Is A Core2Quad Q6600 A Good Choice For A CPU

Dec 3, 2008

Is a Core2Quad Q6600 cpu a good choice in a dedicated server compared to a Xenon or Dual Xenons?

I'm sepcifically looking at this page...[url]

Is this a good deal?

The 1TB SATA can be swapped for a 300GB SCSI at no extra cost.

Intended for a vbulletin forum so lots of database queries, I assume the 8GB ram would be good for that.

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Core2Quad Q6600 Or Dual Opteron 280

Aug 21, 2007

I now have 2 options for my new servers,first one specs:

Core2Quad Q6600
4GB DDR-II 800Mhz
2 x 250GB SATA II

and another one:
Dual Opteron 280
4GB ECC DDR (it should be 400Mhz)
2 x 250GB SATA

They are about same price as the second one is used system and the first one is brand new.

So which one should i choose?

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Intel Xeon 3200 Series Quad Core VS Intel Core2Quad Q6600

Oct 7, 2008

Intel Xeon 3200 series Quad Core VS Intel Core2Quad Q6600

What stood between Intel Xeon 3200 series Quad Core VS Intel Core2Quad Q6600?

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Bluehost A Good Choice

Nov 6, 2009

I can only state my own experiences with Bluehost. As a longtime web designer I have been sending my clients to Bluehost for years. In fact I started a web service at that will do free setup and install of Wordpress if you open a account with Bluehost. I like to keep all my clients in one place. I have had no problems with Bluehost over the past five years. If a client's website starts to get many hits and more traffic than a standard shared hosting account can handle I then move them over to a real VPS. But if your just starting out Bluehost and a service like mine is a good choice.

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Is Namecheap A Good Choice For Me

Mar 31, 2009

I am a little upset because I host my forum and other sites on my friend's server who has dedicated server, but now he is closing his hosting business

My forum opens very fast with his servers but now I have to go to somewhere else, I just contacted Namecheap and asked if I can host my little-busy forum there or not on their shared hosting package.

They will reply me but I want to know your advices too about Namecheap. Is it good choice to host a VBulletin forum on shared hosting from Namecheap?

Or I should buy their Business Hosting Package?

I don't want to buy VPS or Dedicated Server because I don't have much knowledge of hosting and I have heard that VPS and Dedicated servers are very difficult to manage for person like me

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Good OS Choice For Plesk

Apr 6, 2009

I've decided to go with theplanet as a server provider. What OS do you guys recommend if the primary purpose of the server was to distribute media and large exe files?

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Is A Reseller Host A Good Choice

Oct 13, 2009

I noticed a trend - I don't know if it's very new, but it can't be very old either - that quite a few people are looking for hosting and specifically ask that the host is not a reseller. Obviously they have somehow decided that a reseller is not a good choice for them.

A host that rents servers from a datacenter and then sells shared hosting and/or reseller hosting accounts or whatever other types of packages, is in fact reselling what it has bought from its provider. Despite that, it is generally regarded as a full-fledged host. Sure, they do take care that the servers are managed properly, that they are secure, they provide customer support, so they add to the original product that they have bought, but in essence they are resellers.

The first one is that the reliability, the uptime and server performance depend almost entirely on the upstream provider (the host behind the reseller). Considering that the reseller did a good job in finding a great upstream host, these things should be fine, but, unfortunately, in their search to get the best deal out there, many hosting resellers (if not most of them) end up being hosted for just a few bucks a month on highly overcrowded servers with stability and performance problems, frequent downtime etc. which will in turn translate into poor service for the end user.

The other major concern is the knowledgeability of the reseller. The very ease of becoming a reseller and the fact that almost anyone, or, as a WebHostingTalk user said it once, "anybody and his dog", can be a reseller, makes it very hard for some to trust a hosting reseller.

I would never say a reseller is a bad choice, but some things are not to be expected from a reseller. For example most resellers are a one man show and thus 24/7 365 days a year support can not be achieved without outsourcing some of it. This however is not a very cost effective solution for low volumes and this is why most resellers provide all the support themselves, which will obviously not be 24/7.

Also a reseller has only so much freedom on the server. A reseller cannot do some things and has to ask his own host to do them for him. That means it will take longer for those things to get solved.

On the plus side, a reseller often gets to know his customers and their needs and the client-reseller relationship often gets quite close. A friendly tone is worth for some people more than a 99.99% uptime statistic. If you're one of those people a reseller could very well be the right choice.

I am running some blogs on JustHost, a WordPress Web Hosting recommended by WordPress. You can visit my JustHost Review for reference.

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Good Choice Aside From Hostgator Or ASO For Pro-bono Clients

Jan 30, 2009

I have a pro-bono client...a gardening group, say 200 or so not-too-tech savvy folks who need hosting. A very small (16M) simple-minded site with 2-3 PHP scripts for form responses and a Gmail userid for receiving public questions and answering them. Okay?
They need a site where, if I get run over by a semi, they can take over for awhile if needed, until they find someone else.

ASO is only for ubergeeks, as I've seen in their forum (especially), their wiki, and somewhat in their tech support. Even *I* am no ubergeek, much less, my clients. Hostgator for their smallest plan, at the $4.95 price requires 3-years up front, else $8.95 per year: a bit much for my not-for-profit group. (And Lifehacker says, Hostgator is just a reseller for The Planet...)

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Is Cloud Sites Is A Good Choice For Average Web Site?

Jun 19, 2009

I am very interest about RackSpace Cloud site technology

Does any one over here using RackSpace Cloud Site

I have couple of sites hosted on a one virtual dedicated server, I get total about 100K+ hits per month. About 70GB bandwidth usage per month. Is cloud site technology is a good choice for me?

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Is Core2Quad 2.4 GHz Better Than P4 2.8 HT?

May 16, 2009

Is Core2Quad 2.4 GHz better than P4 2.8 HT?

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Core2Quad Q9400 (2.66ghz)

Mar 30, 2009

I have a dedicated server that is the Q9400 and in the WHM Server Status area it states that in fact it is a Core2Quad Q9400 2.66ghz, however all four processor speeds are at 1998mhz is this correct? 2ghz and not in fact 2.66?

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LimeStoneNetworks [ Intel Core2Quad ]

Sep 29, 2009


Have you guys checked this out yet?

It is simply amazing!


Intel Core2Quad Q9650
8gb DDR2
100 MBPS
Cores 4 cores
Speed 3.0GHz
Core Name Yorkfield
L1 Cache 256KB
L2 Cache 12MB
HT Speed 1333MHz

All just for $159.99. ($40 off) That is just simply amazing.

I purchased one of those when it was for $179.99 and I am still using it. (Original is $199.99)

These servers are a BEAST!

Just wanted to say that LimeStoneNetworks dominates with the pricing + support and everything else related to Dedicated Server =P

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Core2Quad Or Quad Core

Dec 8, 2008

Core2Quad or Quad Core

What's the difference?

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Q6600 Vs Q8300

May 11, 2009

which cpu is best

both some with same 8GB ram + 750GB hdd

if you buying the server then what server will you go for?

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Q6600 Vs E5405

Mar 24, 2008

i want to know which cpu is the best, the price difference is 30 euro.

I have around 400 active users so i thgought about upgrading however im not sure if E5405 is enough. Can anyone checkthe benchmark of e5405?

There another deal that is dual e5405 it will cost another 30 euro

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Q6600 Vs E6850

Sep 4, 2008

Which cpu will you take for a cpanel hosting server?

Run PHP/MYSQL for provide share hosting.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz 8M
Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.00GHZ 4MB

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Q6600 Vs X3350

Mar 26, 2008

- one box E5420 (dual CPUs) with 16GB RAM

- two boxes Q6600 with 8GB RAM on each

All others parts are the same. Two boxes Q6600 will cost around $700 more

edit: bad, I could not edit the subject. I want to compare E5420 with Q6600

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Difference Between Core2Quad And Xeon Quad

May 26, 2009

What are the differences between using core2 quad and xeon quad?

Specifically, what are the differences between Q9400 and Xeon X3330?

Assume that other hardware are all the same (say supermicro X7SBi) are there any difference in using either?

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Core2quad ,RAM Compatible For Supermicro X7SBA

Feb 17, 2008

I want to use Core2quad on X7SBA supermicro mobo. And as have few RAM's in stock of this model


Was wondering if this RAM will be compatible to this motherboard.


As it mentioned on sheet of this mobo that

IntelŽ XeonŽ 3000 Sequence and
Core™ 2 Quad / Duo Series in LGA775
Package (FSB 1333/1066/800 MHz)

Up to 8GB unbuffered ECC / non-ECC

DDR2 800/667 SDRAM

But want to make sure.

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Quad Core - Core2Quad Vs Xeon

Jul 21, 2008

I'm getting a quad core server and am wondering is there any much difference (performance, stability?) between a quad core Xeon 5400 series and a Core2Quad Q9300?

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How Many Sites Can Q6600 Handle

May 10, 2009

i will upgrade my server to:

Core2Quad Q6600
8 GB Ram
1000 GB HDD
1000 GB 2nd HDD

how many sites can this server will handle?

if the sites will be small forums?

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Which Processor? Q8200 Vs Q6600

May 4, 2009

Planning on getting a new dedicated server with 4GB RAM, and a 500GB 7.2k SATA2 Hard Drive.

Which processor do you guys suggest? I know the Q6600 is older and runs hotter, but it has better specs than the Q8200. Would I really notice a difference if I'm only hosting static sites without any video streaming or anything?

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Q6600 Or Q9300- Which Do You Prefer

Jun 4, 2009

If you had to buy one or the other at the same price which would you go with? Hosting and gaming usage.

Q6600 vs Q9300
2.4 Ghz vs 2.5 Ghz
8MB cache vs 6 MB cache
1066 FSB vs 1333 MHz FSB

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Does Xen Support Q6600 And X3220

Dec 24, 2008

had you ever use q6600 and x3220 to run xen ?

i wonder if they can support xen well.

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Q6600 Processor Vs. Q9400

Aug 22, 2008

I have read benchmark comparisons and found the Q9400 and even the Q9300 to be a better performing processor compared to the Q6600 processor, even with 2MB less L2 cache.

I am just wondering, how significant of a difference do you think the Q6600 processor and the Q9400 processor is in a server environment? Currently I have a Q6600 processor but am looking to upgrade my server, possibly to the Q9400 processor..will it be worth it? It's not that much more expensive..the only thing I am concerned about is the 2mb L2 cache loss.

My site is "kind-of" high traffic. We receive a lot of connections and visitors, and most-importantly my sites are run by PHP and MySQL databases.

Please help me choose the right processor. Currently I have 4GB DDR2-800mhz installed, which I will be upgrading to 8GB DDR2-800mhz, no matter what processor I choose to run.

I discovered that upgrading to 1ghz RAM is just not worth the extra money because the performance gain is very little and not noticeable.

Would anyone possibly know of a Intel Quad Core processor that has 8mb or more of L2 cache, 1333mhz FSB, and is comparable to the processors listed above and relatively the same in price?

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Intel Xeon 3320 = Core2Quad Q9400

Jan 15, 2009

on my dedicated server provider it said that i was ordering a Quad core Xeon 3320 2.5 ghz and when i got it and checked the server specs, it said Core2Quad Q9400 2.66 GHZ. I emailed them why it didnt say Xeon 3320, and this is their response

Intel repackaged the Core2Duo Q9300 as the Intel Xeon 3320. The only difference that Intel will verify is that the CPU will readout "Xeon X3320" instead of "Q9300". Both chips have the same components.

If you look at other sites, you will see them list other processors in the same way "Xeon XXXX 2.XGhz (Core2Duo/Quad)".

Ive had different opinions from different people saying they are the same and some saying that they are not. So im asking you guys now. Is this true?

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Agreed On Core2quad Q900 But Got Xeon X3220 Instead

Aug 13, 2008

Not too experienced with this and need your help. I agreed for a dedicated server deal with Core2Quad Q9300 but now the agent is giving me a Xeon X3220 instead and said there is no difference.

Could I get some opinions? Is it true there is no difference? I had the impression that the Q9300 was more powerful.

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Xeon 3220 Vs Q6600 Vs Q8200

Mar 23, 2009

Xeon 3220 (2.40Ghz 4MB Cache)
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.44Ghz 8MB Cache)
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 (2.33Ghz 4MB Cache)

How do these CPU's compare to each other? From what I've read so far I'm leaning towards the Q6600.

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Intel Q6600 Vs AMD Phenom 9500

Jun 8, 2008

I don't know if this is the right forum, but someone asked me which processor is better:

Q6600 - 8 MB cache - 4 x 2.4 Ghz
P9500 - 2 MB cache - 4 x 2.2 Ghz

Off course everyone will say the Q6600 now (i know that myself), but the Q6600 server has 4 GB ram and the P9500 server 8 GB. What would be the best choice?

it is for VPS hosting. In my opinion the P9500 is better.

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Choose: Xeon 604pin 3.2 GHz V.s Q6600

Jun 21, 2008

i want to choose a new server,it will run with forums,

and general blogAhtml pages.

there are two spec.
250G SATAII HD*2 with raid 1 or 250G SATAII HD*3 with raid5
dual Xeon 604pin 3.2 GHz (irwindale)
36G SCSI HD*3 with raid5

which one will be better?

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How Intel Core2Quad 9550 (Yorkfield) Is Compared To Harpertown

Feb 20, 2009

Intel Core2Quad Yorkfield 2.83GHZ w/ 12Mb L2 Cache

Intel Dual Xeon E5405 (8 x 2.00GHZ 2 x 12MB Cache)

Is there a big difference?

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