Hosting Website And Email At Two Different Places

Aug 6, 2007

One of my clients like to host his emails at Yahoo hosting service, but he also wants to host his website at another hosting company with the same domain.

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Website Not Loading From Some Places

Mar 9, 2007

I signed on to a host just a few weeks ago and from my computer at home I got some work-in-progress pages up and running. However, I tried looking at the pages from some other computers and get weird, inconsistent results. In those computers either my site page loads, or GoDaddy domain parking page loads (I registered the domain with GoDaddy).

Why are some computers referring back to GoDaddy's page while in other places they go right to my pages on the web host? Have I did something wrong in setting up the nameservers? Currently I have my host's nameservers on the top of the nameserver list, but GoDaddy's are still on the list, although below my host's in priority order.

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DNS Setup - Hosting Website Internally - Email Externally

Jul 1, 2008

IIS 7.0 - I host several websites. On one of them, the email is hosted externally and not through my exchange server. I have added an MX record to point to the mail server for this domain, but I still get an error when I attempt to send an email from within my local area network. There are no problems with emails generated outside my network, but for emails generated to this domain from within my network, I get the following error:

The e-mail account does not exist at the organization this message was sent to. Check the e-mail address, or contact the recipient directly to find out the correct address.
<mail.<mydomain>.com #5.1.1>

Incidentally, the <mydomain> value does not match the domain for this email domain.

Instead it is the primary domain that I host.

I know that this must be a DNS issue, but I'm not sure how to correct.

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Why Is My URL Going To 2 Different Places

Mar 12, 2008

On my home computer if I ping I get which is the correct site pointing to my site at[url]

However, on other computers at different locations I sometimes get which is my OLD server

Last summer I moved servers and since then I have noticed that sometimes I get the old site, sometimes the new one. My site was moved last summer within the same hosting company

I have updated the DNS servers at my registrar (namecheap) to my latest assigned nameserver and (as assigned) and that did not seem to help! I also tried switching my DNS back to the old server for 12 hours, then switching back to the new ones (above) but I'm still getting the old site sometimes.

Why are there 2 versions of my site on the web, and how can I get them all to ping to the right place?

Is there a DNS setting somewhere that needs to be changed with my host? Or is this some kind of DNS/routing error?

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Can't Access My Sites From Some Places

Jul 11, 2007

I have my main business site at:

I have received many complaints from my customers that they can't access to my site from some of their connections.

Yesterday and today, I can't access my site as well. I am connecting using an university server line with IP

While I can't access, but if I type the IP address of my server at [url]I can still see the page load up.

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Colocation :: Cheaper Places Than IWeb,com?

Jul 17, 2008

I want to colo.. 1u.

Is there any place cheaper than

aka, more bw than 500 GB per month,

Please let me know,

I need a cheap price!

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Error When Changing From No Hosting To Website Hosting

Aug 31, 2014

Plesk 12 - Domain with no hosting I'm getting error when changing hosting settings to Website Hosting

Error: Some fields are empty or contain an improper value. ('home' = '')

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Cannot Send Email Via My Website

Aug 27, 2007

I couldnt send email via my website , and occur error:

Persits.MailSender.4error '800a0015'
Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. /includes/email_functions.asp, line 349

how to resolve it?

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Website And Email On Different Servers

Apr 12, 2007

I have server A serving the website for my domain and server B handling email for the same domain

Apart from one problem everything is working the way it should. The problem is that all email originating from server A (the one hosting the website) to is delivered locally (server A) and never gets out where it could be routed correctly to server B.

What needs to be done to deliver mail originating from server A to server B?

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Add Free Email To Your Website

Jul 9, 2007

Does anyone know if there is a company or a program that would allow me to setup free email for users using my domain name? Say if I wanted to be my own gmail or hotmail - maybe on a much smaller scale at first?

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: Hosting Type On Website Became (No Web Hosting)

Jan 29, 2015

I have a problem with Parallels Plesk v12.0

Hosting type on website became "No web hosting."

When I try to change hosting type to "Forwarding" it changes ok.

If I change hosting type to "Website hosting", I get message "The hosting type for "website name" was successfully changed.", but hosting plan still stay "No web hosting"....

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How To Host Email Service Website

May 10, 2008

Lets say I own domain

I want to offer email to users, etc etc.

What do I need? Is a webhost sufficient for hosting email service?

any system/script to take care of the user management side?

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DNS Config For Domain, Website & EMail On Different Hosts

Dec 16, 2008

DNS config for Domain, Website

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Hosting My Own Website

Jan 10, 2009

Is it possible to buy a dedicated server off eg Dell and host your own website on it from home ie with a www prefix to the url- Do ye know any good tutorial on it. Would 20Mbit bandwidth be enough bandwidth for a fairly busy php ,mysql site? Completely new to this.

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How To Know Hosting Of Any Website

Jun 9, 2009

How to check web hosting of any Website and which hosting is more valuable and why?

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Hosting For PTC Website

Aug 19, 2008

I wan't to start a PTC website. Therefore I need a host with a very fast and stable SQL server.
I don't need much space.

Wich one should I take? There are hundreds of them...

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Hosting Your Own Website

Sep 15, 2008

Whats the benefit of putting up your own web hosting server in the company to host your website?

Obviously its going to be more economical and Im sure there are plenty of documentation online on how to do this.

why most people wont go with this approach and rather find a hosting company to do this for them instead.

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I Just Want A Website NOT HOSTING

Sep 20, 2007

Why are all the established and turnkey websites trying to sell you some cheap hosting package and always say there is something like a $8.88 domain renewal fee and all that junk?

I'm just looking for a template to setup, already with content and whatnot and I can't find any, none! Does anyone sell just templates?

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How To Know The Hosting Of Another Website

Feb 27, 2007

Is there some tool I can use to know the hosting of another website?

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Hosting A Website From A PC

Apr 14, 2007

What is involved in hosting a website from a local PC?

I have developed a site on 'localhost' on my PC and am running ISS, I also have a domain name plus forwarding. My internet connecton is broadband and I'm using an ADSL/Ethernet router. How do I connect it up?

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Hosting For Gaming Website

Jan 30, 2009

A few days back i had made a post asking about which would the best host for a dating website that me and a couple of friends were planning to start. Thanks alot to everyone for the answers.

However now we have decided to go with a gaming website, as the idea appeals to most of us.

The concept is to have a real time online game running on the server 24X7, people can join any time they want and leave any time they want, the game would still keep progressing. My main concerns with such a site are:

1. Bandwidth : As people will be online for a long time playing the game I am guessing we will need good amount of bandwidth

2. Server CPU : Will we end up eating lot of server CPU as the game engine will be running 24X7 on the server? What kind of implications does this have? I dont see any CPU specific details in the hosting plans i have seen so far.

Please advise on the above two. What kind of hosting should I be looking for? Hosting budget is 30$/month (max).

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Hosting For 4GB Website + 2GB SQL Database

Aug 9, 2008

I have a friend who has a dedicated server right now that uses a good 4GB for all his website content. (not streaming media but just a whole bunch of scripts and etc. well thats what he tells me). And so anyways, his SQL database is about 1-2GB. And he is not too sure about his monthly traffic but its a social networking site with a good amount of users (so its actively used by many users). Would it be necessary for him to have a dedicated server or do you think he could cut costs with a shared hosting account at like host gator or some other shared hosting service like that? I guess my biggest concern is his current database. A lot of shared hosting companies (from what i saw) offer unlimited Mysql Tables do they have size limits? And does a bigger sql database drastically effect the performance of the overall server?

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Moving A Website - Hosting

May 7, 2008

I am re-developing a website that launched 8 yeas ago. When the site launched it was developed in TCL and had an Oracle back end. The site's previous developer is still hosting the site on his server.

Long story short, we are re-developing the site on a new server at a different location. We'd like to re-launch on the old server (to help maintain Google search rankings), but we are developing in .Net and SQL. The old server is Linux. We want to maintain our ranking on Google since we are "Top Ten" on more than 20 great keyword phrases.

If we use a DNS forward from the old IP to the new one, are we going to loose rankings on Google? Obviously yes. But would it be beneficial to help the old developer buy a SQL server so the DNS forward is to a server 2 feet away as opposed to across the country? Does Google treat these equally?

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Image Hosting Website

Apr 21, 2008

I have started a new image hosting website and currently i alloted 7 GB Disk Space and 30GB BW. I know it will not be enough after the site get famous. So which host i can go for to be in a safer side with my image hosting website?

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Best Hosting For A Clan Website

Jun 1, 2008

What is the Best hosting for a clan website?

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How To Find Out Who Is Hosting This Website

Nov 19, 2007

I believe it's But i'm not sure if it's correct or not. This website is jacking some of my cursors. He/she doesn't even rename the files that he/she takes. It's the exact same filename as the one's I have on my website. Also when you look internally you can see information about the cursors. It says something like created by, animated by etc.

I just want to contact his webhost to remove my cursors.

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File Hosting Website

Jul 2, 2007

A friend of mine and I are developing a new File Hosting website. Growth of data is huge and we'd need a way to welcome million daily users.

What do we need? We have already 4 servers on hand ready to go. We are coding a kind of multi-server script to make our life easier.

What about the specs we'd need for our main server? Do we need a load-balancing system?

And for hardware replacement, is there anyway to get life easier if any hdd (hard drive disk) are broken?

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Free Adult WebSite Hosting

Jan 19, 2008

I am looking for free adult web hosting, as I am doing a site for an escort. It's fine if it has the following for her site:


Also, need CGI, PHP, MySQL, good amount of web space & bandwidth as she may want a video or two -- besides gallery images -- to be put up, etc.

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