Internet Relay Chat (IRC) :: Channel Hosting

May 26, 2008

I am not the brightest when it comes to IRC. Ideally we want to create a "Chat Room" for our website members. We only need one room, so I am thinking a whole server is over kill However I am interested in knowing if not requiring a whole server, is there a service perhaps that allows us to have our own branded irc channel, IE: ?

I am only thinking IRC as we want our users to use the web based interface, and there is a plethora of these that can run through a java applet to the IRC channel. Or are there better solutions?

I am open to suggestions, we are only looking to have about 30 people in the chat room.

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IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Hosting

Aug 12, 2007

Im looking to host an irc network, ill need a few VPS's in EU / USA. can anyone reccomend me some providers? im looking for fairly cheap, unmanaged.

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VPS Hosting Of An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Bot

Sep 28, 2008

I currently have two servers with vaserve, one under the a2b2 brand and the other under the EpicVPS brand, which I am very happy with, but they don't allow the hosting of IRC or bots in any way.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest a (very) low cost (very) low spec plan that would allow me to host a single IRC bot. I'm looking for something around 64mb ram, and whatever disk/bandwidth you think would be enough for the bot.

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Looking For Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Allowed Dedicated Hosting

Jul 29, 2008

I'm looking for a good place to get a dedicated server from that allows IRC other than Staminus and has decent DDoS mitigation just to be safe. I would prefer total network bandwidth capacity to be no less than 10GB/s that pier with premium tier-1 bandwidth providers.

Processor: No less than a dual core
HDD: No less than 150GB HDD
IPs: 64 or 128 IP Addresses
No less than 1500GB/m bandwidth on 100MB

Budget: $150 - $190 USD

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) :: VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

Jul 28, 2007

I am looking for somewhere in the US or Canada that can host a VPS with the following requirements:

10gb space
256mb ram - burst 512mb
200gb bandwidth
2 ips (or 1 with cheap price for an extra ip)
Public IRC Capable (not linking with EFNet, etc.)

I've been searching for something that can meet my needs but I've been at a loss. BuyAVPS became a big issue, and I pulled out quickly before the most recent downtime, SolarVPS before that with their lovely billing problems and collection threats.

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Internet Relay Chat - IRC BNC

May 5, 2009

I am looking for 20 BNC for irc usage with custom vhost and standard vhost options.

I prefer the company to be in UK or Europe, but may look at the US

Can anyone recommend me a company or companies.

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VPS For Internet Relay Chat (IRC) ...

Nov 28, 2007

I need one VPS for irc , i want run one ircd leaf and some eggdrop's/psybncs for a simple project to help one irc network on my country , can you give me some help to choose the best service ?

I need some, like this :

- 1 or 2 GB Disk Space
- 128 MB Ram
- IP's 2
- No needed cpanels and management .

I only have 10$/month to spend in this project.

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VPS Internet Relay Chat (IRC)?

Oct 28, 2008

What do you guys recomend for:

128 mb vps, 2gb hdd (max) vps for irc only?

I want a really cheap one, and decent network.

It's only to run 3 bots, wont be a target to any DDoS.

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Internet Relay Chat - IRC Host

Oct 25, 2005

I'm in need of a simple IRC shell host.

We run an IRC bot service which interacts with our websites database, but currently the server does not support outgoing IRC connections.

I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a good, stable host.

It simply needs to have SSH, PHP, and support outgoing IRC connections of course

It will be connecting to a remote SQL server, so SQL is not needed. I'm unsure about how much bandwidth I need, I'm sure its little to none. 50MB would probably suffice on webspace.

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My VPS Is Hacked Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Mar 4, 2008

I received email from abuse

[root@df41 ~]# lsof -p 707
ssh 707 root cwd DIR 0,106 4096 24281092 /df/root/6272/usr/local/games/irc
ssh 707 root rtd DIR 0,106 4096 6160398 /df/root/6272
ssh 707 root txt REG 0,106 846832 24287656 /df/root/6272/usr/local/games/irc/ssh
ssh 707 root 0u CHR 136,0 2 /df/root/6272/dev/pts/0
ssh 707 root 1u CHR 136,0 2 /df/root/6272/dev/pts/0
ssh 707 root 2u CHR 136,0 2 /df/root/6272/dev/pts/0
ssh 707 root 3r REG 0,106 4636 24287728 /df/root/6272/usr/local/games/irc/mfu.txt
ssh 707 root 4r REG 0,106 16142 24287726 /df/root/6272/usr/local/games/irc/pass_file
ssh 707 root 5r CHR 1,9 18055754 /df/root/6272/dev/urandom
ssh 707 root 6u sock 0,4 292642090 can't identify protocol

the VPS provider will format and rebuilt the VPS

how can I prevent this from happening again !!

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Wanting Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Jan 14, 2009

I am looking to have an IRC chat room on one of my sites. My question is, can i get a hosting package where i am allowed to have this chat room set up?

Please let me know the costs, and what comes with the package if so.

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Looking For Windows VPS That Allows Internet Relay Chat (IRC) ...

Dec 3, 2007

Cheap windows VPS With port 6667 allowed to be used (IRC)

I will be using this VPS for a IRC rebort

It is impossible to get DDoSed by running this sort of robot on the network im going to be running it on... (Australias largest ISP)


3GB HDD (If less or more will be needed tell me..... the bot I want to run is about 20mbs )
256mb ram(?) If less will do, tell me.
Windows 2000 or what ever. ....

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Vps In Eu Which Allows Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Server?

Nov 6, 2007

can someone recommand an eu vps hoster which allows an irc server to be run on it?

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VPS For Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Bouncer

Dec 2, 2008

I'm looking for a VPS anywhere but in the US, and preferably in EU. It must allow IRC and have over 128mb RAM. Bandwidth isn't a problem, 5-10GB is plenty. IPv6 (doesn't need to be native) is a must, so I am looking at Xen systems.

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Allowed VPS

Mar 13, 2009

Looking for IRC allowed VPS, with very few IPs (only 8-16), must be RDNS delegated. SWIP is optional but a plus.

Zero ddos risk - plan on mainly doing hosting, but want to run a few clients. BW as much as possible [almost all outbound], disk maybe 10-15GB, IPv6 is a plus.

RAM something comfortable, 300-600MB, nonoversold, no control panel, unmanaged, no "stupid question" tickets will be sent

ES(X|Xi) or Xen - NO VZ!!!!!
Max cap around $10-30/m USD

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VPS With Internet Relay Chat (IRC) + CPanel

Nov 25, 2007

I'm currently looking for a VPS and am wondering if you guys can help.

The specs I want are:

15-20GB Hard Drive
200ish GB Bandwidth
cPanel 11
Linux powered

It has to be able to run an ircd (Inspircd) for up to 100 users, including a few other deamons (services, stats, eggdrops).

In terms of price, I'm looking at around the $50/month mark.

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) :: Small VPS Provider

Apr 26, 2008

Requirements:32 of RAM typical usage; enough burst to run gcc to compile IRCd

No control panel required
Linux or BSD
Not much disk space required aside from OS install (1-2GB?)
Enough CPU to run UnrealIRCd with approximately 20-30 users on a private network.
Typical bandwidth usage 1GB. Would like perhaps 2-5GB just in case.
Budget approximately $10 a month
Canada/USA based
Self managed
Reliable network and server
Only need 1 IP

Will not be running any httpd or such, only IRCd and a BNC process.

Is this too much to ask for at this price point?I have tried some providers, they failed at #5 and #10.

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Windows VPS Connection Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Apr 6, 2008

I am currently using a VPSland windows 2003 vps, and noticed that on IRC, (via mIRC), i can't really connect to irc ports such as 6667, etc, but i can connect through other uncommon ports like 8080, or BNC ports. Does anybody know how to enable those irc ports on the windows vps?

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UK Based VPS For Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Shells

Jul 20, 2007

Currently looking for a UK based VPS provider that allows IRC. 256-512mB of RAM, only about 5gB of HDD space required, maybe 10gB. Being at UK Solutions is a big plus, but not a requirement. Will be hosting IRC shell accounts for BNCs, Eggdrops and various IRC clients.

At least 10 IPs would also be a plus. Not certain on budget yet.

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Internet Relay Chat - IRC Dedicated Server

May 3, 2009

Does anyone here know about a dedicated server hosting company located in either Florida or Texas (United States) which allows the use of IRC? I plan to link to an already established network. Nothing illegal!

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Creating An Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Server

Apr 29, 2006

I have recently opened up a game, in which is slowly becoming pretty active. However, I want the ability to create an IRC server - locally. We are currently only on shared hosting, because we don't have a lot of bandwidth usage yet - however I believe it would be successfull to start an IRC server now, plus it would be nice to know how to do it.

However, I have two questions/problems: I am not interested in having another computer run the IRC server, because I don't have a stable internet connection except at home in which Im not willing to have to drive from campus to home if something were to happen. Therefore, I'd like to be able to run it off a PC I have ideling inside my dorm. The problem is, my roommate uses it a lot while I use my laptop, and therefore it needs to run off Windows, or somehow give me the ability to run it off a linux while running Windows - or something silly like that.

Therefore, I have two possibilities. Either one, this is completely not possible or two there is some sort of emulator or something like in which I can run IRC on Windows - Or the ability to create an IRC server directly onto windows.

Any ideas? If it is the second possibility, please provide some good tutorials or software into creating a basic IRC server. I don't really care about security unless it is going to affect the connection/box. It's not like we have a bunch of hackers who are going to attemp to exploit it, because when we launch out of BETA we will buy a server, in which we will have IRC installed onto it.

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Dedicated Server

Jun 2, 2008

I want a cheap Dedicated server that will allow irc. I will only be using IRC on the server so it doesnt need to be very powerful. Anyone have a suggestion? I want to pay less than $50/month.

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Allowed - Affordable?

Oct 2, 2008

I'm looking for an affordable (a.k.a. fairly cheap) stable dedi that allows IRC. It will mainly be used to host a few websites, but it needs to be IRC allowed as well (the irc portion will be very small). Does anyone know any good hosts? Most of the cheaper hosts I've looked into don't allow IRC at all .

- IRC allowed
- US preferably; not necessary
- Managed or un-managed, doesn't matter
- Decent price
- Need somewhere around 20-35 IPs

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Why Is Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Deemed Evil?

Jun 30, 2009

while selecting a VPS for my new project I often see "IRC is not allowed" in the Acceptable usage policies. I wonder why? The policies rarely mention BitTorrent or other "controversial" services but IRC is in ~50% of them.

I only seldom use IRC and if I do it's only for a regular chatting. So I don't quite get why is IRC is so evil?

Does anyone know?

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Looking For Low Cost VPS That Supports VPN & Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

May 1, 2009

I'm looking for low cost VPS service that supports the following:

1. Can be used to setup as a VPN (virtual private network) server.
2. Can be used to setup as an IRC server.
3. Host one or a few small websites that are mostly static, and serves no more than 1000 page view daily impression.
4. Host email POP3/SMTP services
5. Physically located in the U.S., Japan, or Korea
6. Linux platform

The VPN and IRC service will be used by a private group of no more than 20 people. So does email. The server itself will serve as a gateway for us to work together, and maybe serve as a test platform. The services won't be open to the public. The IRC server will be for chatting only, and it won't be used for file distributing. There will be no P2P or illegal file sharing involved. We expect space usage of less than 5GB, and monthly bandwidth usage less than 200GB.

I'm still not sure which virtualizer is better between Xen and OpenVZ.

My bid is $10/mo, or $15/mo if it's really good.

Which VPS service will you recommend?

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) VPS - Liberal With IP Addresses

Jun 30, 2008

I am in need of an VPS company that allows IRC and is liberal with IP assigning. This is for a single VPS with multiple friends running their own IRCd.

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VPS + Control Panel + Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Mar 6, 2009

I've been having a search on Google for find a VPS provider with Cpanel or Plesk which allow IRC content and seem to get a "no irc content allowed" from alot of providers.

Can any one recommend a provider thats not to expensive but allow IRC content and have cpanel or plesk panels available.

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Texas VPS W/ Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Allowed

Jan 19, 2009

My desired specs are 512MB-1GB RAM, smallest HDD possible, and 1 IP. CPU usage will be pretty low.
IRC has allowed and it needs to be a datacenter in Texas. The datacenter can't be ThePlanet. DDoS protection is a huge plus.

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Setting Up On CPanel Box With FreeBSD

Jun 7, 2005

Setting up an IRC/cPanel box with freeBSD

Well this "guide" if you like, doesn't really have a purpose, it both shows you how to setup a basic irc box (just installing oidentd), its mainly targeted towards installing cPanel on freeBSD.

I used freeBSD 5.4-RELEASE so you might not encounter problems I did.

firstly login to your server and we will just install cpanel straight away.

mkdir /home/cpins
cd /home/cpins
sh latest
This will take awhile so go grab a coffee. This will install everything for cPanel.

Once this is complete, go to WHM


and login with username root and your root password. Now you will be prompted with the WHM setup screen. This is really simple, just follow the onscreen instructions to setup whm. This will setup your server hostname,resolvers,nameservers and so on.

Once this is done, you have done it. You have installed cPanel, but don't get your hopes up just yet. No doubt there will be bugs, you are best to search google but I will go over what ones I encounter. If I do that is.

So straight off I am going to go test the account creation, go to Create A New Account in WHM, and input any domain you want, for my example I just put After I hit created it created the account but returned a bind error. So we have to fix this first ....

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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Allowed Dedicated Server

May 1, 2009

I'm looking for a dedicated server where IRC is allowed on the network. EU or US. Nothing abusive. Budget is from $80 - $100-$110 and a place where they could announce my /24.

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My Server Is Hacked, Some Internet Relay Chat IRC BOT, Script...

Jul 22, 2008

In last several days (maybe weeks) I sometime see in bandwith graph that link of 10mb/s is 100% used, see

Than I watch in var/tmp and find some bad code, files and scripts in which are some hacker email addresses and some IPs. In some file I see and some IRC BOT script. In some are logs in which see attempts of logins.....

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