST Hosting Provider

Mar 5, 2007

Which is the best hosting provider in your eyes?

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Dedicated Managed Hosting Package For Dating Website

Jul 12, 2007

Im thinking about launching a dating/social networking website and i was told that i will need a managed dedicated server package and i just want to know if anyone can recommend a company that offers a high quality reliable service like this? Price is obviously important too.

I would also like to know if countries like India offer good reliable high quality managed dedicated server packages too? Or if its better to go with a company in the United Kingdom or the USA etc?

Perhaps there is someone on this forum who also runs a dating/social networking website and can recommend a good dedicated managed hosting package as well?

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Most Popular ASP.NET Hosting Provider

Feb 23, 2008

What would be the most discussed/popular (and in turn reliable?) host on WHT. Is SoftSys a reliable one, I keep seeing them popping up everywhere, but doesn't seem to make an impression with $1 plans!

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EuroVPS = Best VPS Hosting Provider

Jun 9, 2008

A while ago I decided to move to VPS. I did an extensive research and I concluded to EuroVPS. From my experience so far these guys are PROFESSIONALS and really know their job. Their service and technical support are second to none.

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