Level3 Discard Bgp Community

Jan 13, 2008

Has anyone had issues with Level3 honoring their discard community recently (3556:9999)? We had to null 2 IPs earlier in the week. The first one they didn't pick up the route when advertised via BGP (or if they did, it took hours). We ended up having to call and get them to filter it manually. The second IP we were able to null route fine using BGP. Now we have another IP being attacked and it looks like Level3 isn't going to pick up the route and discard traffic.

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Getting Postfix Silently Discard Catchall Emails

Dec 24, 2007

I finally got to the spam point I had to need to disable the "catchall" email accounts on postfix. I simply removed the catchall lines from /etc/postfix/virtual, and it works correctly, however I want postfix to tell the spammer that the message was accepted but really silently discard it.

right now it discards their email correctly, but postfix emails a reply back to the "from" address (which is most likely faked or some innocent user)


"PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 550 <localhost@example.com>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table"

how do I get postfix to silently trash their message, give the smtp reply code that it was successfully accepted, and not email the user back.

or is it not that big of deal and I should just let it send (but this seems like a huge waste as this means my server is wasting resources sending hundreds/thousands of unnecessary "REJECTED" messages to users who probably are completely unrelated)

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Error - Discard Mode Not Supported

Jan 30, 2014

I'm trying to add a new subscription and I get the error

Error: Discard mode not supported

I've tried adding a test domain to other clients even my main admin and I still get this error. Panel version 11.5.30 Update #31, last updated at Jan 30, 2014 04:02 AM

I believe that is the only thing that changed between my last domain creation and today's attempt. Anyway to rollback ? Or anyway to get more information on this error ?

I'm running on Plesk's auto-update and I have it set to "Late adopter release"....

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Photography Community

May 28, 2009

I run a small forum of (100-200) users that belong to a photographic community.

I now have it running off my personal hosting account that I have with dreamhost.

I pay around USD 90-100.

Its an ok account, as I have unlimited domains, databases, even disk space I undesrstand.

The idea is to move it on a hosting account of its own.

I just want an advice for a company and a price, around the same margins, that I can move it too.

As I said above, there are around 100-150 users, with prospects of it going up but not very much. They also upload images on a daily basis, so disk space and reliability in that area (i know backups are usually my responsability but anyway) are important.

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Which Host Is Best For Web 2.0 Community

May 30, 2008

I am starting a social networking website that will give people the ability to have their own pages and upload videos to the site. The site is geared towards a specific niche, but has the potential to be very large and receive a lot of videos and traffic.

We are looking at different web developers and one is saying that we should go with a dedicated server with 500GB of disk space and 1500 GB of bandwidth.

The other developer is suggesting we go with a company that hosts media content and you only pay a low monthly charge and then the additional charges are based on number of video views per month. That way we don't have to worry about additional servers and this grows with us.

I am very confused, because it can get quite costly the more views we get, but they keep telling me it is cheaper than going with dedicated servers.

I'm trying to figure out how much can be held on a dedicated server with the above specifications and how much traffic/video views can it handle at one time.

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Community Forum

Aug 25, 2008

I've got my new hosting provider choice narrowed down to two providers (ServIt & WiredTree) for a Managed VPS. From the reviews here they both seem to be very similiar in customer support and reliability. The only difference I have found is that ServIt does have a community forum and WiredTree does not have a forum. It's wierd to be choosing a hosting provider based on this, so I thought I would come get your opinions on this.

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Community Website - Which Host

Jul 9, 2008

I've had four different hosts in 1 year, and I'm noe experiencing problems again with my current host, Lunarpages. Therefore, I really want to make the right choice this time. It would be such a pleasure to see my website run without any problems for more than just 8-9 months at a time...

Anyway, let me try to describe it. It's based on the Content Management System phpFusion. It has news, downloads, forums and screenshots. The site itself is c. 2 GB large (because of forum attachments and screenshots), the download section is c. 15 GB, and the site use up about 700 GB og bandwidth each month. In the forum, there's 100.000 posts, growing day for day, of course. We have 12.000 registered members, but we only have c. 50 members online at the same time -- maximum. Throughout a week, 2.000 members log in, but as said, they are never online at the same time. The members are mostly from Europe, but we do also have members from USA and Australia.

I've had both Lunarpages and Servage as hosts, but I have experienced problems with both of them. Servage has a daily bandwidth limit which I had overlooked, and the website constantly exceeded this. Lunarpages is very, very slow when using a MySQL DB.

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Hosting For Mid Size Community

Dec 11, 2008

I own a parenting site, mid-sized I think (1100 members). We were recently "fired" by our host for server load. Sooo, I'm in the market for a new host. I'm so gun shy right now, because everyone is reassuring me they can handle us, but then so did the company that we're currently with.

Phpbb3 software
Bandwith - 17.7gb so far this month
Disk Space - 111.3 mb this month

There are an average of 100 members on line at a time. I've been told we need a dedicated server by some, though I don't think we're big enough at this venture for one, and it's out of our budget. I realize the things I listed above don't have much to do with server load, but I figured I'd share anyway.

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Community String For Server

Jul 20, 2007

We have some Cisco servers that are being administrated by Affant. I recently downloaded a network management tool called SolarWinds and it looks really interesting and amazing because it can do so much for network monitoring. It seems that it needs not only the IP address for out server, but also a Community String. I tried the basic defaults (private, public) but they will not connect. I researched online and found some other defaults for a 3COM network, but none of those worked either.

I was going to try and telnet through to the server but port 23 (default telnet port) is closed. Im sure its for security purposes. I also read online that if I used a packet sniffer, I would be able to sniff out packets which hed the community string in them.

However, I could not find a sniffer which would actually do this. Any suggestions on a good packet sniffer that could do this?

Also, If the telnet port is closed, is there any other way I could telnet into the server on a different port? Or maybe use some other way to access the server?
I really want to use this program but I dont think my corperate office would like us to be monitoring it using this third party software, but us IT people dont really care...

If there is anything you can help out with, it would be most appreciated.

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Community Website. Is It Ok With Shared Account

Apr 6, 2008

A community website with a forum(phpbb3), not more than 2000 users, less than 50 posts per day and less than 50 users online at the same time, will be ok to host under a shared account?

If the bandwith is lower than the limit, is it possible to use many resources and get susbended?

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How Much A Dedicated (and Burstable) RAM Would One Need For A Community Site

Oct 6, 2007

How much dedicated (and burstable) RAM would one need for a community site that averages 60 signed users for its performance to be good?

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Windows Hosting For Social Community Website.

Jul 22, 2007

We have built a social comunity website like myspace, hi5, facebook etc. Can you please suggest what kind of hosting plan should we host on. We have developed the site using Windows Technoligies.

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) To Handle Community Forum

Apr 29, 2009

Past shared hosting deals we been trying out sucks. We are a community forum that just started but know we will grow a big database in the future. We want to prepare now and have no problems. It's a LOCAL Radio-Control (R/C) forum.

What VPS Host would you guys recommend that handles forums well? So far, I broke down to WiredTree.com.

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Aug 7, 2008

Just wondering what problems a listing here will cause for emails
[url]and it is Level 3.

rejected emails to some or all other networks?

This is for a Data Center's IP ranges, they have advised the cause was 2 of their customers with 6 servers which all contained multiple IP classes on each server caused this and are saying to wait 7 days before the listings will clear.

I do not believe they will pay the express removal, not sure if they even knew about the listing until it was pointed out to them.

Details from site..

What means listed at UCEPROTECT-Level 3?

GAME OVER. We and our users have seen enough spam and heared all possible excusions why some lazy providers think to be not responsible for what their customers are doing.

We are not just another blacklist. We really know better. Massive spam is always a problem tolerated by the provider.

Your abuser / user ratio is exorbitant high. We expect some minimum standards from soneone claiming to be a professional provider.

Due to the facts that you do not reach our standards, we and many of our users have chosen to no longer allow smtp-traffic from all your IP's and ranges. See above what we are willig to tolerate as a maximum by an provider of your size.

In todays Internet it is no longer acceptable to sit down and wait for abuse to happen.

If you want to become an accepted provider with a good reputation, you will have to install preventive measures.

Click here to see what you can do to prevent spam coming from your ranges.

If you think it is not your job to prevent your IP's flooding the world with spams, we hope that you and your users will enjoy your Intranet.

How can our total ip-space be removed from UCEPROTECT-Level 3?

You can not expect to get a free ride because you are the provider. Our standard removal procedures are also valid for you.

After you have fixed the problems, the UCEPROTECT-Level 3 listing will be removed automatically and free of charge as soon as the causal Level 1 listings will expire.

Every IP listed at Level 1 expires 7 days after we have seen the last abusive action coming from it.

If you don't want your users to be affected up till the free expiration, you can optionally Expressdelist, which is charged a total of 250 EURO per ASN.

That is a huge discount compared to our charges for Level 2 or even Level 1 expressdelistings.

It is necessary that problems are fixed in first place, otherwise your complete IP-space might end up in Level 3 again within a short timeframe

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Level3 Stamford DC

Mar 27, 2008

Does anyone have any experience in this DC, or are there any resellers who could help me out? We have equipment all over the US, but want something close to our offices for a more robust testing environment. We're only 30 minutes from NYC, but it's a huge hassle and we already have other equipment there.

I've done searches for other DCs in the area, but they don't turn up too much. I'm open to anything in western CT or Westchester county. The only quote I've gotten so far was ridiculous.

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Level3 Pricing

May 3, 2007

Does Level3 charge the same price per rack at every one of their datacenters, or is it dependent on the location? For example, how much would a rack in the Houston datacenter cost compared to the Dallas datacenter? Please no sales people contact me I am just asking to do some research.

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Level3 Direct

May 21, 2007

Does Level3 have a monthly minimum of some sort? I currently own a dialup internet service provider, buy through a dialup reseller that mainly uses the Level3 managed modem service, and would like to deal with them directly if possible. I am also interested in their collocation services and ip connections in the future.

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LEVEL3 Tracert Problems Anyone Else?

Apr 10, 2009

Am I the only one seeing how pathetic LEVEL3 has been lately?

My route from the Gulf Coast to ATL then to Dallas has been up and down up and down with LEVEL3's network. I swear that every time the wind blows their routers are having issues........

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How Good Is A Level3 & NLayer Mix

Jul 8, 2009

GNAX has a killer deal on bandwidth, a mix of L3 & nLayer. How good of a network is that?

Level3 & nLayer @ $8 Per/Mbps with no minimum commit
Cogent & Telia & PCCWBTN & nLayer @ $15 Per/Mbps with no minimum commit

How much more premium is the Cogent, Telia, PCCWBTN, & Nlayer compared to just L3 & nLayer?

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Level3 Reliable Enough As ONLY Carrier

Sep 14, 2009

We are switching from a reseller that blends several carriers to Level3, to reduce our b/w costs (by a factor of 3x). We are driving upwards of 300Mbps currently.

Is Level3 reliable enough in terms of uptime to be our *only* carrier?

We are running a real-time always-on service with long-lived TCP connections, so frequent disconnections would be problematic. A single downtime of a couple of minutes per month would not be too bad on the other hand.

Switching our stuff to Level3 is a lot of work as it is.

Getting a second provider for the failover, which involves setting up a CISCO edge router with BGP, getting an AS number from ARIN, will make this task too big at this point. Is L3 reliable enough on its own to spare this hassle of a second ISP?

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Level3 Vs Global Crossing Vs (UK)

Feb 19, 2008

We currently take transit from Level3 and Tiscali in addition to peering at LINX in the UK. We reaching capacity on our 100Mbps connection to Level3 which we take through a Reseller. I plan to keep our Tiscali transit as we receive great routes to Europe.

I have received quotes for increasing our Level3 to 1Gbps with 100 Mbps CDR and also switching to Global Crossing direct which are I think are fairly competitive at ~ 12 per Mbps?

Does any one have direct experience with either of these two providers in the UK and can recommend who has the best support/routes etc? Additionally I see a number of other UK providers are using Telia and NTT. Having had no experience with Telia or NTT I am unsure if they are in the same league as Global Crossing and Level3. Also are there any other Tier 1's we should be looking at?

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Level3 Vs NTT Verio Vs PCCW

Mar 5, 2008

dedicated server at sentris.com

They offer level3, NTT Verio, and PCCW backbones. I can choose which backbone I want my traffic to go over.

They offer twice as much traffic if I go with PCCW, so it must be the worst provider.

Im thinking of running a gameserver, so I want the lowest latency possible, which provider should I go with?

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Colo Resellers In The Level3 DC In PHX?

Jan 15, 2007

I am colo shopping in Phoenix. I have already been in contact with Jeff at Atjeu and iLand (at Level3)....

Are there other shared rack colo providers in the Phoenix or Tucson area? Probably will start with 3-5amp draw and 2-3mbit. Are there other DC's I should be looking at? I don't thing I'd be a spec on the radar at Limelight.

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Level3 Price Increase Jan 1st

Jan 19, 2007

We've been considering getting a cabinet at Level3 in Tampa and the last pricing we got was November 2006. Yesterday I spoke with the rep I'd been dealing with to place the order, and was told that Level3 raised their prices substantially as of January 1st.

The quote we got 2 months ago is now a full 30% higher.

Can anyone confirm whether Level3 really did take a fat increase, or am I being hustled?

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Issues With Level3 In Atlanta And Dallas?

Mar 28, 2009

Has anyone else seen issues with Level3 in Atlanta and Dallas?

I've been having problems with them all week long.

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Level3 East Coast Providers

Sep 7, 2008

either located in L3 facility or L3 connection.

looking for:

2-4GB memory
2x 160gb drives
3-4TB monthly bandwidth
dual xeon cpus or quad

preferable around $200-$250/mo.

am i asking for too much? everyone seems to only offer 1 or 2TB bandwidth but i'm hovering right around 1.5TB a month at my current location so i need a bit more for growth.

i run a non-profit gaming website and our budget is somewhat tight. we've been in a speakeasy datacenter for over 7 years and the only reason we're moving is because we outgrew the small server we were blessed with for so many years.

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Level3 111 N. Canal Colo Space

Apr 8, 2008

Anyone have a cabinet at Level 3's 111 N. Canal Datacenter available?

I'm looking for a cabinet specifically in that colo space, so no responses about other colo please.

Their facility is maxed out hence the inquiry.

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Level3 NY2 85 10th Avenue Colocation

Jan 30, 2008

in finding sublease opportunities for cage/cabinet space at the Level(3) NY2 facility @ 85 10th Avenue in New York City. Please contact me if you have space/power to sell at this facility in any quantity.

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East Coast Level3 Resellers

Aug 28, 2008

There doesn't seem to be a list of folks that resell Level3 anywhere, and doing a GIS doesn't really help, either.

I'm looking for a couple of names of some companies that offer dedicated servers in Level3 facilities? Preferably in the Northeast, but anywhere on the East Coast is probably fine, too.

I know Limestone and TMS are L3 resellers, but they aren't east coast...

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Good Rep From Level3 For Low Price On 100mbps

Jul 31, 2007

Anybody have a good sales rep I can use from Level3 for a great price on 100mbps commit?

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