IIS Smtp Not Working

Jul 17, 2007

I'm not a pro when it comes to networking, so I was hoping someone could help me out here.

Sending email via CDONTS on my desktop machine used to work fine but has recently stopped. In my event log there is a warning from source SMTPSVC with the details.

Message delivery to the remote domain 'domain.co.uk' failed. The error message is 'An SMTP protocol error occurred.
'. The SMTP verb which caused the error is 'RCPT'. The response from the remote server is '504 <williams-pc>: Helo command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname

I've heard people mention DNS suffix and putting your domain in places. However, my computer is not on a complex network, it isn't part of a intranet or any other corporate IT setup, its just a single computer connecting to the internet on a modem.

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SMTP Not Working Properly On IIS

Jan 15, 2008

I set up my own SMTP server on IIS.

Most of the time it sends and recieves the email OK.

From time to time, the mails bounce. For example if I send to someone at Hanmail (major korean provider) then it always bounces. Similarly, sometimes people say they sent an email to the server and it bounced back to them.

I guess something is not set up right, maybe MX record or some other mysterious thing. How can I troubleshoot/solve this?

I MUST fix this so I will be back to check on this thread often,

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SMTP Connection Has Stopped Working

Jul 9, 2008

I have been having great trouble sending mails from my local Thunderbird/Windows client to my Debian/Exim-server via TLS/SMTP.

I am no expert on TLS and SMTP, but I managed to create a server certificate and set up a secure (TLS) connection more than a year ago, and it has been working fine until it suddenly stopped working a couple of weeks ago.

Sending to external addresses from web pages still works fine, the problem seems to be in the SMTP connection. If I try to "telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 25" I get no reply whatsoever (it seems to connect but it just gives me a blank screen with a blinking cursor) and I am wondering if there is a firewall issue or if I am simply not running the right daemon to listening for incoming SMTP connections...

POP continues to work fine with teapop/stunnel enabled.

I am running Exim 4.63-17 on Debian Etch. I configured Exim to be of the type "internet site; mail is sent and received directly using SMTP"

Firewall shouldn't be a problem (?):

debian:~# iptables -L
Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target prot opt source destination
Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)
target prot opt source destination
Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target prot opt source destination

I really don't know what to do. I have tried running:
tail -f /var/log/daemon.log

Which responds when I access my mail using POP but not when I try to send using SMTP.

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All I Want To Know Is Why Its Not Working - SMTP/PHP Contact Form ANNOYANCE!

Dec 18, 2007

I have just purchased a dedicated server running Windows Server 2003 (IIS).

I have a website with a contact form - which I know works because it was working when I had it hosted somewhere else.

My question is how do I set-up my server so that the contact form will work. I know it's something to do with SMTP -- But i honestly have not idea what i am meant to do.

I wish there was a SLOW step-by-step guide on how to setup the SMTP on the server to send emails.!

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Qmail Not Working - SMTP Isn't Responding

May 26, 2014

Just got a strange problem on my plesk server. (11.0.9)

Qmail isn't working...

In Home>Tools & Settings>Services management SMTP "Server (QMail)" is stoppped.

When I try to start it, it say "Information: Please allow for some time for the service to start." but never starts...

In command line i try to restart it with "service qmail restart" and it says "OK" also if i run "service qmail status" it says "qmail-send (pid 2880) is running..."

but, it really doesn't work... queue is getting bigger and smtp isnt responding...!

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: External SMTP - PHP Mail / WP Contact Form Not Working

Aug 15, 2014

I'm using a 1blu.de vServer. On my VPS is Plesk 11.5 with centOS 6 installed. I created my Webspace [URL] .... and removed the Mail Services and activated the MSMTP plugin because I'm using the webserver from the hoster 1blu.de.

I activated the Firewall with the "allow any connection" rule.

In Plesk Tools & Settings > External SMTP Server I filled in the server informations smtp.1blu.de password & username. I checked all three boxes -> SMTP needs auth, allow user scripts ...

I installed Wordpress 3.9.2 with a Theme that uses PHP Mail function. The contact form is not sending any messages out. So I tried other php mail scripts but it doesn't work.

[URL] ....

<head><title>PHP Mail() test</title></head>

This form will attempt to send a test email. Please enter where this test should be sent to

<form action = "sendmail.php" method = "post" name="sendmail">
Enter an email address: <input type = "text" name = "to"><br>
<input type="submit" value="Send" name="submit"><input type="reset" value="Reset" name="reset"><br><p>

[URL] ....

Where can I find the log file that could give me information?

I just want to use php mail for my wordpress contact form and for a project application.

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Non-working Forwarding Email Account On Working Domain

Apr 24, 2008

I have a domain with a few forwarding email accounts that forward to mac.com email accounts... for some reason every once in a while these accounts stop working...

This is the error I get when I email to that account:

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: ...

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SMTP Vs. Others

Feb 13, 2009

I am wondering what the advanatges and disadvantages are in using SMTP for my out going server emails.

I have an email marketing system and some other scripts that send email and I don't know which is best.

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Dec 12, 2007

I want to send some emails from my Win2003 server with IIS6.

I have turned on the SMTP server, but I dont know how to connect to it or set it up. How do I find out the connection details (e.g. smtp.server.com)?

I put a test mail as a txt message in the C:InetpubmailrootPickup folder and it sent OK to external mail address. NowI want to get some applications to use the server. I just need a really simple config, one email account, it doesnt even need to collect emails, just send them out. No authentication needed either.

One more thing: how to limit access to the SMTP server to only my server an no outsiders? I want it to be used by just two applications running on the server.

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Smtp Ssl

Feb 15, 2007

Everytime I try to send mail from Outlook Express via server.hostdomaincom:465 (SSL) I get an warning about the cert cant be trusted. Though I have server.hostdomaincom's self-signed cert installed through IE as a trusted root, the warning keeps coming up. How do I resolve this?

Also, my ISP has blocked outgoing port 25 connections. Is there any alternate SMPT (non-ssl)?

Another email issue:

1. I am trying to send mail to someone@externaldomain.com

2. The website of externaldomain.com is located on my server under clients reseller account.

3. MX servers of externaldomain.com are located somewhere else.

4. When the SMTP gets mail from me to someone@externaldomain.com, it looks up for &quot;someone&quot; in the local user table without looking at the real MX record.

5. The mail server thinks that it is the final destination and rejects the mail with &quot;I cannot find 'someone' here&quot;. In fact, the mail server was supposed to accept the mail, lookup the MX record of externaldomain.com and deliver it to the responsible server where 'someone' really exists. But unfortunately the server is not doing that.

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Apr 13, 2007

I have smtp set up and add an email account.

I know emailing out works but I don't know if emailing in works and if so, what
is it's name for DNS zone purposes.

Can you help me with command prompts that would tell me:

- verify I have smtp up and running and what it is called so I can add it to
my DNS record

- add an email account

- add an email account that aliases to another email

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Nov 27, 2007

Till my management for server decides to look into the issue, can someone tell me why my SMTP keep failing and how to troubleshoot it, i have restarted exim and imap and pop3 already but still i keep getting message that SMTP has failed.

Using top doesnt show me much info or whats causing it, load is sitting around 1 though nothing out of the blue though.

Anyone can direct me to some commands maybe to see whats happening?

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Jul 12, 2008

So, I have to connect to smtp.gmail.com to send the mail, which ends up in the inbox on the same domain. I don't have any mail server running on my server because it is not necessary.

Problem, however, is that when I click on "reply", it replies to the address it was sent TO...

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SMTP Servers

May 22, 2009

We have a few customers on our server who have membership sites. The sites are mainly geared around email. So they are sending out a ton of email everyday. At present our Cpanel server is processing the mail via exim and sending out to the various recipients.

This part is fine, the problem we are having is with bounced email and deferred email. As soon as Yahoo defer the email, the email queue builds up and the server load goes through the roof.

I know this is an issue with exim, but is there any way to reduce the load?

Alternatively, can anyone suggest a good SMTP server which we can get the users to route the email via.

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Our Smtp Being Used By Spammers

Nov 3, 2009

I have deciated windows 2008 server and from last 2 days there is some thing which is using our smtp server to send spam its like we get thousand of spam emails qued in our outbound que, although our security is really high, such as smtp authtenication (open relay) and other options are already enable and we ran anti virus scan too but nothing found.

I wonder if there is anyone else out there who face such problem and how did you stop?

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SMTP Servers

Apr 6, 2009

I am a developer for a few organizations that each have maybe 50-60k email addresses for people who have signed up with them.

Right now they are using Constant Contact.

They are also using my own CMS to manage their websites. I would like to expand my CMS to include email capabilities.

The problem is that these clients are all on shared hosting and the shared hosting company doesn't want me sending out more than 80 or so emails a minute using their SMTP server.

So I was wondering if there was a service out there that would give me access to an SMTP server that I could connect to using phpmailer or a similar program to get the emails out quickly.

My question is - are there any services out there like this and am I approaching this in the right way?

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IIS SMTP Spammer

May 10, 2009

to stop the IIS SMTP Spammers how you find the culprit spammers site I tried the smtp monitor but not avail.

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SMTP Configuration

Dec 10, 2008

we installed CMS for our website, when a client want to signup to our website, the confirmation email send to theie Spam Box, we want to our email send to theire Inbox. how can i resolve this problem?

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Jan 22, 2008

I had a Windows 2003 running as a shared server using PHP with Windows SMTP, there seemed to be a script with vulnerability for spammers to use for blasting. Anyway to track which domain and which script does that? Or anyway to configure such that the SMTP maybe install different SMTP that would track this better rather than the default SMTP?

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Reliablesite.net SMTP

May 9, 2008

Is able here able to send email through reliablesite.net's SMTP?

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Apr 26, 2008

I've recently purchased a cPanel VPS from a company i found on this forum. However, i am not experiencing some problems with the sending of e-mails from the server via Outlook Express. Unfortunately, i'm have no real knowledge of EXIM and i was hoping someone would help me with this. Basically, when i setup the domain and then setup a email account, i could only receive emails and not send (as i was getting an error within Outlook) this was due to the fact that the domain name was not listed in /etc/localdomains, so when i added it to that file it seemed to have done the job. Now, when i send emails locally EG: example1@domain to example2@domain i t will indeed send correctly, however if i want to send it to an external domain it stays in the queue (which i can view in WHM). When i force send it, it gives me the message "Connection refused", can anyone shed some light on this situation?

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Unlimited SMTP

Sep 15, 2008

Do you have any one who can provide me an unlimited smtp service.

It works like this. Through my vb program using Microsoft CDO mail object, i must be able to send thousands of emails per day. say nearly 10000 mails / day. each mail that send contain 1 jpg attachment. think of it as the firefox addon "clipmark"

pm me with a quotation. If affordable, i ll consider to make a year service agreement.

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SMTP Servers

Mar 29, 2008

I have a list of 150,000 realtors (email addresses), I want to send an eflyer out for a property I have for sale. I use AOL, so this is a problem. I belive I must use an external SMTP server, just not sure how I go about this. I want to send this eflyer out MYSELF, So please advise me on the best software and SMTP servers to do this.

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SMTP Server

Jun 11, 2007

I'm trying to do is to enable the PHP mail function to send email to other domain. I believe that the SMTP configuration in php.ini is pointed to a right mail server.

Currently, the mail function is working probably if the email is sent to a local domain.

However if I point the PHP mail function to send to foreign domain, it doesn't go through.

For example:
localdomain.com --> localdomain.com = Sent
localdomain.com --> foreigndomain.com = Not Sent

How to make the PHP mail function able to send to foreign domain instead of local domain only?

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SMTP Forwarding

Aug 7, 2007

I have my home server Problem is that my isp started blocking port 25.

I Found that many dynamicdns provider have a way to redirect port 25 mail to other ports

I have dns server working Fine. but i m unable to find where to put that redirect port 25 to other posrt.

Also mail server supports imap. but i m unable to recieve imap mails Port of imap is open

I m unablke to recivece emails too even the port 110 is open.

why .

if isp blocks port 25 then pop & imap also stop working?

Server : windows 2003 R2
DNS : MS Dns

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What Is Backup SMTP

Jun 1, 2007

Anyone can explaine what does backup SMTP mean?

Myriadnetwork.com offer it:


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3 Or More SMTP Ports Possible

Jan 31, 2007

I am currently using 25 and 26 in a cPanel/WHM/Centos box.

Is there any way to set up more SMTP ports?

Like 25, 26 and submission port 587 all togehter?

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