Hosting I Should Choose

May 30, 2009

what type of Hosting I should choose.

I am making a website which will have Videos (about 120mb each) streaming to visiters to the site. Which type of host would be beset for this, VPS or Dedicated? Also what is a good host that can provide the service for about 2k visits a day to start with?

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Which Hosting Should I Choose

May 29, 2007

I'm migrating to another hosting service as current provider( suspended my account. The reason what they gave was, I had overused their CPU and Mysql resourses which is quite impossible. My site is just a community forum with photo sharing and maximum concurrent user in past few weeks was just 26. They are forcing me to upgrade to dedicated service which I can't afford($150/month) if I want my site online agiain. So I have no choice but to migrate. My budget limit is $30 and bandwidth/space requirement is 30gb. Any suggeston which hosting should i choose?

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Change My Hosting And Do Not Know Which I Choose

Jan 20, 2009

I own a forums ,, and my content is general forums, and I want a hosting company or reseller or VBS to host my web site on it.

My web site uses monthly : 1500 GB bandwidth, and about 140,000 pages dialy, and 3GB web space.

So I did not found any company to host my website.

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How To Choose A Good Web Hosting?

May 31, 2009

How to choose a good web hosting?

What aspects need to be paid attention to?

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What Hosting Service Should I Choose

Nov 28, 2007

I have a question for you. I searched on for some good web hosting in UK and i found 2 services:

[url]- Web Hosting Shop, I like what I saw there mostly, and that was the nr1 choice until i find [url] .

If anyone used those domains and have an opinion about it, please tell me.

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What You Choose: Paid Or Free Hosting?

Jul 31, 2006

My opinion such, that I prefer paid service as I am assured that in this case I have a guarantee that during work something will not occur. In fact the main thing continuous work.....

Well I wait for you and I hope for your participation in to this post ...

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Neophyte Choose Web Hosting (VPS Or Near-equivalent)

Aug 11, 2007

I currently run five websites that are hosted by Yahoo! Small Business.

I am extremely frustrated by the fact that I cannot use PHP 5 and MySQL 5 with these websites. I pay ~$200/month for these 5 webhosting accounts.

I am beginning to see that paying this much to host 5 websites where I cannot even use the PHP version that I would like to is a bit ridiculous.

I know that I could simply switch to another shared hosting provider that includes PHP 5 as an option, but since I am running 5 websites concurrently, and these websites are each just about maxed with respect to bandwidth and disk space, shouldn't I look into another option?

So as I can see, my options are either a VDS/VPS, where I could host all 5 websites for one fee that would probably be MUCH lower than my $200/month I am paying currently, or something else that is similar.

I have decided that I want/need root access, because that way I can install/configure the system with whatever I desire now and in the future, BUT: I am not familiar with Linux (and I would want Linux) server administration; I don't know whether to choose CentOS4 or Red Hat Fedora Core 6 for an example; I don't know which Plesk 8 options I would need, etc......

WILL I BE GETTING MYSELF INTO A LOT OF TROUBLE if I choose a VPS and I am unable for some reason to administer the server properly?

I AM familiar with UNIX administration on OS X for example, and I AM familiar with coding.... PHP, SQL, Perl, Python, etc....

I just don't want to get myself into trouble although I am sure I want at least a VDS/VPS and I am sure I want root access.

I am confused as to what my options are other than a VDS/VPS (I don't think I need a dedicated server yet).

I have visited TextDrive and read about their Joyent Accelerators; what are they exactly? Not a VPS, but a scalable web-application-deployment environment?

This has been a long post and as you can see I am completely confused as to where to go from here..... could anyone that doesn't mind please let me know what my options are and what might be a good fit?

My websites are database-driven and need to be scalable.

A few of my requirements:

Full Root Access
Linux OS
at least 600GB Bandwidth
at least 25GB disk space
FTP Backup / Routine Server Backup for entire site
384-512MB Guaranteed RAM
Plesk 8 (I think) with various add-ons (which ones I don't yet know)
Support for 100 MySQL databases

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Which Company I Should Choose (PHP/Linux) For Shared Hosting

Aug 7, 2008

I'm trying for days to decide which company I should use for my shared hosting/maybe (reseller(beginner)) (PHP/Linux), and hostmonster and bluehost have been getting the best "official" reviews but everybody else is complaining for their downtimes and unreliability. I'm currently with dailyrazor and today my site was down for sometime without the reason. I wasn't even informed about that. If I didn't checked myself it would be down god knows for how long. ...

My preferences:

I would like to host 3-5 sites at least 2 will have shopping cart's (5 MySql databases MAX), not much of audio or video at all. I don't want to spend more than $10 monthly. Location US, Guarantied uptime 99.9%

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Installing Chat Script Which Vps Hosting Provider To Choose

Oct 8, 2009

i have purchased [url]chat script now going to run this chat script but want to know more about cheap vps hosting providers who can host this chat script?

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Should I Choose The 64 BIT OS

May 19, 2008

I was thinking about getting a new server and for the first time today my server crashed and cannot be rebooted so I guess now is a good time to upgrade to a new server. I want to get the Conroe 3040 server but was wondering if I should choose the Redhat Enterprise Linux - x86_64, Version 5 operating system or stick with the 32 bit?

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Which Vps To Choose

Aug 4, 2008

Iam still confused which vps to choose?

startlogic or godaddy

startlogic vps plan

godaddy vps plan

or if any one advising me to choose another vps

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Choose OS

Apr 28, 2007

we are going to setup a new server for one of ours customers:

Dual Processor QUAD Core Clovertown
3 x 250GB Sata II hard drive in RAID 5
1 x 500GB backup HDD
CentOS + directadmin control panel (with MySQL5, PHP5 and Apache2)

this server will be used for e-learning (forum, chat, etc)

it is possible that we have to increase the RAM for 8GB

the questions are:

- do we need 64bits or it is better to use 32bits OS?

- with how much of RAM memory we do have to use 64bits?

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Choose My VPS

Sep 15, 2008

I have taken the decision to move from shared to VPS in order to have two hostings (less risky) and learn more about servers (will certainly have to take a dedi one day).

Now I need to find a plan I can afford and I must say that I have all the variables:

- would like to pay with paypal on a monthly basis to avoid CC fees as I am outside the US,

- my budget is $10/month and would stretch it to $15 if it is for a very very good reason,

- a single dedicated IP would be enough, but would appreciate having more for SEO reasons,

- looking for linux based VPS (don't see why I would take Windows),

- don't have the least experience in managing a server though an experienced Windows
user and willing to learn,

- have used cPanel (not a fan) and 1and1 control panel, and don't think getting used to another CP would be a problem for me,

- the server will mainly host static websites (very light html pages) with medium traffic (a total of 100 K pageviews a month), I also have a wordpress blog with minimal traffic and a punbb forum with little traffic,

- I currently use something like 5 GB of Bandwidth monthy alltogether! so I think that leaves me a lot of room to expand

- storage space isn't a problem as I am currently using less than 400 Mb with a lot of useless files, so something like 1 Gig would be more than enough space,

- if I can (not a choice criterion), I would put two proxies on the server using an additional 120 GB monthly bandwidth,

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WHM: How To Choose IP For New Nameserver?

Jul 26, 2007

I'm trying to add a new nameserver in WHM. But it won't let me choose the IP it will use. It just assign some IP.

How should I do to change the IP to the one I want to use?

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Choose A Windows VPS

May 20, 2009

I need a windows VPS to run a VPN server on it. I had a service from KickAssVPS, the guys are great, but i had a problem there and that was i couldn't start the RRAS service, and it seems their support didn't have any clue to fix the problem on Virtuozzo, so i'm trying to find another company to start my VPN Server there, without any problem on this matter.

so i'll appreciate your comment if u had the same experience and know how and where i can establish a VPN server.

besides i'm looking into ASPnix services, it seems they're using Hyper-V, and i thought i wouldn't have the RRAS problem on their servers, so if u guys have an opinion on their company i'm glad to here that.

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How To Choose SSL Certificate

Jul 16, 2009

I am now in process of choosing ssl certificate from certificate authority for one of the sites I administer and I got confused.

I visited numerous sites offering certs and I concluded:

- I don't need EV certificate

- 128 bit certificates can vary in price at different providers from $25 to $100 and higher

- some sites are offering 128 bit at lower price and 256 or 515 bit certs at higher prices

I don't understand why are some certs so expensive? Doesn't 128 bit cert form any provider at any price provide the same level of security?

I thought 128 bit encryption is unbreakable. Why do someone buys 256 or 512 bit cert at higher price?

Some of those more expensive certs are offering "higher level of security", warranties... Is that only marketing or there is some real value behind additional features?

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How To Choose A Web Host

Nov 5, 2009

I run a small family website and I'm looking for a new web host. I have read some reviews and compared prices. However, many look the same in regards to services they offer. I don't really know on what criteria to base my decision. I don't really need much (e.g. space, bandwidth).

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Choose Linux Vps

Aug 14, 2007

i want to run a vpn server. first i buy winodws vps from but after that i found in windows vps it is not possible. so now i want to buy a linux vps.

is it in linux possible to setup vpn server ? also i want to host some of my site.

is it any problem with hosting and vpn server ?

i choose ez series from cuz i satisfy from their support and also quality.

it is cost $15 monthly. also have 30domain plesk. and additional dedicate ip cost 1$ monthly. do you offer other vps?

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Should I Choose Shared Or VPS

Apr 18, 2008

a friend recently contacted me about a music webzine and forum, which is having frequent issues on its current host. The site is built in PHP, using Xoops for the webzine and phpbb2 for the forum.

In the last year, the site's traffic has been steady at 1200 unique visits, ~3500 page views and ~140,000 hits per day, for a total transfer of 20GB per month. The site's MySQL database is more than 600mb of data. Most of the site's traffic is generated through the forum, which usually has around 30 users online. Although a small community, most users are very frequent posters. Being a phpbb2 forum, it is quite CPU intensive and currently the MySQL server has frequent failures.

Our immediate plan is to switch to another provider, then upgrade to phpbb3, tweak its code and probably rewrite the webzine in Python/Django so as to implement new needs in a faster manner and make the site performe steadier and faster.

As the site is not-for-profit and therefore cost-sensitive, we are considering two plans:
1) switch to Webfaction on its first (or second) shared hosting plan, for a cost of $10/month.

2) switch to Linode for an unmanaged VPS with 360MB of memory, for a cost of $20/month.

If the latter option is selected, we plan on using the following setup: nginx for static content (and possibly PHP if phpbb doesn't complain), Apache + mod_python for django, MySQL and mail server with MySQL virtual folders (to handle multiple domains). SpamAssassin is another consideration. The problem is I haven't actually used a VPS in the past, although I've read extensively on how to set it up and tweak the server's settings for optimal performance.

My questions are:
a) would a VPS (with the above setup) with 360MBs of memory be able to handle the traffic load mentioned above or will we be forced to upgrade to a plan with more memory?

b) would a reliable shared web host be able to handle the site's traffic load without problems, thus making the switch to a VPS unnecessary? More specifically, would webfaction, if someone has previous experience, be able to handle it?

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Which Host Should I Choose

Sep 11, 2007

Which host should I choose?


The plan features are enough in all those three, but can't decide what host to choose.

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Choose Yahoo Or Bluehost

Apr 13, 2008

lately yahoo make advancements in their hosting plan,and i want to choose best of yahoo or bluehost. could anyone give me an opinion.

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Windows Firewalls, Which One To Choose?

Dec 28, 2008

I am in the process of looking for a firewall to install on my windows server.

However, which firewall is the best?

Is it better looking for a hardware firewall (Cisco 5510 Firewall) or a software firewall (Quick Heal Firewall Pro)?

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Choose Correct Chasis

Jul 2, 2009

I will get a new server with dual E5520 and 4 SAS 15K rpm (raid10) + 12GB RAM. Will they be hot in 1U chasis? I am only using Supermicro

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To Choose A Dedicated Server

May 20, 2009

I run a image hosting site. My current server is

Intel Quad Core Xeon at 2.13GHZ
2x500GB HDD with RAID 1

It's from cmbhosting, but so bad, the owner no longer keep his work and i'm searching another HP. My site have about 1000-1600 connection same time and my current server handle well, no lagging, cpu load average never more than 1.

I don't know if another dual core server ( like Dual Core E1200 ) can handle my server ? Or even a pentium 4 server ?[ Because i don't have much money to spend my server at this time, then i need a lowest price possible.

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I Donn't Know Which Host To Choose

Jun 15, 2009

i want to buy a 20$/month hosting for vtiger crm,and so i can run a web office to manage my small company,upload product images and client contact infos.

i want to buy mediatemple .net 's gs plan ,their visit speed is very fast and they offer 100G space,

but they don't accipe paypal only credit card,and if i want to pay with paypal ,i should pay 12 months one time.that's 200 $.too much for me at one time ,high risk for me ,and i seen some negative review on some hosting review site and their support is not so fast,i must wait a long time to get a reply

then i go to [url],they are also very fast site visit speed,but they looks only for magento hosting and the price is high,for 20$ they only 5G webspace and 50G bandwidth that's not enough in long term

i still don't know which one to choose or any other hosting with fast visit speed.

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Which Linux Distro To Choose

May 22, 2008

i "played" a little bit with linux years ago, with a debian based version, but i think i already forgot everything

So this theres this dedicated server that only has linux , one thing that i know that i'll be using for torrents, but not only it, so in general which distro will be easier for me to handle?

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Which Control Panel To Choose

Aug 7, 2008

I still don't know which control panel to choose. offers them a lot on their dedis but which way to go?

They offer: Cpanel/DA/Plesk/Helm.

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Quality VS Quantity - Which Do You Choose

Apr 24, 2008

I've always heard of clients where their old host suffers from frequent downtimes or their site is always slow, etc kind of problems.

One of the main reason is that lots of people are keen to sign up with host who offers massive amount of disk space and bandwidth at very low prices.

This is actually called "Overselling", as the host will try to limit cpu and ram resource usage. This is normally only written in their Terms Of Service (TOS).

As such, I would like to conduct a poll on "Quality VS Quantity - Which do you choose?" to understand the mentality of consumers today.

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A Feature Matrix To Choose A VPS

Aug 11, 2007

This site is good, though every day people on hosting hunts come here to ask questions about how to find a company. Here I am doing it, but I want to suggest or find something better -- a tool to help narrow down the hosting hunt based on parameters. Has anybody made one?

My parameters are harder to find for than I would like. For example, I want a west coast VPS, so that my ping time from Silicon Valley will be minimal. To my surprise, some hosting companies block ping on their main page, and many don't have reverse DNS, forcing one to do ping -n. (Not that it's hard to do ping -n, but why make it harder for anybody!)

The next thing I want is ubuntu. For the simple reason that this is what I am standardizing on for all my systems, and using the same system means less figuring out how to do it twice. And in many cases the ability to compile on one machine and upload to the server.

Next I want lots of memory -- 768mb or more, and I want burstablity, even though I know it only happens sometimes. To me, the whole point of a VPS is that you get more resources when you need them, and when you scale back, another user gets to burst in them and everybody has a better chance at giving good response in peaks.

Next I want a decent price, $60 or so. Once you get to $90 you can get dedicated servers, that market is getting more competitive. Dedicated servers can't burst, but they can swap, meaning that the unused pages from your deaemons and rarely used programs page out, so your ram total is for live ram that's being used. On a VPS your ram total is for everything. VPSs have processes die when they hit the ram wall, dedicated servers just get slower as they swap.

I don't want a control panel, and I don't want to pay for one. You don't usually get them with ubuntu anyway. Except the virtuozzo panel for reboot etc.

Of course I demand a site with a good reputation, fast support response time (when I need it) and high uptime.

The winner in my search was vpslink with the special they had running until the 7th. They don't do bursting but their special made a high-ram server come into my price range to make up for it. But it's no longer running.

Knownhost is pretty good but doesn't do Ubuntu.

I am also very interested in what imountain does, offering you shared SQL database access on a different, non-virtualized server. I like that idea a lot. But they do only Centos, and they don't burst ram (but they don't need to as much)

Futurehosting also seems good, but their ping time at 66ms to Dallas is too high, and I am scared because their own personal DNS was down for several hours yesterday.

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Best Dedicated Server Host To Choose

Jun 1, 2008

I am going to be starting a free hosting company soon with a very professional layout, functions, etc. What is the best dedicated server host to choose from here? I need to offer a good amount of space/bandwidth to my customers.? I am also looking for a reputable company that can host thousands of free clients on there server(s) with no problems.

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Choose: Xeon 604pin 3.2 GHz V.s Q6600

Jun 21, 2008

i want to choose a new server,it will run with forums,

and general blogAhtml pages.

there are two spec.
250G SATAII HD*2 with raid 1 or 250G SATAII HD*3 with raid5
dual Xeon 604pin 3.2 GHz (irwindale)
36G SCSI HD*3 with raid5

which one will be better?

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