Lunarpages Vs Servint

Sep 4, 2007

I am/have been using Servint for about a year. The service has been good no downtime. Lunar pages has recently become a client of mine and I thought being a small business owner that the right thing to do would be to switch.

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Lunarpages VPS Or Servint VPS? What Is Your Opinion On Lunarpages VPS?

Aug 23, 2008

I am looking for a new VPS and once again I think I am going to ditch Servint VPS in preference of a cheaper VPS. I know Servint is well known and they have a very good reputation here in this forum. I been longing to sign up with them but Lunarpages' offer looks very attractive.

What about Lunarpages?

It is $10 cheaper than Servint.

Lunarpages has 1000 GB bandwidth but Servint has only 500 GB.

Lunarpages has 20 GB storage but Servint has only 15 GB.

Lunarpages has 500 MB RAM but Servint has 384 MB guaranteed RAM (1 GB burst RAM).


The only thing that Lunarpages lost to Servint here is the number of IP address. Lunarpages comes with 1 IP but Servint offers 4 IP which is good for SEO.

I wanted to contact Lunarpages but couldn't find their contact email. Anyone know their contact email?

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Servint Noc

Jul 15, 2008

I cannot get to their site and I have a server offline ...

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WiredTree --> Servint

Apr 9, 2009

I'm no longer happy at WT and have (almost) decided to move to Servint. Does anyone know if Servint's sales is open 24/7? I sent them an email an hour ago, without a response or acknowledgement.

From what I've read here, Servint seems like a solid choice - but I'd be eager to hear from any current clients about the support/uptime etc and also if their forums are busy or not?

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Wiredtree OR Servint

Oct 16, 2009

Which one you vote taking into consideration like VPS quality and support? (Leave the dollars part) I have to choose between both guys.

I need less downtime + good support.

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Servint Support

Oct 22, 2009

Anyone on Servint vps, is there support tickets system getting slower .
awaiting a responses of nearly 2hours at a time

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My Servint Review

Mar 12, 2009

I have been with them around 3 years in the past and was very happy. But after i was enthusiast with Europe (ping time etc) and i made the mistake and moved in Europe. Since then i had many problems so i get back to them few days ago.

When i moved all my domains to them i had many issues with my scripts , mails etc because i manualy tranfered everything with unix commands.

Servint guys helped with everything to get working. I didnt lost any data and i am very happy with them.

They have awesome support team and very strong knowledge of their job.

They even helped me in a joomla script issue which they are not responsible
Again, they are great and you cant go wrong with them.

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ServInt Network

May 20, 2009

both of the VPSs we have with them have been offline for more than 15 minutes now. As usual, their support has been incredibly fast and I have heard back from a NOC staffer that they are experiencing network issues, but want to see if I can find out how widespread this is.

If you have services with ServInt, are your machines currently unreachable?

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Servint Woes

Oct 3, 2008

I've been using Servint VPS hosting for the past few years and have been very happy with them. But unfortunately I have been experiencing problems for the last couple of months. My forums are regularly going down for a few minutes at a time and I have been submitting tickets to Servint.

Servint replied suggesting that my sites aren't going down. Yet I tried the sites on different PC's at different locations and they have been down. I started a thread on one forum and got confirmation from quite a few members that they experienced downtime. Servint have now accepted that there has been downtime.

I asked Servint for suggested solutions and they didn't provide any
I specifically asked if I needed to upgrade the VPS package, they originally said an upgrade wasn't necessary but 4 days later said that I did need an upgrade.

I've upgraded twice in the last few weeks and as of today I am on a Super VPS @ $199 / mth - Servint have confirmed that they have upgraded me to this package
But my sites have been down for about the last hour or two
In my ticket today, Servint have said "the longest your sites were down was 5 minutes".

This is simply not true, and even if it was true, regular 5 minute downtime is not acceptable in my view.

I feel that no one at Servint is taking my issues seriously. They had repeatedly told me that there was no problem but now they admit that there is one and they don't seem willing or able to fix it - this has been going on for a couple of months.

I ask "what am I doing wrong", because I see such great reviews of Servint here on WHT and I don't understand why I'm not getting the same level of service.

I have very limited technical knowledge - should I be using another type of hosting that provides more in-depth tech support?

Is it possible that the problems I am experiencing are outside of Servint's control and that I am expecting too much from them?

I want to stay hosted with Servint, but I'm having great difficulties at present. Given the great reviews I see of Servint, I'm actually concerned that they will tell me that my business is not worth the trouble and that I should host my sites elsewhere. What should I do?

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Servint Vps Permission

Feb 24, 2008

I just move a site from resellerzoom to a servint vps..

I have been facing some strange problems..

the first problem was smarty..

Fatal error: Smarty error: unable to write to $cache_dir Be sure $cache_dir is writable by the web server user. Smarty.class.php on line 1095

i had to make he cache dir 777 inorder to fix the error..

it used to work with 755 before..

next up was the owner problem ..

the owner of the domain under whm was still pointing to the old resellerzoom accountname .. i changed it to root..

now i ran a chown command on root of the site .. still wordpress gives me error for image upload..

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Servint Support

Sep 7, 2008

Has any one experience Servints support lately

I have ticket over 20hours awaiting, replied to ensure not overlooked

have they gone on hols :-(

Had server setup up on purchase but they never completed all my requests

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Props For ServInt

Jun 11, 2008

I just wanted to take the time and give a quick review of ServInt. I have switched to their service about 5 months ago now and I just have to say: it's absolutely fantastic!

I'm only on the lowest VPS package, $50/month, but the service has really just been spectacular. First off the value is incredible as service quality is top notch and server specs are as well. In addition, these accounts are fully managed which has really saved me from a lot of headaches. Even further, ServInt will help you out with stuff that you normally wouldn't even consider covered under support (and it's not, they help based on their own great quality of service not something written in policy). They are very prompt and helpful, unlike a lot of other providers who always try to blame all of the problems on me (you) instead of truly investigating them.

Right now I am running about 30 small sites on the VPS and performance is unequivocal. In total my VPS uses roughly 350GB of bandwidth per month (out of the allocated 500GB).

I will say right now I don't work for ServInt or anything like that, really I just wanted to help get the word out. I have been with a lot of VPS providers before including MediaTemple, GoDaddy, and SolarVPS and none have impressed me as much as ServInt (though GoDaddy was really good until I ran into some problems that their support wouldn't cover, then they turned mean and very unhelpful).

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VPS : Steadfast / Liquidweb / ServInt ? - Best One ?

Jun 5, 2008

I am new to these server related things.

I don't want to go for shared hosting, as there will be too many restrictions. And I will not need a dedicated server until my traffic really grows multi-fold (may take few months).

I am aiming to run 3 of my new sites on a VPS server. (I want to know whether I can put all my 3 sites on the same VPS server.)

After my initial research, I came up with below list :-




Now I like to know which one is better. (You can suggest any other providers also if they can beat these in terms of Customer Service and Reliability and my below requirements.)

Outline of my requirements :-

1) Fully Managed Service and outstanding customer service.
2) Daily Backup of all content and database.
3) Fast response times (For my website users mostly in INDIA) and best network.
4) Easy and smooth transition to upgrade to next VPS package or a dedicated server (I don't want to keep changing DNS everytime I want to upgrade.)
5) No restriction on bulk email being sent (Fully Double Opt-In mailing list)
6) cPanel needed
7) Other routine things like Uptime, Reliability, Hardware Replacement Warranty...
8) Price is not really a big issue.

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Feedback About Servint Support

Oct 11, 2009

i need reviews about servint tecnical support.

I'm not english motherlanguage so i usually comunicate by email. Is, for servint, the email comunication fast? Does it works?

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5 Years Review - Servint

Jan 6, 2009

Not really full five years. I signed up for essential VPS plan in March 2004 (so for few months it will be full five years).

My VPS is fully managed and support is great. It is real 24/7 and response time is always about 5-15 minutes, and almost always with problem solved (there is no annoying replies like; need more information's, please let us what you want or something like that) They always fix the problems and they always know how to fix things.

It was some big failure with hardware (I can not remember date) but they deal carefully with that, move all of us to different machines, clients was well informed, and generally there was not any long downtime (as far as I can remember)
Network are great. They have direct link with Deutsche telecom which means very good connection for Europe.

Few times I request backup for accidentally deleted files, and they recovery them fast.

Only critic for billing. One month (I can remember when) they charge me for extra bandwidth. It was caused by some attackers on server I do not know, as none of my domains cause that (It was some bandwidth leak other than http, ftp or mail, that I am not familiar with). Normally I can not spend even 10-15 % of total bandwidth , but that particular month it was 300%, so they charge me for all. I do not know if it is my fault or not, but maybe they should protect server better or whatever.

Other than that I have never had any problems.

I recommend them to anyone as they are really ''peace in mind'' company.

For the time being I will keep to use Servint services. I hope I will not forget to come back here again after five years with 10-years review.

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My 9 Months ServInt Review

Oct 30, 2008

My 9 months ServInt review

I'm with Servint since february and it's time for a quick review.

The VPS was setup within a few hours after I ordered.After seeing how many people around here complained about how they still waiting after several days for their vps, I conclude that my vps was setup was VERY FAST.

While I'm no certified admin, I'm a quick learner and i'm used to solve problems on my own. Thus I didn't open to many tickets with support, but the few I opened were answered quite fast.

So you get fast response from support.

The thing that impressed me most, though, was the performance of the vps. It runs fast and without problems.

I recall only one time the connection seemed very slow but I think it was a problem with their network because their forums were very slow too. However in a few hours all was back to normal.

Basically, you forget you have the vps. It just works without problems and with great performance.

I have the Esential package (384 Ram) and at 49$ I consider it a very good deal. For some people this is expensive but I recommend them to read carefully the horror stories of those who wanted cheap.

Quality service and peace of mind is worth more than the 10-20$ you pay less with a cheap host.

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ServInt Vs. Wiredtree Shootout

Aug 8, 2008

Bottom line, neither one of these companies can work with a reasonably intelligent (although admittedly totally ignorant of *nix and "manaaged" VPS's) yet _desperate_ web developer migrate from a shared hosting package with , get this, 1&1 to a "managed" VPS and get email functioning on port 587.

I have given both companies _total_ access to my 1&1 account and yet:

ServInt can't get me up and running with a cPanel GUI. To their credit, they were able to with Plesk.

Wiredtree hasn't been able to even let me successfully ping a pop or smtp server since the account was activated last night and I've been working with them since 9:30 last night. I called and talked to XXXXXXXX (I obviously won't use his name) last night and had him check out how I set up my system. He made an adjustment on the firewall for, yes, port 587 and assured me I'd be good to go once the domain changes propagated. Obviously that hasn't been the case or you wouldn't be reading this.

So bottom line, since both companies have _total_ access to my accounts, and I trust them both otherwise I wouldn't be doing business with them, whichever company delivers me a functioning "managed" VPS with a working email account, _regardless_ of GUI as I've told ServInt to revert my "managed" VPS back to Plesk, I'll sign up with them and probably _never_ leave because I'd rather go through a ******* root canal than have to go through this process again.

I've haven't got time to exchange Problem Ticket posts to get a fucntioning VPS, hell I've got a business to run and thought the word "managed" actually meant managed.

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Cant Go Wrong With Servint Vs Wiredtree Vps

Jul 28, 2008

speedtest 300-500kb/s from SF
burstable ram
99.730% uptime (hyperspin)
great customer service

speedtest 80-200kb/s from SF
no burstable ram
99.993% uptime (hyperspin)
great customer service

what to do....

can any servint vps users please PM me their url?

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May 28, 2008

I've been with this service for over a year now and all I could say is great service and I love their staff supports. What do you think about this service ? anyone with me ?

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One Week Review Of ServInt

Aug 3, 2008

Thought I might provide an alternative for the various multi-year reviews of the company and give a short term review.

See my initial message here:


for the hows and whys I chose ServInt.

I am a total newb when it comes to VPS's, having been on shared hosting for many years.

I had never heard of CNAME/MX records and was/am totally ignorant of *nix administration.

I ordered the Essential VPS and dove right in. Figured since I had root access, I could just establish my company's web site directory off the root via FTP and upload the web sites to the appropriate directory. BZT. Wrong. Can only use the httpdocs directory. That was my first ticket, responded to and solved in 5 minutes.

Next was changing name servers at 1&1, which was a giant PITA because of 1&1. Learned all about a Glue Domain, to make a very long story shorter, I had to establish subdomains at 1&1 and fix the IP address to point to the name servers I was going to establish on my ServInt VPS. What a convoluted process. Ticket opened and responded to in 20 minutes. As an addition to this ticket, after establishing MX records, I could not connect up to the SMTP server, though I could connect to the POP server. This turned out to be a setting in Plesk, I think to enable the use of Port 587, which my ISP requries for anti-spam. Problem solved in 20 minutes.

So, I went from scratch to having my company web site up and running with full email access in less than two hours. Pretty good migration as far as I'm concerned.

Haven't had a problems other than these so far, just climbing the learning curve learning some *nix admin duties. WHT has been a _tremendous_ resource in this regard.

Oh, and the speed and responsiveness of the site compared to 1&1's shared hosting was/is nothing short of phenomenal. No more lags, no more variable page loads, just consistantly fast data transmission, which was my number one priority.

In short, I could not be happier with my choice and look forward to a long business relationship with ServInt.

Thanks to all who actively participate here at WHT, your posts help more lurkers than you can ever imagine.

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Servint Intial Review

Apr 21, 2007

I signed up with Servint a few days ago and their staff has been very helpful in helping me get setup.

I got the essential VPS.

So far the staff has done the following for me

1. Updated subversion "version"
2. Explained to me how to transfer accounts
3. Assisted in setting up transfered accounts
4. Setting up nameservers
5. Told me how to have commands executed on startup

Their helpdesk is very organized and everyone responds fast. They are all so smart and know exactly what they are doing.

I have never had such a great experience with a hosting company.

The server speed is also very fast. I currently have 9 accounts setup in my vps plan.

[url]is one of them.

I just switched over the DNS, so you might not be hitting the servint server yet.

I highly recommend servint.

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Aug 3, 2007 seems to be one of best hosters? Anyone got latest review of it?


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Poor ServInt Support

Apr 14, 2007

I finally ditched Site5 at a host. So _anything_ should be better, right?

After only a week or so with ServInt I'm wondering if I made the wrong decision.

Now I thought a few hours resolution time with Site5 was frusterating, try waiting 6 hours, or 18 (my current ticket, still not resolved, with no reply after asking for an update several hours ago).

And having a tech answer the phone doesn't help much either if they don't have a clue how to troubleshoot.

First the tech insists that MX records need to be pointed to my host for OUTGOING smtp to work!

Then after sending him the necessary log files twice, he still insists I'm not giving him enough information to fix the problem and that MX records must be setup. When I call and ask if he read the log file snippets I had sent him, "no" was the answer! AAAAAARGH!

And then being told many times, that the problems been fixed. And then finding out it's not and that they never even TESTED IT before saying so!

Is it time to pack up and leave before I migrate all my customers there?

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Jun 24, 2008

For people looking for a vps, I thought it's important to get a feel for their technical support team. So for the first time, I've had to use it. . .

My problem is that MySQL CPU utilization is around 25% at all times and it is lagging the box like crazy. All of my sites hosted only get around 200k uniques per month. <<snipped>> The lag seemed to start around the same time I added multiple cronjobs at various times and frequencies to grab RSS feed data and check to see if it should add a new entry into the DB.

I am not a linux guru, so I opened a ticket and asked for help and suggestions on what to do. . .



I could try tweaking the mysql configuration so the service uses less resources, but this usually just helps with the memory use.

I was looking for him to either say yes the cronjobs are doing it or I have poorly coded queries. . something useful and related to CPU usage. But no.

So then I say sure, tweak. I ask if he agrees that the cronjobs are the problem and what options I have to remedy the situation.


I have tweaked the mysql configuration for you. Yes, most likely those cronjobs are causing the big CPU usage in mysql.

Basically he completely ignored my question on what other options I have or recommendations on what to do next. Needless to say I am furious. I ask for advice and get absolutely nothing useful in return. Not to mention his short answers make it seem like I'm lucky he even reads my entire question.

So what does everyone else suggest?

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Servint - Serving Porn On My Sites

Jul 7, 2008

What is up with servint?

I have domains and a vps through them.

The vps is now serving up porn on all the sites.

When I call servint they say I don't own the name but a whois shows i DO INDEED own the name for another year and it is registered to me and they are the registrar!!!

The portal user/pass suddenly stopped working so I can't even put in a support ticket

All I get is a message machine ... does anyone know if servint staff ever come on this board.

It has probably been hacked but it is pretty disturbing when they say I don't own the domain but it is CLEAR THAT I do own it.

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Download Speeds :: Servint Vs. Wiredtree?

Jul 26, 2008

do files download faster with servint vs. wiredtree? i dont know much about servers, but for me servint is much faster.

Can you tell me how fast it downloads for you?
(download the 100mb file)

San francisco, CA
Servint: 150 KB/sec
Wiredtree: 60 KB/sec
Wiredtree: 150 KB/sec

why is wiredtree giving me 2 speeds

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ServInt 4 (yes FOUR) Year Review - Thumbs Way Up

Jul 20, 2008

I just realized it has been 4 years since I joined ServInt back in June of 2004. After coming to this realization I decided it was time to come back to this forum, where I first read glowing reviews of ServInt and post my 4 year review.

I guess a tribute to how well ServInt has worked for me over the years is the fact that I didn't have my login for this site anymore... easy to loose a login after 3 years of not needing to worry about, or look for a webhost. (A big thanks to Louis of the WHT community Leader fame for sorting out the problem). The last post I think I made was when I did my very long 1 year review here: [url]

Over the past 3 years my server needs have really grown. I now own and manage a portfolio of sites that generate 20 times more impressions (about 6.5 million per month) than I had when I first started with ServInt. In that time I've upgraded my hosting account multiple times to newer and better hardware. The upgrade process was super easy and seamless each time, one of the huge benefits of a VPS environment.

Support has remained consistently wonderful as has server response and uptime. Even with my limited server management knowledge, between their amazing staff and the incredible ServInt community forum I've been able to really grow my business without the stress that I would have dealt with had I chosen other options 4 years ago.

This review is considerably shorter than my one year review, but again, this is just a tribute to how well things have gone. I love being able to sleep peacefully at night knowing that things are covered.

Congratulations to Reed and staff for creating such an amazing company and business culture, and thanks to the great ServInt community for working together to answer questions and resolve problems. I think I've mentioned this before, but I've been amazed by Reed's demeanor as he deals with his staff and customers, and this permeates through all the dealings between ServInt employees and customers and between the community on the forums.

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ResellerZoom & Servint Reviews - My Thoughts

Sep 11, 2008

I had them for about 6 months and it was great until some time in the middle of May I got an email from them saying "my website is overloading/overlimits and even small dedicated sever wont handle the load" I had "Failover Reseller Plans" which allows 10,000MB space & 200GB bandwidth. The only script my website had at the time was a phpBB forum. My forum got about 2-3 posts per day with an average of 300 users per day. How could it cause overloading/overlimits ? Their "abuse team" wasn't very helpful at all! I got fed up with it and moved my site to a new webhost => servint

However, their support team was amazing. They replied to my tickets very fast. They were always online even at 3 or 4 am !! And most of the time they were very helpful and wouldhelp you with anything.

Would I go back to them again? i'm not sure ...maybe or maybe not

So I moved everything to Servint VPS after this whole incident. I really have no word to say about Servint except that they're AWESOME! I really like them & their support team. I had them for about 4 months and no complaints about them. However due to my financial prob (spend all my $ on gas & rising cost of everything) I had to downgrade to a reseller account instead

Now I'm moving to Hostgator.

I'll give you all my reviews in a few months...

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Servint / Liquidweb / Wiredtree / Futurehosting / Knownhost?

Oct 17, 2009

After reading many topic about VPS providers I finally found some providers who fits my needs.






It seems that those 5 have the best reviews and the best packages/price for my needs.

I think that Servint will be the best choise even if they are all good providers.

99% I will go for Servint,but I'd like to know how your experience is with Servint as a customer.

Just checked their speed and this seems to be perfect,to The Netherlands.

Most of my visitors will come from the US,but speed to The Netherlands must also be perfect to work with cpanel etc.

in the past I tried a VPS from FH and their speed to The Netherlands wasn't so good as the speed of Servint.

What I also like about Servint is that they have their own datacenter in Washington DC.

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Lunarpages 1.5 Tb?

Apr 21, 2008

What's the feasibility of getting 1.5 tb out of them.. anyone know?

I'm not looking for that much.. just 200 Gb or so at the moment and 300-400 Gb in a couple of years.. I run a gallery2 site with no traffic, think they could work as a host?

(I would be coming over from dreamhost.. which seems to give you the space)

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Go Away From Lunarpages

May 4, 2008

I want to share my terrible experience with one of most famous hosting - Lunarpages.

I'm on Lunarpages (basic account) more than 3 months and I sent them few email that my server is often down.

Thay didn't want to move my accunt to some less overloaded server and send me each time automatic message

In order for us to investigate the issue, please capture three separate instances when the site is down and provide a Traceroute to the server for each instance. After we have documented three separate instances of the site being down we will be able to look into the situation and possibly offer you a server move...

So, thay asked me to sit next to computer and wait my site to be down and make traceroute.

I sent them monthly report from :

Total uptime:99.14% Downtime:17 hour(s) 49 min(s)
Monthly uptime:98.34% Downtime:11 hour(s) 32 min(s)

Day 2008-04-30 Uptime:100.00%
Day 2008-04-29 Uptime:93.17% Downtime:1 hour(s) 38 min(s)
Day 2008-04-28 Uptime:98.23% Downtime:25 min(s) 31 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-27 Uptime:99.92% Downtime:1 min(s) 11 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-26 Uptime:98.64% Downtime:19 min(s) 37 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-25 Uptime:97.44% Downtime:36 min(s) 49 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-24 Uptime:98.28% Downtime:24 min(s) 47 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-23 Uptime:97.58% Downtime:34 min(s) 50 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-22 Uptime:96.43% Downtime:51 min(s) 22 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-21 Uptime:92.43% Downtime:1 hour(s) 49 min(s)
Day 2008-04-20 Uptime:99.77% Downtime:3 min(s) 17 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-19 Uptime:98.83% Downtime:16 min(s) 18 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-18 Uptime:98.51% Downtime:20 min(s) 27 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-17 Uptime:99.71% Downtime:4 min(s) 5 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-16 Uptime:98.92% Downtime:15 min(s) 36 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-15 Uptime:98.76% Downtime:17 min(s) 53 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-14 Uptime:99.47% Downtime:7 min(s) 41 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-12 Uptime:98.85% Downtime:16 min(s) 33 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-11 Uptime:99.92% Downtime:1 min(s) 7 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-10 Uptime:99.84% Downtime:2 min(s) 17 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-09 Uptime:100.00%
Day 2008-04-08 Uptime:99.73% Downtime:3 min(s) 56 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-07 Uptime:98.30% Downtime:24 min(s) 26 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-06 Uptime:99.89% Downtime:1 min(s) 32 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-05 Uptime:100.00%
Day 2008-04-04 Uptime:93.52% Downtime:1 hour(s) 33 min(s)
Day 2008-04-03 Uptime:99.16% Downtime:12 min(s) 7 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-02 Uptime:99.10% Downtime:12 min(s) 58 sec(s)
Day 2008-04-01 Uptime:97.40% Downtime:37 min(s) 26 sec(s)

But thay told me that monitoring services are not good...

Anyway I use host-tracker to montor other accounts on hostnine and hostforweb and both of these providers have 100% uptime.

Today I wanted to move some files (3GB of images) from another hosting to one of folders on Lunarpages.

I asked support just to do 2 SSH commands for me, but thay told me to buy SSH access, that is $2 per month.

On the end when I wanted to buy it, thay told me that thay need to move my account to another server that has SSH and that will cost me $75 (per hour of work).

I really understand what is business but this is terrible customer care.

I use other two hostings - Hostine (reseller) and Hostforweb (VPS) and each time I aksed them for this kind of help thay do it without any charge.

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