How To Zip A Folder And Cut It Into Parts

Jun 22, 2009

I have an folder in my server, total size is about 5GB. I want to zip it and cut into 5 parts sized 1GB. Which command should i run.

After reading via google, i just found out run
zip -r homedir/
to create a zip file.

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Dells And Parts

May 20, 2007

i plan to buy some used 1750 and 1850 Dell servers and 2 new 1950. I need spare parts: I know i have to get Power Supply, Motherboard, headsink, and others (cdrom, floppy) from DEll, but what about hard drives, rams, cpu's? Can I get these things from outside companies such as buying the same technical specs SCSI harddrive from Seagate (which is generally cheaper) to replace failed harddrives in these Dell's? what about Rams (given same tech specs)? Will they fit!

i know building servers with SuperMicro case and server mobo, we can get generic parts. maybe we can go this route, but we need to know from those who have worked with Dells.

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Quick Parts

Jul 21, 2007

I am building a server using two Clovertown E5320 processors for a project. I need some suggestions for a motherboard and memory. I have looked at some boards on Newegg, but I'm still unsure. I do not have a large budget for the motherboard, so the cheaper, the better.

If anyone has other processors they would go with alternatively I'm open to suggestions there as well. It was either going to be a single Clovertown (later to be two) or two AMD Opteron 2212's....

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Cron Daemon Run-parts

Jun 12, 2007

I receive an email like this each day:

SUBJECT: Cron <root@deer> run-parts /etc/cron.daily ........

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Parts Storage And Inventory

Aug 4, 2009

Wondering what kind of storage hardware server builders are using to keep organized? I am currently storing HDD, RAM, PSU, CPUs, and other various parts on shelves and it gets disorganized and messy very quick.

I found this product for HDD and may order some to help organize HDDs:

Anyone know of similar products or good shevling / cabinets that are computer parts friendly?

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Htaccess Ban Parts Of Hostname

Dec 6, 2007

IP changes all the time. but one thing that doesnt change is the last part of his hostname. '' how can I ban this? I want for example ban on *

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Parts To Build Custom Server

Jun 19, 2007

I'm wanting to build a little custom server just to do test and things at the house. I plan on buying all the parts for this at

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Find Out How Many Visitors Are On Different Parts Of Your Site Concurrently

Jul 28, 2008

any way to find out how many surfers are on your website simultaneously / concurrently.

i have download site, scripts site and a forum on the same dedicated server using the same domain name. the forum tells me i have xxx number of users online... is there a way to find out how many surfers there are on the download and scripts part of the site?

i tried
ps -aux |grep httpd

but it shows significantly lower numbers than i can see on the forum. and i havent added the script and download parts of the site.

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Parts To Fit Tyan Mboard And Supermicro Case

Jul 2, 2007

I got a good deal on the Supermicro SC822T-R550LPB case, and then bought a Tyan Motherboard(S3970).

Unfortunately, the IO shield that comes w/the board does not fit the case, and the one from the case does not fit the mboard. A set of FAN cables do not reach the mboard either. Does anyone know of any place that sells these parts?

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Apache :: Reverse Proxy - Some Parts Of App Not Working

Oct 12, 2012

I am trying to set up a reverse proxy to the application Surveillance Station on my Synology NAS. Altough the reverse proxy works ok for other apps like Webadmin, Download Station and such, parts of the Surveillance Station app do not work, particulary the Live View & Time Line.

From the logs, I suspect an authorisation problem (because of the 401), but I'm not sure. I have tried ProxyPreserveHost on, ProxyVia full, and some rewrite rules, but I'm not sure what I'm doing Direct access to the port of the app works (i.e., so i know it has something to do with the reverse proxy.

a snippet of my httpd-vhost.conf-user:

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Computer Parts Distribuitors In Orange, CA? (to Build 1U Servers)

Jun 25, 2008

can you tell me of a few distribuitors/wholesale to get parts from for building a few 1U servers. I would like to find Supermicro cases/motherboards but if they are general computer parts I guess they work.

I know INGRAM Micro has a program to get discount or something, but haven't researched much about it.

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/tmp Folder 777 ... Use As Sessions Folder... Secure

Aug 14, 2007

On my VPS I would like to set the /tmp folder to 777 and point to it with session.save_path.

The VPS will host a number of sites, but I will have sole control of them. ie. the account holders will not have access to cpanel.

If it makes any difference, the server is running phpSUexec.

What are the risks involved with this?

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Transfer Files From One Folder On Server To Folder On Different Server

Jul 16, 2008

I have two servers.

One server has a folder named 'vidfiles' and I want to transfer this entire folder (all 70gigs) to another server I just got.

Both servers are linux and use CPanal/whm.

What would be the command to get the files to transfer direct from server to server?

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403 Forbidden; When I Try To Go To A Folder With 755

Dec 3, 2006

The folder is according to my FTP program chmod 755 but still when I visit the directory though the web browser it gives me the error "403 Forbidden". When I try to change the chmod in my FTP program I get the error "550 SITE CHMOD command failed.". What can the problem be? Yesturday I could get access to that folder with the MRTG graphs and today, just "403 Forbidden". What can have happened?

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Folder Quota

Oct 25, 2009

i want to know how i can add quota to different folders,

For example the ftp user "test" have the folder "/home/admin/folder/test/" but i want to set a max quota that he can have on the folder, i tried with ftpquota but the problem is that he can add files from http too.

How can i add quota to folder test?

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40 GB Of Unknown Folder

May 21, 2009

I host a website on a windows server

and once in a while, i check all the root folders to find a folder that holds 40GB of folder in a folder in a folder... (i never get to the actual files)

Is there a way to prevent this?

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How To Allow One Account To Set Another One As A Folder

Apr 29, 2009

i have a forum,run on a server,

and i want to put the forum's attachment folder on another cpanel account (it is installed cemtos / cpanel and csf),

i want to how can i set on the cpanel account (it is installed cemtos / cpanel and csf) to let the forum can upload the files to the attachemnt folder on it directly?

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Folder With 777 Permission

Oct 29, 2009

i install joomla on my server but need 777 permission.

can anyone give me to advice for best resolution security for 777 permission?

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Folder Structure

Jul 8, 2009

i deleted everything from my hosting account. i wanted to delete the content of the public_html, but i deleted everything. i downloaded 3 back-ups from cpanel.. every back-up is different.

the thing is.. i cannot make it work back. seems that the email addresses are working, databases and everything seems to work.

folder structure of a similar account?

i cannot make the web-site to work. the link from www folder is gone. i mean when i copy something to public_html is not copied into www folder anymore.

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How Can I RAR A Folder In My Server

Oct 25, 2009

How can i RAR a folder in my server?

I have a folder with lots of files, and i want to RAR that folder in my server.

Is there any SSH command or something?

I know i can TAR and GZIP but i want to RAR it possible?

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Hosting A Folder Somewhere Else

Feb 14, 2009

not subdomain but just a simple folder after my domain
I want to host it some where else
Is that possible or should I give up

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Tmp Folder Keep Getting Full

Feb 5, 2008

i got whm / centos 4.*
the tmp folder keep hitting 100% i just cleaned yesterday!
it has a 485M size.

most of extension are *.wrk

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Backup Folder With Ssh

Jan 5, 2008

I'd like to backup a big folder on my hosted Linux server using SSH from my desktop at home.

Lets say the folder is: public_html/folder1/folderYX

I'd like to zip it and download it to my desktop hard drive.

What commands do I run from my SSH client after I have logged in to my server?

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Force PHP Not To Run On 777 Folder

Mar 11, 2008

how to force that the PHP files won't run if the folder permission is 777

I saw this in

but I want to know how to do this

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FTP Access To A Folder

Jan 23, 2008

If i give someone ftp access to a folder, is it possible for them to gain access to other parts of the website that they aren't allowed to?

Also it it possible for them to like upload a virus and then somehow run it also?

Could they possible get my server root password also?

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SSL And Non-SSL Files In Same Folder

Aug 18, 2008

My web host sets up public_html for http and public_ssl for https traffic.

So, if I want my whole site to be secure, I place everything in public_ssl.

However, I am using a shopping cart system inside a CMS.
I want only certain parts to be secure - e.g. the last stage of the checkout procedure.

At the moment, I can only achieve this by having two copies of the CMS/shopping cart, one in public_html and one in public_ssl.

Whilst this approach works (at least from the shopper's point of view), there are lots of problems from a content management point of view.

My host is of the opinion that "this is the only way it can be done".

Is it possible to enable ssl on public_html, have a single copy of the cms there, and then switch between secure and non-secure mode as needed?

If this is possible, can you provide me with a technical description of the setup that I can pass on to my host?

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Searching Folder Name

Mar 29, 2008

I want to have a cronjob that would search /home every 2 hours for a certain folder name then it will save the path on a text file and notify me if found. Anyone can help me what to put on the .php file and include that on cronjob?

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