Load Balancing 2 Web Servers And 2 MySQL Servers

Mar 28, 2008

I was wondering if it is possible to cluster 2 web servers and 2 mysql servers with only one server working as load balancer.

I am planning to use LVS (ldirectord and heartbeat).

Let's say I have 3 IPs allocated to the load balancing server. (Main IP) (Web Load Balancing IP) (MySQL Load Balancing IP)
If a connection is made to .223 it would pass the request to one of the web nodes.
If a connection is made to .224 it would pass the request to one of the MySQL nodes.

Is it possible to do this?

If not, can I run, for example, nginx on 223 IP address to provide forward proxy? (Then it would not be able to HA but the main point is to load balance so)

Also, what would be the best way to keep the data same on both web servers? This is a web cluster for a very high traffic forum with a lot of uploads every hour so it has to do real time synchronization. I heard that DRDB is only one way and not two way so I'm not going to be able to use this.

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Load Balancing Web Servers

Apr 15, 2008

A couple days ago I bought 3 Dell Precision Desktop 360s for the purpose of Load balancing for a web server supporting Apache/php/mysql.

The Dells have:
Win XP Pro,
1 gb 3200 ram - can support up to 4,
p4 2.4 ghz,
2 scsi raid 36 gb hdd
How can I create Load balancing between 3 identical* web servers: by SCSI, network, or something else?

* Bought them all used. Quality tested the hardware, all of it identical.

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Load Balancing Two Whm Servers

Apr 5, 2007

is there any way to do this? I know the clustering system built into whm is only for DNS, not for actually serving websites. What I would like is that visitors to a site could be directed to one of two servers, transparently (no www.server1.site.com, www.server2.site.com, it looks idential but are just directed to different ips).

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Load Balancing For Two Servers In UK And USA

Sep 28, 2009

1. Is it possible to get a server in US and a server in Europe and load balance the two servers so that it would detect where the user is from and based on the users location, it would send the traffic to the right server? is this something a load balancer can do or does this have to be done on the php end to detect and send to the right server?

2. is there a way to sync the two servers meaning, we upload the files to one server and the other server automatically gets updated or synced with the original server?

Thank you

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Load Balancing - Only For Dedicated Servers?

Feb 20, 2008

There's something I've been desperately trying to resolve, but failed, and the question is
can load balancing solution be applied to a shared hosting plan, will I need two plans in this case? Or is it only possible for dedicated servers?

Does any host provide load balancing (round robin will be the most frequently used type, I guess)?
Questions to those using Serverpoint.com and Hostgator.com do these hosts offer load balancing?

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Dedicated Servers With DB Cluster, SAN, Load Balancing, Etc

Aug 6, 2008

I'm looking for a reliable hosting provider with a well-connected network and a responsive customer support team. I like my current provider, but they can't handle DB clustering, SANs, etc.

Details are below. I would provide all of my own OS and DB software. Suggestions based on first-hand experience would be appreciated ......

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Load Balancing A Basic Site On Two Servers

Sep 30, 2007

I would just like to no how you would load balance 2 sites. Would this be done via dns settings. EG

instead of seting the domain to something like

ns1.server1.com ns2.server1.com

would it be?

n1.server1.com ns2.server2.com

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Load Balancing / File Mirroring & Replication - Microsoft IIS Servers

Jul 30, 2009

Hello, we have a few web servers that run Windows 2003 Server and IIS for web page hosting. We develop custom applications and don't do "web hosting" per se.

What is the best way to do this in a load balanced environment? We have a Cisco load balancer out in front of these servers, but I'm curious about the following:

1) Is there a way to replicate IIS entries instead of having to configure the site on each server?

2) How does everyone handle file replication (hopefully in real time) across all servers?

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Load Balancing A Specific CPanel Account Over Multiple Servers

Dec 4, 2008

Load Balancing a specific cPanel account over multiple servers

I have a couple of my clients cPanel accounts that I would like to load balance over two or three servers. Is this possible?

If load balancing is not available, what about auto failover?

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Load Balanced Servers Or Seperate Apache/MySQL

May 29, 2007

I currently have one server a
Dual Xeon 5130 2GHZ (woodcrest)
2GB Ram.
Running cPanel/WHM

Now I run a website that is VERY PHP & MySQL Intensive and MySQL is ALWAYS the top of the process list, hogging a ton of usage. It's getting to the point where the site is needed a second server and I know there's a few options; but I'm not sure which one would be the best.

They way I see it my two options are getting a 2nd server and setting up the two to do load balancing, or getting a 2nd server and setting one up for just Apache and the Other for MySQL and using the 2nd as a remote SQL server.

If I do the Apache on a seperate server would I need such a powerful server? And if I also would want to upgrade this server along with getting a 2nd server would I be better of upgrading to 4GB of RAM or upgrading the processors?

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Synchronizing And Balancing 2 Geo-separate Servers

Jul 16, 2008

I know this is not an awesome idea, but I'd like to try it. A friend and I want to share (home) servers. We both have fairly decent upload and we both have nice (dual core, 1GB RAM+) servers, so that's good. Another thing I'd like is failover for when one of our servers go down (I've got that part covered with my own DynDNS client). We're both running Windows servers.

Since I cant really use a load balancer in this situation, we'll be using round robin DNS. Now here's the questions:

How do we keep our MySQL servers synced?
Should I use rsync or something else for files?
How do we handle PHP sessions across servers?

If you don't think the load balancing thing will work out, I'd still like to do synchronization and failover. My friend is in another state by the way, we're not neighbors or anything so we can't just run some cables from one house to the other.

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MySQL Load Balancing (Shared Server) - Possible?

Sep 26, 2007

Just wondering if mysql load balancing is possible in a shared environment.


I have 3 shared accounts. On one server, I have the write and the 2nd and 3rd server I have the read (select). Or vice versa .. Would it be possible to create a php script to perform this function?

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Hardware: Db Servers, Web Servers, File Servers. Cpu, Ram, Disk

Jan 20, 2007

I have a lot of questions here so if you can't answer them all I understand. even pointing me somewhere where I could get the answers would be appreciated; hardware sites focusing on server hardware, forums focusing on such, etc.

we plan to have three different types of servers:

- db server (self explanatory. mysql. for forums, mysql driven sites.)

- file server (lots of files around ~2-10MB, consistant 70mbps right now, but we want more room for upgrades. needs a LOT of storage room.)

- web server (lots of php files, but also static things like plain html, images, etc. also includes all misc services for the setup-- dns, etc.)

could I be given a rundown for which hardware each of the three should have? I don't need specifics, even just knowing that more ram is important here while cpu doesn't matter as much, or that the fastest disks available are a must, etc would all be valuable info for me. despite that, I certainly wouldn't mind specific hypothetical hardware configs.

for the database server I'm assuming the more ram the better. not entirely sure about the cpu? also not positive on disks...

for the fileserver, how much ram would be practical or useful? disk io will be an issue I'm because plenty of people will be pulling files at once so the disk needs to read from multiple places. scsi (and even raptors) are not an option as we need 750GB+ of space on a reasonable budget. more ram will take some load of of the disks, but how much is neccessary / reasonable?

for the web server I'm assuming cpu first, then ram, but it'll likely need less ram than the db server?

I'm more lost on the disks than anything. scsi on the fileserver is not an option under any circumstances due to $/GB. for the db & web server I'm willing to pay for scsi if the performance increase really does warrant the extra money, but I'd like to be convinced before shelling it out. if you have benchmarks geared at server hardware when it comes to disks I'd really appreciate it.

also, what's the best way to network these together when colocated? each one with a dual gigabit ethernet port and then the communications go to and from the router?

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Send Mail To Another Servers But We Cant Recieve Mails Another Servers

May 24, 2008

We send mail to another servers but we cant recieve mails another servers. We can't recieve with webmail and outlook.

I look logs but there is no error and our ip is not in blacklist.

there is the error in our server


linux cpanel centos 4.6

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Exporting Between MySQL Servers?

Oct 9, 2006

I'm working on transitioning to a new server. Long story short, I have about a database around 100MB in size that I need to get from a MySQL (4.0.25) server to MySQL 4.1.14 server. (Both machines are running Linux and are sitting in data centers with fast pipes.)

What's the easiest way to do this? I have full root access on both machines, ssh access, and phpMyAdmin on both. Is there a way to have one machine read the data directly from the other, say some command line tool? (What I plan to do is to use phpMyAdmin to 'export' it to a backup, download that to my desktop machine, upload it to the new machine, and import it. This seems quite inefficient.)

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Two Servers One For Apache And One For Mysql

Mar 29, 2007

we plan to buy one server for apashe and one for mysql.

So first server will handle apache + cpanel + exim
Dual Processor Dual Core Xeon 5140 - 2.33GHz (Woodcrest) - 2 x 4MB cache
3 x 73GB 15k RPM SA-SCSI
Linux RHE 4 ES

second will handle only mysql
Dual Processor Quad Core Xeon 5345 - 2.33GHz (Clovertown) - 2 x 8MB cache
3 x 73GB 15k RPM SA-SCSI
Linux RHE 4 ES

Server will be used for forums about 4000, 5000 Simultaneous users.

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How Do I Setup A Site On 2 Servers. 1 For Mysql 1 For Web

Jul 7, 2009

How do I setup a site to use two servers? One as a mysql server and the other as a web server.

At the moment I have the site on one server. When I get the second server what steps do I need to take to make this possible?

How do I secure the mysql server to only allow the web server to connect to it?

Do I need a control panel (i.e. cPanel) software on the mysql server?

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Do I Need Separate Apache & Mysql Servers Etc

Mar 21, 2007

here's my current setup has my stuff running on 2 separate "self contained" servers (eg; each runs their own apache/php/mysql):

Main site/server:
content: mostly static content (no mysql, very little php). currently has about 4tb/m traffic. in the summer it could push up to 6tb/m
hardware: P4 2.8ghz. 1gb ram. this server has no problem handling the load. only problem is bandwidth (i have to get it off the current host)

Forums site/server:
content: running vBulletin. currently 400-500 peak (probably jump to 800 peak this summer) users active per 15 mins.
hardware: 64bit dual Opteron 242. 4gb ram. it's absolutely griding that to a halt at peak times. it acts like 4gb memery isn't enough (it will run fine then eat through most of the 4gb. grind to a halt, then recover) personally i think it was setup/configured wrong but i've had multiple people look at it and nobody can find anything wrong in the apache/mysql settings.

What I want to know:
what type of server setup should I start migrating to? should I keep both parts of the site separate? eg; main site on one server, forums on another server(s)?

what i've sorta been looking into is 3-server setup.
(server1) main apache/php server. probably on unmetered (honestly don't think i'll find anything else that offers high enough traffic). run the main site and the vB php from here
(server2) dedicated mysql 'read only' server (server3) dedicated mysql 'write only' server.

and have mysql read/write synced and have all 3 servers networked directly together. i have a friend running a single mysql driven site using this setup and it works really well for him.

is this overkill for me? should the current dual Opteron be able to handle the forums and i just need to hire someone smarter, or is there some other setup that would work better for me? i'm tight so i want to go cheap as possible, but I also realize i need room for summer traffic expansion that always hits us.

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MySQL/PostgreSQL Servers - Intel Vs AMD

Jun 29, 2007

Haven't seen much debate lately on what processors to use within dedicated database servers. We're currently considering Dell 2950s and 2970s with the following:

Two Dual Core AMD Opteron™ 2212
- 2.0GHz, 2X1MB Cache, 1Ghz HyperTransport
Two Quad Core Intel® Xeon® E5310
- 1.60GHz, 2x4MB Cache, 1066MHz FSB

8GB RAM, single SAS, 3.5-inch, 15K RPM Hard Drive for OS, single SAS, 3.5-inch, 15K RPM Hard Drive for SWAP, and four SAS, 3.5-inch, 15K RPM Hard Drives in a RAID10 array for database storage.

We'll be getting one server just for MySQL applications and one server for just PostgreSQL applications.

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Renting Colocated Servers As Dedicated Servers

Oct 11, 2009

I am just colocating servers and managing them myself, and renting services off of them. In the future I would like to start offering dedicated servers as well. I am wondering if many companies do this, or if its more of a general practice to just setup as a reseller? The worst part that comes to mind is thinking of how to do billing for the bandwidth per month. With my setup I would only be offering flat bandwidth packages (like 2TB a month) but even so, I cant think of anyway to automate it so WHMCS knows if they went over, if so, how much, etc.

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Load Balancing

Jun 21, 2007

I want to have a fail over for my server. I was told that load balancing is the way to go.

Could anyone give me some instructions of what I would require. My primary server contains Cpanel.

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Load Balancing ...

Apr 8, 2008

the loads on my server is VERY HIGH and it needs to be upgraded fast.

I really have no clue as what to do... and i do not know any expert other than you people here - to help me out and put me on the right track.

i was thinking of

1) Getting a server with better CPU and more RAM
2) Load Balancing

However I know nothing of load balancing (other than how to spell it correctly )

1) Which of the above two options should i choose?
2) what are the extra costs in load balancing?
3) what should i know about load balancing before deciding?
4) How does load balancing work? I know there are two server - like one for database and one as webserver... but how does this work together?
5) what config should i be looking at in the two servers?

I'll stop here else i can go on and on and on...

I am giving the details of my server and service below, in case you guys need it.

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Load Balancing / HA

Sep 18, 2007

We host a large number of small websites and are looking for high-availability and the ability to do maintenance on our application servers, so I'm looking for a load balancing solution. At this point, I'm considering Zeus ZXTM LB software, the Coyote Point e350si, and potentially an F5 1500 LTM.

The F5 solution is a total budget buster, and the Coyote Point UI is rough around the edges, but I've used them and they are reliable. Zeus looks like a winner with a great UI, but I haven't heard much about their reliability.

Bandwidth requirements are low at this point, so this is mostly about reliability and ease of configuration of a moderately complex set of services.

Any opinions on these vendors, or alternates I should consider?

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CPU Load Balancing

Oct 23, 2007

I run a GSP (Game Server Provider) and i just baught 2 new octi xeon servers(Intel 5320)

i am having a problem with the load balancing, it dosen't balance de cpu usage on all cores but only on one, and it gets at about 80-85% and 3%CPU usage on the other one.

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Load Balancing?

Jun 18, 2007

I was currious as to some suggestions you guys may have for setting up a load balanced website...

I would preffer it to be software based and free as I am just using this for some testing purposes.

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Load Balancing Over WAN?

Jul 11, 2008

I'm looking at load balancing a group of servers located at different data centers.

How feasible is this? Which options/solutions should I take a look at?

I would like to route using some sort of IP tunneling or similar so that the user doesn't see ww1.domain.com etc.

I will be distributing the load of the static/dynamic web pages, no database clustering.

I would prefer something a bit more intuitive than round robin. Perhaps directing incoming traffic based on existing server load etc.

Most of the load balancing solutions I've looked at assume all your servers are on the same local network.

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Synchronizing MySQL Powered Site Across 2 Dedicated Servers

Nov 18, 2008

Here is what I am trying to do, to set up a WordPress powered site to be run across two servers for load balancing. The two servers are dedicated and I have the load balancing software installed and set up. I need to set up the site so that both of them are accessed, but to also have the same content. The main concern is for the same content.

WordPress uses a MySQL database to place all of the content there, so the main thing I would need is to set up the databases so they are synched on both servers, so that the same content is showing up on both of the servers, and so I don't have to manually upload data to the database every few hours, that would suck. I have already found a script to connect to a remote mysql server, it is called HyperDB, but I was wondering if there are any better ways.

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Cheapest Load Balancing?

May 22, 2009

I am looking for a load balancer because my website is growing really fast.

I basically need 2 identical servers that will be used to spread out my traffic

Which company offers the cheapest for this?

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Clustering Vs Load Balancing

Sep 9, 2007

Our server is going down due to several reasons. We decided use load balancing or clustering solution. What are the main difference between load balancing and clustering?

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Load Balancing For A Web Site

Jun 12, 2006

I have a growing website that needs to move from its current single-server setup to using a cluster of servers to deliver its dynamic pages.

My current host does not support load balancing among its servers, so I'm left to configure that on my own. Round-rovin DNS doesn't work for me as I'll need certain http requests to always go to the central server (the one with the master database).

My distro is Redhat 9, and I only access the server remotely through SSH. I'm using Apache 2 (and PHP and Mysql).

Any ideas on the simplest way to do this?

I've read a bit about LVS (http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org/) but it seems to require a kernel recompile, which is way beyond the things I would dare to try...

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Load-Balancing With Windows

Mar 1, 2007

Just curious if any hosts have or plan to have load-balanced servers? How did you implement it (hardware or software OS based)?

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