Is A Reseller Host A Good Choice

Oct 13, 2009

I noticed a trend - I don't know if it's very new, but it can't be very old either - that quite a few people are looking for hosting and specifically ask that the host is not a reseller. Obviously they have somehow decided that a reseller is not a good choice for them.

A host that rents servers from a datacenter and then sells shared hosting and/or reseller hosting accounts or whatever other types of packages, is in fact reselling what it has bought from its provider. Despite that, it is generally regarded as a full-fledged host. Sure, they do take care that the servers are managed properly, that they are secure, they provide customer support, so they add to the original product that they have bought, but in essence they are resellers.

The first one is that the reliability, the uptime and server performance depend almost entirely on the upstream provider (the host behind the reseller). Considering that the reseller did a good job in finding a great upstream host, these things should be fine, but, unfortunately, in their search to get the best deal out there, many hosting resellers (if not most of them) end up being hosted for just a few bucks a month on highly overcrowded servers with stability and performance problems, frequent downtime etc. which will in turn translate into poor service for the end user.

The other major concern is the knowledgeability of the reseller. The very ease of becoming a reseller and the fact that almost anyone, or, as a WebHostingTalk user said it once, "anybody and his dog", can be a reseller, makes it very hard for some to trust a hosting reseller.

I would never say a reseller is a bad choice, but some things are not to be expected from a reseller. For example most resellers are a one man show and thus 24/7 365 days a year support can not be achieved without outsourcing some of it. This however is not a very cost effective solution for low volumes and this is why most resellers provide all the support themselves, which will obviously not be 24/7.

Also a reseller has only so much freedom on the server. A reseller cannot do some things and has to ask his own host to do them for him. That means it will take longer for those things to get solved.

On the plus side, a reseller often gets to know his customers and their needs and the client-reseller relationship often gets quite close. A friendly tone is worth for some people more than a 99.99% uptime statistic. If you're one of those people a reseller could very well be the right choice.

I am running some blogs on JustHost, a WordPress Web Hosting recommended by WordPress. You can visit my JustHost Review for reference.

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What Makes A Good Reseller Host

Nov 24, 2008

Iím looking to find some opinions on what attributes constitute a superior reseller host. Anyone care to share?

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Bluehost A Good Choice

Nov 6, 2009

I can only state my own experiences with Bluehost. As a longtime web designer I have been sending my clients to Bluehost for years. In fact I started a web service at that will do free setup and install of Wordpress if you open a account with Bluehost. I like to keep all my clients in one place. I have had no problems with Bluehost over the past five years. If a client's website starts to get many hits and more traffic than a standard shared hosting account can handle I then move them over to a real VPS. But if your just starting out Bluehost and a service like mine is a good choice.

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Is Namecheap A Good Choice For Me

Mar 31, 2009

I am a little upset because I host my forum and other sites on my friend's server who has dedicated server, but now he is closing his hosting business

My forum opens very fast with his servers but now I have to go to somewhere else, I just contacted Namecheap and asked if I can host my little-busy forum there or not on their shared hosting package.

They will reply me but I want to know your advices too about Namecheap. Is it good choice to host a VBulletin forum on shared hosting from Namecheap?

Or I should buy their Business Hosting Package?

I don't want to buy VPS or Dedicated Server because I don't have much knowledge of hosting and I have heard that VPS and Dedicated servers are very difficult to manage for person like me

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Good OS Choice For Plesk

Apr 6, 2009

I've decided to go with theplanet as a server provider. What OS do you guys recommend if the primary purpose of the server was to distribute media and large exe files?

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Is A Core2Quad Q6600 A Good Choice For A CPU

Dec 3, 2008

Is a Core2Quad Q6600 cpu a good choice in a dedicated server compared to a Xenon or Dual Xenons?

I'm sepcifically looking at this page...[url]

Is this a good deal?

The 1TB SATA can be swapped for a 300GB SCSI at no extra cost.

Intended for a vbulletin forum so lots of database queries, I assume the 8GB ram would be good for that.

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Good Choice Aside From Hostgator Or ASO For Pro-bono Clients

Jan 30, 2009

I have a pro-bono client...a gardening group, say 200 or so not-too-tech savvy folks who need hosting. A very small (16M) simple-minded site with 2-3 PHP scripts for form responses and a Gmail userid for receiving public questions and answering them. Okay?
They need a site where, if I get run over by a semi, they can take over for awhile if needed, until they find someone else.

ASO is only for ubergeeks, as I've seen in their forum (especially), their wiki, and somewhat in their tech support. Even *I* am no ubergeek, much less, my clients. Hostgator for their smallest plan, at the $4.95 price requires 3-years up front, else $8.95 per year: a bit much for my not-for-profit group. (And Lifehacker says, Hostgator is just a reseller for The Planet...)

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Is Cloud Sites Is A Good Choice For Average Web Site?

Jun 19, 2009

I am very interest about RackSpace Cloud site technology

Does any one over here using RackSpace Cloud Site

I have couple of sites hosted on a one virtual dedicated server, I get total about 100K+ hits per month. About 70GB bandwidth usage per month. Is cloud site technology is a good choice for me?

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Reseller Accounts :: Which Company Is Good?

Jun 29, 2009

Which company do you think is good to resell from?

It should be a decent and stable host I suppose... so Will cirtexhosting be the suitabke solution? Do you know what are they and how quality they are?

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How Do You Know If A Host Is A Reseller?

Nov 17, 2008

How do you know if a host is a reseller?

I am looking for a web host. I'd like to stay away from resellers, but I'm not sure how to tell if a company is a reseller or the 'original'. How do you find out?

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How Can We Know If A Host Is A Reseller

May 21, 2009

How do we know if a host provider is actually a reseller-host?

Is a whois-tool can help here?

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Reseller And Host Owners

Jan 30, 2009

How can one tell the "hosting company" that advertise hosting is a reseller or owns the data center?

I bet 99% are resellers but how can one find out ? is there a web tool?

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Moving Host As A Reseller

Sep 17, 2008

I bought a reseller account because i had a dozen or so sites and could save money etc taking charge of them. I bought a reseller account. After a while with my hosting company I am unhappy with the uptime so I have set up another reseller account with hostgator.

I now need to move all my sites over.

I understand what I need to do is;

(these are simple, non database, non wordpress sites btw)

Make a backup of site
Put backup of site on new reseller account
repoint dns for site on old reseller account to new reseller account
job done!

I have backed up my site and now want to upload it to my new location. I have setup the domain account in my reseller control panel.

My problem is how/where do i upload these files to? I think I need a direct IP address as if i ftp to that onviously sends me to the reseller account i am trying to leave.

I know my reseller ip address, but how does that relate to the sites i am going to host...?

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Is A Good Host

Mar 27, 2008

I was wondering what you all think of hosting.

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Host Gator Reseller Program

Sep 26, 2005

I've been thinking about becoming a reseller for Host Gator. Does anyone have any experience with their reseller program?

Can anyone provide me with any tips about reselling? Is there anything I should know about? Is it difficult to do? Is it time consuming?

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What Is Your Best Reseller Host And Domain Registrar

Jun 16, 2008

I'm interested in maybe moving all my reseller hosting and domain registration from United Hosting and Low Cost Names respectively... So I'm interested in hearing what you are using and why... I'm a freelancer who resells space, I live in the UK and am wanting the best companies to work it for me and my clients...

A few reasons why I want to change right now is that United Hosting just doesn't offer enough space for me, and I'm finding it more and more expensive for the value I'm getting. Though they are good as they allow me to edit php.ini files, have ImageMagick, and offer webmail to my clients etc. I do like Low Cost Names, but again I'm finding the lack of CNAME records a little disappointing.

So... what are your best reseller host and domain registrator to you and why?

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Good Europe / UK Host

Sep 1, 2009

We currently use which are excellent both feature wise and regarding customer service. Now, I'm acutely aware that ALL my clients use VN, what if VN die!!?

So I'm on the look out for another UK hosting co. with a decent feature set but more importantly perhaps is their support response time replying to queries etc.

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Definition Of Good Host

Jun 8, 2009

How you label a perticular host as a good host?

is 4-5 hours downtime a month Good?

avg support ticket answer time?

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Looking For Good Torrentflux Host

Apr 24, 2008

Can you guys please recommend a lot of torrentflux hosts, I want to look through them. It must come with an ftp account.

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Qoozz, Good Host Or Very Bad

Jul 19, 2008

Few weeks ago, someone posted on my forums something about a website having our images of them (of a game) and claiming false information that they provide a game that they don't have. Instead, they lure people in to downloading a spyware called zango. First, I went to godaddy as I whoised the host, and they said they don't host the site at all.

Because proxybydomain was protecting them of whois information, I contacted them and they said Qoozz was hosting them. Well, fine. I emailed support of Qoozz and told them about the situation. Few days later, no reply. I posted on the forums and private messaged an administrator about it.. Still no reply.

Then a few days later I realized I could make threads (at first, they became invisible as they had to be allowed by the mods) When I created a thread, it got removed right away a few hours after that. Even my username Skyrider was renamed to Skyride.

When I created another thread and emailed support, billing, sales, etc.. I now am IP banned from the site and I am unable to go to there. All my emails and private messages and my threads has been ignored. While FUNImation can easily take legal actions to Qoozz for not taking action on the spyware site and using images that doesn't belong to them.

Any opinions? As I find this very very stupid. "Support at your finger tops" as they said it on their site my ***.

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Recommend Good Flv Host?

Jun 24, 2008

any one recommend good flv host? for private sharing of 120 alumni students? videos are mostly farewell stuffs.

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Good Dedicated Host ...

Oct 6, 2008

Who is a really good Dedicated host. I may need to switch my site to dedicated and I only wanna do it once.

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Host Voice / Good Or Bad

May 25, 2008

I have just seen Host Voice through Web-Hosting Talk, Want to know if this is a good investment?

I have created an account and deposited $50. So just wondering if it is a good investment or I am waisting my time to attract some Genuine Buyers of Web-hosting?

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Good Host For A VBulletin (and Maybe VPS)

Aug 11, 2008

I've been doing some comparing for web hosting and given that my thread gave me zero input, I thought I'd post here & see what advice I can gain.

I currently have a vBulletin forum hosted through 1&1 Shared Hosting. Huge upcoming problem is 1&1's 100MB MySQL Database size limit, not something that had been factored at the site's launch. The only option 1&1 has provided is an upgrade to one of their VPS servers, starting at $29 a month. The site is currently at only half that limit, around 50MB so I'm taking the time now to figure what to do in the next several months.

I've been open to the idea of simply transferring to another shared host with a larger MySQL database limit (looked at Host Gator that offers 2GB limit) or forking out the extra cash for the VPS and consolidating some of my other websites onto the VPS.

Currently, the forum receives (per month) 2000 unique visitors, 200,000 page views, and about ~40 users online at one time. I really want to know, if I move to another shared host will the CPU usage eventually get my account suspended if site growth picks up? Or would I be better off consolidating various websites onto a single VPS and taking my chances with a 1&1 upgrade?

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Good Reliable VPS Host

Oct 30, 2008

I am planning to shift my sites from dedicated server to VPS as my site traffic

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Good Overselling Host

Aug 27, 2008

Can someone recommend a good overseller? I have 300GB+ in home videos I want to back up online somewhere. My plan is to just leave a crappy computer of mine uploading non-stop for like a week or whatever.

All I really need is a place that oversells but won't give me crap for actually using the space I pay for, and fast upload speeds would be nice too. Oh, and cheap is definitely good and I don't like it when hosts put up advertisements on my error pages. Nothing else really matters to me that much.

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Apt Host Any Good, Or Any Other Recomendations.

Jul 4, 2007

I have been trying to find a lower priced host for a while now, and came across an offer posted for Apt host, when i visited their website I found that they had more then I could ask for at about 32 usd per year after coupon.

I will be hosting several sites, some of which contain brief profanity or legal adult content, However don't really have a real need for heavy disk space, and since my sites are fairly new even bandwidth is not that important for the time being. They will be running mainly on joomla or wordpress.

Anyways after trying to do a search for a review on apt host i can barely find anything.

Has anyone here used them, and how do they rate them, additionally if u have any other advice on hosts that provide simiar packages it would be great to hear ur feed back.

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Good Web Host For Resellers

Mar 7, 2007

I am not a reseller yet but I have mutilable domains and I am wanting to get in to reselling.

And good host out there for a good price I am small now but would like to get larger so I would need to be able to upgrade later.

THe host needs to allow cron jobs.

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Moving Reseller Acount To New Host - Want To Keep Email

Jul 16, 2009

We currently use a hosting company in the UK to host about 13 of our clients websites. The domains have been registered with many different companies to complicate things even more!

We do not host their email. The clients look after their email themselves but obviously use the same domain as the website in their email addresses.

We would now like to move these websites to a new hosting company which I have already set up. I've uploaded all the files and databases so all that's in place and seems to be working well.

Now the complicated part (for me anyway)!

I'm not sure what I need to do in order to change where the site is hosted from and NOT change anything about the clients email settings. I believe I do not need to change the DNS settings as this may disrupt the email settings which I don't want. Do I need to change only the IP address to the new server?

My new hosting plan is on a Virtual dedicated server if that's important.

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Picking A Host: IPower Any Good?

May 23, 2006

I couldn't find any good review sites, but lots of places recommended iPowerWeb.

What I want is:

* I want to know who the MOST RELIABLE (uptime) hosts are.

* I want to know who has the best 24/7 telephone tech support.

* I want to only pick hosts that have been around for a while and are profitable so they are less likely to go out of business on me.

* I'm looking for a HIGHLY ETHICAL company that doesn't allow their servers to be used for spam or other $#!+ that gets them blocked. (my current hosting company is currently blocked from some email servers because they let someone using their servers send spam, so now their customers (including me) can't send email to some domains (e.g., I'm rip$#!+ about this) ).

* I am NOT looking for the cheapest deal. I want premium quality by a large, well-established professionally-staffed company; not some guy running a rack of blades in his basement ever since he got laid off in the dot-com bust.

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Is Google A Good Place To Host?

Aug 27, 2008

I have agreed to rework my boss's storage rental facility website which means I will basically be starting over.

He's always trying to pinch pennies and suggested Google might be a good place to host the site.

From what I can tell, it looks like once you have your domain you pay $10 to host with Google them but it looks like a subdomain setting. For instance, my boss currently has a website called and he's hosting with google. When I type in the it redirects to

If he's trying to get more traffic to this new website, won't that bury him since it appears to be a subdomain? I'm not completely sure what Google is doing here. It looks like beta version.

Does anyone know if their system includes website templates and software to help you build a site?

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